IPCFS: Chapter 126

Help me?

What was going on?

Ji Li was well aware of Yuan Yifei’s temperament. He would’ve never sent a message with such an obvious meaning for help if he hadn’t encountered some great difficulty. There was absolutely no possibility of him joking.

Ji Li quickly called Yuan Yifei’s number. Unexpectedly, the phone hung up among a series of busy tones. Once he called back, the message had changed into a shutdown prompt.

In the trio’s WeChat group, Ji Yunqi had also discovered that something was wrong.

He pinged Yuan Yifei several times in a row and even tried a voice call, but no one responded.

-Ji Li, are you there? Yifei, what happened?

-First, check the location of the link Yifei sent. I will try calling his agent and assistant.

Ji Li quickly explained to Ji Yunqi. Then he got the contact information of Yuan Yifei’s assistant through Baozi.

Fortunately, there was a quick response on the other end of the phone.

“Hello, who is this?”

“Chengzi, I am Ji Li. Is Yifei not with you?” Ji Li put the phone on speaker while quickly pulling out a set of sportswear from Qin Yue’s suitcase and changing into it.

The assistant Chengzi was obviously confused by these words and took a few seconds to reply. “Brother Ji, Brother Yuan isn’t with me. He and Sister Tiantian have a dinner tonight with President Meng from Edson Investments. They left for the dinner at around 4 o’clock in the evening.”

“President Meng? Dinner?”

Chengzi hesitated for a moment but still told the truth.

“Brother Yuan has been resting for half a year and hasn’t picked up a suitable script. Some time ago, he saw a Chinese-American joint venture movie and wanted to win the male protagonist role. President Meng is the largest movie investor on China’s side. He personally invited Brother Yuan and Sister Tiantian to dinner…”

The investor invited him. No matter how big Yuan Yifei’s name was, it was impossible for him to not give him face.

After all, his studio was self-reliant and was different from companies like Yuexing and Chaoying which had capital and resources. Apart from the ordinary scripts sent to his door, he needed to take the initiative to fight if he wanted better movie scripts.

One side had the intention to invite, and the other side had the intention to fight for the script, so they agreed to meet for dinner.

“Brother Ji, why are you looking for Brother Yuan?” Chengzi was still confused.

“I can’t get in touch with him. Quickly try calling his agent.”

Ji Li became even more uneasy. He quickly communicated with Chengzi. Then after hanging up the phone, he saw Ji Yunqi shouting in the group.

-No! Ji Li, I’m worried! I will look for him according to this location!

Ji Yunqi’s nature was like this. He believed that Yuan Yifei was his true friend. So even if it meant ‘stabbing a knife’ for a friend, he would directly rush over to help.

However, he rushed over so recklessly without knowing the situation. Who would be responsible if something happened?

The phone rang again. It was Chengzi who called back.

Compared with the calm confusion from before, Chengzi was already crying anxiously.

“Brother Ji, I can’t get through to Sister Tian’s phone. What is going on? You said that Brother Yuan sent you a message for help. D-Did they encounter an accident?”

That President Meng had looked like a gentleman, and there had never been bad rumors about him in the industry.

If it wasn’t for this, why would Brother Yuan go to the appointment?

“Don’t worry, I’m trying to figure out what’s happening.”

Ji Li ignored the pain from his body. He put on a mask and hat that concealed his appearance and directly went out.

“Contact Baozi and Sister Yu and watch the news until we come back. As long as there is any negative news about the entertainment industry or Weibo breaking news, find a way to suppress it!”

Ji Li had a guess in his heart.

It was very likely that Yuan Yifei was ‘abducted’ by President Meng to some special drinking party in the name of negotiating a movie cooperation.

If it was really one of those disgusting capital drinking parties, then these big shots liked to use negative public opinion to force celebrities who were well-known but had no capital backing to comply with their demands. Thus, Ji Li had to prepare in advance to prevent it.

Ji Li hailed a taxi on the street outside the hotel. He forwarded the location address to Qin Yue and explained the reason in an orderly and clear manner.

“Master, please drive faster, thank you.”

“Okay, sit tight!”

Ji Li’s mind spun while secretly thinking about possible situations and countermeasures.

He didn’t know the details for the time being, so it wasn’t suitable to call the police.

After all, they were all public figures. The slightest bias in this matter would completely affect the direction of public opinion. If Yuan Yifei had really strayed into a special drinking party, then once this spread, it would be fermented by the unscrupulous media and marketing accounts. He wouldn’t be able to whitewash himself completely even if he jumped into the Huang River.

The location that Yuan Yifei sent was the Peter Hotel that was located in the southern suburbs of the capital. Even if they took the city’s fast lane, it would take 40 minutes to arrive by car.

Ji Li arrived and caught a glimpse of a row of luxury cars in the parking lot. Immediately after, there was an argument at the front doors of the hotel.

“Strange. Is your hotel open or not? Then can I go in and find a friend?”

“Why are you stopping me? I told you everything. My friend is inside and I want to go in!”

Ji Li recognized Ji Yunqi’s voice and quickly ran over.

“Yunqi!” He pulled the other person aside and whispered, “Don’t be so impulsive!”

“Don’t be impulsive!”

“There is clearly a ghost! This person isn’t letting me in and says that today’s party has been booked by big shots?”

“What kind of nonsense big shots? I can clearly see that it is a cover. I don’t know what type of deal is being done secretly?!”

Ji Yunqi’s young master nature came out again. He had lived for more than 20 years, and he had never seen such an arrogant hotel gatekeeper.

He was frightened by the message from Yuan Yifei, hurried over, and was stopped outside the hotel.

Something was clearly wrong!

Ji Li’s fingertips gently pressed against Ji Yunqi’s wrist, signaling for him to be calm.

The more they were on someone else’s territory, the calmer they had to act.

Ji Yunqi understood his hint and nodded slightly.

“Excuse me, we are just looking for a friend, not trying to cause trouble.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Ji Li.” One of the waiters reported Ji Li’s name. He was obviously familiar with the characters in the entertainment industry. “Today, the hotel is full of big people, and all the guests who enter the hotel need invitations.”

“We generally will not let people in unless they have an internal invitation. Otherwise, if anything leaks out, then our jobs won’t be guaranteed. Please understand.”

Ji Yunqi’s chest rose and fell. He was very worried about Yuan Yifei and didn’t have time to chat with these people.

“Yo? It is rare guests.”

A mocking voice was suddenly heard from behind them. Ji Li and Ji Yunqi both turned around to look.

The other person was wearing a luxurious haute couture suit and a pair of exaggerated diamond-encrusted sunglasses that was worth six figures.

The man took off his sunglasses, revealing a pair of familiar yet unfamiliar eyes that glanced at them with disdain.

This person wasn’t good.

Ji Li felt that this person was indescribably familiar, but the marks of plastic surgery on his face was too obvious, and Ji Li couldn’t recognize him for a while.

Ji Yunqi squinted before leaning in to whisper, “Ji Li, is this person the one who had a dispute with us at the party before?”

“It is the actor who scolded Ying’s Perfume for being a small brand.”

After receiving Ji Yunqi’s reminder, Ji Li finally remembered. “Xu Ziming?”

The other originally had almond eyes, but at this time, the corners of the eyes were actually widened. Combine this with his raised nose bridge and the proportions of his entire face looked distorted.

In the beginning, Ji Li endorsed Ying’s Perfume, while the other person endorsed the sub-brand of a luxury goods brand in China. Later, Ji Li became popular with the perfume advertisement, while the brand endorsed by Xu Ziming had a plagiarism design scandal. The foreign luxury goods brand immediately dissolved the cooperation with the sub-brand.

There was also the malicious incident of his fans sending threatening messages, and he was unanimously resisted by sensible netizens. Speaking of which, it had been a long time since Xu Ziming appeared in the entertainment industry.

Xu Ziming snorted and stepped forward. “It is rare for two big stars to still remember me.”

The two gatekeepers, who were still in a state of refusal, immediately changed their attitude 180 degrees after seeing Xu Ziming. “Mr. Xu.”

Xu Ziming asked haughtily, “What is going on with these two?”

A waiter replied, “They said they want to enter the hotel to find someone. You know that the bosses won’t allow people to come in casually.”

Ji Li silently watched everything in front of him.

If he remembered correctly, Xu Ziming’s family situation was very average. How did he suddenly become rich?

The moment he was thinking this, someone came up again and asked breathlessly, “What’s going on?”

The impatience on Xu Ziming’s face instantly disappeared, and he snuggled toward this person in a flattering manner, “Brother Qi, I met two old acquaintances, and we were reminiscing.”

This embarrassing appearance made people almost want to vomit on the spot. The Brother Qi he fawned over was the organizer of the exchange party in the past, the vice-chairman of the China Entertainment Association, Qi Shanhai.

Ji Li and Ji Yunqi looked at each other and understood.

From the looks of it, Xu Ziming had climbed a high branch. This was why he pretended to be a tiger and bossed people around.

“Vice-chairman Qi, we don’t want to disturb anyone. It is just that we have a friend we know here. Can I ask you to be accommodating and take us in to find someone?”

“Don’t worry. We won’t say or do anything we shouldn’t.”

Everything was fine on the surface, and Ji Li had almost confirmed what was going on in the hotel.

It was nothing more than a game that the capitalist groups held behind the entertainment industry. There were always celebrities who were willing to sell their bodies and faces in exchange for resources, money, and status.

Ji Li completely believed in Yuan Yifei’s character. He didn’t go astray even when he first entered the entertainment industry and was forced by his gambler father, let alone now?

Nine times out of ten, Yuan Yifei was deceived by the ‘righteous gentleman’ President Meng. Then, after discovering that the drinking party was fraudulent, he sent a message to his two friends as a last resort to ask for help.

It was just that Yuan Yifei gave a very vague location. There was no specific room or banquet hall number.

Ji Li thought about it and personally wanted to enter the hotel to find him himself.

He and Ji Yunqi were companions. No matter how shameless the businessman was inside, they could always take into account the authority of the Ji family. Qin Yue had already received his news and would definitely come as soon as possible.

The most urgent task was to find Yuan Yifei as soon as possible. In the face of these people with a lot of capital, they could hold out for a while.

Xu Ziming’s thoughts moved slightly, and he suddenly had some bad thoughts. “Brother Qi, since they want to go in, you can take them in, right?”

“Everyone is an understanding person. You are just responsible for bringing them in. If something goes wrong, it will have nothing to do with you.”

Xu Ziming whispered in Qi Shanhai’s ear, “There is also surveillance. Can’t the same method used to deal with that little star from before be used on them? These two are good products. Don’t waste it for nothing.”

There were so many capitalist big shots inside.

Chaoying’s Twin Stars?

Once Ji Li and Ji Yunqi stepped into this hotel, they could casually release some materials, and the star path of these two could be completely ruined.

What he, Xu Ziming lost, others couldn’t continue to have! He just wanted to see the stars in the sky fall from heaven to hell.

Qi Shanhai’s mind moved slightly. How could he not recognize Ji Li and Ji Yunqi?

Last time when they met at the party, he had thoughts that he shouldn’t have. However, the company and the family situation behind the two of them meant he had to hold back.

Unexpectedly, they delivered themselves to his door this time. It wouldn’t be his fault if something happened to them at the party, right?

Even if he couldn’t do anything to Ji Yunqi, he could try to win Ji Li. No matter how powerful Chaoying was, they couldn’t oppose the investment forces behind the entire entertainment industry, right?

“Do you really want to go in?”

Ji Li and Ji Yunqi replied in unison, “Of course.”

Yuan Yifei regarded them as friends and chose to trust them when he encountered something. They had to bring him out no matter what.

Qi Shanhai stared at Ji Li, and a hint of greed overflowed in his eyes. “These two are my distinguished guests. Then let’s go in together.”

How could these waiters dare to stop Qi Shanhai? They immediately let this group enter.

The interior of the hotel was magnificently decorated and the business looked formal, but everything changed in the opposite direction once the elevator opened to the second floor.

Ji Li and Ji Yunqi followed Qi Shanhai down a long, quiet corridor only to find another world.

Inside a delicate door, there were smells of tobacco and alcohol, instrumental music, conversation, and some indescribable ambiguity.

Two more strong bodyguards greeted them. “The four of you, please turn over your communication equipment.”

Ji Li moved to the back without a trace and glanced at his phone.

Qin Yue had sent him a lot of messages, voice messages, and calls. He seemed to be going crazy.

Ji Li didn’t have time to explain any further, so he sent a few words simply and clearly: the second floor, the elevator is facing away from it.

“This gentleman.” The bodyguard obviously noticed Ji Li’s movements and revealed a slightly fierce and warning expression.

Ji Li was afraid that Qin Yue would call again and arouse unnecessary vigilance, so he turned off his phone and threw it into the other person’s hand. “What’s the hurry?”

The closed door opened, and the mixed smoke and alcohol instantly gushed out. It was as if they were entering another world.

In the square lair, there were two layers of leather sofas on the inside and out. Many rooms had been opened up on all sides for people to have fun.

At this moment, ear-polluting cries came from the rooms, both female and male. It was obvious what they were doing.

The filthiness of the entertainment industry had never been a secret, but Ji Li still felt disgusted after witnessing it with his own eyes.

Ji Li and Ji Yunqi quickly looked around but didn’t find Yuan Yifei or his agent Tiantian.

“Old Qi, you’re late today.”

“I brought two distinguished guests. Do you want to meet them?” Qi Shanhai walked forward with a clear hint on his face.

These behind the scenes capitalists weren’t good humans and immediately pretended to be generous. “Come, two big stars. Please sit down. We have a few good movie and television projects on hand and were just thinking about sending them to you.”

“No need. We don’t intend to disturb the mood of the boss, nor will we talk about today’s events. We just want to find a friend. Please be accommodating.”

“Who?” A man in the middle asked.

“Yuan Yifei.” Ji Yunqi simply reported the name. “Where is he?”

The group of them looked at each other and started to act. “It seems that the two of you have misunderstood something. Based on Mr. Yuan’s status in the entertainment industry, why would he come here?”

“We are purely catching up with old friends today. We haven’t done anything shady.”

The moment this careless lie emerged, there was a scream from a room on the left and an angry cry. “Yuan Yifei, I see you don’t want to be in the entertainment industry at all!”

Ji Li and Ji Yunqi reacted and both rushed over.

Ji Yunqi looked noble and expensive, but he unleashed an unknown strength from somewhere and actually kicked open the closed door. The situation in the room came into view.

A strange man had fallen on the bed, his face full of pain as he protected his lower body.

Yuan Yifei’s shirt was slightly open at the chest area, and he was slumped in the corner. There was a ceramic ornament in his hand that had been broken in half.


Ji Li and Ji Yunqi were startled and ran over.

Ji Yunqi passed by the big bed in the center and was so angry that he added another kick to the man’s body. He let out rare foul words. “F*k you! What a shameless dog!”

“Yifei, how are you?”

“I’m fine.” Yuan Yifei was pale and he barely managed to explain the situation with a few words. “The person on the bed is Meng Ting. I didn’t expect him to be such a person. I was on my phone when I realized something was wrong…”

Meng Ting’s reputation in the industry had never been associated with these dirty deeds.

The two sides had communicated for a long time about the movie script. They had always followed the standard business procedures. Today’s agreed dinner meeting was for the specific signing of the contract.

As a result, the moment they reached the entrance of the banquet hall, Yuan Yifei realized that something was wrong. It was a pity that Meng Ting and the bodyguards blocked his way out.

He took advantage of the time when his agent Tiantian was negotiating with this group of people to send a brief WeChat message asking for help.

Yuan Yifei was attentive and never touched the drinks given by the other person after entering through the door.

The bad thing was that when they first met before coming to the hotel, Meng Ting had brought him a cup of coffee. Yuan Yifei had taken two shallow sips to show politeness.

After nearly an hour, the effect of the medicine started to show.

Yuan Yifei couldn’t use his strength and was forcibly dragged into this room by Meng Ting, who showed his true colors.

Fortunately, he stubbornly resisted and his friends came in time.

Yuan Yifei caught a glimpse of the group of capitalists with unfriendly faces gathered at the door, and his nose was sore. “…I’m sorry, I might’ve involved you guys in something bad.”

It was an emergency and he really didn’t know who else to rely on.

“What time is it that you are still talking like this? Yunqi, help me pull him up.”

Ji Li could detect the gazes behind him like they wanted to eat them up. He quickly got up and blocked Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei behind him.

The three of them usually joked around as friends, but at this time, Ji Li had to act like a big brother and protect the other two.

“Mr. Ji, aren’t you doing something wrong?” Someone rebuked in a deep voice. It was like a thief shouting to catch a thief. “We politely invited you to drink, yet you disturbed our peace?”

Ji Li looked cold. “Who is behind these things? Don’t you know better than me?”

This sentence obviously angered the big shots in the hall.

“You are just an actor who shows off your face. How dare you act like this in front of us?”

“Third Young Master Ji has no star status, but he has his family lineage as a guarantee. However, what are you and Yuan Yifei? Do you really think that the worthless popularity can help you?”

Xu Ziming heard these words and felt a burst of joy.

That’s right! What sh*t stars?

The so-called top class and super popular actors in the entertainment industry were all products of capital.

If the capitalists wanted someone to be popular and make money, then they would be popular and make money. If the capitalists thought there was no profit to be gained, then they would only die.

For example, there was a top celebrity that was equally explosive in the beginning. Then he was completely scrapped because he resisted these people. He slowly lost resources and finally disappeared in the entertainment industry.

On the other hand, look at himself.

He realized how much money he could have as soon as possible and filmed while he could. Compared with the little salary he got from hard work, the money Xu Ziming got from selling himself was enough to live.

“President Liao, President Pan, why are you talking nonsense with these little stars? If you like them, then try them out early. If you don’t like them, then scrap them.”

“Can Chaoying still go against you after you join forces?”

Ji Li’s eyes showed unprecedented disgust when he heard Xu Ziming’s words.

People could choose their own destiny to rise or to fall, but trying to destroy the lives of others through insidious means was despicable and shameless!

Qi Shanhai had been unable to bear his lust since long ago, and his gaze toward Ji Li became more and more obsessive.

He looked quite beautiful when he was angry. Qi Shanhai didn’t know if he would be the same in bed.

“Call the bodyguards over and tie them up for me! No one can leave today!” President Liao in the middle ordered.

Ji Li caught a glimpse of the red wine bottle in the cabinet. He grabbed the neck of the bottle and smashed it hard, causing sharp edges to form where it cracked. “Get lost! Which of you dares to come here and try me?”


Everyone’s expression changed. They hadn’t expected Ji Li to be so fierce. Before they could react, a wail was heard at the door.

The two bodyguards protecting the door were kicked inside. They suddenly fell down on the coffee table and scattered the broken parts of the wine bottle on the ground.

Qi Shanhai and the others panicked and opened up a gap. This allowed Ji Li to notice Qin Yue’s figure immediately.

It was said that Qin Yue was famous for his good temper. He always smiled when he met people. Even if he was disgusted in his heart, he never showed it on the surface.

But at this moment, his expression was completely fierce, and the aura that erupted from his body was terrifying.

In addition, there were Ji Yunzheng and Qi Heng.

The three people seemed to have made an appointment, and each one looked uglier than the other.

Ji Li couldn’t help sighing with relief when he saw his lover.

Qin Yue walked in quickly and immediately held Ji Li’s wrist that was holding the wine bottle. “Let go. Be careful not to hurt yourself.”

The haze on his face completely disappeared when he said this.

Ji Li was obedient and handed him the broken wine bottle.

Qin Yue took the wine bottle and threw it at the feet of Qi Shanhai and the others.


Anger was hidden in the sound of the bottle shattering, and everyone was frightened.

“Brother!” Ji Yunqi immediately jumped to Ji Yunzheng’s side. He was a big-hearted person, so he immediately felt that there was no trouble after seeing his brother.

Yuan Yifei had no support and withdrew back. He seemed unable to stand upright.

In the next second, the quick-eyed Qi Heng hugged him. He saw that Yuan Yifei was weak, and an unprecedented chill formed in his cold eyes.

Qi Shanhai was completely stunned and asked in place of the others, “Mr. Qin, what are you doing here?”

He recognized all these people when looking at them separately, but he didn’t understand why they were standing together.

“If you don’t want to die, then get out of here as soon as possible,” Qi Heng spoke first. He was obviously the youngest person present, but the aura he exuded was extremely powerful.

“President Liao, this Qi Heng seems to be the young master of the Qi family. We seem to be in big trouble.” President Pan shrank back, and a bit of sweat appeared on his forehead.

The Qi family behind Qi Heng was the most prominent family in the Beijing circles!

These capitalists were rich and could stir up storms, but they were worthless in the face of real power. No one dared to do anything in front of the Qi family!

The dirty business they carried out over the years belonged to a gray area. They could only bully small artists who had no backers or stars who voluntarily made deals with them.

This was the hidden rule of the entertainment industry. No one would make too much trouble to expose them.

Now the situation seemed to be different.

Qi Heng, Ji Yunzheng, and Qin Yue, these three people were all big Buddhas!

If the three of them joined forces, they were superior in terms of power, money, and public opinion. It wouldn’t be impossible for the trio to end all of them in one go!

Hearing President Pan’s words, everyone else obviously realized the seriousness of the matter.

If this jar was broken, it was obvious that the one who would be ruined was themselves.

President Liao and the others were accustomed to enjoying positions of power, and they also knew how to advance and retreat. Now it seemed better not to mess with some people!

Seeing that the situation had changed, Ji Li kept a clear mind. “There is video surveillance. It is best to delete them all.”

Even if no substantial harm occurred today, the surveillance must disappear. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be good if it spread out one day to maliciously fabricate things.

Qi Heng directly carried Yuan Yifei. “I called someone over. They will have a good chat with President Liao and the others.”

“Put me down.”

“Calm down.” Qi Heng was rarely not polite and hugged Yuan Yifei even tighter.

The people he called had already arrived. They ran inside in a neat row and had tough postures.

Qi Shanhai and the others saw this, and the complacency on their faces disappeared.

“This is all just a misunderstanding. There is no need to make such a big fuss, right?”

“Really? That depends on whether your mouths are tight enough.”

These people wouldn’t be cleaned up for a while. If they acted too tough, then it would be easy for them to die.

If they wanted to, Qin Yue, Qi Heng, and Ji Yunzheng could use some tricks to slowly torment them.

President Liao heard this and immediately shirked his responsibility. “Don’t worry, I don’t know anything about this matter. Mr. Yuan was brought in by President Meng, and Mr. Ji and Third Young Master Ji were brought in by Vice-chairman Qi.”

This was the rule of their circle.

Whoever brought in the person who had an accident would be responsible.

Qi Shanhai heard this and was so anxious that he lost all his evil intentions. He was the vice-chairman of the China Entertainment Association on the surface, and he was the most ‘mediocre and weak’ among these capitalists.

How could he be okay if there was trouble?

In order to put aside the responsibility, he slapped Xu Ziming’s face in front of everyone. “This is all your fault for having no eyesight and offending the distinguished guests. Can you afford to pay?”

Xu Ziming was completely unprepared. He lost his balance when he was slapped and fell to the ground.


In less than half a second, an unprecedented scream burst out.

By coincidence, Xu Ziming fell on the glass bottle that Qin Yue had just smashed, and the left half of his face was completely covered in blood.

Ji Li frowned when he saw this scene, and a sense of deja vu rose again.

Qi Heng was too lazy to watch these tricks. For him, those who should be dealt with had to be dealt with.

“Ji Li, Third Young Master Ji, thank you for your help tonight. I will handle these things properly and definitely won’t implicate you.”

They might not believe in Qi Heng’s ability, but the mountain called the Qi family was still trustworthy.

Qi Heng was nervous about Yuan Yifei and simply escorted him to leave quickly.

Facing the intimate behavior of the two of them, Ji Li and Qin Yue weren’t surprised. Ji Yunzheng wasn’t interested at all. Ji Yunqi was the only one who showed a shocked expression. “What are you doing? Quickly put Yuan Bao down!”

Ji Yunzheng couldn’t bear it and patted him on the back of the head, lecturing him in a stern tone for the first time. “Mind your actions! If you do this again, I will teach you a lesson behind closed doors, even if our parents try to stop me!”

Ji Yunzheng had business in the capital over the next two days, so he came on the same flight as Ji Yunqi at noon.

He originally made an appointment to meet a client tonight. Not long after going out, he unexpectedly received a call for help from his brother.

Fortunately, nothing major happened.

Ji Yunqi was aggrieved, and his entire body hung on Ji Yunzheng’s body. “Big Brother! I’m a hero saving the beauty Yuan Bao!”

Ji Yunzheng ignored him and only said to Qin Yue, “President Qin, I’ll take Xiao Qi back first. Let’s keep in touch.”

They couldn’t relax even though Qi Heng would pay attention to tonight’s affairs.

Ji Li’s eyes were still on Xu Ziming who had fallen to the ground. He finally remembered.

Wasn’t everything that happened tonight a scene from the original novel?

The cornered original owner ‘Ji Li’ was forced to participate in a special drinking party. Then he met the righteous male protagonist, Ji Yunqi.

The original owner had no power and accidentally got a scratch on his face. Meanwhile, the male protagonist was rescued by his brother and left.

There were many deviations from the description in the original novel, but the context of the development of the events was consistent.

If he replaced the original owner and completely passed the hurdle of ‘injuring his face’, did it mean that he had completely changed the tragic fate of the original novel?

“What are you thinking about?” Qin Yue held Ji Li’s hand.

Seeing this scene, everyone realized something. Their expressions became even more embarrassed, but they didn’t dare to attack.

Qin Yue didn’t hide it any longer and warned in a cold voice, “Everyone, don’t blame me for not warning you first.”

“If you want to act against my lover in the future, first weigh how much power you have.”

“I, Qin Yue, am not an actor you can handle casually, and neither is Ji Li.”

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