IPCFS: Chapter 133 Part 2

Ji Li couldn’t hold back his smile and shook his head helplessly. “The Third Young Lady is so stupid. This really seems to be his style.”

“Yin Ning sent me a WeChat message last night saying that if you don’t mind, can you help her persuade this naughty child?”

Ji Li and Ji Yunqi were real friends in the circle, and they were both from the same company Chaoying. Ying’s Perfume was clearly a high quality endorsement. Why give it to an artist of another company?

“Of course. I’ll talk to him later,” Ji Li agreed without thinking about it.

It would be his turn to feel guilty if Ji Yunqi refused to accept this endorsement.

Yu Fuya smiled with satisfaction.

Sure enough, the children of their Chaoying family were all well-behaved and affectionate. It was unlike the other companies where their artists had ‘good relationships’ while ‘framing’ each other in private.

“Sister Yu, you are only halfway through your previous topic. What request do you need me to agree to?” Ji Li shifted the topic back.

The moment these words came out, Baozi handed the file folder to Yu Fuya.

Yu Fuya showed a thick advertising contract to Ji Li.

“Natural mineral water. I have negotiated the position of global spokesperson for you. The endorsement is for top-line products. According to the requirements of the advertising party, you will need to cooperate to shoot two sets of print advertisements and one video advertisement.”

The moment Baozi heard the name of this brand, his mouth dropped open in such an exaggerated manner that an egg could be stuffed into it. “Sister Yu, when did you talk to this brand? That is too amazing!”

Yu Fuya’s lips curved up in a smile. “This is all thanks to Ji Li’s performance in ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ being bright enough to harvest their high level fans. I just did what I was supposed to do.”

In fact, this brand had competition when it came to choosing their spokesperson.

Yu Fuya had never been timid. She took the time to go to their door for a neat introduction and worked for half a month before helping Ji Li win this endorsement.

However, this hard work was her job as an agent.

If Ji Li’s career could be improved to a higher level, then that would be her biggest gain as an agent.

Ji Li flipped through the endorsement contract to understand the relevant information of the brand.

Natural mineral water originated in the southern region of France. Due to its unique crater location, this was indeed high quality mineral groundwater.

At first, it was the exclusive water of the French royal family. Later, it was developed for exclusive use in high society before finally being opened to the common people.

The water quality might be uniformly standardized, but Natural mineral water was able to create two series of products that satisfied both of their respective user groups.

The first series pursued ‘extreme luxury.’ The bottle of the mineral water was made in cooperation with a luxury jewelry designer and won first place in an international design competition.

The cost of the bottle alone was expensive, and it was basically bought by rich people for their own psychological enjoyment.

The second series pursued ‘local simplicity.’ It was produced from the place of origin and had been exported to over 20 countries.

Each country had its own local name for it. For example, in China, it was called ‘Shengquan’ mineral water.

“Their company has always used the profit from their first series to cover the sale expenses of the second series. So even if there are big localization expenses incurred, it is still able to make a profit every year.”

In France and the surrounding countries, it was ranked first in sales among mineral water products all year round, and its total annual sales ranked first or second in the world.

Not everyone could afford luxury watches and jewelry, but it was possible to afford luxury mineral water. Their consumer base included both upper class people and ordinary people.

Yu Fuya carefully analyzed the advantages of being the spokesperson with Ji Li. “The position is to act as the global spokesperson for a whole line of products. Even if the term is for only one year, this would be enough for you to earn exposure from all over the world.”

Ji Li flipped through the contract and felt that there were no big problems. “Sister Yu, you can help me contact them to determine the time of the advertisement shooting.”

He had to wait over two months to enter the crew, so it wasn’t a waste of time to participate in such an advertisement endorsement.

“Yes, I heard the person in charge of the advertising side say that they went to Director Adolphe using your name as the spokesperson of the brand to facilitate a cooperation with him.”

His original perfume advertisement became famous in the advertising industry, and the Natural brand side must’ve wanted to create another beautiful video.

Ji Li raised an eyebrow and readily agreed.

He and Qin Yue were able to enter a relationship due to ‘Long Island Iced Tea’, and Adolphe’s matchmaking was indispensable from that.

“There is one more thing. The producer of ‘Reverse Hunting’ sent a notification two days ago that the finished movie has been reviewed. A suitable schedule might be selected for release in the first half of the year.”

“I’ll have Baozi contact them for specific details, and we’ll talk about them at the meeting tomorrow.”


Ji Li’s eyes brightened slightly and he nodded.

It seemed that he would still be busy even if he didn’t join a crew for two and a half months.

“It is getting late. Shall I have Baozi send you back?” Yu Fuya asked after glancing at the time.

“No need. I’ll just have the driver send me back. The security measures in the community are quite strict, and there should be no fans around.” Ji Li got up and replied.

“Ji Li, I know that you and Qin Yue have always been measured when doing things.”

Yu Fuya stood up with him and cautioned in a serious manner. “However, now there are many CP fans and just as many entertainment reporters staring at you.”

“You must be careful when you go out to avoid being followed.”

“If you meet at home, you have to close all of the doors and windows. I don’t need to tell you how serious it will be if your relationship is exposed, right?”

Ji Li understood that Yu Fuya was thinking about him and nodded cautiously. “Sister Yu, don’t worry. We both know.”

“Okay, go back and rest early.”



The moment Ji Li opened the door, two fluffy ones stuck to him one after another.

Snow Cake pulled his leg for a hug, while Major General sat still and raised his head, begging for a caress.

Ji Li heard the sound of water dripping in the bathroom and knew it was Qin Yue who brought these two little cuties back. He rubbed his pets before closing the door and walking to the living room.

Qin Yue’s sense of protection was very strong. He had long pulled the door and windows shut in an airtight manner. It didn’t take long for him to come out of the bathroom.

Qin Yue was wearing a bath towel, and his upper body was bare because he didn’t have time to get dressed. His strong abs attracted people’s attention.

Ji Li sank down on the sofa and stared at this person. Then he joked, “Movie Emperor Qin, are you planning to seduce me?”

“What do you think?” Qin Yue approached, still carrying heat after freshly showering. This made Ji Li’s breathing go hot for a while.

“Stay away. It is too hot when you stick to me.” Ji Li hurriedly pushed him away.

The two of them hadn’t seen each other for three days since returning to China. Qin Yue’s clinginess was aroused, and he sat on the edge of the sofa. “…Li Bao.”

Ji Li couldn’t help it and had to make room for Qin Yue to sit next to him. “Your schedule is over?”

“Almost. I have filming and interviews for two magazines left. However, I will be going abroad to work in a week.”

“Have you found a new movie?” Ji Li wondered.

“Do you remember the apocalyptic disaster movie I told you about last year?” Qin Yue asked back.

Ji Li remembered this and nodded.

This was Qin Yue and Yuexing’s movie project that they had been working on for a long time. They were inspired to fill in the gap of Chinese disaster movies in the world.

However, didn’t Qin Yue say that the male protagonist of this movie was reserved for him? Why did Qin Yue want to start filming now?

Qin Yue saw his doubts and replied with a smile, “I don’t plan on replacing your male protagonist. After many discussions, I have decided to shoot a prequel of the first part.”

In the past, Qin Yue learned from many experienced directors of disaster movies. According to their guidance, he had to act gradually if he wanted to expand this movie to overseas markets.

Originally, the movie was intended to start directly from ‘the fifth year after the disaster.’ But due to the expert advice and this alternate proposal, Qin Yue and the movie side planned to start the movie prequel from the beginning of the disaster.

This made it easier for the audience to gain an impression of the apocalyptic worldview of the movie and also facilitated the filming of future sequels.

The preparations were almost complete, and they planned to start filming early next month. Qin Yue was the main investor, producer, and starring actor, so he needed to rush to prepare early.

“Yes, your plan sounds reliable.”

“It naturally has to be reliable. I have to take the lead for my baby.” Qin Yue hugged him.

Ji Li snorted before also mentioning his future plans. Then they talked about ordinary and trivial things.

“China isn’t like being abroad. Even if you return to China in the future, you still have to take the key and move in with your belongings. Aren’t you afraid of being discovered by the entertainment reporters?”

“I’m always careful.” Qin Yue was aggrieved.

“You don’t want to live in your own mansion and instead run to my small rented house. Be careful that I don’t start asking you for rent.”

Ji Li’s current residence was one that Chaoying had found for him. He had saved enough money to buy a house, but he had been busy working in the second half of last year. He didn’t have time to look for a new house.

“Rent? How much do you want?” Qin Yue asked with a smile.

“What do you think about paying the standard cost of a presidential suite?” Ji Li joked. “With the value of Movie Emperor Qin, isn’t this much rent still affordable?”

Qin Yue’s eyes shone, and he stroked the side of Ji Li’s neck. “Boss Ji, can I exchange my labor for housing expenses and earn my right to stay?”

Ji Li shook his head and stopped the movement of this person’s hand. “I don’t have any housework for you to do.”

“Who said I was going to do housework?”

Qin Yue suddenly got up and hugged Ji Li with deep meaning. “I am talking about another type of manual labor.”


Ji Li reacted slowly. His face turned red due to Qin Yue’s words, and his legs subconsciously curled up.

“Who wants that type of manual labor from you!”

Qin Yue raised an eyebrow and didn’t refute him. He just hugged his lover tighter.

Under the puzzled gaze of Major General and Snow Cake, he directly took his treasure back into the bedroom. “Didn’t you say that I have to pay for my accommodation?”

Qin Yue rubbed Ji Li’s earlobe, his deep voice bewitching.

“Li Bao.”

“I’m always happy to help.”

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