IPCFS: Chapter 131

In the midst of the cheers of the audience members, Cameron finally returned to the stage with the two leading actors. Qin Yue and Ji Li had already let go of their hands and calmly received everyone’s attention.

The crying of the audience hadn’t completely stopped, but in addition to the crying, there were more praises for them.

There was no doubt that this was an excellent movie!

Some of Director Cameron’s fans said it was more touching than any of his previous movies.

There was such enthusiastic support that an entertainment reporter couldn’t help raising his hand. “Director Cameron, can I stand up and say a few words?”

Cameron raised an eyebrow and nodded to signal him to get up. “Of course. Hello.”

The entertainment reporter took a microphone from a staff member’s hand and said, “I still have a lot of questions that I didn’t have time to ask Ji during the interview session before the movie’s screening due to a lack of time.”

The words were so hypocritical that it caused many audience members to frown.

My god.

Was there no time? Before the movie was released, you simply looked down on Ji, a Chinese actor!

Now you know he is excellent after watching the movie, but you are still stubborn. Is it so difficult to apologize and ask for a good interview?

The reporter threw the question to Ji Li. “Ji, hello. I am Mike, the deputy editor-in-chief of Steven Entertainment Magazine. As one of the actors of this movie, I believe you would be willing to give me this interview opportunity, right?”

It sounded like a request, but it was full of hidden arrogance.

Steven Entertainment Magazine was one of the most popular magazines in the United States, and many A-list stars were willing to accept their interviews.

The deputy editor-in-chief obviously thought that after he gave the interview, Ji Li would definitely nod with joy and agree. After all, this was a good opportunity for him to expand his popularity in the United States and around the world.

Yu Fuya heard these words from where she was sitting and couldn’t help scolding him in her heart.

F*k you!

You should give the opportunity of this magazine to whoever you like.

Our family’s Ji Li doesn’t care about being interviewed by magazines like you who are arrogant, prejudiced, and think you are a superior person!

It wasn’t just Yu Fuya. Even the audience and other reporters had some objections.

On the stage, Qin Yue frowned and wanted to refuse the interview directly for Ji Li. Then in the next second, he heard his lover whispering to Cameron.

“Director, as the leading actor of the role, do I have the right to express my true opinion?”

“Of course.” Cameron shrugged and gave him an affirmative look. “The audience’s attitude before and after watching the movie is your best confidence. You can say whatever you want.”

Ji Li took the microphone from the director’s hand and stared directly at Mike, the deputy editor-in-chief. “Hello, Mr. Mike. I’m sorry, I don’t want to be interviewed by you.”

Mike hadn’t expected him to refuse in public, and his proud face obviously couldn’t hold back. “Why? Are you looking down on our magazine?”

“Mr. Mike, do you like my performance in the movie? Or did you realize that the audience likes this movie and ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ will become popular, so you have to interview me for the popularity and sales of the magazine?”

The two were very different.

The former was due to respect and recognition, while the latter was only for the sake of profit.

Mike was speechless.

After watching the movie, he realized that Ji Li was the most important protagonist. He saw the audience’s recognition of Ji Li and guessed that Ji Li was likely to become the next popular person.

The other person was right. For the sake of the sales of the magazine, he thought of extending this invitation.

Of course, if Ji Li hadn’t shown any signs of becoming popular, then he wouldn’t have hesitated to cast this Chinese actor aside.

“I think you are mistaken. Being able to act in Director Cameron’s ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ is the biggest way for me to gain exposure. As long as the movie is good enough, the audience will naturally be willing to recognize my performance.”

“Why would I have to accept an invitation from your magazine?”


Mike took a deep breath and pretended to talk in a relaxed manner, “As expected of a Chinese person, you really act arrogantly like this. The education of your country is really good.”

The implication was completely pushing a lot of blame over.

“Mr. Mike…” The smile in Ji Li’s eyes froze, and piercing coldness burst out. “Please listen clearly.”

“If your arrogance and prejudice are directed to me as an actor, I have no opinion. After all, it is impossible for me to be liked by everyone here.”

“But if your prejudice is aimed at the country behind me? I’m sorry, but my next question is aimed at you personally—”

“Mike, what are you?”

“Prejudice is the most stupid opinion, and arrogance is the most disgusting attitude. I am sad that your magazine has a deputy editor like you.”

“I am Ji Li, an actor from China, and I am very proud of the country behind me. I don’t think there is any problem with my education!”

The audience was in an uproar at these words.

They didn’t protest against Ji Li but applauded with all their hearts.

“Ji Li, well said!”

“Ji, well done! I like your true nature!”

“Chinese actor Ji Li, you are very handsome! I love China!”

Foreign audiences had always liked straightforward personalities. This wave of strong counterattack by Ji Li completely gained their favor.

Ji Li’s performance in the movie was very cute and charming, but his personality in real life was very handsome and tough.

The contrast was really cool! Too manly!

They had all heard the thorns in Mike’s words and didn’t like it, let alone feel that there was anything wrong with Ji Li’s rebuttal.

“Mike! Get out of here! Get lost as far as possible with your magazine!”

“Their magazine looks down not only on Chinese stars but also on stars from our own country! All their sales are supported by big name stars. What skills do they have on their own?”

“I won’t buy such a trash magazine. Hasn’t your boss fired you yet?”

“How shameful! Don’t speak for all our entertainment reporters!”

Who stipulated that actors have to accept an invitation from your magazine? If the actor doesn’t want to be interviewed, is he acting arrogantly? It also rose to the level of questioning national education?

Please! Let the police take him away!

This ignorant and arrogant appearance is really embarrassing to our country!

The audience and other audience members retorted one after another. Their disgusted tones gathered together, leaving Mike frozen in place. He couldn’t advance or retreat.

He hadn’t expected that after being slapped by Ji Li with ‘words’, he would end up being slapped again by the ‘mockery’ of his compatriots.

Qin Yue looked at Ji Li with an unmistakable smile in his eyes. He said in an affirmative and supportive manner, “I agree with Ji Li’s statement.”

“We are Chinese actors. Please don’t blatantly slander our country in front of us. That is the behavior of the weak.”

The audience heard Qin Yue’s defense of Ji Li and showed clear and excited expressions.

Oh my god, take a look. Qin and Ji are a wonderful match!


Mike gritted his teeth. Before he could think of a new excuse to justify himself, Director Cameron’s voice rang out.

“Deputy Editor Mike, you can leave now. You are no longer welcome at my movie premiere. From today onward, please ask your magazine to stop all subsequent articles of our movie. I prohibit you from profiteering from this!”

“I really like my two leading actors, and I am grateful for their interpretation of their characters from the heart and soul.”

“Respect doesn’t discriminate between countries. I hope you can learn this lesson and understand this truth.”

Cameron’s words caused Mike’s expression to completely change.

Who didn’t know that the movies directed by Cameron had always been the most popular? In addition, ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ was shortlisted for the Yana Film Festival.

It would be hot news for a long time to come, no matter whether it was the quality and discussion of the movie itself, or the content related to the follow-up film festival.

If their magazine couldn’t report on this movie, then wasn’t this a big loss? It was true that he was the deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine, but if he messed up this matter, then his boss Steven wouldn’t let him go!

Mike’s face was red, and he suddenly felt extremely remorseful.

If he had known this was the case, he would’ve controlled his mouth and sincerely given an invitation to Ji Li.

“No, Director Cameron, Mr. Ji, Mr. Qin, I didn’t mean to offend you. It is just…”

Mike defended himself in a panic, but before he could finish speaking, he was dragged out of the theater by the security guard. His struggling appearance was very embarrassing.

Once other entertainment reporters saw this situation, they immediately apologized and tried to get more interview time.

“Ji, can you give us another 20 minutes for an interview?”

“No, 10 minutes!”

“Your interpretation of Lu Yao is excellent. It was our fault before. We are willing to seriously apologize to you.”

“Your Lu Yao will definitely become the next most popular character! You will also become a famous Chinese actor who is loved internationally!”

It was a pity that their words were no match for Qin Yue’s unhappiness and desire to protect his baby. Director Cameron also didn’t like such nonsense and simply refused.

Who cared about interviews like this?

As long as the movie was popular enough, these people would surely eagerly come again. They weren’t in a hurry today!

After the brief episode with Mike, the premiere ended. The host spoke the concluding remarks, and Qin Yue and Ji Li immediately walked out with the support of the bodyguards.

Seeing this, many movie fans reluctantly chased after them. They were still immersed in the movie and couldn’t extricate themselves. They wanted to have closer contact with Ji Li and Qin Yue.

The reporters were left in their spots and looked at each other, regretful and angry.

“Oh my god, what stupid thing have I done? I actually missed a good Chinese actor like Ji Li!”

“Both he and Qin are so charming! This movie is sure to be a big hit! I didn’t interview Ji. How will I go back and explain this to my editor-in-chief?”

“That stupid Mike. If he hadn’t offended Ji with his nonsense, we might’ve been able to win an interview.”

“I’ll write a report as soon as I get back. How can a racist like Mike become a deputy editor-in-chief? He deserves to be fired!”


Fang Yue and the others in their seats heard the reporters’ discussions and finally released the depression in their hearts.

So cool!

Who told these reporters to ignore Ji Li’s charm? I have already said that they would regret it sooner or later!

“Let’s go back to the hotel!”

They were career fans and wouldn’t follow the other fans to chase after their idol so as to not affect their idol’s normal rest.

“Shall we wait for the official release tomorrow to watch it again?”

“It is abusive, but Brother Yue and Ji Li acted very well.”

“Yes yes, bring some tissues tomorrow.”

The fans of the two actors glanced at each other, tacitly omitting the intimate part of the movie.

Their idols could be regarded as winning glory for the country together in the movie industry. They shouldn’t argue among fans.

But speaking of this, the relationship between Wen Qiong and Lu Yao was so touching that they couldn’t pull out the knife.

Fang Yue hugged her backpack and coughed. “Why don’t you go back first? I have a friend here, and I have some things to do later.”

“Okay, then you should be careful.”

The career fans didn’t have any doubts and left the theater.

Fang Yue waited for them to leave before hurriedly standing at the entrance of the theater hall with her supplies.

She didn’t believe that there would still be no one who didn’t want to enter the pit of Chinese Rose after watching the premiere!

Fang Yue opened her backpack, took out the cute support items with the faces of the Chinese Rose husbands on them, and shouted cheekily.

“Long Island Iced Tea, starring Qin and Ji, their CP support item! Does anyone want it?”

“Chinese Rose husbands! Please support them!”

The moment these words came out, two tall foreign women looked over immediately. Their eyes were still red, and they had obviously come out of the premiere of ‘Long Island Iced Tea.’

The two of them quickly approached, curious and excited. “Do they have CP fans in China? Wow, that’s amazing!”

They wanted to ship this pair of real CP after coming out of the theater!

Fang Yue’s English wasn’t bad. In order to promote Chinese Rose, she specially practiced the relevant introduction sentences.

“Yes, Brother Yue and Ji Li are very famous in China, and they have many cute CP fans. In addition to the movie ‘Long Island Iced Tea’, they have collaborated on two works and a travel variety show.”

“By the way, they are really sweet in real life. Do you want to learn more about them?”

Another foreign audience member noticed and started to join in the discussion excitedly.

In less than ten minutes, the gathered foreign audience members took all the support materials brought by Fang Yue!

“I love shipping CP! Chinese Rose? What a romantic and nice name!”

“Right? The name is too cute! It is as cute as them. I’m about to fall in love with them!”

“Qin’s figure is amazing! The part of them in bed almost made me get a nosebleed!”

“I bet they will gain a large number of overseas CP fans through ‘Long Island Iced Tea’. In any case, I am completely in love with them!”

“I’m going to create a social media group right now. From today onwards, I am an overseas Chinese Rose CP fan!”

“Me too, me too!”

The audience members were becoming more intense and started to add each other as friends to create a social media group.

Fang Yue watched this scene with satisfaction. She was about to sneak away to hide her fame. She had just emerged from the crowd when she came face to face with the career fan sisters she had come here with.


Her CP fan identity was revealed, and Fang Yue was very flustered.

“Yueyue, are you a CP fan?” The faces of the career fans were shocked.

What was going on? Wasn’t she a good mother fan?

The theater was in a shopping mall. They hadn’t gone directly to the hotel just now and strolled around upstairs for a while. Finally, they saw this scene when they came down.

Fang Yue explained awkwardly, “That… I’m a fan of Brother Yue and Ji Li. No, I don’t ship their CP. My domestic friends asked me to help with these support materials.”

She stumbled through this paragraph and almost wanted to bite her tongue.

What type of nonsense was this?

How was it possible for others to believe it?

Unexpectedly, the fans of the two families maintained a tacit understanding. “It is forbidden for us to ship real people, you know?”

“I know, I know!”

“Then you aren’t allowed to do this again next time. Brother Yue and Ji Li are good friends, and we can’t make things difficult for them.”

“Of course, of course!”

Fang Yue nodded like she was pounding garlic. This came from a strong desire to survive as a CP fan. She trembled as she followed everyone back to the hotel. Then she locked herself in her room.

That was dangerous.

At that moment, Fang Yue almost thought that the fans of the two families were going to join forces to strangle her to death in a foreign country.

Fang Yue had just recovered her breathing. Before she could open Weibo to share her feelings about the movie with the sisters of the CP group, she found that there were seven or eight private chat messages on her WeChat.

“Yueyue! Are you a CP fan? Is there an official group? Pull me into the group! Shhh, don’t tell anyone. I’m sneaking in!”

“Yueyue, little cutie. Can you share the sugar points of Chinese Rose in the past with me?”

“Sister, do you have a Chinese Rose CP group? Can you secretly pull me into the group? I have been poisoned after watching the movie. Wu wu wu, Brother Yue and Ji Li are a good match! I want to find sugar in reality to slowly recover from the bad ending.”’

“Sister, do you have any extra supplies? I want it too! In fact, I have been secretly shipping Chinese Rose and haven’t dared to recognize any relatives before!”

Fang Yue saw the nicknames on the chat interface. Without exception, they were all the career fan sisters she had gone abroad with to watch the movie together.

My god!

In front of everyone, they persuaded her not to ship a real CP. Then they immediately found her to enter the pit!

It was no wonder why they let her go so easily. It turned out that they all started thinking of CP after watching the movie.

Brother Yue and Ji Li were from acting schools, and the fans of both parties were also from acting schools!

Too amazing!


Due to the particularity of the movie theme, ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ couldn’t be released in China. This made many fans feel regret.

In desperation, they had to climb over the firewall every day to check the latest developments before the screening such as posters, etc. Then they spread it to the country to share with the star chasing little sisters.

It went on like this for a month, and they finally made it to the day when the movie would be released overseas.

Before the fans who flew overseas could give their feedback, a breaking news post appeared on the China Entertainment Forum.

“An overseas friend I know went to the premiere of ‘Long Island Iced Tea’. Ji Li sat on the ‘cold bench’ at the scene.”

In the main part of the post, a ten minute video was released. It was slightly shaky and looked like it was filmed from the audience’s perspective.

The poster had done machine-translated subtitles so they could roughly understand the interview session.

During the ten minute interview, Ji Li was silent for almost the entire time. Even if the reporters asked him a question, these questions seemed particularly perfunctory.

Sometimes, his right to speak wasn’t even as good as the supporting actors next to him.

-Isn’t Ji Li embarrassed? He went abroad to shame and disgrace himself!

-Surely he didn’t hug Qin Yue’s thigh again and only has a small role in the movie starring the other person, right?

-I’m really speechless. He hasn’t even mixed well in the domestic entertainment industry yet, and he wants to mix in with the foreign entertainment industry? Where does his capital come from?

-It has started again, right? He is the upright male protagonist! He was shortlisted at the Yana Film Festival!

-Is there something wrong with the black fans? Why don’t you go and treat it? Our Chinese actor is being bullied overseas, and your first reaction is to blame our own people first?

-Sorry, our sisters have already come back and said that Ji Li in the movie was very exciting! At the end, the entertainment reporters all apologized and wanted to interview him.

-Is it a fan upstairs? In the eyes of you fans, Ji Li can directly ascend to the position of being an international superstar even when playing a small role, right?

-Running to act in a gay movie abroad, is it because his domestic financial backer can’t satisfy him? He has to go and attract foreign guys?

-Fans, don’t brag. The advance news about the movie on the Internet didn’t talk about Ji Li at all.

-What’s the hurry? Don’t you know the time difference? You can’t even wait for tomorrow?

The China Entertainment Forum was half full of fans and half full of black fans. If one family was in trouble, then eight families were causing it.

In less than three years after his debut, Ji Li acted in a movie directed by Cameron and was shortlisted for the Yana Film Festival with this movie. There were many black fans and sour fans of other artists.

This was why they already started to mock him on the first day of the movie’s release.

However, the joy of the black fans in the post didn’t even last a day. The momentum of the movie completely pinned them on the pillar of shame of being ignorant clowns.

The first day box office of ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ reached first place with $70 million. The box office in Europe and other countries where it was released also occupied the top three of the box office for the day!

It was obviously a literary movie that didn’t focus on the box office, but the number of moviegoers exceeded all commercial movies released in the same period. This was enough to prove the ability of the movie to attract audience members.

Many people watched it due to Director Cameron’s reputation, but after walking out of the theater crying, they started to search for the two leading actors, Qin Yue and Ji Li.

In the comprehensive popularity search on the Internet, the search volume of Ji Li, Qin Yue, and Long Island Iced Tea directly occupied the top three, and the volume of discussion directly rushed to the sky.

“This is my favorite literary movie of my life! The relationship between Lu Yao and Wen Qiong is too beautiful! It is also too regrettable!”

“Ji Li! Ji Li! Ji Li! He stepped on my heart. God knows that I cried three whole packs of tissues because of him.”

“I apologize for my prejudice. It turns out that China has such excellent actors. Qin Yue and Ji Li are my new Prince Charming! They are handsome and act very well!”

“This is one of Cameron’s most successful movies, bar none!”

“The keyboard warriors who can only hide on the Internet should really go to the theater and take a good look! At that time, you will know that the tears you cry when watching the movie are actually the water from your brain when you are confused!”

“Can anyone tell me? Are Qin and Ji a couple in real life? I love them so much and hope they can make up for the regrets in the movie!”

“I heard that their CP is called Chinese Rose? They have also cooperated together in China. Can anyone tell me how to log into China’s websites?”

There were endless comments on the Internet like this.

In the mouths of the foreign audiences who had always been vicious, ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ received unprecedented praise!

In addition, countless movie critics enthusiastically expressed their views after watching the movie.

“The two protagonists in the story of the movie use love to illustrate their brief encounter in life. This is a successful literary movie, and the emotions it conveys transcend nationality, gender, and age. The relationship between Wen Qiong and Lu Yao can be regarded as a myth!”

“This is the first movie I’ve watched starring Chinese actors. Qin Yue and Ji Li’s acting skills have broken my inherent impression of Chinese actors. Their delicate and silent emotional communication is too moving!”

Three days later, the North America movie comprehensive rating website released the rating of the movie critics: A high score of 93% recommended and a score of 9.5!

Such a high quality rating directly surpassed 95% of foreign movies released in the past and shot to first place among all of Cameron’s works!

Under such an offensive, the names of Ji Li and Qin Yue stayed at the top of the popular search on the comprehensive website for five days in a row. They became the most watched Chinese actors at present!

It wasn’t just ordinary netizens. Many foreign stars praised ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ and the starring roles of Qin and Ji on Twitter.

They all said, “If I have an opportunity in the future, I want to work with these two actors.”

A week after the movie was released, a brand new term appeared on the top of the popular search bar.

Chinese Rose CP.

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