IPCFS: Chapter 129 Part 1

Fang Yue curled up on the sofa, crazily twisting her body while her mouth was muttering messily.

“It is time to leave the old and welcome the new year!”

“Wu wu wu.”

“It is the new year!”


She had been a CP fan for at least ten years, and today was definitely the happiest day in her history.

The two masters she liked were starring together in a gay literary movie by a super director?

How could there be such a good thing?

Was this something that an ordinary person like her could have?

Fang Yue’s moans attracted strange looks from her parents.

“Yue Yue, are you okay?

“I’m fine, I’m fine! Two friends officially announced their marriage today! I’m happy for them!”

Fang Yue made up some nonsense. Then she fell on the sofa to buffer for a while before picking up the phone that had just been thrown to the ground out of excitement.

Less than half an hour after the official announcement of the movie, the CP super talk had exploded in all aspects, and the chat interface of the official group had directly entered a lagging state.

Fang Yue waited patiently for a while before joining the group chat.


A groundhog attracted a group of groundhogs. The group suddenly became a large screaming scene. The chat screen was enough to disturb everyone’s eyes.

Some sisters threw the two solo posters of ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ into the group with the words, “I want to print it out! Take it home and frame it! What is this? This is a single person version of a wedding photo!”

This immediately aroused the approval of countless sisters.

Then again, Director Cameron deserved to be a professional when it came to aesthetics. The two solo posters were very textured like a movie story.

Ji Li was lying on a long table. His bright purple blazer added a layer of eye-catching luxury to him.

There was a broken wine glass beside the table, and neon lights mixed with the light of the wine reflected on his face. There was a hint of vulnerability in the confusion.

Qin Yue’s style in the movie poster was also unique. His hair was tied into a small bun, and his tan old coat made people guess where he came from. Was he a down on his luck noble?

The dim light from the top of the bar hit just right, making his eyebrows and eyes deeper. The straight bridge of his nose had distinct light and shadows which was fascinating.

Fang Yue admired it carefully, her eyes full of obsession.

Look at these two righteous masters!

What was a perfect match? They were a perfect match!

Just looking at the movie poster, she could make up a bar encounter, drunken love, and a love affair so intense…

Fang Yue’s face turned red. Fortunately, the vibration of her mobile phone made her stop in time or a nosebleed would’ve come out.

Fang Yue was about to look down at the group to calm down. She hadn’t expected to see news in the group that would make her jump up again.

“F*k! Sisters, I’ve discovered a shocking secret!”

“Brother Yue’s poster has the name of the bar in the lower right corner. It is a bit blurry, but I tentatively zoomed in and increased the light and clarity.”

After getting the name of the bar, this CP fan had a bold idea and looked up the name of the bar through an international travel app. She found that it was in Iceland.

“I found that this bar is really in the capital of Iceland! Look at the environment of the bar that I got from the app. Isn’t it right?”

The microscope went online again.

After careful comparison, it was almost certain that this bar in Iceland was one of the filming locations of the movie.

“Ahhh! I understand! In the interview at the beginning of the first episode of the reality show! Both Brother Yue and Ji Li said that the country that impressed them the most was Iceland!”

“F*k! The two of them secretly showed love on the show! So good!”

“By the way, didn’t Baby Ji Li say it at the premiere of ‘Time Lobbyist’? He filmed a new movie during that time. It should be this one, right?”

“I remember that photo of the aurora. Could it be that Brother Yue helped take it for him?”

“Ahhh the more I think about it, the more exciting it is! Then when they returned to Iceland on the reality show, it was like a couple revisiting their old place behind other people’s backs!”

“Wu wu wu, Mama, I ship this fairy love!”

The discussion in one group became even more intense and was passed by the administrator to the second group to continue to be shared. The sugar hidden in the details became sweeter and sweeter, just like a tsunami that engulfed all the CP girls.”

Ever since the official announcement of the movie, the number of fans of the CP super talk had grown wildly. The management of the super talk was both excited and nervous.

They were excited that the CP fan group was getting bigger, but they were nervous that many people with unknown attributes were entering the super talk.

It was the so-called big tree that attracted the wind.

The CP group had always been the group that was most likely to be disliked by the fans of both sides. If there was bad public opinion about their CP at this time, it wouldn’t be beneficial for the two true masters and it would only receive the disgust of their fans.

Fang Yu and the other management members held a meeting, formulated stricter management policies, and promoted several familiar, active old fans to be small managers, supervising the order in the super talk 24 hours a day.

“But Cameron said that ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ is only being released overseas! There doesn’t seem to be any news about it in the country?”

“It might be hard for a gay literary movie to pass the review in China, right? It is too difficult.”

“Overseas movies are strictly controlled, and piracy is basically impossible. If we want to see it, we must pray that the domestic platform companies can buy the copyright.”

“There is still more than a month left. Let’s see at that time. If it isn’t released in China, I will directly buy a ticket and go overseas to watch it.” Fang Yue was full of confidence.

She was an adult, had her own savings, and was willing to spend money and energy on something she loved.

This was the first stop of the Chinese Rose CP in starting their international community. She had to represent the CP fans and do a good job of support and had to stand on the front lines for the Chinese Rose couple!


At 10 o’clock in the evening, Baozi was still monitoring the Internet data in real time.

The fans of both sides didn’t have a bloody confrontation as imagined, and the CP fans didn’t take advantage of the situation to dance around. The discussion of the majority of passersby and netizens were within the scope of a normal discussion.

As for the black fans and rival actor fans, their faces were swollen from being slapped again, and they had completely stopped.

“I didn’t expect good news to come at such a timely manner. It finally relieved the pressure of the previous public opinion,” Yu Fuya sighed with relief.

“I heard your interview on the red carpet saying that there was a new work to be released. I thought it was your suspense movie.” Ji Li’s eyes were bright. “…I didn’t expect it to be ‘Long Island Iced Tea’.”

Speaking of which, it had been a full year since the movie had finished filming.

He waited for this movie that made him cry, made him laugh, advanced his career, and allowed him to harvest love.

Qin Yue explained, “I only knew a day ahead of you. Director Cameron’s team should’ve been preparing to find time to talk with you.”

In fact, the movie’s crew originally planned to carry out the official publicity in a week. The initial shortlist of the Yana International Film Festival was just finalized the night before based on the overseas time.

The call that Qin Yue received before lunch was the good news about being shortlisted for the International Film Festival. But before he could share it, Ji Li was first entangled in a tussle of domestic public opinion.

The ‘supporting role’ public opinion came out too suddenly.

Qin Yue thought about it and had to call the movie team and Cameron’s director team.

It was a bit rude to disturb people’s sleep early in the morning overseas, but Qin Yue’s connections and reputation were there. Cameron himself learned of the domestic public opinion and was happy to assist Ji Li.

After all, Ji Li was the male protagonist he personally selected, and ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ was aimed at winning awards. If the former suffered losses in public opinion at domestic award ceremonies, how would he compete for awards at foreign film festivals in the future?

Therefore, after nearly two hours of urgent discussion, the multiple parties reached a unified official announcement policy. Director Cameron would release the first wave of news in advance. Then the rest of the publicity plan would be executed according to the original plan.

There were one and a half months left before the movie was released on Valentine’s Day overseas.

Fortunately, two-thirds of the content of ‘Demon Monk’ had been filmed. According to the original filming schedule, the remaining script content could be completed before the release of ‘Long Island Iced Tea’.

“Rest early. Tomorrow morning, you have to catch a flight back to Hengcheng to film.” Yu Fuya glanced at the time.

Qin Yue replied instead of Ji Li. “Thank you, Sister Yu.”

Ji Li nodded. “You guys should also rest early.”

Yu Fuya tied up her hair and raised an eyebrow. “How can I rest? I have to discuss with Yuexing in advance about what to do after the movie is released.”

The gay theme of ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ was considered special in China. There were intimate scenes between the two of them in the movie, which wasn’t acceptable to all netizens.

If Qin Yue and Ji Li were just cooperative partners, then it was fine. However, they were a real couple acting in the movie. If there was any trouble after the release, there would be unfavorable public opinion in the fanbase, and black fans would take advantage of the chaos.

She and Chaoying, Qi An and Yuexing—the two teams had to help them minimize the loss of public opinion. It was best not to have any losses at all.

Baozi put away his laptop and said solemnly, “I have already taken the opportunity to join the CP group. If there are any unreasonable fluctuations in public opinion, then I will notify you as soon as possible.”

Ji Li remembered the acceptance of male-male romance in China and frowned slightly.

Yu Fuya sensed his momentary state and quickly said, “Ji Li, you just have to take care of your path as an actor. The rest of the troubles can be solved by us.”

“You chose Chaoying, Baozi, me, and the others. Now we have to do the behind the scenes work for you.”

Ji Li’s inner worries dissipated and he smiled. “Okay.”

His role was to do his job, try to expand his career, and to try not to cause trouble for the team.

Then correspondingly, as his behind the scenes management team, Yu Fuya, Baozi, and the others were also doing their duty to ensure that he wasn’t bothered by public opinion.

It was mutual teamwork that complemented each other, and it was all part of the job.

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