IPCFS: Chapter 120 Part 2

What about the gods and Buddhas who learned about this?

The reason why they could ascend to heaven was because they relied on the ‘blood sacrifice of the nationals’ to obtain faith. They were afraid that Chen Yi would reveal such despicable things to the world, so they joined forces to open an ancient illusory formation.

They trapped Chen Yi in it and hoped that the two forms of the holy monk and demon monk would kill each other.

It was just a pity that their wishful thinking was wrong.

Not only did Chen Yi survive, but he also merged the souls of the ‘holy and demon monk’ into one.

Chen Yi perfectly blended Buddhism and evil and directly struck the sky after a hundred years!


The first time Ji Li saw this, he thought it was the climax of the entire movie. Yet to his surprise, there was another layer of truth at the end.

The true identity of the one who helped Chen Yi over the course of five lives wasn’t simple at all. He was the deepest hidden character in the narrative, and represented the most good and evil.

Some of the plots had been laid out from the beginning.

Ji Li finished reading the script again. Then he finally closed his eyes and entered into a state of rest.

The core plot of ‘Demon Monk’ was very concise and followed the consistent ‘Godslayer’ theme of the first three movies. Part of the reason why this movie series became popular was due to the superb special effects of the movie.

If the plot made it 70 points, then the special effects made it 99 points.

Most of the demons, ghosts, spirits, and monsters that appeared in the script required the creation of models and post-production special effects. The high-energy fighting scenes couldn’t avoid this.

Ji Li was actually looking forward to this movie.

He had been used to filming normal movies over the past two years and hadn’t dealt with filming special effects movies for a long time.

The plane landed on time. Ji Li reported his safety to Qin Yue and returned home by car.

Baozi had sent Major General and Snow Cake to the pet store for a bath. In the middle of the night, the fluffy cat and dog occupied the end of the bed and happily clung to Ji Li.

Ji Li slept soundly with their company.

There was a short two day break before Ji Li, led by Yu Fuya, came to the studio designated by the ‘Demon Monk’ crew. They had to shoot the character’s makeup photos before filming started.

Ji Li arrived at the location and found Vivian, the head of makeup effects, waiting with her work team.

“Shall we start with the appearance of the holy monk from last time? The makeup is simpler than that of the demon monk,” Vivian suggested.

They had the experience of the last audition, and they were obviously more familiar with this look. This also facilitated Ji Li’s makeup during the first round of auditions.

Ji Li had no objections. “I will naturally listen to your arrangements.”

The appearance of the holy monk was almost the same as last time. Only the shaping of the monk’s bald headgear took a lot of time.

Baozi almost fell asleep waiting on the side. He couldn’t help saying, “Brother Ji, once the filming officially starts, you will have to spend a lot of time styling every day. If the schedule says that filming starts at 5 o’clock, won’t you have to wake up at 2 o’clock at the latest?”

The edge of the headgear needed to be glued, and it couldn’t be worn for a long time in case it irritated the skin.

If work ended late the day before, didn’t this mean there wouldn’t be much time to rest?

Vivian joked, “Ji Li’s head shape is very beautiful. If you want, you can save time by shaving your hair.”

Ji Li’s eyes flickered slightly when he heard this.

What was the saying? It was the ‘mother’ who knew their child best.

Yu Fuya saw Ji Li’s eyes and immediately stepped forward to stop him.

“Ji Li, get rid of this idea in your head. At the beginning of the year, you might go to participate in the ‘China Peak Awards.’ If you shave your head at this time, do you really plan to go there with a bald head?”

Ji Li froze and asked, “The Peak Awards?”

“Of course.”

“‘Time Lobbyist’ and ‘Special Operations’ will both be competing for awards. You will definitely have to participate, so obediently wear the headgear.”

It was a bit hard, but as his agent, Yu Fuya had to consider the overall situation of the future.

In addition to his movie and television resources, Ji Li regularly had some magazine and business resources.

These jobs needed to be matched with the corresponding styling for it. If he shaved his hair, wouldn’t it be difficult for him to match with his side projects and the business endorsements?

Ji Li heard this and had to resist the urge to shave his head.

He was willing to do his best to cooperate when there was a normal demand in acting.

However, Yu Fuya was right. Filming might be the core job of an actor, but it wasn’t everything. He had to think about more of his other responsibilities.

“Okay. I’ll consider the matter of shaving my head when the awards ceremony is over and there are no official jobs later.” Ji Li covered his smile and pretended to answer reluctantly.

Yu Fuya heard his joke and laughed helplessly. “Then you will have to wait for two months.”

Baozi hurriedly nodded. “Anything is fine. In any case, Brother Ji’s hair grows very quickly.”

The group of people finished the appearance of the holy monk while talking and laughing.

It wasn’t their first time seeing Ji Li’s holy monk, but everyone present couldn’t help exclaiming.

Once the male protagonist was confirmed to be Ji Li, all the costumes were further modified according to his size. It fit him better this time and showed off his superior figure to the fullest.

The holy monk’s makeup was very light and clean.

Ji Li’s skin had a good foundation. It was white and delicate. The makeup artist didn’t have to put in much effort at all. Under the light, he gave off a type of holy light.

Compared with his state four or five months ago, the current Ji Li obviously had a more thorough understanding of the holy monk.

The photographer was cooperating with the crew of ‘Godslayer’ for the fourth time, but he couldn’t help himself after seeing Ji Li’s photos.

White was the cleanest and simplest color, but it also had the harshest undertone.

The actor’s temperament must be absolutely pure so that the audience didn’t detect any false impurities.

Obviously, Ji Li managed to do this.

The holy monk had both the pure softness of compassion and the indifference of transcending the world. It was too amazing!

“I have worked with Director Xu on the stills of the movie and have shot many actors in the Godslayer series, but Ji Li is definitely among the top three I have photographed.”

The core photographer couldn’t help but praise him. “Director Xu’s picky eyes are becoming stronger.”

The onlookers heard his words and couldn’t help discussing it in a low voice.

“In addition, the actors in the entertainment industry who can control a bald head can be counted with our fingers.”

“I’ve always wanted to ask, how did the mole on the bridge of Ji Li’s nose grow? It is too good at picking its location!”

“I’m really looking forward to Ji Li’s demon monk appearance now! It is too exciting to think about ahhhhh!”

In the time when everyone was discussing his appearance, Ji Li completed the makeup photos in the holy monk style. It only took 30 minutes from start to finish.

This efficiency was very high.

He was just about to change his look when the door of the studio opened and another group of people walked in.

Ji Li looked up and met a familiar face in the center of the opposite group. Surprise appeared in his eyes.

Xu Yanzhi?

Why was he here?

“Brother Ji, I heard that the actor for Yan Su is also taking makeup photos today.” Baozi reacted faster than Ji Li and whispered a reminder in his ear.

Ji Li remembered this and stood where he was, not hurrying away.

Sure enough, Xu Yanzhi bypassed his assistant team and took the initiative to approach Ji Li. “We meet again.”

Yu Fuya and Baozi exchanged looks while feeling a bit surprised.

Last time, they met Xu Yanzhi at the audition, and the other person had ignored them. Now he was actually willing to greet Ji Li in a friendly manner?

What happened in between?

“Hello, Mr. Xu.”

“We are around the same age. Let’s just call each other by our names.” Xu Yanzhi’s tone was indifferent, but it could be seen that he had a good impression of Ji Li.

“Are you the actor of Yan Su?”

“Yes.” Xu Yanzhi saw Ji Li’s holy monk appearance and replied seriously, “I said that I hoped to cooperate with you.”

After going back home on that day, Xu Yanzhi watched the audition clips of the three of them to review the shortcomings in his own audition.

The more he studied Ji Li’s expression changes and aura during the audition, the more he felt it was normal for this person to win the role of the male protagonist.

At the same time, Xu Yanzhi’s enthusiasm for acting was completely stimulated, and he suddenly wanted to face off against the actor Ji Li.

This feeling would definitely be very enjoyable, right?

With this thought, Xu Yanzhi started the audition competition for the role of ‘Yan Su’ and finally won the role with his explosive acting skills.

“I got this role through an audition,” Xu Yanzhi explained with a hint of tension that he could hardly detect.

He didn’t know why, but Xu Yanzhi wanted to tell Ji Li:

I didn’t rely on my nephew relationship with Director Xu to go through the back door. I was recognized in a dignified manner.

Ji Li chuckled and replied, “Yes, I also said there would be such a day.”

He took the initiative to hold out his hand. “Xu Yanzhi, I wish us a happy future cooperation.”


Xu Yanzhi, who never easily showed his emotions, let out a rare smile.

They finished their simple greeting, and the two sides headed toward their own independent makeup artists.

The step with the headgear wasn’t necessary any longer, so Vivian had already left with the special effects team. There were only three stylists left behind for Ji Li’s demon monk styling.

Ji Li looked at the ‘makeup effect picture’ posted on the mirror and studied it for a while. Then he cautiously spoke to the person in charge of the styling.

“Brother Lang, I have a small idea about the makeup of the demon monk. Do you want to see if it is suitable to be added?”

Brother Lang, the person in charge, heard his words and the movement of his hands froze for a few seconds.

Generally speaking, they didn’t like actors changing their makeup at will. However, Ji Li’s attitude was very good, and he didn’t force them to change it.

“Tell me about what you’re thinking?”

Ji Li got their preliminary consent and opened his mouth.

Within a few seconds, the eyes of Brother Lang and the makeup artist showed surprise. “Okay, let’s try it out.”



The demon monk’s makeup was both complex and delicate. It took nearly an hour and a half to complete.

Just as the staff in the studio were about to fall asleep, Ji Li finally walked out with the appearance of the demon monk.

There were five seconds of absolute silence before there was a burst of unprecedented admiration in the studio.


The only thing more beautiful than Ji Li’s holy monk appearance was his demon monk appearance!

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