IPCFS: Chapter 123 Part 1

Due to Qin Yue’s sudden appearance, Ji Li simply ordered some food and intended to rest in his room until the next morning.

Major General saw Qin Yue, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, and jumped up and down excitedly, whining and calling out non-stop.

“Major General seems to have been fattened up a lot by you.”


Qin Yue rubbed his head vigorously before he finally calmed down.

Ji Li held Snow Cake and also rubbed Major General’s head. “You can blame me for that. I’ve been busy with the movie recently and could only take him out for half an hour every day. His weight gain should be due to the lack of exercise, right?”

The pressure of the recent publicity workload on Baozi wasn’t light, and the newly recruited assistant was afraid of a large dog like Major General. Ji Li didn’t like forcing others to do work and became personally responsible for walking the dog.

However, once he became busy as an actor, it was difficult for him to have normal walk times with the dog.

Every time, Ji Li dragged his exhausted body to finish the script reading and his other work before he could take Major General out. Sparing half an hour was already his limit.

“I don’t think it is bad for him to be fat. In fact, many ordinary people wouldn’t be able to walk such an energetic dog like Major General for half an hour in the first place.”

Otherwise, why else did celebrities and actors like to raise cats and puppies? Taking care of a large dog like Major General could easily evolve into a scene of the ‘dog walking the person.’

“For now, if you can’t take care of him, I’ll let Qi An take him back. After a while, once I’m free, I’ll take him out for a walk.”

Major General heard Qin Yue’s words and his whimpering became a lot softer. He immediately pushed against Ji Li’s palm and looked at Snow Cake in the other person’s arms.

“Forget it, Major General doesn’t want to leave. I’ll just take turns with Baozi to take him out for a walk.”

Ji Li put Snow Cake on Major General’s back, and the cat and dog returned to their nest.

The two of them talked for a while before the doorbell rang and the assistant’s voice was heard.

“Brother Ji, I’ve brought your takeout meal downstairs.”

“I’m coming.”

Five minutes later, an exquisite meal was set up on the large table.

Qin Yue opened the webpage of ‘Poor Travel Notes’ and intended to watch the episodes he had missed as they were eating.

The variety show was about to air their third trip to the Netherlands, but he and Ji Li hadn’t even started watching the second trip.

The familiar opening screen appeared, and a large number of barrages instantly flooded in.

-Ahhhh, Brother Yue, here I come!

-Chirp! Ji Li! Ji Li~ chirp! We love you!

-Chinese Rose, I came with a microscope. You can release sugar to your heart’s content.

-Hahaha, the big sister in front of me is bold.

-Please note! You are about to see a high scale sweet scene! It is very easy for the sweet scene to inadvertently cause fainting accidents!

Ji Li glanced at the comments on the barrage and was a bit puzzled. “Our first interaction in Liangzhou wasn’t so obvious, right? Why do I feel like there are more comments from CP fans?”

“Let’s watch the episode again. In any case, we were very restrained,” Qin Yue replied lightly, with a faint smug smile on his face.

According to his understanding of the CP, the followers of the Chinese Rose super talk had exceeded 500,000 and their activity rate was even greater.

After more than half a year, it once again surpassed the super talk ranking of the ‘Qifei’ CP.

Just as the two of them were talking, the episode started.

Before 5 o’clock in the morning, at a time when even the rooster didn’t crow, the director of the program team knocked on Ji Li’s door.

The Ji fans on the barrage saw the time displayed on the screen and jumped out one after another in distress.

-Ahh, it is hard work to film variety shows! Is he getting up to catch a flight?

-Did Baby sleep enough?

-The editors and directors of the program team also worked hard. Thank you for your efforts behind the scenes.

The door of the house opened, and a sleepy-eyed Ji Li poked out his messy head. He confirmed that the people who came were the staff from the program team and generously invited them to enter.

“Good morning.”

Under the lens, Ji Li had a completely bare face, and his skin was soft and tender. His eyelids drooped from time to time, and the little strand of hair that stood up was so cute that people couldn’t help laughing.

The distressed fans on the barrage drastically changed their attitude.

-Wu wu wu, it is really my soft and sweet baby! Obediently wait for me! Mama will make milk for you!

-Thank you, program team! We got to see such a cute Ji Li!

-Help, my heart is pounding wildly. Ji Li’s character is pure, seductive, handsome, and beautiful, but it turns out that he is so cute in private?

-Whoever is with Ji Li in the future will be blessed for 800 lifetimes!

Ji Li saw these messages and glanced at Qin Yue in embarrassment. He didn’t expect that the man’s eyes were completely fixed on the screen.

Qin Yue wasn’t aware of his gaze and picked up the cold mineral water on the table to take a few sips, as if he was suddenly thirsty.

Ji Li was stunned for a few seconds before approaching him a bit proudly.

Qin Yue’s gaze immediately shifted. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing. I just want to watch the show with you as my human pillow.”

Qin Yue gave a low laugh and immediately adjusted his posture to let his lover lean against him comfortably. Then he shifted his attention back to the screen.

Ji Li’s packing process was very simple and even a bit sloppy. The fans on the screen started a new round of amused barrages, and all the mother fans seemed to be in place.

-Hey, Baby really can’t do without Mom. Get out of the way, I’ll do it for you!

-Ji Li, how can I be at ease as your mother? Even your suitcase is packed so casually.

-Everyone, sober up. You can’t spoil the baby (P.S. Baby, don’t be abducted when you go out).

Ji Li was ridiculed by these messages and felt helpless yet amused. “I think I packed very well. I folded my items neatly and brought everything that should be brought.”

It was just temporary luggage. He had to return to China for the audition halfway through, so he deliberately didn’t bring much.

Qin Yue smiled. “They are all joking. Even if you didn’t pack well, I would have packed what you were lacking.”

Ji Li muttered, “Baozi told me before that the mother fans account for the largest proportion of my fan base, and the number of girlfriend fans is declining.”

Qin Yue sighed. “That is why I’m under a lot of pressure.”


“You have so many mother fans. If everyone is as strict as Sister Yu, then will I still have a way to live?”

Ji Li couldn’t help laughing and casually pinched Qin Yue’s Adam’s apple. “Don’t speak blindly.”

Actors falling in love wasn’t as taboo as idols falling in love. Rational fans could generally accept an actor’s relationship and give their blessings as long as the relationship didn’t break the bottom line of ethics and morality.

China’s acceptance of homosexuality wasn’t as high as foreign countries, but this didn’t mean there was no precedent for coming out publicly.

Ji Li imagined that sooner or later, he and Qin Yue would go public or semi-public.

Ji Li wanted to be honest about love, including with his fans. At that time, he would willingly accept the outcome no matter whether his fans chose to bless him or leave.

Ji Li’s gaze swept back and forth between Qin Yue and himself, still feeling depressed. “Am I that different from you? Why do fans see me as a child?”

Other people’s fans called them ‘male god’ and ‘husband.’ Meanwhile, his fans called him ‘baby’ and ‘son.’

This difference was too big.

It had to be known that Qin Yue had always been recognized as the Top 1 boyfriend, and he had accumulated countless girlfriend fans since his debut.

Many old fans were already married, but there were still many girlfriend fans every year. The even more exaggerated thing was that there were many gay men who treated Qin Yue as their object of fantasy.

Qin Yue’s eyes moved slightly, and he said with deep meaning, “I will be more than willing if you call me ‘Husband’.”


Ji Li’s face turned red due to this teasing, and he quickly looked back at the screen. The show had progressed to Qin Yue’s house.

Major General rushed out of the door and threw himself on Ji Li, his tail wagging like a propeller. Qin Yue appeared on camera and explained, “I’m sorry, my dog is overly friendly with strangers.”

This time, the Yue fans didn’t fill the screen as crazily as last time. They were all attracted by Ji Li and Major General. In addition, the barrage started to move in a strange direction.

-If I’m not mistaken, Brother Yue’s Major General is very smart but hasn’t he always been cold to outsiders? Even his agent Qi An said that Major General isn’t very close to him. Why is he so sticky with Ji Li?

-There is only one truth! Ji Li and Major General have been in frequent contact, and the dog regards him as a familiar and intimate master.

-Thank you, sister fan! I ship it, I ship it!

-Dogs don’t lie! In any case, the private relationship between Ji Li and Brother Yue must be good!

-Hahaha Brother Yue’s ‘my dog is friendly’ sentence is serious and slightly perfunctory.

Ji Li felt helpless.

The two of them hid their relationship well in front of the camera, but they were actually ‘betrayed’ by Major General?

Next, the packing session with Qin Yue aroused another wave of heated discussions among fans.

-This man is too careful!

-Ahhh, can I meet a second Brother Yue in real life?

-Whoever is with Brother Yue in the future will be blessed for 800 lifetimes! Thank you, I’m already starting to feel sour!

-Oho, they complement each other.

-Oho, sister in front, I understand your meaning of ‘complement.’ Hahaha, it is too sweet.

Ji Li obviously understood the meaning of the word ‘complement’ and was vaguely worried. “The CP fan remarks won’t provoke a dispute with the career fans, right?”

“Don’t worry. This already aired three weeks ago. Your team and mine have been monitoring the online public opinion in real time. If there were any problems between the fans on both sides, it has already been reported.”

No matter how good the relationship was between the two masters, there would always be small-scale quarrels between fans. This was unavoidable in the entertainment industry.

As long as it wasn’t on a large-scale and directly tearing at each other, the officials generally wouldn’t control the quarrels lest they receive the ugly title of ‘monitoring the fan circle.’”

“Our fans are very sensible, and most CP fans basically know how to stay in their groups. There have been no direct conflicts.”

Qin Yue had been in the circle for a long time, and his fans basically followed his example. They looked down on the so-called ‘fighting’ in the fan circle.

Ji Li’s fans followed their master’s calmness. They knew that Ji Li’s debut time was short, and he was rising too quickly. They were cautious in their words and deeds and didn’t provoke their seniors at all.

The CP fans of the two of them were also careful to only eat candy in the super talk and the groups.

Qin Yue and Ji Li had cooperated many times, but there was no reason for them to ‘stir up trouble.’

To use the words of the agent Qi An:

“I’ve seen the two actors’ career fans living in harmony, and I’ve seen the career fans and CP fans living in peace, but I’ve never seen two actors’ career fans and CP fans get together and bow to each other.”

Ji Li was relieved. “Then that’s okay.”

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