IPCFS: Chapter 121 Part 2

Due to the black post that was hotly discussed previously, the netizens on the forum were somewhat affected and didn’t have too high expectations for Ji Li’s appearance. Nevertheless, they had a calm wait and see attitude toward this series of movies.

Unexpectedly, the attitude of the netizens immediately changed when they saw the makeup photos.

-F*k! F*k! F*k! I am too amazed by this look!

-Ji Li is too beautiful! How is there anything wrong with Director Xu Cheng’s aesthetics? He clearly knows what us girls want to see!

-The first three movies of Godslayer were all female-led movies. It is good that the fourth one has changed this. Ji Li looks really good! I am drooling.

-Let me say that Ji Li’s appearance is at the peak of the entertainment industry. Have you seen it? There was the previous short cut and the current bald head look. He can actually support the look. Amazing!

-The holy monk is so white and tender, while the demon monk is so sensual. How did Ji Li do it? I almost thought it was a role played by two different people.

-I like narcissus! Self-attack! I’m looking forward to the release of the movie now. Hurry up for me!

-Hahahaha, it is my favorite face slapping session again. The source of the previous photo has been found, and it is from a cosplay club two years ago. The poster also intentionally photoshopped over the back of the person’s head. Tsk tsk, everyone understands!

The entertainment forums had never been occupied by a single group of fans. Even if the Ji fans didn’t come forward, the praise of the forum’s netizens was enough to explain everything.

This post received more and more replies and became a HOT post in less than 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the previous ‘ugly’ black post had been deleted without a trace.

It wasn’t only the forum that was lively. Public opinion and feedback on Weibo was also explosive.

It was just as the saying went, what could test handsomeness more than a short cut was a bald head!

Without the cover of a hairstyle, the shortcomings in a person’s appearance would be exposed one by one. However, Ji Li’s bald head style didn’t affect his handsome appearance. Rather, it highlighted his three dimensional facial features and fascinated people.

-I am willing to say that Ji Li is responsible for beauty in the world!

-The mole on the bridge of his nose is the cinnabar mole in my heart!

-Help! This man is too good-looking!

-Ji Li=handsome man. Who doesn’t love a handsome man? So who doesn’t love Ji Li?

-In the end, I couldn’t avoid the attack of Ji Li’s new appearance. I am laying down vertically in the pit.

More praise appeared in the real-time trending search, and the countless fans of other families were sour. They saw the string of exaggerated praise and were especially disdainful.

Were the fans so shameless? What type of passersby were they pretending to be? Unexpectedly, they clicked on the Weibo IDs and found that all these people were real passersby.

That’s right. It was all true passersby and fans of Godslayer who were praising him. Ji Li’s fans didn’t need to control the comments or grab the top comments at all.

I’m sorry, my baby Ji Li can make a fortune on his own. Our fans just have to raise our proud little heads and praise him. It has always been very relaxed.

The little fans of the Ji family were relaxed, but the big fans became very busy.

Thank you for the invitation, I am busy writing an article. I have already imagined the beautiful narcissistic love between the demon monk and holy monk.

Thank you for the invitation, I am busy drawing pictures. I will be able to draw two beautiful character fanarts by tonight.

Thank you for the invitation, I am busy editing. Ji Li’s movie and television role highlights will have two more roles added to it.

Thank you for the invitation, I am busy photoshopping pictures… Wait, this isn’t good. I almost forgot that he was born beautiful and photoshop isn’t needed at all!

The writing wife was busy, the artist wife was busy, and the editor teacher was busy. Meanwhile, the wealthy boss who attracted the most attention in the Ji family was different.

He forwarded the movie’s official promotional post and attached the sentence:

@I Want to Kiss and Make Ji Li Cry Every Day: Good-looking, cute, and I want to kiss.

The fans following this Weibo account immediately burst out laughing when they saw this post.

-Hahahaha, I’m about to laugh to death due to the big shot.

-The big shot is stupid. So what if you have money? There will always be a man that you and I can’t get. You can only lick the screen like me.

-The love of the big shot is no longer controllable. It has become more and more presumptuous over the past six months.

-I suspect that the big shot is engaging in something yellow, but I have no proof.

-Sister upstairs +1. I suspect that the big shot doesn’t just want to kiss the baby (dog head.JPG).

Oh, it was getting more and more coquettish.

The fan circle was an all-encompassing existence.

Ji Li was so good-looking. Who didn’t have the desire to kiss him?

Besides, the words and deeds of the big shot were under control. Every time Baby Ji Li’s work was released, the big shot would take on a serious attitude.

Movie releases required off-site financial support, and magazines required impulse purchases… at these times, the big shot wasn’t still, and the money the big shot spent was stronger and stronger every time.

So when faced with his occasional comments, the fans accepted it well and even felt that he was very down to earth.

There were girlfriend fans in the fan circle, so it wasn’t surprising that there were boyfriend fans, right?

In less than two hours after the movie poster of ‘Demon Monk’ was released, Ji Li entered the top three of the hot searches purely based on his appearance.

He attracted millions of fans in a straight line in half a day, and the number of Weibo follows he received exceeded 20 million in one go.

There were many stars who relied on movie and television works to attract fans, but Ji Li was the only one who could attract fans crazily with just three makeup photos.

Ji Li’s titles in the circle ranged from ‘hard photo killer’, ‘beautiful picture maker’, ‘artificial tear glands’, ‘famous director harvester’, etc. Now there was one more.

His appearance carries the beauty of the world.

As the male protagonist of the movie, Ji Li absolutely drove the popularity of the movie. In addition, the posters of the other actors were released soon after and raised the discussion.

“Am I mistaken? Yan Su’s actor is Xu Yanzhi? I didn’t expect him to come back and continue filming.”

“I remember that he is Director Xu’s nephew, right? Why is he playing a supporting role instead of the male lead?”

“Person upstairs, don’t recruit black fans. Us fans are already very thankful that Yanzhi can come back to act!”

“Xu Yanzhi has been handsome since he was a child. I hope this time, he can stay in the entertainment industry for a long time!”

“The texture of the movie poster is amazing. Director Xu’s reputation is really big enough. The cameo actors are all big names and can carry the movie alone.”

“Will it be released soon? I really like special effects mythological movies with a Chinese theme! Hurry up!”

The popularity on the Internet lasted a full three days before subsiding slightly. In the list of the most anticipated movies, there was already a spot for ‘Demon Monk.’

Under such eager anticipation, the movie ‘Demon Monk’ officially launched in Hengcheng.

All the scenes in the movie were carefully designed by the art team. It took as long as a year and a half to build and produce as many as 200 scenes. A large number of fight scenes between monsters, ghosts, and gods required the post-editing of the visual effects team.

Therefore, unlike the on-site filming of ordinary movies, the movie scenes of the Godslayer series were all built in advance.

This time, the entire indoor studio area of ‘Demon Monk’ reached 5,000 square meters. A lot of manpower, materials, and financial resources were exhausted in the early stages of the movie.

Saying that Xu Cheng and the producer filmed ‘Demon Monk’ just to make quick money? That was a big mistake.

Who said that the movies in a series would only get worse and worse? Their ‘Demon Monk’ was bound to break the box office created by the first three movies!

Just wait and see!

In November, it was already winter in Hengcheng. This year’s cold air came particularly early, and the interior was filled with an indescribable coldness.

Cold air poured in from all directions, so fierce that it seemed to be able to poke directly through the cracks in a person’s bones.

Ji Li sat in the dressing room dressed in cotton clothes. He held hot tea in his hand, and there was a standing heater next to him. Even so, he felt that the coldness never subsided.

Today’s first scene was close to a pool, and he could only wear a thin costume in the scene. Therefore, it felt like a tough battle.

Yu Fuya was very distressed. “You are afraid of the cold, so you will suffer while filming this winter. I have asked someone to prepare ginger soup. You should drink it to warm up before filming later.”


Cold was cold. The serious business still needed to be done.

Ji Li picked up the script and sorted out the content to be filmed later.

This was a scene of Chen Yi in the movie. He walked through the mountains and forests and noticed the changes around him. There were demons following him, and they were extremely murderous.

It had been a long time since he met such demons who didn’t know whether to live or to die.

Chen Yi was playful and unknowingly approached a deep pool. The calm surface of the pool rippled, and a huge anaconda demon rushed out.

She wrapped around Chen Yi, but before she could eat him, she was fascinated by his appearance.

Under such circumstances, Chen Yi launched a counterattack like crushing ants.

This was the first small climax of the movie and was mainly used to shape the character of the demon monk.

If the initial impression of the core character of the movie was good, the audience’s overall impression of the movie would rise.

This showed the importance of this scene.

After around 30 minutes, Ji Li was taken by the staff to a place in the studio.

Deep mountains and old forests, fallen leaves, and dead vines—the gloomy atmosphere gave people an inexplicable sense of danger.

The seemingly realistic scene was actually built in advance by the art and props teams.

Xu Cheng saw Ji Li and beckoned to him. “Ji Li, come here.”

Ji Li approached and nodded in greeting at Xu Yanzhi beside Xu Cheng.

Xu Yanzhi had no scenes today, but he chose to stay in the studio to watch Ji Li’s first scene.

“Director Xu.” Ji Li didn’t know what was going on in this person’s heart and said to Xu Cheng, “I’m ready.”

“Ji Li, do you know what the most difficult part about today’s scene is?”

“It is a performance with nothing in it. My opponent is the air,” Ji Li replied.

The water snake would be produced through the post-production special effects. If Ji Li wanted to film the scene now, it would only be a one-man show.

Opponents could transmit emotions to each other, and the performance could be completed through the aura of the other actor.

A solo scene could shape the role of the character, and the performance could be completed through the psychological changes in the actor himself.

However, the next scene was different.

Ji Li would be playing opposite air. After the movie was released, the audience would see him and the anaconda demon.

Could the eyes of the two be matched? Could the emotions be right? These were all difficult points.

“I heard that for all your previous works, you basically passed the first scene of the movie in one go.” Xu Cheng first praised him before asking with a smile.

“How many times do you plan to do this first scene without a real partner?”

Ji Li looked at everything the crew had prepared and replied calmly, “Director Xu, I plan to go through this next scene in one take.”

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Thank you for the chapter ❤️

9 months ago

You know, as someone who works in the film industry, specifically in cg animation, sometimes this novel hurts me. I know, its a power fantasy novel i know. But this one hurts the most. We ate not magicians that can make thing out of nothing lol. Thats why in bts of movie theres that tennis ball on stick, its a reference point, because multiple cam angle means different height and point of interest. Like im yelling into the void but at least translator will read this right?

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Reply to  doraemon

I’m actually also wondering because in documentaries they do show these things. Actors need to at least know positions and stuff, and dummies are usually used, especially so if there’s movements involved. Does the Chinese special effect movies work differently from Hollywood-produced ones? I sure hope the author already did their research.