IPCFS: Chapter 122 Part 2

For the current recording, the staff could only take a long strip of green cloth in the shape of a ‘snake’ and use a wire rod to manually act out the behaviors of the monster.

Ji Li cooperated with the staff and cameramen to check the scene. Then he entered the official state of filming.

The engine hidden under the ‘pool’ started to operate, and vortexes appeared again on the surface of the water.

In addition, there was a large blower in front of Ji Li, allowing a staff member to control the real time wind speed and power.


The sound of filming was heard, and the whole crew fell into a tacit quiet state again.

The sound of water lapping against the rocks on shore intensified. Suddenly, a wall of water tens of meters high emerged from the water.

Chen Yi, played by Ji Li, stood up slowly. His veil was blown to the side by the strong wind, revealing the eyes that were calmly looking at the situation.

There was no fear and no shock.

These eyes were even quieter than the pool not long ago. It was as if they could swallow everything around them.


The hissing sound recorded in advance was released, and the blower was raised to the highest level. In the midst of the fierce wind, a giant ‘monster’ broke out of the water.

The veil hat was blown high by the wind and fell to the ground.

Chen Yi raised his head and looked directly at the ‘monster’ in front of him, his eyes finally filled with a bit of interest.

After all, this little worm rolled out to die.

The camera advanced to a freeze frame.

Ji Li’s gaze shifted back and forth a few times before finally landing on the ground.

In the description of the script, the monster was still thinking of Chen Yi’s appearance. Therefore, she started by wrapping around his legs and climbing all the way up his body.

In order to make it easier for the actor to enter into the act, the lines of the script were all recorded by professional voice actors. The recorded lines of the snake demon were released on the spot.

“It turned out to be a little monk.”

“Then you should know that this is the forbidden territory of the snake demon clan. Anyone who breaks into it shall die.”

The shrill and gloomy female voice made the soles of a person’s feet feel cold.

“However, I see that you look good.”

“Do you want to stay with me, little monk?”

Just listening to the sound recording was terrifying, but the actual picture on set was a bit funny.

A staff member held the green cloth shaped like a ‘snake.’ He bent over to avoid the camera while allowing the green cloth to wrap around Ji Li’s body and climb up.

Facing such a strange scene, it was difficult for someone not to laugh, right?

However, Ji Li’s attitude was very professional, and he was immersed in the interpretation of the plot. His gaze followed the monster’s climbing motion before finally focusing on his side.

Ji Li imagined that the snake tongue full of mucus was trying to stain his face. He turned his head slightly to dodge the tongue, and there was a hint of killing intent in his smiling eyes.

“Female benefactor, my hat has fallen off.”


“My hat has fallen off, and you can see what I look like.”

“Of course, otherwise I would’ve swallowed you up in one gulp. It was your looks that saved your life.”

Ji Li let out a low laugh.

The smile that bloomed on his face was pure and charming, as if it could cause all of the dead wood in the world to bloom.

The monster was fascinated by him, and her voice was filled with intoxication. “Little monk, what are you laughing at?”

Ji Li’s face was innocent, and his smile was even more harmless. “Snake sister, can you help me pick up my hat? My arms hurt from you wrapping around me, and I can’t move.”

The ending tone rose slightly, making people’s hearts tremble.

Now they didn’t find this filming scene funny at all. They were brought into the scene by Ji Li’s natural acting skills.

What kind of divine being was Ji Li?

Not only did he match well with the monster lines recorded in advance, but this deliberately pitiful look he was exuding provoked the reaction of ‘I can’t help but love  him when I see him.’

It was no wonder why the monsters in the script were fascinated by him. Who didn’t like the sweet words of ‘snake sister’ and the pitiful words of ‘my arms hurt’?

Some female staff members were so fascinated that they almost became the snake demon.

Wu wu wu, Baby, come here!

Where does it hurt? Sister will blow on it for you!


The scene wasn’t over yet.

The monster was bewitched by Chen Yi. She thought there was no way for a mortal to escape, so she let go of him. As everyone knew, this relaxation would plunge her into the unsolvable dilemma of death.

Chen Yi took two steps forward. He bent down to pick up the hat on the ground and turned to the monster again. “Snake sister, do you want to know my name?”

“Name? What is your name?”

“Remember it.” Ji Li rubbed the edge of his hat with his fingers, and his innocent tone was stained with a careless killing intent. “My name is Chen Yi.”


The monster froze for a moment.

Chen Yi?

The rumored demon monk Chen Yi who killed anyone who saw his face?

Ji Li raised his eyes and looked directly at the ‘monster’ in front of him. The corners of his flushed eyes overflowed with seductive charm. “Snake sister, I reminded you. My hat fell off, and you have seen my face…”

So now you have to die.

A vicious aura suddenly erupted, and shocking killing intent swallowed everything around him.

Before the monster could move, Chen Yi flung out the seemingly inconspicuous hat in his hand. It became as sharp as a blade that could destroy the heavens and earth.

Of course, this depended on the post-production visual effects.


“Chen Yi, you won’t die well!”

The anaconda monster roared in pain and caused the little snake monsters within hundreds of kilometers to flee one after another. She twisted her body and slammed into the deep pool. Then she suddenly disintegrated into dozens of pieces, exploding.

Blood dripped down from the sky.

Chen Yi recovered his hat and easily avoided the filthy remains.

Soon, a demon pill exuding a strong energy emerged from the water and floated in front of Chen Yi.

He threw down his dirty hat and grabbed the demon pill. The gloom in his eyes and the demonic charm on his face had completely disappeared.

In an instant, he seemed to have changed back to the holy monk Chen Yi who helped every being.


The moment these words emerged, he completely crushed the demon pill that harmed people.


The big scene was completed here.

Ji Li reviewed his filming footage and took a few more close-ups.

Xu Cheng was very satisfied with Ji Li, the male protagonist. It was just as he said before filming.

He could film all these scenes at once.

He could see that Ji Li had worked hard on the role of Chen Yi.

This one-man show without a physical partner was mixed with many delicate and complicated contradictory emotions. Ji Li could complete his transformation and control it instantly without any sloppiness.

The scenes on the monitor were already pleasing to the eye, let alone after the post-production visual effects were completed.

It would definitely be wonderful if they opened the movie with this scene.

“Director Xu, is there anything I need to reshoot?” Ji Li asked.

He felt that there were no loopholes but he still needed to get the approval of Director Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng announced, “No need. This scene is completely over.”

The on-site coordinator glanced at the time and said, “Director Xu, it is only 3 p.m.”

Originally, the estimated time scheduled for this scene was until 5 o’clock, but it turned out that the filming completed sooner than expected. Including the first on-site run through, the total filming time was less than one and a half hours.

“What’s wrong with 3 o’clock? Everyone, thank Ji Li. We will end work early today.”

It was only the first day, and they didn’t need to be in such a hurry.

Only this scene was scheduled to be filmed for the day, so only this scene would be filmed. There was no need to advance the filming schedule.

Xu Cheng was the director and producer. He had the absolute rights on the set to make the final decisions. The moment the words ‘finish work early’ came out from his mouth, the staff at the scene immediately cheered.

“Thank you, Director!”

“Thank you, Ji Li!”

Ji Li smiled and bowed in all directions. “You’ve all worked hard today. Thank you.”

Xu Yazhi saw Ji Li’s polite attitude, and a hint of approval filled his eyes. “Ji Li, you performed very well today. I’m looking forward to our next rivalry scene.”

“Thank you, I’m also looking forward to your performance as Yan Su,” Ji Li responded.

He signaled to Xu Cheng. “Director Xu, if there is nothing else, I’ll take my leave first?”

Xu Cheng replied, “Go. You’ve worked hard today.”

“Ji Li, go directly to the RV to remove your makeup and change out of your clothes. I’ve asked Baozi to turn on the heating for you in advance,” Yu Fuya told him with a hint of a deep meaning in her smile.


Ji Li didn’t notice her emotions. He instinctively wrapped himself in his warm jacket and walked quickly toward the RV.

The door closed.

Before Ji Li could completely recover his mind in the warmth, he was suddenly pulled into a familiar and warm embrace.


Ji Li looked up in a daze, and surprise appeared on his face when he saw Qin Yue. “Why are you here?”

“We need to move to a different filming location for Director Garvey’s movie. I had to transfer flights in Shanghai, so I bought an early flight back here and will fly out again at 6 p.m. tomorrow.”

He was a bit tired, but he became full of energy when he thought about seeing Ji Li.

Qin Yue grabbed Ji Li’s cold hands and rubbed them to generate heat. “Based on my rough calculations, I can spend more than half a day with you.”

Ji Li pulled Qin Yue to the seat of the RV and simply sat on his lap. “Then how did you get here?”

“I came by car.”

From Shanghai to Hengcheng, it took four hours by car.

Ji Li frowned in distress. “Why are you tormenting yourself so much?”

“To see you.”

Qin Yue rubbed Ji Li’s bare head and suddenly couldn’t let go. Sure enough, it was comfortable to hold this person in his arms. It was much better than seeing him through the screen of a phone.

Ji Li was reminded by this and remembered that he hadn’t removed the wig yet.

The heating was on in the car, so he simply took off his coat and generously showed his costume to his lover. “Qin Yue, which character do you think I am based on my outfit?”

It was the first time he had tried such a look, and he had long wanted Qin Yue to see it personally.

“My Li Bao looks good no matter what.” Qin Yue kissed his chin and whispered, “I used Baozi’s work ID earlier and went in to take a look.”

In order to see his lover at work, the dignified movie emperor not only sneaked onto the set fully covered, but he could only shrink into a corner to secretly watch. How shabby was this?

Ji Li imagined this scene and fell into Qin Yue’s arms with a laugh. “It must have been really hard for you. I didn’t even notice.”

Qin Yue took the opportunity to rub against the tip of his nose and asked possessively, “Baby, whose demon monk are you?”

Ji Li knew that this vinegar essence had started to attack again and stepped forward with a smile. “I am yours.”

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