IPCFS: Chapter 135 Part 1

Ji Li stayed in France for five days after completing all of the commercial filming.

He secretly contacted Qi An and asked for the address of Qi An’s movie studio before traveling to the United States alone.

There was still nearly a month and a half before the start of ‘Special Operations’. Ji Li had nothing to do, so he planned to visit the set without telling Qin Yue.

He checked the number of people on set in advance and personally arranged a dining car for the crew.

Qin Yue’s new movie ‘Doomsday Evolution’ had secretly started filming. In order to make a high quality apocalyptic movie representing China, Qin Yue spent 500 million investing in this series of movies, and that was only the amount used in the early stages.

The setting of the plot was based in China.

However, in order to make the disaster visual effects more realistic, Yuexing still chose a Hollywood special effects team to assist with the basic production. Therefore, some of the content needed to be produced in a foreign studio.

Once the filming for this part of the content was completed, they would return to film various parts in China.


The filming studio.

The entire crew was shrouded in a haze. All the staff members stood at their posts and didn’t dare to speak loudly.

It was because the ‘boss’ of their crew, Qin Yue, was currently gloomy and pent up with anger. The slightest mistake would make him completely explode.

The people who bore the brunt of the disaster were none other than Feng Cheng and Zhang Ye who were listening to his scolding.

‘Doomsday Evolution’ was a movie that was invested by Yuexing. Qin Yue naturally had the right to decide the starring actors. In addition to him starring as the number one protagonist, the other actors starring in this movie were Yuexing’s rising star Feng Cheng and the newcomer Zhang Ye, who had just signed a contract with them.

In the framework of the script, the end of the world originated from a large-scale influenza crisis. The virus repeatedly evolved and evolved , leading to an increasingly intensifying apocalyptic crisis.

As a country with a large population, China inevitably encountered a crisis, but the government handled it properly in a timely manner and was able to stabilize the country’s foundation. In the apocalypse, China still had the power that a great nation should have.

After the outbreak of the virus crisis, various countries selected and organized covert operations teams.

Qin Yue played the captain of China’s Special Police Team, while Feng Cheng and Zhang Ye were members of the team.

Today’s scene was that they secretly transported an infected corpse. Due to the particularity of the deceased, they encountered a secret team from another country who came to steal it.

In the intense gunfight scene, Feng Cheng and Zheng Ye repeatedly made mistakes and were stuck the whole morning.

In such a big investment crew, one hour wasted meant losing a lot of money.

“Can the two of you act?”

“If you can’t act, then quit as soon as possible? This will save outsiders from seeing this joke and thinking that Yuexing and I are supporting idols who can’t be supported!”

The moment Feng Cheng and Zhang Ye heard this, they immediately apologized with tearful faces.

“Teacher Qin Yue, please calm down. We can act!”

“Just give us another chance! We promise we won’t make mistakes again!”

The executive director saw this scene and wanted to persuade him but dared not to. The two actors, Feng Cheng and Zhang Ye, actually didn’t drop the ball at the beginning, but Qin Yue was notoriously strict.

The arm holding the gun wasn’t straight? It couldn’t pass!

The action was slow? It couldn’t pass!

The connection between lines was stuck? It couldn’t pass!

To put it bluntly, it wasn’t that Qin Yue was nitpicking details. These details would indeed affect the movie’s overall presentation. Strict requirements during filming would be of great benefit to the movie once it was released.

The bad thing was that repeated action scenes consumed the actor’s physical energy, and the number of NGs affected the actor’s mentality.

Qin Yue had been filming for many years. He could endure hardships and not be tired.

In this scene, there was a big action stunt where he ‘rapidly descended from 20 meters in the air.’ Due to the NGs of the two actors, he repeated the stunt almost 30 times, yet he was able to descend without hesitation every time. The whole process was completed perfectly.

However, Feng Cheng and Zhang Ye had little experience in filming after all. Their resistance to pressure was too poor, and they became more tense the further on it went.

The first few NGs were just small problems, but the later NGs were complete nonsense. Even the most basic lines were wrong.

It was no wonder why Qin Yue was so angry.

“As your senior and boss, I can accompany you to retake it over and over again.”

“However, this isn’t Yuexing’s movie and television training room. Look at the extras and staff members around you? You are wasting their energy and time!”

Ji Li followed Qi An onto the set and heard a rare severe rebuke from his lover.

“What’s the matter?”

“Don’t you know him? In his own words, Qin Yue has 100% high standards. Feng Cheng and Zhang Ye are young. The more they NG, the worse they become. Now he almost can’t hold back his anger.”

Among the many young actors who acted against him, it was only Ji Li, who played Song Zhang, who never received an NG once.

Ji Li’s lips curved. He felt that Qin Yue at work had a special charm.

What was so bad about strict requirements for the act?

If he stood in Qin Yue’s position, he definitely wouldn’t have relaxed in the slightest.

Qi An looked at Ji Li and teased in a low voice, “Fortunately, you are here. Everyone in the crew can have lunch on time.”

Then he clapped his hands vigorously and called out loudly, “Excuse me for interrupting. Do you want to see who has come to visit the set?”

Qin Yue heard his friend’s voice, and a hint of dissatisfaction appeared in his eyes. He glanced impatiently toward the source of the sound and suddenly met Ji Li’s smiling eyes.

In a few seconds, Qin Yue’s anger completely disappeared.

The staff members also recognized Ji Li ,and the frozen atmosphere at the scene relaxed.

“It is Ji! He came to visit the set!”

“Oh my god, can I ask him for an autograph? I really like his role as Lu Yao!”

“What good day is it today? The CP I ship gave out sugar!”

Ji Li looked around before his eyes fell on Qin Yue’s body. “Am I disturbing everyone? I came just in time for lunch, so I hired a chef and a dining car. It is waiting outside.”

Before he finished speaking, Qin Yue quickly came to him, looking surprised and delighted. “Why are you here?”


The abandoned Feng Cheng and Zhang Ye exchanged looks.

They suddenly felt there was a glimmer of hope in their dying careers as actors.

Ji Li looked at his approaching lover and pretended to cough. “Teacher Qin Yue, I’m here to visit the set.”

“How is it? Is the morning filming session over? Have a bite to eat.”

Qin Yue replied without thinking, “It is over. Let’s go to my lounge to eat.”

All the staff members who saw this scene fell into a daze.

Look at this pampering look, listen to this gentle tone, look at this face-changing technique.

Boss Qin, do you know that your character design is about to collapse?

Of course, there were also staff members who became extra excited.

It wasn’t their brains imagining too much, right?

The relationship between Qin and Ji was love! It must be!

Qi An stood beside the two of them and faced the dog food they threw out with their eye contact. He tried to resist the urge to roll his eyes and whispered in Chinese, “I can’t look.”

The moment Ji Li came, the atmosphere of the crew became lively.

Qin Yue and the director had a brief discussion and planned to take a lunch break as usual.

He also specially instructed Zhang Ye and Feng Cheng to use the lunch break to recuperate and to not be pressured. They should strive to pass the scene well in the afternoon.

Look how kind, look how gracious.

The contrast between the tone before and after almost made Feng Cheng and Zhang Ye follow suit.

They watched as Qin Yue and Ji Li got into a separate lounge while talking and smiling and felt teary-eyed.

Ji Li!

He was simply their lifesaving Bodhisattva wu wu wu!


Inside the lounge.

The assistant brought in the lunch before quickly closing the door and leaving in a timely manner.

Qin Yue locked the lounge and quickly approached Ji Li to sit down. His tone was filled with a surprise that still hadn’t completely dissipated. “Why did you think about coming here? You also didn’t mention anything to me.”

“I finished filming the advertisement, and the idea popped up. I asked Qi An to hide it from you because I wanted to surprise you.”

Ji Li picked up the Coke, took a sip in satisfaction, and looked at Qin Yue again.

Due to the needs of the role during filming, the other person was wearing a black special police uniform. He looked heroic and masculine.

“So handsome.”

Qin Yue smiled when he heard his lover’s compliment. Then he moved closer. “Baby, I saw the advertising clip that Adolphe sent me.”

Ji Li slightly raised an eyebrow. “He showed it to you?”

“Yes.” Qin Yue remembered Ji Li’s aristocratic appearance and simply took this person into his arms. “Mine.”

He suddenly swore sovereignty. It was slightly domineering and childish.

Ji Li didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, but his heart was sweet. When he arrived at the filming site today, he had clearly felt it.

The Qin Yue when alone with him was his unique Qin Yue.

It was Ji Li’s Qin Yue.

They hadn’t seen each other for over half a month, but ever since their serious discussion last year, the relationship between the two of them had been heating up every day.

Ji Li tilted his head and kissed Qin Yue’s thin lips. He originally only wanted to express his thoughts in a shallow way. Unexpectedly, the other person refused to stop here and had to pester him for a deep kiss.

A long time passed before the two of them stopped reluctantly.

Qin Yue rubbed against the tip of his lover’s nose. “Li Bao, I’m very happy that you came to visit the set.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let the crew spread our relationship to the outside world.”

Ji Li snorted and smiled. Then he slowly pushed this person away. “Don’t stick to me. Hurry up and eat something with me. I’m hungry.”


The lunch break lasted an hour and a half, and they could chat while eating.

Qin Yue mixed the fried sauce noodles that Ji Li wanted to eat and asked, “How long do you plan to stay this time?”

“A week at most? I can’t come every day, but I can wait for you at the hotel.” Ji Li had already thought of the schedule.

He had come to visit the class once today and could use the excuse of cooperating with Qin Yue. However, he couldn’t run to the set every day. There were many eyes, and there would always be chaotic remarks.

“Okay.” Qin Yue completely agreed with his thoughts and asked again, “You can only stay here for a week? Do you have other arrangements in China?”

If possible, he really wanted to see his lover every day after work.

Ji Li took another sip of the Coke. “Yes, ‘Reverse Hunting’ is scheduled for the May Day holiday, and it will start being promoted vigorously on the 20th. The premiere is arranged for the end of the month.”

Three years after his debut, this was Ji Li’s first male protagonist movie in a true sense.

He attached great importance to it and had to cooperate with the producer to promote it well.

Qin Yue’s eating action paused. “The May Day holiday?”

Ji Li saw his surprise and asked, “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

“The ‘Hidden Dreams’ that I cooperated on with Director Ke Hei last year is also planned to be released during this May Day holiday.”

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