IPCFS: Chapter 128

The most important acting awards were presented, and everyone waited a while. Then came the awarding session of ‘Most Popular Actor.’

In the past, Yuan Yifei would take the lead in the number of audience votes as long as he participated in such awards. However, the final result of this year’s Peak Movie Awards was changed.

Ji Li surpassed Yuan Yifei’s votes and won the trophy with an absolute advantage among the eight actors competing for the Most Popular Actor award.

In fact, it wasn’t surprising that this award fell into Ji Li’s hands.

The three protagonists of ‘Special Operations’ were officially recognized as equal, and Ji Li was the only one missing from the shortlist of ‘Best Actor.’

The black fans with closed or blind eyes took advantage of the situation to ridicule Ji Li vigorously, saying he was just a flat male protagonist who showed his face and that he didn’t deserve to be in the movie.

Such taunts deeply abused the hearts of Ji Li’s fans.

It wasn’t necessary to argue with these black fans, but they still wanted to do something for their baby.

All acting awards depended on the strength of the actor to win. It was only this popularity award that could be determined based on the love of fans and audience members.

So even without an official organized effort, the Ji family fans spontaneously formed a voting group and voted for Ji Li day and night for half a month.

In the last hour of the deadline for voting, they exceeded the Yuan family by a large margin, allowing the award to fall firmly into Ji Li’s hands.

Faced with this result, Yuan Yifei wasn’t displeased at all but sincerely blessed his friend. Even Yuan Yifei’s fans applauded and cheered when Ji Li came on stage to receive the award.

The atmosphere among fans was as friendly as their masters. This was a formal vote, and the fans of the Yuan family naturally understood the strength of the Ji family and sincerely felt admiration.

After the awards ceremony.

Yuan Yifei took the initiative to accept the crew’s celebration party. He dragged dozens of people, including his management team, to the hotel that was just booked.

Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi’s drinking capacity was unbelievably light. This time, they learned to be smart and joined forces to make Ji Li drink.

Combine this with the coaxing of Yao Chuan, Fang Zhixing, and others, and Ji Li was already a bit drunk after an hour.

Ji Li’s drunk habits were good. Even if he was drunk, he wasn’t noisy. He just sat in his seat and looked at others with a faint glint in his eyes.

Ji Yunqi was already so drunk that he started to go crazy. his agent Yin Ning and his assistant couldn’t hold him back at all.

Ji Yunzheng was hurriedly forced to come over again due to a phone call, and Ji Yunqi pounced as soon as he saw his brother.

“Brother, I’m not drunk! I will drink more… hiccup!”

“Xiao Qi! Stop drinking for me and don’t move around.”

“You are so fierce! Bark!”


Ji Yunzheng looked helpless and could only half-carry and half-hug this little ancestor home.

Ji Li was happily watching the family drama when he saw Qin Yue walking through the door to his side.

Qin Yue reached out a hand and tested his lover’s hot and red neck. “Are you drunk?”

Ji Li cocked his head to look at this person, making a gesture that was smaller than an ant. “A bit.”

He subconsciously rubbed against his lover’s palm. “Qin Yue, I want to go back to the hotel and sleep.”

This was the first time Qin Yue saw Ji Li’s drunken appearance, and he was obedient. “Okay, I will talk to Baozi and call the driver to go back together.”


Before the two of them and the management team left, the drunk Yuan Yifei was still in the lounge and didn’t come out.

Qin Yue asked his assistant Chengzi, who said vaguely, “Brother Yuan is drunk and said he is waiting for someone to pick him up, or he won’t open the door.”

Qin Yue heard this and understood.

“Then you guard him first. Don’t let what happened yesterday occur a second time.”

“Uhuh!” Chengzi nodded repeatedly.

Entertainment reporters were waiting at the entrance of the hotel, so Qin Yue and Ji Li returned to the hotel in separate cars.

The moment Qin Yue entered his room, Ji Li suddenly jumped on his back. “…Why are you so slow?”

Qin Yue was afraid that Ji Li wouldn’t be stable and quickly held this person in front of him. “The car drove a bit slower.”

Ji Li rested his chin on Qin Yue’s shoulder and hummed. “I will return to Hengcheng the morning of the day after tomorrow, and ‘Demon Monk’ will be filming for another month.”

“I know.” Qin Yue hugged him back to the bed.

“Qin Yue,” Ji Li groaned, seemingly dissatisfied with his answer.

“Are you drunk or not?” Qin Yue rubbed against the tip of his nose while speaking in an extremely gentle voice.

He always felt that after Ji Li became drunk, Ji Li had lost a bit of his calm restraint and was more clingy than usual. This steadily poked at his heart.

“…No,” Ji Li replied and viciously bit Qin Yue’s Adam’s apple.

“Are you a dog?”

“I’m yours.”

Ji Li replied without thinking. Then he slowly felt that his answer was too unfashionable and couldn’t help laughing.

He hugged Qin Yue tighter and said, “I’m talking to you about something serious. Why don’t you understand?”

“I don’t have any upcoming major events and will go with you to Hengcheng to accompany you. Satisfied?” Qin Yue had long expected his true thoughts.

They might’ve been together for over a year, but they had spent most of their time in different places or working in foreign countries. The time they spent together was really little.

Qin Yue felt that his movie inventory was sufficient and wanted to slow down to rest for a while. Even if it was in a house or a hotel, he could accompany his lover.

Ji Li got the answer he wanted and finally whispered contentedly.

“Qin Yue, take a bath and sleep.”


Ji Li was taken care of comfortably by Qin Yue and slept until noon the next day. After washing up, he returned to the living room for an excellent meal.

Qin Yue seemed to be making an international call, and his standard and fluent English was very comfortable to listen to. Perhaps it was because he caught a glimpse of Ji Li but he quickly hung up the phone.

“Are you awake? Eat something.”


It was rare to have a relaxing day without any work. Ji Li thought about eating while browsing Weibo. However, he had just opened his phone when he saw the message sent by Baozi.

-Brother Ji, there have been some malicious remarks about you on the Internet since last night. But it is just a trivial thing, and you don’t have to worry too much.

-If you want to post on Weibo, it is best to thank your fans and refrain from posting anything else for the time being.

Ji Li saw these messages and slightly raised an eyebrow.

Qin Yue moved the cut steak to his plate. “What’s wrong?”

“There is some negative talk on the Internet. Baozi just mentioned it to me, and it isn’t clear what is going on,” Ji Li replied while opening Weibo.

Qin Yue seemed to have known about this for a long time, and his voice was casual. “It is just malicious remarks arranged by black fans who are idle and have nothing to do. You don’t have to pay attention to it.”

The moment he finished speaking, Ji Li found the source of the incident. The cause was very simple.

After yesterday’s award ceremony, Ji Li went on the hot search due to winning an award.

As a result, a passerby Weibo post appeared in the hot search topic of #Ji Li Peak Movie Awards Best Supporting Actor#

“I still don’t know what the jury of the Peak Movie awards is thinking? I actually think that Ji Li’s acting skills in ‘Special Operations’ are worthy of being nominated for Best Actor.”

“Just to add, I appreciate Yuan Yifei’s acting skills, and I don’t think that Ji Li should’ve won the award. However, a shortlisted place should be okay, right?”

This remark was approved by many netizens. After all, the role of Chen Xi in ‘Special Operations’ had touched many people.

Ji Li carefully looked through the comments area of this Weibo post. Apart from the fans who thanked the poster for the support and asked not to start a war, the rest of the approval was almost all from passersby netizens.

However, this Weibo post aroused the resentment of some black fans, who started scolding the poster.

“What type of vision? Ji Li deserves to be a supporting role!”

“A fan is a fan. Why pretend to be a passerby talking for Ji Li?’

“The fans of the Ji family are really disgusting. They have a good relationship with the Yuan family on the surface, but as soon as the awards ceremony is over, they use this private account to pretend to be a passerby fan?”

“I beg Ji Li to be a supporting role for the rest of his life! It is best to play more and more small roles and withdraw directly from the entertainment industry.”

“Disgusting. Our family’s Yuan Bao treated Ji Li as a good brother. Now you have started to step on our family?”

“The one upstairs isn’t a Yuan family fan! It is just a black fan. Don’t believe them and don’t be led by the rhythm!”

What was the saying?

If there were people, then there were rivers and lakes. If there were fan circles, then there was violence.

Before the Ji and Yuan fans could stand up to the black fans, the netizen who posted this Weibo took the initiative to come out.

“I am complaining on my own Weibo. How did I offend these black fans? Fans of the Ji family, you don’t have to be afraid. I’m just an upright passerby. I think that Ji Li’s acting skills are qualified. Black fans, don’t try to open your mouths to judge who I am a fan of. Where do you have the qualifications?”

“If you think that Ji Li’s acting skills aren’t good, why don’t you try to play a role yourself? Why not play the number one brainless black fan??! By the way, a jumping clown is also very suitable for you to play.”

“You live in the online world of black and white all day long and don’t have any sunshine in your life. Get out of here!”

The passerby blogger was full of combat power. As long as the black fans dared to reply, she could continue to scold them.

Real fans couldn’t participate in this type of quarrel and could only helplessly stand by.

Originally, it didn’t matter since it was on such a small scale. Once the passerby blogger was tired, the comments would naturally cool down. However, an unscrupulous marketing account took a screenshot.

“Ji Li debuted two and a half years ago and won two supporting role trophies. For his only male protagonist work, ‘Special Operations’, he wasn’t nominated for Best Actor by the Peak Movie Awards. Some people say that his acting path has been finalized. Even if he plays the male lead, he won’t be nominated in the future.”

“Last night, the Double Ji Yuan was on the hot search, but the plastic love broke overnight. Ji Li’s fans pretended to be passersby and stepped on the Best Actor winner, Yuan Yifei. There isn’t the heart of a male protagonist at all. Aren’t you afraid of ruining your popularity with passersby?”

It had to be known that it was easiest to follow the trend of unscrupulous marketing accounts. Such screenshots were spread ten then hundreds of times and quickly gained the attention of other fan circles and passersby.

-Ji Li’s hot searches are too frequent, right? This has ruined his popularity with passersby a bit.

-It has been two and a half years since he debuted. Isn’t two newcomer awards and two best supporting actor awards enough? Does he really think the best actor trophy can be obtained casually? Don’t reach higher than the sky.

-Ji Li won’t become arrogant, right? The more he is like this, the easier it is to get into trouble.

-I stand with Yuan Yifei. He has worked hard for so many years. He was shortlisted four times at various award ceremonies and finally got the Best Actor Award the fifth time. The tone of Ji Li’s fans are too big.

-Black fans aren’t wrong. Isn’t it good to get more male supporting role trophies? Hahaha.

-I will state it here. Ji Li won’t get a Best Actor Award in his life!

The marketing account took advantage of Ji Li’s popularity, and black fans and fans of other actors made a comeback. The comments of the Yuan and Ji fans were also added to control the comments.

Ji Li looked back and found that the related topic was actually on the hot search again. He sighed in a dumbfounded manner.

“Why do I have to be involved in everything? Since when do I feel like a male supporting role isn’t good?”

Qin Yue replied, “Sister Yu’s side should come forward to reduce the popularity and solve it.”

In the entertainment industry, the small popular stars relied on praise, while the big popular stars relied on life. Ji Li obviously belonged to the latter. He was an actor with controversial topics. So every time there was a little trouble, it could get onto the hot search.

Many marketing accounts were watching Ji Li’s popularity and actively sent out news related to him.

“Now Chaoying has you, Ji Yunqi, and many newcomers coming out in large numbers, and the company’s momentum has taken a dominant trend. There are many people from other companies who feel jealous and want to take advantage of the opportunity to fish in troubled waters and confuse the public.”

“You got the highest number of votes last night and won Most Popular Actor. This means you have successfully squeezed into the top of the circle. Ji Yunqi’s popularity is worse than yours, but he has his family background to support him. Therefore, there are more people trying to blacken you.”

It was just like Qin Yue when he first won the Best Actor Award or Yuan Yifei, who later became popular. Many popular male stars were short-lived.

Since some people could feel admiration and worship, others would feel jealous and hateful.

In this entertainment industry, unless one stood at the top in an invulnerable position, there would always be black fans jumping up or people looking for tricky angles to attack from.

When Ji Li didn’t play the male protagonist, people mocked him for not having a male protagonist role.

When Ji Li couldn’t win the Best Actor Award, some people mocked him for only being worthy of a small supporting role.

…So on and so on.

This was the other side of the glamorous entertainment industry that people had to endure.

Ji Li knew this very well, so he simply put down his phone and concentrated on the meal.

He thought that this trouble wouldn’t last long. Unexpectedly, Yu Fuya and the management team behind the scenes came to him in the evening.

Baozi simply handed over the monitored Internet news to Ji Li and Qin Yue. “Brother Ji, Teacher Qin Yue, take a look.”

@Director Mo Yun: Once contemporary actors gain a lot of traffic, they will swell up too quickly. @Ji Li, are you still thinking about the Best Actor Award when you are in your early 20s? If the awards ceremony doesn’t award it to you, fans think there is something wrong with the organizing committee. It is ridiculous!

@Actor Yang Xincheng: 99% of Ji Li’s popularity stems from his face and only 1% comes from his crying acting skills. The current entertainment industry is too impetuous. Anyone who has good looks and shoots some dramas dares to call himself the Best Actor? Alas, when will we give some young acting actors a chance?

@Director Sun Wangsan: In any case, my future movies won’t use an actor whose eyes are higher than the sky. @Ji Li, I advise you and your fans not to come to China’s domestic movie awards. You should go directly to foreign film festivals to win awards! You only dare to stand and be popular in the Chinese entertainment industry. Looking at the entire world, what are you?


Qin Yue’s eyes darkened. “Why haven’t I heard of these directors and actor?”

“The three of them are from a small Internet crew called ‘The Spicy Princess of Transmigration’. Mo and Sun are the crew’s directors, and Yang is the lead actor.”

There was no need to investigate this matter. The relevant crew information was available after clicking on their Weibo.

Baozi’s face puffed up in anger. “These three Weibo posts all mention Brother Ji’s name. It is clear they are using his popularity!”

Who could stand these maliciously interpreted comments? The number of Ji fans became bigger, and some fans finally couldn’t bear it after enduring it again and again.

-On behalf of myself, please take a good look at your own works. Our family didn’t provoke you. The well water shouldn’t pollute the river water, thank you.

-Director Sun, thank you for the invitation. It is one thing if you don’t want to use our family’s Ji Li. It is another thing if our family intends to cooperate with you. He is too busy.

-I’m sorry. I just watched Ji Li’s acting skills and entered the pit.

-Ji Li has good looks and acting skills. I like him willingly. This is unlike some actors who have no appearance and no acting skills. They only know how to take advantage of someone else’s popularity.

Under these Weibo posts, a new round of combat started with the black fans and malicious netizens.

-Hahaha finally, there is a crew and director telling the truth. I support them!

-Let Ji Li directly go to the international film festival if he has the ability! His heart is higher than the sky, and it disgusts people. Director Sun definitely said it well. I will support your works in the future.

“Brother Ji, click into their Weibo to take a look. How can there be such data based on the usual comments volume?” Another staff member said. “The moment they blackened you, they released content on their crew.”

Ji Li was also dumbfounded by the operations of this small crew.

He had seen people taking advantage of popularity, but he hadn’t seen a whole crew taking advantage of someone else’s popularity. It was shameless enough to make people’s teeth itch.

Yu Fuya stepped forward and said the difficult point.

“The poor with nothing to lose don’t fear those in power. They did this on purpose. If our company takes care of this matter on the surface, it will inevitably amplify the situation.”

“If you don’t care about it, I’m afraid there will be more unknown actors and directors who follow their example. It might be very annoying.”

Qin Yue glanced at the time. It was almost 6 o’clock.

He thought for a while before saying calmly, “You should get ready. There will be a big hot search early in the evening.”

“Early in the evening? Big hot search?”

Everyone looked at each other, not understanding what Qin Yue meant.

Qin Yue looked around before finally staring into Ji Li’s eyes. “I have some good news, but haven’t found the time to tell you.”

He paused and continued, “But even if I don’t say it now, your team should know soon.”

Ji Li’s eyes flickered slightly, and he seemed to realize something.


At 8 o’clock in the evening, the comments about Ji Li’s ‘supporting role, best actor’ and so on didn’t stop.

In addition, the small crew climbed onto the hot search and forcibly sucked a lot of blood.

Fans were angry, passersby were amazed, and the black fans, fans of other actors and opposing companies, were secretly celebrating. It was too lively.

Just as public opinion on Weibo was a mess, an official entertainment account on Weibo dropped a bombshell piece of news.

“Heavy news! Internationally renowned Director Roland Cameron has officially announced the new movie ‘Long Island Iced Tea’. The two male protagonists of the movie are played by Chinese actors @Qin Yue and @Ji Li, and it is scheduled to be released on February 14th!

Director Cameron announced the good news in a long article. The movie has already received an invitation to the Yana International Film Festival before it has been released, and the two leading actors have passed the first round of the ‘Best Actor’ shortlist selection!


In order to ensure the authenticity of this entertainment news, the official Weibo account also took screenshots of Director Cameron’s article with translations. It even found the relevant information on the official website of the Yana Film Festival.

Most importantly, solo movie posters had been released.

Weibo exploded the moment the news came out.

F*k! Qin Yue and Ji Li collaborated on a new movie directed by Cameron?

F*k! When was this movie filmed? Why was it about to be released so quietly?

F*k! Had the movie received an invitation from the internationally top ranked Yana Film Festival? They also passed the first round to be shortlisted for Best Actor?

-Wait, am I lagging? When was it filmed? The two of them did big things in a quiet manner!

-Are Qin Yue and Ji Li finally officially cooperating? The previous rivalry scenes weren’t enough to watch. Ahhh, can it be released in China? I want to see it!

-Ahhhh! Director Cameron is awesome! The movie posters feel too good!

-Am I the only one paying attention to the genre of the movie? How dare they act in it?

-Hahahahaha this passerby is delighted! This wave can be considered a slap in the face, right?

The black fans said he was only worthy of a supporting role? The director taking advantage of his popularity said he should go directly to an international film festival if he had the ability?


Don’t worry, isn’t it coming soon?

How could anyone who followed the movie industry not know Director Cameron?

Director Cameron had won Best Director at six Yana International Film Festivals and was known as the number one literary director in the world. All the actors and actresses who worked with him had won Best Actor and Best Actress at the international film festivals.

As long as they won a role in Director Cameron’s movie, it was equivalent to stepping half a foot into the international movie circle!

The shortlist of the Yana Film Festival needed to go through a rigorous screening process in the first and second rounds. Finally, five actors would be selected to compete for the ‘Best Actor’ trophy.

The pressure from the competition was great, but as long as the actors performed well under the guidance of Director Cameron, they were guaranteed to enter the final round.

It wasn’t that domestic movie awards in China were bad but that international film festivals were obviously better!

Ji Li wasn’t shortlisted for Best Actor at the Peak Movie Awards, but he was shortlisted for the Yana Film Festival with his new role!

How many actors would be envious of this?

It was evening when traffic was at its peak, and the discussion of ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ went straight to first place on the hot search. The controversial remarks about Ji Li had been suppressed by the explosive news.

“I found that Ji Li is the type to rise faster the more he is blackened! The more you say he doesn’t have anything, the more he can come up with something to slap you in the face.”

“Yes, I don’t chase stars, but I am willing to pay attention to Ji Li’s news every time. Every reversal is cool.”

“Hahaha Sun Wangsan has already deleted his Weibo post. I’m laughing so hard. Where are the black fans? Why don’t you pretend to be a passerby now?”

“I have long wanted to say that normal passersby will only watch the excitement and won’t intervene at all. The only ones jumping up and down are black fans and those who want to take advantage of the popularity.”

“I want to praise Qin Yue and Ji Li for their daringness to act. This movie is a gay movie, right? According to Director Cameron’s past habits, kisses and hugs should be indispensable in the movie?”

“F*k ahahahaha! I suddenly want to see the reaction of the Yue fans, the Ji fans, and the CP fans.”

Their reaction?

What else could be their reaction?

The Yue fans waited for so long and were looking forward to a movie from their Brother Yue, but it turned out to be a foreign gay movie starring Ji Li?

Brother Yue’s goal had shifted to the international movie industry, and a movie directed by Director Cameron was a new milestone resource. They should support it as fans.

But everyone was a girlfriend fan! Did they have to watch Brother Yue hug Ji Li in the movie?

Thank you for the invitation, I’m already starting to feel sour.

Ji fans were both happy and distressed. They were happy that their baby slapped others in the face with his new work and strength, and that the director of the movie was famous. Their distress was the theme and content of the movie.

Would there really be kisses and hugs in the movie? Was Baby Ji Li’s first on-screen kiss going to be with a man?

Thank you for the invitation, the mother fans are already starting to sharpen their knives!

Under the discussions of the movie, the two of them were sad, but one family was happy.

The netizens watching and eating melons found that Qin Yue and Ji Li’s CP super talk had changed the profile picture of the super talk for the first time.

It was especially unfashionable yet appropriate for the occasion.

There was a big red square background. Above were two blooming Chinese roses, while below were the particularly eye catching three words:

Happy! New! Year!

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