IPCFS: Chapter 127 Part 1

Qin Yue left the hotel with Ji Li, and the people called in by Qi Heng were still processing the surveillance equipment and images at the scene.

The faces of the arrogant big shots stiffened, but they didn’t dare to stop them from leaving. It was as if they were afraid of some big force.

Xu Ziming’s face was completely scratched. After spending a lot of money on plastic surgery, he unexpectedly met such a fate.

It was sad.

Ji Li sat in the car and asked quietly.

“What is the origin of this Qi Heng and Qi family? I’ve only heard that he was a young master in the Beijing circle. I didn’t expect that he would be able to restrain these people?”

Qin Yue directly explained, “The Qi family was a dignitary in the Beijing circle a hundred years ago, and Qi Heng is a direct descendant of the Qi family. It is natural that he is more powerful.”

“The leader of that group of people is the chief housekeeper of the Qi mansion. He has done a lot of work for Qi Heng’s grandfather, the head of the Qi family.”

He was only a housekeeper and not the real master of the Qi family, but the reputation he accumulated over the years wasn’t small.

Ji Li nodded and continued to ask curiously, “You called Qi Heng here?”

“That wasn’t me. Yuan Yifei should’ve also sent a message for help to Qi Heng when he sent it to you.”

Coincidentally, Qin Yue, Ji Yunzheng, and Qi Heng all met at the entrance of the hotel.

Ji Li’s eyes brightened slightly, and he seemed to sense something. “Then according to what you said, there has been progress with Qi Heng?”

Qin Yue was silent for a moment. Then he leaned in to help fasten Ji Li’s seat belt, his teeth gritted. “Are you still in the mood to care about others?”


Ji Li heard something wrong in Qin Yue’s tone. He recalled the voice messages and phone calls just now and guilt belatedly rushed into his heart.

“It was an emergency, and I couldn’t help it. If Yunqi and I had gone there later, I’m afraid it wouldn’t have been just…”

“Ji Li!” Qin Yue interrupted with a frown.

“I was wrong,” Ji Li answered quickly.

The anger that Qin Yue had gathered with great difficulty was completely dispelled by his lover’s three words.

“I don’t want you to risk yourself. Tonight’s drinking party was a den of tigers and dragons. It isn’t something you can break into if you want. The current situation is quite good.”

“Have you thought about what might have happened? If we had been there a few minutes later, what if you and Yunqi hadn’t rescued Yifei but put yourself in danger instead?”

Ji Li corrected his attitude and nodded sincerely to admit his mistake.

Qin Yue thought of these possible outcomes and still felt afraid for a while.

He approached and stroked Ji Li’s cheek, sighing emotionally, “Ji Li, I am a selfish person in essence. Yifei is my friend, but the person in my heart is you.”’

“I hope that you ensure your safety first before helping Yifei out of trouble as much as possible, rather than ignoring my dissuasion and putting yourself in trouble. Do you understand me?”

Ji Li felt the coldness of Qin Yue’s fingers and hugged it. “I know. I promise that there will be no next time.”

Even if there was a similar situation in the future, he would wait for Qin Yue to act together.

“In the future, I don’t think we will have to worry about Yifei. Based on this young master’s protective attitude, Yuan Bao will probably be a wealthy ‘young lady’ in the future.”

The second half of the sentence was obviously a joke about his friend.

Qin Yue raised his eyebrow and asked mockingly, “It seems that the 50 million in pocket money that my mother gave you isn’t enough? Are you still thinking about others?”


Ji Li remembered the huge amount of pocket money and hesitated for a moment before dismissing it. “Who says I am thinking about it? I’m sincerely happy for Yifei.”

He originally thought that Qi Heng was too young and he wouldn’t be able to give Yuan Yifei, who had been single for many years, a sense of security. He hadn’t expected tonight’s performance to be not bad.

Qin Yue glanced at the time and quickly started the car.

It was just before 9 o’clock, and it was time to go back to the hotel and rest.

Tomorrow was the Peak Movie Awards ceremony, and they needed to face it well as invited guests.

Ji Li leaned back against the car seat and asked, “What do you plan to do with Qi Shanhai’s group of people?”

“In order to deal with that group of old and treacherous guys, we can’t act too strongly, or it will only cause the opposite effect.”

They wandered in a gray area all year round, and countless stars were contaminated by them. To put it bluntly, there were popular actors and first and second tier artists among these stars.

“There are too many artists who trade voluntarily for status and resources. They don’t want to be exposed after they get it.”

“If we push too quickly, Qi Shanhai’s group of people might break open the jar and might pull the entire entertainment industry to sink down with them.”

Ji Li, Yuan Yifei, and the others didn’t have any accidents, but after tonight, they could be considered to be involved in this dispute.

“At that time, maybe some celebrities will splash black water on us in turn in order to protect themselves. It isn’t worth it to handle things so tough.”

“Then we shouldn’t care about it?” Ji Li frowned.

Even if some people traded voluntarily, there were other innocent small artists who were forced into trading their bodies.

“It isn’t that we don’t care. We just have to hit them slowly in a different way,” Qin Yue replied.

Just because the things in the gray area were difficult to handle didn’t mean that the filth in order areas were  well hidden.

These people had so much money and capital. Who could guarantee that the money would be clean? They just needed to catch their commercial loopholes, and this group of people wouldn’t be able to avoid being imprisoned.

“I don’t have much involvement in business, while the Qi family has absolute dominance in this field. The person who cares most about this matter and is capable of handling it is Qi Heng. I will discuss it with him later.”

For some things, if they could involve as few people as possible, then they would try to involve as few people as possible.

There was Qin Yue. He would definitely try to ensure that Ji Li wasn’t disturbed by these evil people while letting the other person follow his path as an actor.

“I won’t mention the others for the time being, but I think Qi Shanhai’s position as vice-chairman of the China Entertainment Association is about to end.”

There was a bit of coldness in Qin Yue’s eyes when he said this.

He could tell that Qi Shanhai had misguided thoughts about his lover. In this case, there was no need to save face for him.

The entertainment industry was within the range of Qin Yue’s ability, and he would be thorough.

“Just do as you see fit.” Ji Li nodded slightly. He completely believed in Qin Yue’s means and ability to handle things.

In other words, these things weren’t deeply related to him. Even if gossip came out, he wasn’t afraid to do what was right.

Ji Li’s eyes fell on Qin Yue’s hand holding the steering wheel and he said with a smile, “What we did just now, can it be considered going public?”

This time, it was Qin Yue’s turn to get stuck.

He paid attention to Ji Li’s face out of the corner of his eyes and tried to explain his actions. “I was afraid they would have the idea of acting out against you again. They shouldn’t have the courage to say it now.”

“I know. In any case, there is no substantial evidence that we are together. If they want to spread the word of our relationship, then they will spread it.”

Ji Li gave a low laugh and inexplicably felt a hint of relief. He was originally too concerned about his career and always felt that feelings could become a stumbling block in his career.

Perhaps it was because he met a partner like Qin Yue, who put his career first in everything, that his thoughts completely changed.

Good love could become a career support rather than a burden.

Ji Li took advantage of waiting for the green light at the intersection and took Qin Yue’s hand, interlocking their fingers, “Qin Yue, in the future, I will generously admit my relationship with you in the circle.”

“Not as friends but lovers.”

Joy filled Qin Yue’s eyes, and the strength of his fingers tightened a bit. “There is no need to deliberately emphasize it. Those who should know will naturally know.”

“Of course.”

Ji Li quickly withdrew his hand, causing Qin Yue to be startled. “Li Bao?”

Ji Li couldn’t help laughing as he gave a reminder. “The street lights are counting down. Concentrate on driving.”

The tension on Qin Yue’s face disappeared. “Okay.”


The next day.

Perhaps it was out of concern about the harsh winter cold, but the red carpet ceremony of the Peak Movie Awards started at 2 p.m.

The sun outside at this point was warm, which was very considerate for the female stars who were used to fighting openly and secretly on the red carpet.

‘Time Lobbyist’ had performed well at the box office, but due to the number of high-quality movies, the awards it was shortlisted for were ‘Best Supporting Actor’ and ‘Best Screenplay’. Therefore, Ji Li was the only crew member who came.

The organizers learned about this situation in advance and arranged Ji Li with the crew of ‘Special Operations.’

Inside the crew’s collective lounge.

“Where is Yifei? Wasn’t he on the red carpet list? Why didn’t he come?” Yao Chuan asked.

Ji Li and Ji Yunqi looked at each other and tacitly covered up what happened last night. “I heard that he still has a job, and the timing was too late. However, he will come for the awards ceremony in the evening.

Yao Chuan nodded. “That’s good. It doesn’t matter if he is absent from the red carpet, but he can’t be missing from the awards ceremony.”

It wasn’t that he was talking big as the director. This time, Yuan Yifei was hopeful to win the Best Actor trophy with Shi Ye in ‘Special Operations.’

If this was the case, it would be his first Best Actor trophy in his acting history. It would be a pity to not come to the scene to accept the award.

Ji Li smiled. “Director Yao, rest assured, he will come.”

He had already inquired about the situation. Yuan Yifei was no longer affected by the medicine last night. He was relieved after getting an injection and needed to rest for a while.

If he wanted to make it to the red carpet this afternoon, he had to get up in the morning to do his makeup and hair. Then he would have to keep his energy up in the awards ceremony in the evening. Perhaps his body would be overwhelmed. Therefore, his team negotiated with the organizer in advance.

Yao Chuan remembered something again and patted Ji Li’s shoulder. “Xiao Ji, don’t be discouraged. There is still a second part. It won’t be a problem to be shortlisted for Best Actor with the movie next year!”

“Thank you, Director Yao.”

The moment these words came out, the organizers came to the crew to inform everyone to come on to the red carpet.

The live broadcast of the Peak Movie Awards attracted many netizens. The number of online people had already exceeded one million.

Ji Li’s fans were both happily looking forward to it.

Baby Ji Li had only participated in two award ceremonies in total, but he had four related hot searches for his red carpet style alone!

The most important thing was that after every awards ceremony, Ji Li always broke out with better news.

The Ji fans were still enthusiastic and proud after the hot search frenzy triggered by the One Hundred Images Awards.

For this year’s Peak Movie Awards, Ji Li wasn’t selected as a nominee for the most important award of Best Actor, but fans still hoped their baby could take home one or two trophies.

The red carpet started on time. Fans waited for an hour and a half, and batch after batch of stars left the red carpet before the crew of ‘Special Operations’ finally arrived.

In an instant, the cheers and flashes became stronger.

Ji Li’s style this time didn’t disappoint his fans. He wore a light yellow long coat and a bow tie shirt with pleats. His head and shoulders ratio was optimal.

Compared to the black, dark suit that male stars usually wore on the red carpet, Ji Li was eye-catching just in terms of color.

Under the sunlight, he looked tender and fresh. He was like a noble prince who came out of a fairy tale.

The barrage instantly went crazy.

-The styling team can come out to be kissed! Ji Li, this appearance looks too much like a tender baby!

-People with good looks look good in everything.

-So beautiful. Baby, have fun today!

In addition to Ji Li, Ji Yunqi from the same crew also received a lot of cheers.

The fans watching the red carpet called out Third Young Lady one by one, causing the smile on Ji Yunqi’s face to almost freeze.

Ever since the broadcast of ‘Poor Travel Notes’, Ji Yunqi attracted the most fans due to the laughter he brought to the show. His popularity with passersby was very good.

The crew’s red carpet walk and interviews lasted seven or eight minutes.

The moment the crew got off the red carpet, there were overwhelming screams outside the venue.


“Brother Yue!”

“Teacher Qin Yue!”

As the special guest of the movie festival, Qin Yue walked the red carpet alone.

Yao Chuan was startled by the sudden sound and couldn’t help laughing, “Qin Yue’s popularity has been the same for ten years.”

If they were talking about the most popular actor in the Chinese entertainment industry, no one could claim first place if Qin Yue was in second place.

“We’re not in a hurry, so let’s go with him.” Qin Yue was the producer of ‘Special Operations’, and Yao Chuan obviously regarded him as a part of the crew.

They could hear the voices of the interview that was conducted on the stage.

“Everyone has said they haven’t seen Brother Yue in a long time. Can I ask Brother Yue to reveal your projects? Will there be any new releases?”

“Of course, there will be. I can tell you frankly that three movies have currently been completed. One of them should be able to meet you soon.”

Ji Li heard Qin Yue’s answer and smiled slightly.

It seemed that the double personality crime-solving drama ‘Hidden Dreams’ would be released soon? His lover would probably create a new box office myth.

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