IPCFS: Chapter 132 Part 1

The reason why the Chinese Rose CP appeared on the hot search had its origins from three hours ago.

‘Long Island Iced Tea’ continued to be a big hit in North America and other places. There were few news interviews related to Ji Li, one of the leading actors, so the foreign fans couldn’t hold back their love. They turned over almost all the news articles and materials on the Internet.

ME, the largest live broadcast website in the United States, saw the movie’s popularity and finally managed to invite Cameron and the two leading actors to be guests of their live broadcast room using contacts, work payment, and other tricks.

The live broadcast news was only released one day in advance, but the number of reservations reached five million.

Ticket prices for the audience seats that hadn’t been sold for a long time in the ME live broadcast hall also rose accordingly. Fans rushed to grab all the seats, and even middle aisle seats had small benches temporarily added to be sold to the audience.

It could be seen how popular the follow-up publicity to ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ was.

On such a grand occasion, at 8 PM US time, the ME live broadcast hall started broadcasting.

The number of online viewers exceeded six million in an instant, and it was still on the rise.

The online viewers weren’t just the local American audience. Among the netizens watching the live broadcast there were many overseas fans such as Fang Yue and other Chinese CP fans. They crossed the difficulty of ‘climbing over the wall’ to watch the live broadcast.

The live broadcast officially started.

The female host Emily gave a simple opening statement before inviting the special guests Director Cameron and the stars Ji Li and Qin Yue.

The moment the three of them appeared in the hall, the cheers at the scene almost tore off the roof.

Ji Li saw so many fans at the scene, and his eyes showed a bit of surprise and emotion.

It was said to be difficult for Chinese actors to start their international careers, but he encountered a good movie like ‘Long Island Iced Tea.’ This made him gain so much appreciation when he appeared in front of overseas audiences for the first time. He was really lucky.

Ji Li glanced at the guest seats prepared by the website and intended to leave the C position in the middle for Cameron and leave the more important starring position near the host for Qin Yue.

As a result, before Ji Li could act, Cameron put him in the middle seat. In addition, Cameron gestured for Qin Yue to sit down next to Ji Li.

“This seating order is much more eye-catching.”

Cameron saw the two people being seated and sat contentedly on the very edge. He didn’t have the arrogant nature of a famous director at all.

The host Emily’s eyes shone, and she silently applauded the director’s arrangement. Some fans in the hall saw this scene and immediately reacted.

“Hahahahaha, did Director Cameron take the lead in shipping CP? Good job!”

“Letting Qin and Ji sit together? Oh my god, there is such a picture. Thank you to the director!”

“Brother Yue and Ji Li, we are fans from China. Jiayou!”

The live broadcast process was arranged and Emily asked step by step, “Then can I ask our three guests to briefly introduce yourselves first?”

“Hello everyone, I am Roland Cameron. My new work, ‘Long Island Iced Tea’, is being released in theaters. Please support me.” Cameron finished speaking and signaled to the two leading actors with his eyes.

Qin Yue was the first to receive the signal. “Hello everyone, I am the actor Qin Yue. I play Wen Qiong in the movie.”

His outfit today was very simple. It was just a standardized black suit with a dark green lock pin on his chest. The overall look was gentlemanly and abstinent.

Qin Yue’s voice was as low as ever and even more intoxicating when he spoke a foreign language.

There were cheers at the scene, and the barrage was also wailing about how handsome he was.

“It isn’t the styling of the movie, but Qin is really manly! I love it too much!”

“I really want to snatch Qin as a boyfriend, but I would be even happier if he became Ji’s boyfriend. They are too well matched.”

“My Wen Qiong, I want to cry again.”

“Did you find it? The dial of the watch that Ji is wearing today is also dark green? It is the same as Qin’s pin. Oh, this love!”

Foreign netizens had always been direct.

‘Long Island Iced Tea’ was a gay movie. They loved the two protagonists, and their willingness to pair up the two actors was completely within common sense.

The Chinese career fans who crossed the wall saw the screen full of CP remarks and could only silently tell themselves: Forget it. Brother Yue and Ji Li have a good relationship, and it is currently the publicity period. There is a need to cooperate for the movie!

Immediately afterwards, everyone heard Ji Li’s identical self-introduction.

“Hello everyone, I am the actor Ji Li. I play Lu Yao in the movie. Please support ‘Long Island Iced Tea’, thank you.”

Ji Li’s bright eyes were matched with his clean and warm smile when he said this. This instantly created warmer cheers online and offline.

“Oh! My little kitty! Come and let me hug and kiss you!”

“Oh my god, he is so cute! He is a thousand times more charming than Lu Yao in the movie! I really want to make him cry!”

“Qin, you have to keep an eye on him, or the crazy netizens will definitely form a group to steal him!”

There was a horizontal screen placed in front of the live broadcast hall, so they could see the real time comments on the Internet. Ji Li took a few peeks after introducing himself and almost choked at the enthusiasm of the foreign netizens.

He knew that foreign countries had always been open, but he hadn’t expected it to be to this extent.

Emily was able to grasp the rhythm very well as the host and entered the interview session smoothly. “Many netizens are very curious. Was there anything that left a deep impression on you in the process of filming?”

Cameron gestured for Ji Li to speak first.

Ji Li didn’t have to think about it as he gave an answer, “It is the last scene that everyone saw in the movie. Lu Yao went to the art exhibition alone and saw Wen Qiong’s painting.”

Many fans had now seen this scene, and they couldn’t help having red eyes when they recalled it.

“Is it because this scene brought out too much emotion in you?” The host took the opportunity to ask.

“Yes. It was also due to the way the scene was shot. I have been an actor for a long time, and it was the first time I came into contact with such a filming technique.”

“Before I started filming, I didn’t have a script for this scene at all. Director Cameron and the team prepared everything, and it was just like immersive theater. Every emotional state I presented in the scene was my most genuine reaction at the moment.”

“There was no script for such a touching scene?” Emily’s surprise was the same as the surprise of all the fans.

It had to be known that this scene was the ‘climax’ of the entire movie. No matter how tough the person was, they would break down and cry when seeing this scene.

They originally thought that such a deeply emotional scene required actors to ponder on it and practice it in advance.

Cameron added, “Ji passed this scene in one take. I was very satisfied.”

“If you observe carefully, you will find that within the three or four seconds when Lu Yao ran toward the painting, he still paid attention to the details of the character’s ‘bad leg.’ Since he empathized with the character, he was able to pay attention to the details of the character itself. He handled it very well!”

Fans heard this and immediately applauded. The online viewers also affirmed it.

“There were such details? Ji, you are a good actor! I will support you!”

“I’m begging the director, can you strive to release the movie in China? Us Chinese fans are also willing to support such an excellent work!”

“Due to this interview clip, I have decided to watch the movie a fourth time!”

The applause came to an end, and Emily asked Qin Yue, “Qin, what about you?”

“I know you are the best actor in China and have a lot of experience filming overseas movies. Is there anything about this movie that made you feel different?”

“Of course, because Cameron is a ruthless and cruel director,” Qin Yue complained with a smile.

Cameron was stunned for a moment. Then he quickly understood and shrugged while smiling. “Everything was done for the needs of the plot in order to make a better work.”

Everyone heard the two of them playing riddles together and were even more curious about what was going on.

“You might not be able to imagine it, but when Ji and I filmed in the early stages, we only got a script that went up to the car accident. The content after the car accident was kept a secret from us.”

“Once this plot point was filmed, it was just like how Wen Qiong and Lu Yao were completely separated. The director team separated Ji and I.”

The host raised an eyebrow in surprise. “You didn’t meet in the follow-up filming?”

“Yes, it was 21 days to be precise.”

Qin Yue reported the exact number solemnly, causing a burst of laughter at the scene. Even Ji Li couldn’t hold back nodding while smiling to confirm the information.

How could he remember the exact amount of time that they filmed separately so clearly?

Are you, the real master, afraid that the fans and CP fans won’t be able to eat sugar?

“During those 20 days, all of Ji’s scenes that were seen in the movie were filmed, and the content I filmed was condensed at the end of the movie. However, in addition to filming, I did another big thing.”

Qin Yue threw another hook that caused everyone’s hearts to be itchy.

The Yue fans watching the live broadcast were surprised and delighted.

Was this right?

When did Brother Yue become so talkative?

He was actually willing to enliven the atmosphere?

“What was the big thing?” The host represented the audience.

“The painting that Wen Qiong gave to Lu Yao was personally painted by me during the gaps in those 21 days of filming.”

These words caused a wave of amazement the moment they came out.

Director Cameron generously testified to it. “Yes, the idea for painting it came suddenly. We originally planned to find an artist and use the stills, but Qin Yue volunteered to accept this task.”

Cameron sincerely expressed his admiration. “He used his painting level to confirm to me that I found the right actor for Wen Qiong.”

Not only was the audience sighing, but even Ji Li was learning about this for the first time. He looked over in surprise. “Qin Yue?”

Qin Yue met his lover’s eyes and subconsciously moved closer. “I forgot to tell you about it before. Now that I think about it, I feel like I should ask for a compliment.”

“How was my painting?”

Ji Li fell into Qin Yue’s deep eyes and was almost unable to extricate himself. Fortunately, he remembered in time that they were in a live broadcast and responded in a low voice, “Yes, you painted it very well.”

Qin Yue smiled and moved away a bit, no longer openly teasing him.

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Qin Yue, the captain of his own ship 😆

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Qin Yue really wants to capitalize on this chance to publicly hype their relationship haha. Now he just has to wait for the art-inclined to track down analyses like “it’s obvious how much the painter loved the subject”…
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