IPCFS: Chapter 121 Part 1

In order to match the main character of the demon monk, the costumes in the movie were mainly black and red.

The ink-like black was the background color, while the large area of flowing ‘incantations’ was embroidered with flashing ‘red and gold’ threads. The splendor of the entire costume was better than the holy monk’s ‘white robe and gold text.’

The robe worn by a Buddhist monk had always been holy and solemn, but it wasn’t so rigid once the object of the clothing was a demon monk.

Two half-open arcs were designed at the top of a collar. If a martial arts scene was filmed and there was large-scale fighting action, Ji Li’s delicate collar bone would be seen.

The top of the collar on both sides was connected to the neck, and the black and red incantations were ‘engraved’, extending all the way to the invisible insides of the robe.

Mysterious characters with a powerful undertone drew a person’s imagination, and they couldn’t wait to take off the robe to explore what was underneath.

The appropriately tailored clothes wrapped around Ji Li’s body, and dark red ribbons outlined his thin waist, forming a boundary that was enough to show off his long legs.

Just seeing this was enough to make people drool.

In order to distinguish him from the ‘charm’ of female characters, Ji Li’s makeup wasn’t colorful at all. There was a small section of dark red eyeliner on the tail of both sides, catching the viewer’s heartstrings like a hot, red hook.

Red and black were the most commonly used colors after a character’s ‘blackening’ in movies or dramas. The most outstanding part of this makeup was—

The small mole on the bridge of Ji Li’s nose had been changed from light brown to red.

The mole on the bridge of his nose belonged to Ji Li, and it had always been the biggest killer of his temperament of ‘pure desire’. Now it was magnified by the bright red color, and his ‘sense of desire’ was magnified by thousands of times.

Looking at the entire entertainment industry, it was common for celebrities to have movies. In movie and television works, there were many times when there was a cinnabar mole drawn between the eyebrows of an actor. However, Ji Li’s mole on the bridge of his nose became the unique symbol of the demon monk!

At this moment, it jumped out of everyone’s inherent impressions.

Eyes from all directors focused on him. Ji Li didn’t feel any sense of urgency at all as he walked to the photographer. “Teacher, my side is almost ready, and we can shoot at any time.

In order to conform to the next makeup photo shooting, he had already changed his psychological state. He was freed from the sad and joyless emotions of the holy monk and faint teasing filled his eyes.

As Ji Li came closer, the mole on the bridge of his nose became even more thrilling.

The photographer took a deep breath. He had photographed countless stars in his career, but the impact that Ji Li’s demon monk gave him was definitely ranked first.

There was no need for exaggerated makeup. Just the seductive mole on the bridge of his nose was worth a thousand words.

“As long as you are ready, let’s get started.”

The staff took out the special props. It wasn’t the rounded Buddha beads bracelet but a bracelet made of very small skulls.

Ji Li wrapped it tightly around his wrist and held it in his palm. He lowered his eyes slightly, and once he looked up again, evil instantly burst out.

The ends of his eyes outlined in red looked gorgeous and passionate, but the curve of his lips was full of terrifying killing intent. It was as if he could kill everything in the next second.

Of course, the most amazing thing was the mole on the bridge of his nose!

The desire that used to require close examination to be discovered in the past now shone brightly, distracting everyone present.

From evil to beauty, from a demon to desire.

It wasn’t until this moment that everyone realized the demon monk in the script wasn’t just a character who was beautified by the script’s writing. He was a character that could actually exist!

“F*k, I’m about to get a nosebleed! Who can stand this?”

“Peony flowers are blooming, and even the ghosts are merry. Oh my god, even though I’m a woman, I want to rush up and throw Ji Li down!”

“Stop! He is now the demon monk. He can destroy you before you even pounce.”

“Isn’t that right? Why else would the screenwriter, Teacher Lan Lingmeng, say that some ghosts and monsters would rather die if it meant meeting the demon monk Chen Yi? If it were me, I would be like that as well!”

“Who came up with this look? The red mole on the bridge of his nose is killing me too much! F*k!”

The head of the makeup team, Brother Lang, heard the discussion of the staff members and his eyes drifted to Ji Li, who was taking the photos. “It was Ji Li himself who proposed the red mole.”

Yu Fuya was surprised and asked, “He proposed it himself?”

She had received an invitation call from the editor-in-chief of a first-time magazine and didn’t have time to look at the situation in the dressing room. By the time she came back to the room, Ji Li’s nose mole was already dyed red.

Yu Fuya thought that this eye-catching finishing touch was decided by the styling team early on.

“He proposed it,” Brother Lang repeated the sentence and affirmed the answer.

“Ji Li is very aware of the advantages of his appearance, and he can fully integrate his physical advantages with the role.”

He was unlike other actors in the circle who:

Would curl their hair in every work if they thought their curly hair looked good.

Would smile in a grassy manner if they thought their curved lips looked good.

Ji Li used his strengths but wouldn’t abuse them. This was rare.

Brother Lang sighed. “As a stylist, I like him very much.”

Yu Fuya and Baozi exchanged looks while feeling proud of Ji Li.

He was first approved by the director and screenwriter, then the competition, and now he was doubly approved by the photographer and the stylist.

Stack all of this together, and it just proved that their artist was very powerful!

The people around them nodded involuntarily after hearing this.

The movie hadn’t even started filming, but the love of the crew for the starring actor Ji Li was already full!

Xu Yanzhi didn’t show up. He just stood at the edge of his dressing room and watched from afar. He saw Ji Li, who was seriously taking his makeup photos, and the impulse in his heart surged up.

“What’s the matter? It has been a long time since I’ve seen your eyes full of such fighting spirit,” Xu Yanzhi’s cousin and agent asked with a smile. Then he followed his younger brother’s line of sight.

“To be honest, I’m really looking forward to playing against Ji Li.” Xu Yanzhi smiled and didn’t hide his true thoughts. “I hope that day will come early.”


One week later.

In the largest entertainment forum in China, a breaking news post suddenly appeared.

“I saw Ji Li’s new movie style. The soil is dirty after all. No one in the entertainment industry can do the bald head look.”

-A new movie look? Director Xu Cheng’s ‘Demon Monk?’

-F*k, a bald head look? It is over. My imagination can’t accept it. Why don’t handsome guys cherish their hair?!

-It should be a fake headgear, right? But is it really that ugly?

-Talking nonsense without a photo? Open your mouth and you will be black!

-I will apply for the deletion of this post. Ji fans, don’t give this post any popularity. Wait patiently for the official announcement of the movie poster.

The signs of disputes hadn’t fully ignited when the poster added a blurry, half-length photo of a person’s back.

In the dim indoor light, a bald head like a marinated egg was particularly shiny, and the back of the head seemed to be a bit uneven.

“My friend is a crew member and sent me this photo. This is Ji Li, believe it or not. It is recommended that everyone be mentally prepared to avoid dying of ugliness from the makeup poster.”

There was ridicule the moment this photo came out.

-Is it really Ji Li? I still can’t accept handsome guys shaving their heads.

-Thank you for the invitation. It is so ugly that I don’t want to take a second look at all.

-I didn’t expect that even Ji Li’s appearance would be overturned one day. After thinking about his face, I immediately accepted his inability to control a bald head.

-The fans can’t even recognize that this is a photo of their master’s back. Is this ‘passerby’ 100% sure that it is Ji Li? If the poster is a black fan, then please stop, so that you won’t be slapped in the face later.

More and more comments were added, and this post grew louder. As they were talking, they started to argue about the movie itself.

-Can there be a fourth movie in this bad series? Is Director Xu Cheng only resting on his laurels? The box office of the third one, Flower Demon, wasn’t as good as before, right?

-Upstairs +1. Apart from the special effects of Flower Demon, the plot was a mess.

-Flower Demon has a box office of 2 billion okay? Can you still call it a mess? What type of vinegar essence has come here to criticize it?

-After finding out that Ji Li is playing a bald monk, I can only say that Director Xu has been confused by money. Even his basic aesthetic concept is gone.

-I dare to say that Demon Monk will completely collapse. The audience members aren’t fools. Which series of movies shoots five consecutive movies? Flower Demon just aired at the beginning of the year, and a new movie will be released in less than a year. It is definitely a bad movie!

-Are all those engaging in this post black movie fans? The real people have long dispersed! I won’t waste traffic chatting with you.

The post suddenly mocked ‘Demon Monk’ and Ji Li in a large-scale manner. Any discerning people would instantly know what was going on.

There had always been many disputes in the movie and television industry.

Wasn’t this one of them?

Some peers were afraid that ‘Demon Monk’ would explode in popularity, so they already spent money to mock it in advance.

Soon, this post was promoted to a ‘HOT’ post. At the same time, a new post rose up.

“Look! The movie ‘Demon Monk’ has released the fixed makeup photos! Ji Li is absolutely amazing!”

There was the black post causing trouble above. The netizens looking at the forum saw this new post and clicked in curiously. As a result, they became speechless.

The crew released three makeup photos of Ji Li at once.

The first photo was a holy monk wearing a gold and white robe. His light eyes contained a hint of moisture, and his thin lips were raised in an inconspicuous arc. He was so transparent and holy that people didn’t dare defile him.

The third picture was a demon monk in black and red. He had red eye makeup, and there were the complex and mysterious black and red lines of his clothing. The evil smile on his face hooked people’s hearts, but the red mole on the bridge of his nose seemed like it would hook people’s souls away.

The one in the middle was the best.

The holy and demon monk stood side by side. One was pure and divine, and the other was charming and a demon. A complete sense of opposition rushed out, but there was also a subtle sense of their aura fusing.

“If wickedness is the norm in the world, then I want to be the white spot that can’t be erased and stained!”

“Where did the gods and Buddhas come from? They are just a bunch of vile and shameless ants. If I want to kill, then I will kill them!”

“Ji Li, playing Chen Yi in the movie ‘Demon Monk’.”

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