IPCFS: Chapter 135 Part 2

The moment these words came out, Ji Li could understand where Qin Yue’s surprised look came from.

‘Hidden Dreams’ and ‘Reverse Hunting’ were both suspense movies. The two directors in charge of the movies, Ke Hei and Rong Tong, were listed as part of the ‘four most famous directors of China.’

Now that it hit the May Day holiday, the two movies were bound to be competing for the same audience.

Publicity hadn’t yet begun, but Ji Li could imagine that after the release of the movie, the Internet would be making multiple comparisons of the plot, rhythm, and acting skills.

The most important thing was that only one movie could become the box office champion of the May 1st holiday.

JI Li’s eyes lit up slightly as he said, “It seems I have a fierce battle to fight.”

It had to be known that the movies starring Qin Yue were famous ‘box office killers.’ Other movies that collided with his works at the same time would find it hard to win the championship.

“It is a movie directed by Ke Hei. I was only responsible for participating in it and didn’t invest in the movie.”

In other words, Qin Yue didn’t have important decision making power in the movie.

He was the leading actor of the movie and could only cooperate with the publicity of the movie team.

However, ‘Reverse Hunting’ was Ji Li’s first male protagonist movie. Qin Yue hoped that his lover could achieve proud results in order to compete for an awards ceremony trophy next year.

“Why are you frowning? I’m looking forward to it.”

Ji Li leaned forward and teased, “Are you afraid that my movie will not be able to beat yours, or are you afraid that your movie will lose to mine?”

“Isn’t it the same if you or I win?” Qin Yue stopped eating. “I’m just afraid of distracting the audience. If they were released separately, both our movies could achieve better results.”

If movies of the same type were released at the same time, there would inevitably be box office diversion and competition. This was the law of the movie market.

Ji Li told him, “That being said, as long as the reputation of the movie is good enough, it isn’t impossible for the audience to watch both movies.”

Qin Yue nodded.

Things were already set in place, and it wasn’t realistic to change the release date.

After all, the promotion of a movie cost a lot of personnel and financial resources. How could it be changed at will?

In addition, it was difficult for a suspense movie to pass the review. If it wasn’t released on time and the policy changed in the future, this might increase the losses of the crew.

Taking 10,000 steps back, it was better for actors to have their work released than to finish filming.

“Qin Yue, shall we make a bet on the winner and loser?” Ji Li approached, his face full of expectation.

“What are we betting on?”

“Betting on which of our movies will have a higher box office in the May 1st market.”

Qin Yue smiled and hugged him. “Baby, are you that confident when it comes to competing with me for the box office championship?”

Ji Li snorted, his eyes full of confidence. “Is it possible for me to directly admit defeat? Haven’t you read the script for ‘Reverse Hunting’? I think the foreshadowing in the movie is very powerful.”

Qin Yue smiled back. “The script of ‘Hidden Dreams’ isn’t bad.”

“Say, will you bet or not?” Ji Li asked.

It was naturally good to win the box office championship. Even if he couldn’t win it, there would be affirmation and success as long as they could break through their box office target.

“Okay, if you beat me, then I’ll sleep with you in my arms. Otherwise, you will hold me to sleep.”


Ji Li couldn’t hold back and pinched his Adam’s apple. “You are full of crooked ideas.”

Qin Yue squeezed his hand. “Hurry up and eat. Let me hold you for a while during my lunch break after eating.”

After so many descents and fighting scenes in the morning, Qin Yue’s physical strength and energy consumption was low.

It was just that the burden on his shoulders was heavy, and he had to be strong in front of the crew. He couldn’t show the slightest bit of fatigue and vulnerability. Otherwise, the tired emotions would become contagious, and the actors in the same group would only collapse faster.

Qin Yue knew he was very strict with Feng Cheng and Zhang Ye, but he was their boss. Everything he did was from the perspective of the movie’s quality and the actor’s development.

If ‘Doomsday Evolution’ had a chance to go international, he hoped that the two young actors of Yuexing could receive recognition and cheers for the movie, rather than working hard for so long and only end up being two supporting roles who couldn’t be named by audience members.

Ji Li understood Qin Yue better than anyone. He held back his distress and said with a smile, “Okay, eat quickly. I’ll accompany you to rest after eating.”


The two of them finished their lunch and washed up briefly. Then they hugged each other and lay down on the sofa to sleep.

“Qin Yue.”


“Sleep in peace. I’ll call you when the time comes.”


The sofa was too narrow to turn over, but his lover’s message gave him a sense of security. After a short lunch break, the crew entered the tense filming state again.

Fortunately, Feng Cheng and Zhang Ye learned their lesson from the morning and finally acted well in the afternoon filming. Qin Yue rappelled at a high speed and cooperated with them tacitly to pass this difficult scene.


Ji Li stayed for a week before taking a flight back to China.

The movie ‘Hidden Dreams’ announced that it would be released on April 30th and fight during the May Day holiday. This immediately triggered strong cheers from Yue fans.

‘Long Island Iced Tea’ was only released abroad. For Chinese fans, they hadn’t seen Qin Yue on the screen for a long time.

AS a result, the number of forwards directly exceeded 300,000 in less than an hour after the poster and trailer came out. The related topics of the movie immediately made it onto the hot search.

In addition, passersby expressed their expectations.

“Qin Yue’s movie must be watched.”

“The May 1st choice has been set! Suspense movie, I’m coming!”

“We welcome everyone to watch ‘Qin Yue: No one can fight’.”

In addition to the support of Yue fans and passersby, the Chinese Rose group enthusiastically discussed it.

“Brother Yue has a new work! Everyone, go to the theaters!”

“Brother Yue’s double personality poster is so handsome! It is a pity that I can’t snatch him from Ji Li!”

“I remember that Ji Li’s ‘Reverse Hunting’ is also a suspense movie? When will it be released? The CP materials for the two people will be available again!”

“It will be released soon. Two days ago, I saw the ‘Reverse Hunting’ official Weibo posting that we would meet soon. Will it also be during the May 1st period?”

Talk about the person and the person would arrive.

Just as CP fans were discussing the movie enthusiastically, the movie ‘Reverse Hunting’ announced their set release date at noon.

May 1st, a nationwide release.

The Chinese Rose CP boiled over the moment the official news was announced.

“Ahhhhhh they are together! It is true!”

“The happiness of shipping a CP. We can watch the materials and movies of the two masters at once.”

“I announce that the theater is my home on May 1st!”

“Are there any sisters in Shanghai? Who wants to form a group to watch it?”

“Hahaha, I suddenly thought that it is the turn of the overseas CP sisters to want to watch it but be unable to.”

“Psychiatrist x professional forensic doctor, double personality gong x cold and aloof shou. It is too fragrant! How can these two people choose roles so well? They’re afraid we won’t be able to eat all the sugar, so they poured the sugar into our mouths!”

“Look at the posters! They match well! Is there any artist who can put the two characters together?”

Qin Yue played a double personality in ‘Hidden Dreams.’ The first personality was the interpretation of the main personality. He was unshaven and smoking. There was a type of ruffian and sexy decadence to him.

The second poster was an interpretation of the secondary personality. He had shaved and was wearing an ironed suit. He sat quietly in an office treatment room, and his lowered eyes contained a touch of sharpness.

Ji Li’s posters for ‘Reverse Hunting’ were also attractive. The first was of him leaning against the door and window to smoke. His indifferent eyes were reflected in the wafting smoke.

The second showed him being detained in an interrogation room. In the dim lights, his hands might have been in shackles, but his figure was straight and his eyes were firmly staring at the camera.


There was no doubt that ‘Reverse Hunting’ also rushed onto the hot search.

Just as Ji Li and Qin Yue had guessed before, two suspense movies were released during the May Day holiday. As a result, before they were released, they triggered a series of comparison discussions between netizens and marketing accounts.

“F*k, in addition to Ji Li, there is Fang Mo who retired from the circle in ‘Reverse Hunting’. I am rushing to watch. You guys can do whatever you want!”

“I didn’t expect that the May 1st schedule would have two suspense movies fighting each other?”

“One is directed by Ke Hei, and one is directed by Rong Tong. There are Best Actor Ji Li, Best Actor Fang Mo, Best Actress Sun Li, and the Yana Film Festival shortlisted actor Ji Li, as well as so many old veterans… immortals are fighting!”

“Hahahaha, I suddenly want to watch a good show! I think Ji Li’s movies can continue his previous popularity.”

“Thank you for the invitation. I have updated the name. I welcome everyone to watch ‘Qin Yue: The right person that can fight has appeared and it is actually my on-screen CP’!”

“Hahaha, Qin Yue and Ji Li, at the beginning of the year, they cooperated to kill everyone. Now they have started to kill each other in less than three months?”

Among them, the happiest ones were the Chinese Rose CP fans.

They saw the comments of passersby and didn’t think it was a big deal to participate in the excitement. They used passersby side accounts without CP fan attributes.

“Brother Yue, fight! Fight!”

“Falling in love and killing each other, I like it, I like it!”

The fans of both sides were each focused on the data of their respective movies, but a small number of poisonous fans started to attack each other.

“Does the Ji Li family still have face? Qin Yue brought out their master, and now they dare to say that Ji Li wants to win the box office championship? Get lost and beware of being taught to be human by Qin Yue.”

“We respect that you are seniors, so you have started to step on our faces? Who copied the CP? For the sugar in the mouths of CP fans, when has it never not been started by the surnamed Qin?”

“Qin Yue feels that he is old and going downhill, so he has to hold onto the young actor of my family? Disgusting!”

“Old? Have you seen what type of pretty boy your family Ji Li is? The popularity of the two works after he debuted depended on Brother Yue. Who is sucking whose blood? I hope you guys can suppress it a bit!”

During the publicity period of ‘Long Island Iced Tea’, their two masters strictly forbid fighting. The poisonous fans saw the growth of CP fans. Even if they wanted to attack, they only dared to say it secretly.

Now that the publicity period of the cooperative movie had passed and the next two movie works had entered the ring to fight, these poisonous fans couldn’t bear it. They started fighting on the surface.

The CP fans tacitly quieted down and tried not to provoke anyone. They secretly reported the vicious remarks on both sides while complaining in their own group.

“Why bother?”

“You scold her and she scolds you, but the Chinese Rose husbands live together!”

“The poisonous fans are happily scolding online, while the Chinese Rose husbands are sleeping soundly in bed.”

“Hahahaha, what beautiful words!”

“Contemporary literary heroes have appeared! Where can I buy your book? I support you!”

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