IPCFS: Chapter 127 Part 2

After getting off the red carpet, Qin Yue walked directly over to Ji Li’s side in front of all their acquaintances of the crew.

Fang Zhixing detected a hint of subtlety. “You guys are?”

Ji Li didn’t want to cover it up like last time and generously admitted it, “Teacher Fang, we are together.”

Qin Yue added in a low voice, “It has been one year and one month.”

Yao Chuan was surprised for a moment before instantly cheering. “You two hid it deep enough!”

Fang Zhixing was afraid that outsiders would pass by and hear them, so he quickly suggested, “Let’s talk when we have dinner in the evening. It is cold outside, so we should go indoors together.”



At 6 o’clock in the evening, Yuan Yifei finally arrived at the awards ceremony and met everyone at the venue.

Ji Li and Ji Yunqi surrounded him one after another. Even if they didn’t ask, their concerned eyes said it all.

“There are no big problems with my body, and I have recovered.” Yuan Yifei spoke in a low voice, passing over last night’s matter lightly.

He hesitated to speak for a while before solemnly saying to his two friends, “Ji Li, Yunqi, thank you for what what you did last night.”

“…I also didn’t think it through, and I almost got you involved. I’m sorry.”

Ji Yunqi clicked his tongue, placed an arm around his shoulder, and pretended to be fierce. “What are you talking about? Aren’t we friends?”

“That guy called Qi Heng didn’t do anything to you last night, did he? I originally wanted to rush up to save the beauty, but my brother stopped me.”

Yuan Yifei heard the words Qi Heng and met Ji Li’s clear eyes. His ears blushed unnaturally. “H-He is very good. He didn’t do anything to me.”

Ji Li rescued him from Ji Yunqi and raised an eyebrow. “Ignore this silly person. He doesn’t understand anything.”

“Why don’t I understand anything?” Ji Yunqi sat down and asked an irrelevant question. “We are now at the prime age of our career, and we must each take home a trophy tonight!”

“I’ll take the Best Newcomer, Ji Li will take Best Supporting Actor, and Yuan Bao will take Best Actor…”

Ji Yunqi lowered his voice and secretly gave an iconic thumbs up. “That’s really good!”

“That is easy to say about the two of you, but forget about me.” Yuan Yifei took a sip of water.

It wasn’t just Ji Yunqi who was shortlisted for Best Actor this time. The other two shortlisted actors were well-known with acting school backgrounds and deep experience in the movie and television industry.

This was already the fifth time that Yuan Yifei had been shortlisted for Best Actor at an awards ceremony. Of course, it might be his fifth time as an escort.

Yuan Yifei was a bit apologetic. “I’m already relieved. I just feel sorry for the fans.”

He made fans feel hope every time, but in the end, they returned disappointed. After the incident, they had to face thousands of abusive messages, staying up late to fight against black fans and suppress comments.

“That won’t be the case this time. Believe me.” Ji Li gave his friend an affirmative look.

“That’s right, it is your turn,” Ji Yunqi also replied.

Yuan Yifei’s lips curved slightly, still not believing that such a thing would happen to him.

At 6:30 in the evening, the awards ceremony officially began.

Qin Yue was arranged to be seated in the awards presenting guest seat and wasn’t sitting with the cast and crew. However, Ji Li was sitting in a position where the two of them could conveniently look at each other.

Ji Li discovered an experience that he never had before.

At the glamorous movie and television festival, the occasional glimpse of communication between couples among all the fans of the artists carried a sweet taste.

The Best Newcomer award was always presented first. Ji Yunqi won this award without a doubt due to his brilliant performance in ‘Special Operations.’

For the subsequent Best Supporting Actor, Ji Li won the first acting trophy in his new acting career with Xiang Suian in ‘Time Lobbyist.’

“It is a pity. With Ji Li’s performance in ‘Special Operations’, he should have been able to directly compete for the Best Actor trophy.”

“‘Special Operations’ is really well filmed, and the acting skills of the three people are remarkable. If they were all shortlisted, how would the other crews live?”

Discussions spread from time to time in the audience. The moment the words of praise came out, there were several more mocking voices.

“In fact, I don’t think it is the turn of ‘Special Operations’ to get the Best Actor this time.”

“Why do you say that?”

“This is the first time Ji Yunqi has been nominated, and his chance of winning the prize isn’t high. As for Yuan Yifei, who doesn’t know that he is just an escort? I think he just isn’t destined to become a movie emperor.”


Yuan Yifei’s fans obviously heard this, and their hands holding their light signs were faintly tight. However, they couldn’t find a reason to refute them.

They didn’t dare speak loudly for their idols. They could only silently pray that this time, he could end the fate of ‘escorting the winner.’

It was just that what they got for their silence wasn’t politeness but more ugly remarks.

“Yuan Yifei looks like that. Doesn’t he look like someone who could be sold? What type of actor is he? Why not…?”

Before the Yuan fans could attack, two rebuttals were heard one after another.

“Hey! Haven’t you said enough? This is a public place! Can you pay attention to your quality?”

“So you are Bian Jin fans? You follow your master. Your family hasn’t suffered enough last time? I’ve recorded your faces and the light cards in your hands, and I’ll post it directly on Weibo!”

Who was Bian Jin?

In the beginning, he was the actor of Chen Xi in ‘Special Operations.’ Later, there was a delay in signing the contract because of the ‘position’ of the role. Then he was dismissed by Qin Yue with a cold face.

Bian Jin’s fans had always remembered this matter. So they found that the leading actors of ‘Special Operations’ weren’t pleasing to the eye! In addition, Yuan Yifei had the highest chance of winning tonight.

“The main master of your family hasn’t received any good works for almost two years. How dare you come to grab the guest seats today? Let me see, where is he sitting?”

“The corner of the last row of guest seats.”

“What about our three babies?”

“A big round table in the middle of the crew!”

Two fans popped up out of nowhere and worked together, slapping the faces of these Bian Jin fans without any traces of cursing.

The fans of Bian Jin were angry and ashamed. “Are you Yuan Yifei’s fans? Why care what we do?”

“The relationship between Ji Li, the Third Young Lady, and Yuan Bao is so good. We are willing to speak for Yuan Bao for the sake of our masters. What’s wrong with that? Put away your bad breath. Who are you showing such disgusting things to?”

“Do you really think the star chasing sisters of the Yuan Bao family are easy to bully? If you want to talk nonsense about the Double Ji Yuan family, then we won’t let you look good!”

Sure enough, the fans followed their master. Their ability to speak and slap people in the face was resounding.

Many fans of other families noticed it and giggled.

Compared with Bian Jin, who had fallen back to the 18th tier a long time ago, they obviously liked Ji Li’s trio.

Taking a step back, it was the former’s fans who uttered dirty words first. It was only natural for the latter’s fans to fight back.


Bian Jin’s scattered fans immediately blushed and fell silent when they received mocking gazes from around them.

Yuan Yifei’s fans cast grateful looks at Ji Li and Ji Yunqi’s fans and thanked them in low voices. “Thank you.”

“We are all a family. There is no need to speak those words. Just wait, Yuan Bao will definitely get something today!”

After this incident with the fans, tonight’s main event finally started. As one of the former Best Actor winners, Qin Yue gracefully stepped on stage.

He stood in the middle of the stage and cast a veiled look toward the audience.

Ji Li received his gaze and couldn’t help hiding the smile on his face.

Yuan Yifei couldn’t help leaning closer and whispering, “Aren’t the two of you too high profile tonight? There is no interaction between you two on the surface, but there are so many looks in private. Aren’t you afraid of it being known by fans?”

Ji Li coughed lightly. “We are already very restrained.”


Yuan Yifei ate a mouthful of dog food and almost couldn’t recover.

“Don’t whisper. Brother Yue is about to start announcing the winner.” Ji Yunqi clasped his hands together, so nervous he couldn’t speak. “Please be sure to pronounce the words ‘Yuan Yifei’.”

“It can also be Ji Yunqi.” Ji Li smiled back.

However, his inner bias was still toward Yuan Yifei. The other person had suffered too much over the years. It was time for him to reap rewards in love and his career.

“I announce that the winner of the 26th Peak Movie Awards ‘Best Actor’ is—”

Qin Yue glanced at the center of the audience again and showed a smile that everyone knew well.” Actor Yuan Yifei, congratulations!”

“Yes! Yuan Bao is the Best Actor!”

Ji Yunqi happily jumped up from the chair, not at all sad that he wasn’t selected.

Ji Li couldn’t help sighing with relief for Yuan Yifei and smiled brightly like never before.

Fortunately, the development of events was exactly the same as the original novel! Yuan Yifei finally won the first Best Actor trophy of his life with ‘Special Operations.’

Yao Chuan, Fang Zhixing, and other people applauded one after another. Only the one who won the award was still frozen in place.


Yuan Yifei’s mind was blank.

Once upon a time, he had desperately hoped to hear his name from the mouth of the award presenter. However, disappointment accumulated time and time again until he gave up hope this time.

He hadn’t expected that his wish would really come true one day!

“Yifei, don’t be dazed. Go and receive the award.” Ji Li took the initiative to pull Yuan Yifei up and hug him. “Congratulations!”

Ji Yunqi didn’t mind being excited in front of the camera and rushed forward with a bear hug. “Movie Emperor Yuan, you must treat me tonight!”

Yuan Yifei was pushed and hugged by a group of people. It wasn’t until he got on stage and received the heavy trophy that a sense of realism and sourness rose up.

Perhaps he had experienced too much in the past half a year. Yuan Yifei, who had always been strong, couldn’t help crying on the stage, and the fans in the audience seats followed suit.

Qin Yue cast a ‘reporting’ gaze to his lover in the audience before patting Yuan Yifei on the back in a friendly manner. “Jiayou.”

“…Thank you.”

In the live barrage, Yuan Yifei’s fans were crying and laughing. They excitedly ‘exploded’ into fireworks.

-Ahhhh my Yuan Bao finally got the Best Actor trophy!

-Thank you, Teacher Qin Yue! Thank you, Ji Li! Thank you, Ji Yunqi! Thank you to everyone for helping Yuan Bao. Wu wu wu, this old mother is relieved!

-The moment the beauty sheds tears, I cry with him.

Under such circumstances, there was actually a resurgence of ‘Full Moon’ CP fans.

-Ahhh, Brother Yue comforted Yuan Bao! Full Moon is the most real!

It didn’t take long for this statement to be refuted by the other barrages.

-Really? Quickly watch the live footage of the audience! There are surprises!

Many netizens were reminded by this message and immediately switched the camera position to view below the stage.

Seeing Yuan Yifei winning the award, Ji Yunqi and Ji Li were happier than if they had won the award themselves.

At this time, it wasn’t known where they got the Yuan family’s support light signs from, but both of them were holding it up to seriously celebrate Yuan Yifei’s victory. The scene looked very harmonious and warm.

It wasn’t surprising for the funny Ji Yunqi to act strange, but Ji Li, who had always been calm, actually cooperated.

Soon, there was a new round of discussion filling the barrage.

-The Ji Yuan Ji family! Wu wu wu, the relationship between the three babies is so good!

-I suddenly remember the scene of Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei raising a banner to celebrate Ji Li back then. Hahaha, it is cute and lovely. It seems that the relationship between the three of them is really solid!

-What Full Moon CP do you want? The Chinese Rose CP can also be thrown away for me! Double Ji Yuan is real!

-I declare that it is time to get rid of Brother Yue! Ji Li, Yuan Bao, and the Third Young Lady can randomly form any CP options and I like it!

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