IPCFS: Chapter 136 Part 2

Rong Tong patted him on the shoulder. “Relax. The competitive pressure is greater this time, but our movie isn’t hopeless.”

The producer Mr Chen sighed. “Blame me and the other senior executives of the production company for not thinking carefully and adjusting the release schedule in time. Instead, we let Qin Yue and Director Ke Hei seize the market in advance.”

Originally, they heard the news that ‘Hidden Dreams’ would be released on July 1st, so they dared to release the movie on May 1st. Then the other party suddenly pushed their release date earlier, completely killing them by surprise.

The former was released today, and it was screened three days in advance to increase word of mouth. Their movie didn’t release until tomorrow, and the premiere was only tonight.

Missing the opportunity to seize the market made it easy for them to have a bad start, and it would take more effort to catch up later.

Besides, judging from the current word of mouth of ‘Hidden Dreams’, there was an upward trend of it becoming a big hit.

“Old Chen, you are acting like this again.” Rong Tong dismissed his worry. “Good movies need to pass the test of the market. One or two days doesn’t matter.”

“Don’t worry. I acknowledge Director Ke’s strength, but I am from the suspense genre and there is Teacher Guan Xi. How bad can our movie be?”

Rong Tong might be modest, but he was still full of confidence when he should be.

“How fresh is the combination of Ji Li and Fang Mo? Their acting skills are obvious to all. Don’t worry about it. No matter who the opponent is, it’ll still be a victory as long as we achieve our initial goal of one billion.

Guan Xi was equally confident in his script. “Director Rong is right. A good work isn’t afraid of being burned.”

Originally, Fang Mo was nervous since it was his first work in many years. Then he saw that his friends of the same age were each more confident than the other.

Even the younger Ji Li was extraordinarily calm. His worries were instinctively dispelled.

“Yes, let’s take it one step at a time.”

Ten minutes later, the group was invited into the theater by the staff members. The cheers of the scene burst out and filled every corner of the hall.

“Ahhhhh Ji Li!”

“Baby! Mama loves you! Jiayou!”

“Today’s look is good as well! Stylist, come out for a kiss”

In such a lively and noisy environment, Ji Li suddenly heard a call of support.

“Jiayou, Ji Li! I’m here for you!”

Ji Li’s gaze focused, and his eyes fell on the middle section of the second row. There was a sweetly dressed girl who looked a bit familiar.

In an instant, Ji Li’s memory returned to the screening of ‘Country and the World’, which was also in this big theater hall.

In the midst of the support that belonged to others, a girl firmly waved at him and said the exact same thing.

“Jiayou, Ji Li! I’m here for you.”

At the premiere of the movie where he was an extra, this fan was present.

At the premiere of the movie where he was the main protagonist, this fan hadn’t left.

The encouragement given by this fan was also fresh in his memory.

Ji Li felt that his rationality was always greater than his emotions, but at this moment, he felt that the tip of his nose was sore.

Perhaps in the career of an actor, there would always be such a small glimmer of light that could support the heart of an actor and encourage them to get better step by step.

Ji Li gave a small smile to the fan. She didn’t get up and yell excitedly but instead showed a more determined gaze.

-Ji Li, I’m very happy to watch you slowly get better and better.

This thought probably belonged to the tacit understanding between idols and fans.

After looking at each other for only a few seconds, Ji Li felt that he understood the words in her eyes.

Ji Li stood on the stage and bowed deeply to the fans and friends in the audience. “Thank you, everyone, long time no see.”

In the audience, Fang Yue took advantage of this interval to quickly raise her camera and take a few photos.

In addition to being a manager of the Chinese Rose group, she was also an offline sister. The classic scene backstage at the One Hundred Images Awards was captured by her.

She had attended the screening of ‘Hidden Dreams’ two days ago and took a lot of photos of Brother Yue. Today, it was naturally her turn to take photos of Baby Ji Li.

Fang Yue took advantage of the host’s speech to quickly examine the details of the photo. She wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t looked at it, but she was shocked when she saw it.

Oh my god!

Why was the watch on his wrist so familiar?

The dark blue galaxy watch? Didn’t Brother Yue also wear this watch at the screening two days ago?

Fang Yue’s memory was better than ever in terms of shipping CP. She quickly looked through her previous photos and found a close-up of Qin Yue.

Sure enough, it was the same dark blue galaxy watch!

Was it a couple model? Or was it the same one?

Why wear the same watch for such an important movie screening occasion? She was caught off guard, and her face was covered in dog food from the two of them.



Under the leadership of the host, the scene soon entered the media interview session.

“Hello, Ji Li. I am a reporter from Show Magazine. I want to ask, what do you think about going against ‘Hidden Dreams’ by Qin Yue during the May Day holiday? Do you have the confidence to win against the other person’s total box office?”

The moment the female entertainment reporter stood up to ask a question, she immediately attracted the attention of the audience.

My god!

Stepping on a mine from the very first question?

Who didn’t know that the two movies were competing in the same period?

Rather than asking about Director Ke Hei, she directly named Qin Yue.

If Ji Li answered too softly, then it would make ‘Reverse Hunting’ lose its momentum at the beginning.

If the answer was too tough, then it would inevitably be embellished by the media and marketing accounts. This might cause dissatisfaction from Qin Yue’s fans and raise doubts from ordinary netizens.

After all, Ji Li and Qin Yue were known for their good relationship, and the number of their CP fans was almost as much as the number of fans of second-tier artists. If he said something bad, could this CP still continue?

“Hello, thank you for the question.”

“First of all, the release time of the movie isn’t something I can decide. As the lead actors of the two movies, Qin Yue and I can only do our best in filming the movie and participating in the publicity of the movie..”

“The movie market needs healthy competition. As filmmakers, what we have to do is bring better works to everyone. The choice is always in the hands of the audience.”

“No matter what the final box office is, it won’t affect my relationship with Teacher Qin Yue, nor will it affect the relationship between both movie crews.”

“However, since everyone is so curious about our views on the box office, I will reveal something small here. In the competition of the movie box office, I made a bet with Brother Yue over who will treat the other for a meal.”

The last sentence clearly caused laughter.

Their extreme fans were fighting on the surface?

Meanwhile, they were privately relying on the box office win or loss to make an appointment for a meal?

Was it an illusion? Why did this have a sweet and greasy taste?

Rong Tong looked at Ji Li with admiration in his eyes.

Facing a difficult question, Ji Li answered the question in a manner that wasn’t overbearing or humble. He not only answered the question the reporter wanted but also preserved his good relationship with Qin Yue on the surface.

Even if the marketing accounts intentionally tried to mislead things, it wasn’t easy for people to pick out any mistakes in this reply.

The entertainment reporters stood up to ask questions, and the topic still revolved around Ji Li, the male protagonist.

Ji Li answered appropriately and didn’t deliberately seize the limelight. He found the right timing to lead the topic to Fang Mo and the other supporting actors.

Even if they were newcomers, Ji Li took the initiative to care about their exposure.

Originally, these supporting roles who weren’t well-known were a bit restrained. Then with the deepening of the interview and Ji Li’s easy guidance, everyone let go and chatted a lot. The atmosphere at the scene became better and better.

The actors took the initiative to mention interesting things that happened during filming, and this made the audience in the theater look forward to the screening.

The 30 minutes of interview time passed in a flash.

Ji Li and the other actors took their seats, and the lights dimmed.

In the dim environment, a girl secretly sitting in a corner of the audience sneered disdainfully.

The screen of her phone dimly lit up, and the group name showed ‘Protect Brother Yue Combat Squad.’

“Wenwen, did you really go to the screening of ‘Reverse Hunting’? Why give your money to the opponent?”

Zheng Wen glanced around a few times before quickly typing out a reply to her group sisters.

“Why would I spend money to buy tickets for the other person? My university classmate is Ji Li’s fan. She couldn’t come because she had something to do. Since I am from the Yue family, she said that the relationship between our masters is good and gave me this ticket for free.”

Don’t waste it in vain.

She just happened to get this free movie ticket and could spy on the enemy.

It was as the saying went. If she knew herself and the enemy, then she wouldn’t lose.

Zheng Wen continued to type.

“Does the Ji family think that this movie can compete with Brother Yue? Bah! I will take a look at how bad this movie is and then post a bad review on the major websites as soon as it ends. Let’s see if I can kill them!”

“Brother Yue has finally released a new movie in China. As his combat fans, we must sweep away any forces that don’t have eyes!”

“Listen to me, prepare a few side accounts. Listen to my orders later, and we will spread that the plot of ‘Reverse Hunting’ isn’t good.”

The sisters in the group replied affirmatively, apparently united.

Zheng Wen said a few more words before putting away her phone in a satisfied manner.

Who said that the fans of the Yue family were very Buddhist? Wasn’t there still them to support him?

The old fans and big fans of the Yue family would only shout, ‘Focus on our own family’ all day. Then who would protect Brother Yue’s position for him?

They had to stand up for Brother Yue and strangle the enemy in the cradle!

Ji Li had strength?

What nonsense. Since his debut, he had been relying on Brother Yue. This time, his male protagonist movie must collapse fiercely!

Zheng Wen was thinking this when she heard voices of discussion from the movie critics in front of her.

“Which movie do you think has a better chance of winning this time?”

“Qin Yue’s movie. After all, the quality of his movies have always been there. If the follow-up word of mouth continues to spread, the box office definitely won’t be bad.”

“There is Director Rong Tong, Screenwriter Guan, Ji Li, and Fang Mo. The lineup of ‘Reverse Hunting’ is also strong. If the quality of the movie is stable, then the box office is conservatively estimated to be one billion.”

“Ji Li is indeed powerful among actors of the same age, but there is still the old saying. I’m afraid that the actor who will surpass Qin Yue in the entertainment industry hasn’t appeared yet.”

Zheng Wen’s eyes became even prouder after hearing this.

That’s right!

Ji Li wanted to surpass Brother Yue? It was absolutely impossible!

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