IPCFS: Chapter 129 Part 2

Early the next morning, Ji Li took a flight back to Hengcheng and started filming non-stop in the afternoon.

In fact, Xu Cheng had led the ‘Flower Demon’ crew to participate in the Peak Movie Awards this time and also got excellent results.

During the break in the crew, Xu Cheng took the initiative to talk about ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ being shortlisted for the Yana International Film Festival.

“Ji Li, you really made a big move without saying a word? Fortunately, our crew signed you early, or would your salary have been at such a low price?”

“Director Xu must be joking. In the future, I will definitely accept your offer as long as you are willing to ask me to act in a movie that you direct. I learned a lot from following you and the crew, and these things have nothing to do with salary.”

Salary was important for an actor, but it was by no means the only requirement for selecting a movie.

Ji Li paid more attention to the movie team, the director’s ability, and the quality of the script.

Xu Cheng smiled and nodded. “Are you going overseas to participate in the premiere of the movie?”

“If the release date hasn’t changed, I should be.”

“Understood. Then our crew will work hard to finish on time and try to free up two days for you to have a break.”

Xu Cheng patted Ji Li on the shoulder. “I hope that you, as a young actor of China, can win glory for our country in the international film industry.”

He spoke earnestly, with ardent expectations.

Ji Li was startled before he felt his heart move.

Xu Cheng was a well-deserved, excellent director. He had the art of movies in his heart and also cared about the great future of movies in a great country.

“Director, no matter what movie it is, I will try my best to do what I can.”

“Yes, good.”

Xu Cheng finished their short chat and started to talk to the surrounding staff members. “Okay, let’s all get ready. We will start filming the next scene in ten minutes!”


In the following period, Ji Li was fully immersed in filming in the crew.

Originally, Ji Li wanted to shave his head after the awards ceremony. However, there was the upcoming movie premiere, and he had to resist this impulsive idea. He could only obediently get up early every morning to put on the headgear.

Qin Yue was very reliable. He previously said that he would come to Hengcheng to accompany Ji Li, and he really stayed in the hotel during this period of time.

Of course, as Ji Li was working hard on filming, Qin Yue was working hard to deal with the accumulated company matters. Once work was over at night, the two of them could enjoy their short and beautiful, two person world.

The only fly in the ointment was:

Qin Yue was afraid of affecting his lover’s work status for the next day and could only restrain himself in some aspects.

Every night, the little villain in Qin Yue’s heart was tortured as Ji Li slept peacefully in his arms.

He could see, but he couldn’t eat. He could hug, but he couldn’t sleep.

He could be regarded as fully comprehending these statements.


Time flew by. After more than three months of official filming, the crew of ‘Demon Monk’ finally announced the completion of their filming.

Ji Li returned to Shanghai to rest for three days. Then he rushed to the United States with Qin Yue and the team to prepare to participate in the premiere of ‘Long Island Iced Tea.’

On the night he arrived at the hotel, Ji Li had time to flip through the comments about ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ on the Internet.

In the beginning, he used the official announcement of the movie to solve the urgent issue of malicious public opinion. Later, he devoted himself wholeheartedly to filming and never had time to check the views of foreign netizens on the movie.

Now that he took the time to take a look, Ji Li found that the comments after the official announcement was released weren’t ideal.

-Why hire two Chinese actors? What is there to look at?

-Is Director Cameron destroying his own signboard? Today’s Chinese actors have no acting skills at all. Chinese people only pursue young, white, and tender idols.

-Qin! I like Qin! He played Adam King in ‘Toxin’ and is a very good actor!

-I remember that Qin’s figure was very s*xy. I hope he also has an outstanding performance in this movie.

-Who is the actor playing Lu Yao? He is terrible to look at. I’m sorry, I just want to express that Chinese actors are rubbish.

-Person upstairs! Qin Yue and Ji Li are both very good actors in China. Please respect them and respect Chinese actors!

-No, I am completely disappointed in the casting and don’t look forward to a Chinese love story at all. Why use our country’s movie resources to support two foreigners? Even so, I will go to the premiere just to support Director Cameron. I hope he won’t be so stupid next time.

-I don’t like Chinese people with small arms and legs, who cry to their mother when there is trouble. I like strong, muscular men. They look appealing.

These were the remarks of netizens at the beginning when the poster was officially released.

The more Ji Li looked at the comments, the deeper he frowned. There were also some ignorant people who thought they were superior and poured out words to bully and humiliate others.

To put it more bluntly, these people looked down on Chinese actors and thought that China’s movies and actors weren’t up to standard.

If they went back 20 years, a group of outstanding actors emerged in China and made their mark in the international movie market. However, in the past five years, the acting skills of China actors were uneven, and few people could support entering the international industry. This gave the other party a chance to ‘come out.’

However, Qin Yue was already considered a leader.

He expanded the domestic movie and television field while also taking on several popular foreign movies. This could be regarded as accumulating a lot of popularity, so he had many overseas fans.

The group of foreigners who ‘hated China’ didn’t dare to speak out against Qin Yue, who had fans. Thus, they transferred the contradiction to Ji Li, who had never been involved in the international movie and television field.

Perhaps there was an aesthetic difference. Ji Li’s official announcement poster was ridiculed by these people very much. There were too many comments that were intentional and done for the sake of dislike.

Footsteps were heard behind Ji Li.

Qin Yue approached after taking a shower and saw the content on his phone. “Are you sad?”

“No, everyone has a different opinion. I can’t impress them all with a single poster.”’

For ordinary foreign netizens, Ji Li was a completely blank piece of paper. No one wanted to take the time to understand his movie and television works and real acting skills in China.

After seeing this type of slander and abuse, it would involuntarily lower the impact value on Ji Li.

Qin Yue hugged his lover and explained softly, “Director Cameron’s works have always been like this before they are released. Many people have a rebellious mentality and always want to criticize it in different ways. Some people just like joining the fun.”

However, Cameron could always rely on the strength of his work to win a lot of praise after its release. Disputes about the movie would quietly disappear. Therefore, he didn’t bother to explain any malicious remarks before the release.

“I know that my works are the most powerful counterattack.” Ji Li raised an eyebrow.

He searched for the final trailer released a week ago. The comments below the dynamic video trailer were much better than the static announcement poster.

-Wow, I’m deeply fascinated by Qin’s appearance in the movie.

-I’ve already grabbed a premiere ticket. I’m looking forward to Director Cameron’s new work!

-I finally remembered! That unknown Chinese actor named Ji was the protagonist of the perfume advertisement by Director Adolphe! That alluring ancient Chinese man?

-Oh my god! Is it actually him? I didn’t recognize him with short hair. He was so beautiful in the perfume advertisement.

-I think the trailer is good. I hope this movie won’t disappoint me.

It seemed that after the foreshadowing in the final trailer, the attitude of the real movie fans and netizens toward the movie improved.

Qin Yue was afraid that his lover would feel uneasy. “Don’t worry. Director Cameron and I talked, and we are certain that there is no problem with the quality of our movie.”

Ji Li put his phone down at the end of the bed and smiled. “I know. In any case, I’ve done my best.”

During filming, Ji Li felt that he had lived as Lu Yao, and everything was true to his feelings.

Authenticity was always the most moving weapon.

Not to mention, there was Qin Yue’s interpretation, Cameron’s directing, and the quality of the script. Everything made him feel at ease.

“Go to bed early. Tomorrow, we will attend the premiere.”



The next day.

The moment Cameron met the two of them in the backstage lounge, he couldn’t help giving the two leading actors a big hug. “Qin and Ji, have you had a good year?”

Qin Yue smiled back. “Of course, it’s been a good year.”

Ji Li took advantage of the fact that there were many acquaintances in the room to hold Qin Yue’s hand and gave a secret signal, “Director, according to the rules of our Chinese traditions, Qin Yue and I should treat you to a meal.”

Cameron instantly understood what he meant and raised an eyebrow. “Congratulations, I guessed that the two of you would become a couple.”

The three of them talked and laughed for a while. Then they entered the screening hall under the guidance of the staff.

Director Cameron’s had status, so the premiere was arranged in the largest movie theater in the United States.

In addition to the ordinary fans who purchased tickets to participate, the movie side invited many entertainment reporters. However, there was an embarrassing situation in the interview portion of the premiere.

The entertainment reporters held normal interviews with Cameron and Qin Yue, but their questions were really perfunctory when it came to Ji Li.

The interview lasted 20 minutes.

The number of questions the entertainment reporters asked Ji Li wasn’t even as much as the other insignificant supporting characters.

In the eyes of these entertainment reports, Director Cameron’s works created a lot of topics, and Qin Yue was considered somewhat popular in their country. Using this logic, he should’ve been the more important one in this movie.

In contrast, Ji Li was a little-known actor. Why waste energy interviewing him?

Many spectators at the scene noticed that Ji Li was sitting on the cold bench and whistled as they saw the excitement.

Qin Yue’s eyes turned cold. He exchanged a look with Director Cameron and ended this meaningless, nonsensical interview early.

Qin Yue felt sorry for Ji Li but didn’t want to deliberately fight for him. How similar was this scene to the screening of ‘Country and the World’?

At that time, Ji Li was about to face slap the domestic entertainment reporters with a role that appeared for only 10 minutes.

Today, he would definitely rely on Lu Yao, one of the core roles, to slap the faces of these arrogant and contemptuous people.

“Ji, don’t be discouraged. I would love to see them cry at the end of the movie,” Cameron whispered to comfort Ji Li.

Ji Li shrugged, still looking relaxed. “Thank you, Director. I’m looking forward to it as well.”

The entertainment industry had always been realistic.

Only the work could prove everything!

In the audience seats, Fang Yu and the other Chinese fans who came from kilometers away were angry and anxious.

Why should the treasure they put on the tip of their hearts be treated like this?

The more Fang Yue thought about it, the angrier she became. She instinctively hugged the backpack in front of her.

Inside her backpack was support merchandise of Qin Yue and Ji Li. She had specially brought it from China, and it carried the heart of countless CP sisters.

Sitting next to her were the career fans of Qin and Ji. Fang Yue hid her identity as a CP fan and came with their group ticket. She naturally didn’t dare to take out the support items in front of these fans.

However, before entering the theater, she tried to distribute the free support items to foreign audience members but was inevitably refused.

“I’m sorry, we came for Director Cameron. It isn’t interesting to watch CP.”

“Is there any single item for Qin? I’m not interested in Ji.”

“Chinese Rose? This is a really weird CP name. Sorry, I don’t need it.”


Fang Yue watched Ji Li and Qin Yue sit in the front row and whispered in Chinese, “Just wait, you arrogant and ignorant foreigners! You don’t know anything about Ji Li’s charm!”

In addition!

In the space of one movie!

Sooner or later, you will jump down into the sweet pit of the Chinese Rose couple.

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