IPCFS: Chapter 132 Part 2

First, there was Qin Yue’s confession. Then there was the interaction between the two of them. The online viewers had fallen into a state of ‘ahhhh’ madness.

In the movie, the painting that Wen Qiong gave to Lu Yao was actually drawn by the actor Qin Yue himself?

The meaning of this was too wonderful!

“Oh my god! Is there anything that Qin can’t do? It is probably that he doesn’t love me!”

“I like men with artistic cells. No wonder why Wen Qiong is so charming. It turns out that Qin himself is so powerful.”

“It is so touching! When I watched the movie, I wanted to say that Lu Yao in the painting was so beautiful, and the painter must’ve loved him very much! Now the person who painted it was revealed as Qin, and the person in the painting has Ji’s appearance. I think it is no longer abusive, but sweet!”

“Are Qin and Ji really not a couple? The eye contact they just made was too loving! Please, please be together and make up for our regrets in the movie!”

“Ahhhhh Brother Yue asked for a compliment from Ji Li! Why does he feel like a coquettish big dog? I am shipping it to death!”

“Kill me! I ship it to death!”

The foreign fans were talking with relish, and the Chinese CP fans were also crazy. They were completely unable to resist their desire to send a comment!

Under such an offensive, Qin Yue’s fans were completely silent and even gave birth to the day of ‘following everyone’s joy.’

What else could they do?

Some of the sugar that these CP fans were eating was provided by their master himself!

Emily spoke in time. “What about the painting now? Where is it?”

Cameron pointed to Ji Li. “You should ask Ji Li about this matter.”

The named Ji Li smiled in an embarrassed manner. “I liked this painting too much when we were filming, so I asked someone to fly it back to my company in China. I intend to use it as a souvenir when I move into my new home in the future.”

Ji Li’s answer triggered another round of cheers.

The painting that Qin painted on behalf of Wen Qiong was brought home by Ji, who played Lu Yao!

Look! This fate, this predestined fate!

You aren’t together yet? That is a shame for movie fans all over the world!

The two leading actors finished answering, and it was finally the turn of Director Cameron himself.

“Since Qin and Ji both mentioned the final plot, shall I change the point of time and share an interesting story about the crew with everyone?”

Emily forced down her ‘shipping’ thoughts and maintained the etiquette of a host. “Of course, we are happy to listen to anything the director shares.”

“Everyone should remember the aurora where the two characters confessed in the movie, right?”

“We remember!” The audience replied in unison.

“Our crew had waited for many days, and that was the only day we encountered a large-scale aurora. We hurriedly completed the filming of the ‘confession’ scene that night. The last drone shot was of Wen Qiong driving the car with Lu Yao.”

Emily nodded cooperatively.

Ji Li groaned as he suddenly realized what Cameron was going to say next.

“It was after the filming of that shot. Qin was too deep into the scene and didn’t stop the car. He left our whole crew behind and took Ji to chase the aurora.”

Cameron shrugged and said in a joking manner, “Later, our staff member had to call them pitifully to urge them to return the car.”

It was over.

Ji Li heard this reaction in his heart and glared darkly at Qin Yue.

Qin Yue felt guilty and helpless when he received his lover’s gaze. He hadn’t expected Cameron to reveal this story.

Besides, how wronged was he?

They weren’t even together back then! His confession that night was interrupted by the call from the staff member. He still felt annoyed when thinking about it.

Fang Yue, who was watching the live broadcast, went completely crazy. She fell on her bed and rolled back and forth, her voice almost hoarse from screaming!

Director Cameron was worthy of being a CP fan. He said something crazy so casually!

Iceland? The only big aurora?

Calculating the time, wasn’t it the three aurora photos Ji Li posted on Weibo back then? Chasing the aurora without the crew? Did this mean the photos were taken with Brother Yue’s help?


She thought there would be sugar, but she hadn’t expected the sugar to be so sweet!

It wasn’t only Fang Yue who thought of this matter. The other CP fans in China also thought of it. Someone couldn’t help themselves and shared the content of Ji Li’s Weibo in English in the comments.

Sugar knew no borders.

This time, even the overseas movie fans followed suit!

KWL, it is killing me. These four English letters represented this Chinese meaning. After the enthusiastic explanation of the Chinese CP fans, it was like a cultural transmission and quickly spread among the overseas fans.

Soon, the screen in the hall was flooded.

Under such an offensive, it was finally the turn of Ji Li’s fans to be silent.

Wu wu wu, our baby has grown up? We can’t keep him anymore?

God knows they praised the photographer so much when Ji Li posted the photos on Weibo. Now the photographer was most likely Qin Yue?

The CP fans were cheering wildly from the candy. Could it be that their career fans wanted to blame Ji Li, who published photos and shared his life with them?

They couldn’t bear it. As a mother, they couldn’t bear to blame their child.

The atmosphere at the scene was getting better and better.

The host saw the right moment and quickly entered into the next interview session. “I heard that Qin and Ji had two collaborations before cooperating in ‘Long Island Iced Tea’?”

“Yes, but the previous two collaborations were short. We had less than ten scenes together.”

Ji Li nodded and replied, “Before I officially debuted, Qin and I worked together as brothers in a movie.”

“My first work after my debut was as a villain in a Chinese TV series. He came to act in a cameo role, so we had a brief cooperation then.”

Emily had already understood the situation and suggested in a timely manner, “We’ve collected a few photos. Shall we take a look together?”

The live broadcast program knew that many people were shipping the screen CP of Qin Yue and Ji Li, so they did a lot of pre-investigation in the preparation process.

Soon, stills of the two actors appeared on the screen.

In the first photo, Ji Li was a dirty little beggar while Qin Yue was a mighty and domineering general. One person looked up in the crowd, while the other person looked down on a horse.

In the second photo, Ji Li was a free-spirited prince, and Qin Yue was the gentle and charming royal uncle. One person rushed home, while the other stroked the guqin and waited for him.

In the third photo, Ji Li was a bright and brilliant rich young man, while Qin Yue was a lonely and downcast artist. One was holding wine and shaking it, while the other secretly restrained himself.

The three photos from different crews showed three completely different tensions.

Many fans saw these works for the first time, and it was also their first time knowing that the two actors had collaborated before. They immediately discussed it excitedly.

“Take a look at the first one! Ji is a lost stray cat? Look at that pitiful appearance. It is poking me in the heart!”

“Qin and Ji’s ancient costumes are too handsome! China’s ancient clothes are really beautiful. The women’s clothing is even more beautiful! Everyone should try it when they have the opportunity!”

“Can anyone give me video resources? Or tell me where I can watch them? Oh my god, I’m curious about their stories!”

“They must have a lot of CP fans in China, right? Can you tell me what the name of their CP is called? For the first time, I hate myself for not being Chinese, otherwise I would’ve known about these two excellent actors earlier.”

Ji Li saw these three movie crews and suddenly thought of the words ‘encounter, acquaintance, love.’

Coincidentally, the timing of filming these three words could represent these three nodes in the life of him and Qin Yue.

Fate was sometimes a wonderful and unclear thing.

“I heard that fans in China who love the two of you call you Chinese Rose?” The host pronounced these two Chinese characters very clearly. She had obviously deliberately practiced.

The Chinese CP fans were shocked and afraid when they heard the words ‘Chinese Rose.’

Ahhhh Mama! I’m on TV!

Wu wu wu, our CP name actually appeared in public one day. It is too magical!

Speaking of which, if the fans of each family saw this, would they directly tear the CP fans apart? Before today, the CP fans had already tried to enclose themselves as much as possible!

Ji Li was stunned.

He knew that foreigners had always been open about CP, but he hadn’t expected it to be asked directly in a live broadcast.

Qin Yue’s eyes flickered slightly and he answered first, “No matter what type of fans they are, I am very grateful for their support along the way. I have a good relationship with Ji Li, and I hope that both fans can get along peacefully.”

This was the first time he thanked his fans in public and asked them to ‘not fight.’

There was no impermeable wall in the sky. The relationship between him and Ji Li would be known to the public sooner or later. It was better to take advantage of the ‘movie promotion period’ to let the career fans of both sides prepare psychologically.

Ji Li replied, “Yes, thank you to all the fans who are willing to support me. Without you, there would be no Ji Li today.”

Ji Li finished speaking in English and repeated it sincerely in Chinese. Ji Li’s fans in the comments had held back all night and finally couldn’t help crying out.

“Baby Ji Li! I will always support you as long as you are happy and can do what you love!”

“Brother Yue, I have been a fan of yours for 11 years. I have no other requirements. I just hope that I can see you on the big screen in the future!”

“Any relationship in the entertainment industry is very rare. No matter what the future holds for you, I hope you continue to shine in your acting career!”

After the sweet and touching live broadcast ended, the community of overseas Chinese Rose CP fans increased significantly. The Chinese name ‘Chinese Rose CP’ actually appeared in first place on the search bar of the Internet!

The ending of the movie was too cruel, so they transferred all their regrets to the two leading actors. They couldn’t wait for these two people to officially announce their marriage!

The most exaggerated thing was that many foreign friends ‘climbed over the wall’ and poured into the Weibo super talk.

No way, who let Chinese Rose be Chinese actors? Sugar had to come from the local base camp!

The Chinese CP fans were responsible for sorting out Qin Yue and Ji Li’s previous works and sugar points as well as the bilingual translation from Chinese to English.

The overseas CP fans started to rapidly produce fanart and fanfiction. The degree of opening in foreign countries had always been strong, and the output was very hot.

In addition, the editing wives joined forces to edit a super high level CP work, Three Lives Three Worlds, plus the variety show. This became an epic masterpiece.

The abuse of black fans and extreme fans was still indispensable, but there was nothing that could stop the fierce momentum of the Chinese Rose husbands.

Chinese Rose, this was a real CP destined to go international!

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10 months ago

Thank you for the chapter ❤️

10 months ago

They went so hard hahaha. Though as someone who’s watched a real western interview that included the genuine question “how many times have the two of you slept together” of the two male leads I can admit that real life could in fact still go harder
Thank you so much for translating! <3

10 months ago

thanks for your hard work!
as someone who has seen it happen, western thirst and shipping social media must have absolutely lost their minds >v<