IPCFS: Chapter 136 Part 1

The promotion of the two movies was in full swing. One week before the release, the box office pre-sales of the May Day holiday were also launched.

Qin Yue’s ‘Hidden Dreams’ took first place with an accumulated box office of over 100 million. Ji Li’s ‘Reverse Hunting’ also performed prominently, temporarily ranking second with a pre-sales box office of over 90 million, widening a large distance from third place.

The ranking of the pre-sales box office performed as expected by Ji Li and the producers of ‘Reverse Hunting.’ Overall, it exceeded their expectations.

Compared to Ji Li, who was the male lead for the first time, Qin Yue was a Best Actor winner with a good movie rate of up to 100% satisfaction. He had always been able to hit the box office with the movies he starred in.

In addition, the actress Sun Li guest starred in the movie ‘Hidden Dreams’. Many people wanted to watch the movie to watch the male and female protagonists of ‘The Awakening’ cooperating again, which was quite attractive.

Ji Li had only debuted for three years, yet the difference in the pre-sales between the two competing movies was only around 15 million. This was actually a gratifying result.

On April 27th, Qin Yue returned to China to participate in the screening of the movie. As a suspense movie, the several reversals in ‘Hidden Dreams’ were very exciting.

The protagonist of the movie, Wei Lin, was born in a rural area and due to this, he was bullied for a long time in university. After a severe breakdown, he was filled with a strong hatred and as a result, he killed his university classmate who bullied him.

In this case, his secondary personality created a perfect alibi and hid all the blood of the crime.

Eight years passed, and the case was never solved.

Due to his panic and anxiety after the murder, Wei Lin’s main personality willingly handed over control of his body to the secondary personality for a long time.

After graduating from school, and under the leadership of the secondary personality, Wei Lin became a qualified psychologist and had a girlfriend, Zhen Zheng.

In order to hide his double personality, Wei Lei didn’t live with Zhen Zheng under the pretext of ‘respecting her before marriage.’

Zhen Zheng was a law graduate student. Facing her boyfriend’s thoughtfulness, she was happy and grateful to accept his wishes.

Thus, the two of them dated like this for two years.

Wei Lin used his secondary personality to work and socialize during the day. Then at night, he indulged and felt regrets with his main personality.

On the day of Wei Lin’s 30th birthday, his secondary personality woke up and found himself staring at the scene of a murder. The deceased who had fallen in a pool of blood was his girlfriend.

The secondary personality Wei Lin tried to hypnotize himself and enter into a dream in order to find his main personality and confront him. It was because in his opinion, what happened when he had ‘no memory’ must have been the work of the main personality!

However, the main personality denied this as soon as he opened his mouth, because he also didn’t have the ‘memory’ of that period of time.

According to the main personality, physical control during this period of time had always been dominated by the secondary personality, and he never had the chance to appear.

The murder when he lost his mind made him panic to this day, and he had wanted to go to the police multiple times over the years to turn himself in, but he was always stopped by the secondary personality who had achieved a good reputation.

Under such circumstances, how could he make a mistake and kill again, let alone kill his girlfriend in name?

The police started the investigation and found that this was another flawless murder case.

The plot progressed to this point and it was still covered in a layer of fog. Then the ensuing reversal stripped it back layer by layer.

From the beginning to the end, the person who fell in love with Zhen Zheng was Wei Lin’s secondary personality.

Three months ago, after drinking at a party, the secondary personality was convinced to get drunk and subconsciously gave up his control over the main body.

This was the accident that led to the first meeting between Wei Lin’s main personality and Zhen Zheng.

From that moment on, Zhen Zheng realized that something was wrong.

Her boyfriend seemed to have suddenly changed?

She started to deliberately break the rule between them and often ran to Wei Lin’s house in the middle of the night. As a result, she found a completely different side to her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend during the day was confident and honest, while her boyfriend at night was cowardly and reserved.

Her boyfriend during the day had obsessive-compulsive disorder, but her boyfriend at night was decadent.

Zhen Zheng happened to think about the ‘secondary personality’ and started to investigate. She even asked someone to inquire about her boyfriend Wei Lin’s experiences from his childhood to adulthood.

After several nights of getting along, she gradually obtained all types of fragmented information from the mouth of the main personality that combined to form a shocking secret.

Her boyfriend not only had a double personality but also killed someone?

At the same time, Wei Lin’s secondary personality keenly sensed that something was wrong.

He found that his girlfriend was always avoiding him, investigating him secretly, and even inquiring about his relationship with his dead university classmate.

This secret couldn’t be hidden.

Zhen Zheng loved Wei Lin miserably. She suffered between morality and love. Then in the end, her emotions outweighed her rationality.

Zhen Zheng tried every means to cure her boyfriend’s illness and even wanted to take him away to another country. She never mentioned the past murder case, completely forgetting the moral bottom line and standards that a law student should have.

Wei Lin’s secondary personality misunderstood her and thought that Zhen Zheng was going to send him to trial and prison.

In this case, there was a fierce dispute between the two sides.

Wei Li didn’t believe in the love expressed by his girlfriend. Since she could investigate him privately, how could she really love him?

Wei Lin couldn’t stand his secret being made public. Even if it was only a one in a thousand chance, he wanted to erase any mistakes and imperfections in his life. This was even if the ‘stain’ came from his girlfriend who knew about the truth.

Zhen Zheng died.

The murderer was Wei Lin’s secondary personality.

After committing a flawless crime, the psychiatrist secondary personality hypnotized himself and ‘erased’ his memory. This was because there would be no loopholes in his crime as long as he knew nothing.

However, evil couldn’t escape punishment.

The police cracked the perfect murder case and arrested the biggest suspect, Wei Li.

It was just that Wei Lin, a psychiatrist, was too strong. He played tricks on the interrogating police officers and senior psychological consultants.

The biggest reversal hidden in the plot was that the murder case at the school wasn’t committed because of the main personality’s hatred and anger. It was a crime that had been planned for a long time by the secondary personality!

In order to make himself feel at ease, the secondary personality placed all of the guilt on the main personality and used the latter’s guilty mind to successfully control the main body for many years.


Director Ke Hei was very good with the rhythm of the camera.

The stated plot was revealed through flashbacks in the movie.

From Zhen Zheng’s death to the investigation of the police. From Wei Lin’s pain and remorse after learning of his girlfriend’s death to the cruel determination when he killed her in flashbacks of memories. From the face full of anger as he accused the main personality for ruining his life to the indifference after the truth was revealed.

The movie used fragmented shots to restore the truth of the two cases. It was only by seriously watching to the end that a complete story could be formed.

In the movie, Qin Yue interpreted the subtle expressions of the double personality to the peak. The scene that impressed the audience the most was:

Wei Lin’s secondary personality pretended to be the main personality and killed his girlfriend.

In the 15 second fixed shot, there were as many as seven types of changes in his eyes. This made the audience feel chills in the theater, and they couldn’t help inwardly shouting, ‘Awesome.’

The moment the three hour screening ended, praise for the movie immediately filled the Internet.

-Ahhhhhhh the movie and television industry can’t do without Qin Yue! This double personality is so exciting!

-My goosebumps have fallen all over the ground. Director Ke Hei shot a suspense movie for the first time and did a great job!

-Wu wu wu Sister Sun Li is my goddess! So beautiful, so beautiful, so beautiful!

-I want to jokingly say that Sister Sun Li is too miserable. Haha, they cooperated twice, and both times, her character died at the hands of Brother Yue’s character.

-Qin Yue’s acting skills are too terrifying. How can he make one movie better than the other? Doesn’t his acting have a peak and an end?

-Qin Yue doesn’t have a single peer of the same age who can fight him.


It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that as soon as Qin Yue came out, the entire movie and television industry would be shocked.

On the 30th of March, the movie ‘Hidden Dreams’ had its nationwide release in China. As of 6 o’clock that night, the box office of the first day had exceeded 100 million, and the theater scheduling rate was even higher, accounting for 24% of the share.

If ‘Reverse Hunting’, which was released a day later, wasn’t powerful, then ‘Hidden Dreams’ would lock in the box office championship of this May 1st period in advance.


In the entertainer’s lounge.

Ji Li couldn’t help smiling when he saw the soaring popularity of the topics on the Internet. Then he sent screenshots of the netizens’ exaggerated praise to Qin Yue.

“Teacher Qin, you are amazing. Everyone on the Internet is praising you to the sky.”

He quickly received a reply from the other person on WeChat.

“Are you nervous? Do you still want to bet with me about the winner and loser of the box office? Baby, so far I’m almost 120 million ahead of you.”

Ji Li raised an eyebrow as he replied, “Didn’t you release a day earlier than us? Teacher Qin, you will suffer if you are too proud.”

“Baby, I’m not proud. This is confidence in my strength. The theater promotion on my side is about to start. How about you?”

“It is coming soon. The premiere will start in half an hour.”

The two of them were happily chatting on WeChat when there was a knock on the door.

Director Rong Tong’s voice came from outside. “Ji Li, are you free? Is it convenient for us to come in?”

“It is naturally convenient.” Ji Li quickly sent a message to Qin Yue and put away his phone.

The lounge door opened. In addition to Director Rong Tong, there was the screenwriter Guan Xi, the producer Mr. Chen, and Fang Mo.

Ji Li saw the people entering and immediately rose up to greet them. “Hello teachers, please sit down.”

“In ten minutes, we have to go on stage, so we wanted to chat with you.” Rong Tong motioned for Ji Li to sit down and asked, “How is it? Are you nervous?”

Their movie was scheduled to be released at midnight on the 1st. In order for word of mouth to spread earlier, they chose to premiere it early on the 30th for publicity.

“Fortunately, I have already done all the hard work during filming. The next step is to just cooperate with the producer in order to promote the movie well.”

Ji Li looked around, his tone calm and sincere. “I’m not nervous about the next premiere, but there is some pressure.”

No matter what, he was the male protagonist of the movie. If the box office collapsed after the release of the movie, then it would directly be related to him.

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