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IPCFS: Chapter 124 Part 1

“It is him.”

Ji Li saw that he couldn’t escape his line of questioning and had to explain it honestly. “He is Director Xu’s nephew, and he also competed with me for the role of Chen Yi.”

“Later, he went to audition for the role of Yan Su.”

Qin Yue nodded and got closer again, obviously not planning to release this person yet.

Ji Li was angry and amused. “We are filming a serious movie, and I am working with him seriously.”

“I know.” Qin Yue picked him up.

Ji Li couldn’t break free and had to continue to lie on his body. “Qin Yue?”

“You aren’t wearing slippers, so don’t step on the ground.” Qin Yue smoothly brought Ji Li back to the bed and snorted sourly. “My little demon monk is going out to hook someone else again.”

Ji Li snorted with a smile. “Nonsense. It is just the needs of the character.”

Qin Yue took the initiative to pick up the coat and carefully put it on his lover. “I have seen Xu Yanzhi before at the China Peak Movie Awards. He debuted as a child star and is a talented and experienced young actor.”

Qin Yue had long known that Ji Li would film such scenes. He had already eaten the vinegar he should’ve eaten and made psychological preparations in advance.

It was also impossible for him to stop Ji Li’s career development out of his own selfish heart.

So for a while, the two of them chatted slowly.

“I heard from Baozi that he seemed to have won the Best Actor nomination for ‘Dream Corridor’, but he didn’t take home the Best Actor trophy.”

Qin Yue buttoned up the top button of Ji Li’s coat tightly, trying to prevent any wind from pouring in. “It is because the person who won the Best Actor trophy was me.”

The domineering air ingrained in his words was difficult to ignore.

Other actors worked hard to win the Best Actor Award, but it was an easy win for Qin Yue.

Ji Li’s admiring heart caused his eyes to light up instantly. “The winner turned out to be you, Best Actor Qin.”

Qin Yue rubbed against the tip of his lover’s nose and suddenly asked, “Then am I stronger than Xu Yanzhi?”

Ji Li chuckled and instantly fell into this person’s arms.

They had been talking for so long, but there was still the aftertaste of a vinegar essence.

He didn’t find Qin Yue’s jealousy annoying at all. On the contrary, he was filled with indescribable joy.

Qin Yue was such an excellent person. Every time, he would become clingy and jealous. Didn’t this prove that he was very fond of Ji Li?

“You are very powerful, you are the best, no one in the entertainment industry can compare with you.” Ji Li gave exaggerated answers like he was coaxing a child.

Qin Yue bit his lower lip in punishment. “Too perfunctory.”

Ji Li smiled and changed the topic. “Okay, do you want to follow me to the crew today?”

“You and Baozi go first. I won’t follow you so as to not be seen by irrelevant people and accidentally implicate you and the movie.”

Ji Li couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed when he heard this answer. “Huh? Didn’t you say you were going to watch me film? Are you going directly back to Shanghai Airport?”

“Who said I am going straight back?” Qin Yue was pleased by the dependence in the other person’s eyes. “I have a way to enter the crew in an upright manner.”


Before Ji Li could figure out what was going on, someone knocked on the door. “Brother Ji, are you awake?”

The makeup would be done in the hotel room, and then he would take the car to the set when the markup was almost finished.

Ji Li took the initiative to open the door. “I’m here.”

Qin Yue planned to leave the room before the makeup artist of the crew came. “Then I’ll go first. Baby, I’ll see you in the crew in a bit.”



Three hours later, Ji Li arrived on set.

Originally, he couldn’t figure out what identity Qin Yue would use to enter the crew. Unexpectedly, just as filming was about to start, he actually appeared by the side of Director Xu Cheng in an upright manner.

“Come, Qin Yue, let me introduce you. These two are the main actors of our cast, Ji Li and Xu Yanzhi.”

The smile on Xu Cheng’s face was obvious. “Teacher Qin Yue shouldn’t need me to give a further introduction, right? I remember that you have worked together with Ji Li before?”

Before Ji Li could answer, a female staff member next to him nodded frantically.

Yes, yes!

It wasn’t just their movie and television cooperation! They even had a lot of CP fans!

Xu Cheng added, “Qin Yue contacted me some time ago. This time, he has come in order to meet the visual effects team of our crew.”

“Yes, I have plans to make a movie next year and wanted to take the time to find Director Xu to learn from you,” Qin Yue replied seriously.

He concealed his intentions very well in front of others and didn’t even cast a single ambiguous look toward Ji Li.

“Hello, Teacher Qin Yue.”

Xu Yanzhi respected Qin Yue, a big shot in the movie and television industry. Meanwhile, Ji Li was much more relaxed.

“Brother Yue, long time no see.”

For the unknowing staff, the last time they met was during the filming of the variety show at the end of May. That was nearly six months ago.

Qin Yue suppressed his smile and nodded slightly.

It had been more than three hours since their hug and kiss in the morning. It had indeed been a long time.

“Ji Li, Yanzhi, hurry and run through the scene. We’ll test at the filming location in half an hour,” Xu Cheng ordered with a few words before patting Qin Yue on the shoulder. “Come. I haven’t seen you in a long time. Shall we go and talk for a while?”

“Of course.”

Qin Yue looked at Ji Li secretly before calmly following Xu Cheng away.

“Brother Yue’s connections in the entertainment industry are really wide,” Ji Li snorted.

“Teacher Qin Yue has been in the industry for so many years, and with his ability to attract the box office…” Baozi looked at the staff members around him and actually knew to cover things up. “There should be no director who doesn’t want to cooperate with him, right?”

Rong Tong, Ke Hei, Long Shengyang, and all the famous directors of China, including Xu Cheng, had cooperated with Qin Yue to film movies.

In addition, there were excellent directors such as Zheng Anxing and Zhao Chuan who considered Qin Yue as their first male protagonist.

It showed how popular Qin Yue was in the director’s circle.

Ji Li naturally knew the strength of his lover, and there was a gleam of light in his eyes.

“Ji Li, shall we practice the lines?” Xu Yanzhi approached and asked.

He was dressed in gorgeous white clothes with dark patterns. He wore a carefully polished jade crown, jade pendant, and jade bead buckle. His facial features were much softer and more handsome, and his evil temperament was deliberately suppressed by the makeup and clothes. This made his noble aura particularly prominent.

The fifth lifetime’s Yan Su was the oldest prince of the Zhongdu Country.

Originally, Yan Su was supposed to inherit the throne. But as soon as he was born, a prominent monk judged that he was the reincarnation of a god and Buddha. He predicted that there would always be a day when Yan Su ascended to heaven and became a god, so his ascension to the throne wouldn’t last long.

The emperor was both happy and anxious when he heard this.

Before his death, he wanted to give Yan Su all the best foods and drinks, but he had to appoint someone to inherit the throne. Finally, the throne was won by the second prince and his maternal family.

After the death of the emperor, Yan Su gave up all his rights as a member of the imperial family and became an idle monk.

After the incident occurred in Zhongdu, Demon Monk Chen Yi rushed over to watch the excitement. He didn’t expect to meet Yan Su, who was accidentally injured.

In order to save a young wolf cub captured by wild beasts, Yu Su was besieged by wolves. The moment Chen Yi recognized Yan Su’s identity, he had to drive away the wolves.

Yan Su’s legs were bitten and bleeding. Chen Yi didn’t want to expose his identity, so the two of them had a short rest and had a verbal exchange in a nearby cave.

Chen Yi hated the Buddhist words of compassion the most. He didn’t expect that Yan Su would become such a person after reincarnating, and he actually almost died saving a wolf!

It was ridiculous!

Therefore, the two of them started arguing due to their disagreements. Chen Yi’s ‘demon’ became aroused.

Facing the one who saved his life in their previous lives, he didn’t take revenge on this person’s kindness. Instead, he deliberately provoked the other person with words and teased him with his body, just to see what type of expression Yan Su would make.

The scene to be filmed today was the scene of the two of them facing off in the cave.

The rivalry scene didn’t need many special effects, and the difficulty was less than yesterday’s scene. It depended on the aura of the two actors.

Ji Li and Xu Yanzhi went to a quiet corner to match their lines and also tried acting it out without the script.

After confirming that filming could start, Xu Cheng took them aside to talk and communicate with the cameramen.

Everything was in place, and filming was ready to begin.

Qin Yue was invited by Xu Cheng to watch the filming and calmly sat in front of the monitor.

Ji Li glanced at Qin Yue out of the corner of his eyes, feeling a bit nervous in his heart. Speaking of which, this was the first time the other person came into the studio to supervise his filming ever since they entered a relationship.

“Ji Li, Yanzhi, get ready. We will start filming in three minutes.”


The two actors sat down in their respective places and closed their eyes, ready to begin.

There was a light of expectation in Qin Yue’s eyes.

After almost a year, he could finally see Ji Li’s acting again.

Qin Yue stared at Ji Li in the upper right corner of the monitor seriously, subconsciously straightening his body.

He didn’t have any thoughts about how they got along in private. At this moment, he was watching the performance of another actor instead of being jealous.

He knew that this was the greatest respect he could give for Ji Li’s acting career.

The preparation time passed.

Xu Cheng’s ‘Action’ was heard, and the 18th scene of the script officially started.


There was a slight rustling sound in the hidden cave.

The camera moved slowly.

It moved from the blood stains on the ground to Yan Su played by Xu Yanzhi. He lifted his clothes with a pained expression, revealing the bloody holes in his legs.

These were all bitten by the hungry wolves, and the continuous flow of blood soaked his thighs.

Chen Yi followed him in.

He touched the bloody area and frowned imperceptibly.

Chen Yi quickly crouched down, pulled up the other person’s pant legs, and rolled it up. White bones were faintly visible under the bleeding wounds. If it kept bleeding, then Yan Su’s life would probably be in danger.

“Bear with it.”

Chen Yi took out golden medicine and sprinkled it on the wound.

He didn’t want to use spells in front of Yan Su, let alone have too much involvement with the other person, lest the other person die because of him just like in his previous four lives.

The bottle of golden medicine was actually made of dried scorpion powder that contained his magic. For ordinary people, no matter how deep the wound, it could heal in four or five days using the medicine.

Xu Yanzhi gritted his teeth and forced out words with a pale face. “Thank you, young master, for saving me. I don’t know which temple you came from? I will definitely visit you once I recover from my injuries.”

His speaking skills were excellent and showed off his strong sense of vanity to the fullest.

“Don’t talk such useless nonsense.”

Ji Li threw the gold medicine at him and sneered, “Do you think the wolf cub will worry about your life? It was just a group of wild beasts. What was there to save?”

As he spoke, a trace of killing intent flashed in his eyes.

He wore a robe, but his words didn’t have the slightest Buddhist roots of kindness at all.


Faced with the ‘vulgarity’ of the little monk, Yan Su’s face stiffened for a moment.

“Monk, don’t talk nonsense. Everything has spiritual energy. It was just a cub that got caught in a trap by mistake. How could I see it dying and not try to save it?”

Ji Li sneered and retorted. “You saw it dying and tried to save it? If I hadn’t passed by, you would’ve been dead a long time ago.”

“An innocent cub? The hungry wolves won’t think about your kindness.”

“In the past, there was a Buddha who cut off his flesh to feed eagles. Now you want to sacrifice your life for a wolf? If Buddha really pays attention to such meritorious and good deeds, then that is really ridiculous!”

Good deeds were good deeds, but the mortals didn’t know—

The gods and Buddhas who weaved these rules to bind and deceive believers weren’t good at all!

Ji Li’s control of his character’s emotions was very good.

His consecutive questions and progressive tone clearly expressed the hatred in Chen Yi’s heart.

In front of the monitor, Xu Cheng and Qin Yue saw this scene and showed a hint of appreciation.

Filming continued.

Yan Su’s chest heaved for a moment. He was obviously angry.

“Everyone has their own destiny! If I had died among the pack of wolves today, then it was destined by God.”

“I am a prince of Zhongdu and a monk who leads through practice. My every word and deed are watched by the gods and Buddhas. I don’t need you to teach me, little master.”

“There are so many evil demons and monsters in the world that kill people. Which one of them isn’t more deadly than wolves? I would rather die in the mouth of a vicious wolf and exchange my life for another life to accumulate virtue than be robbed of my life by a monster!”

Yan Su’s words might have sounded pedantic, but they were the beliefs that every Buddhist monk held.


The demon monk played by Ji Li developed a chill in his eyes. He held up his hand and shook it fiercely at the bloody holes in the other person’s legs.



Xu Cheng shouted decisively to stop the scene. “Where is the stylist? Quickly clean up the wounds while the actors are still in the right state.”

This was the turning point.

Chen Yi originally didn’t want to expose his identity in front of Yan Su, but he couldn’t help but act out. He didn’t think about killing Yan Su and instead used the other person’s most despised demon art to heal the wound in an instant.

The staff members rushed over to help retouch the makeup, and filming resumed after a five minute break.

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