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IPCFS: Chapter 120 Part 1

There was Qin Yue, the Best Actor, helping him study the script and act out the lines together. Ji Li developed the character ‘Chen Yi’ very smoothly, and many heavy and difficult scenes were almost solved.

The only bad thing was that the temperament of the demon monk was too seductive. Many times, they faced each other in the script, and their minds would move elsewhere.

In the end, Ji Li couldn’t get out of bed for a long time.

The movie ‘Demon Monk’ would start filming in two weeks. Before the start-up, there were many things they had to do such as the makeup photos and script reading. Ji Li had to free up enough time to arrange it into his schedule.

Therefore, Ji Li and Qin Yue only spent half a month in their two person world in the United States before Ji Li booked a ticket to return to China.

No matter how good love was, his career couldn’t be left behind.

The car stopped in the airport access lane. There was still some time left before the deadline for the security check.

“How about I send you in?”

“No, I can do it alone.” Ji Li smiled and refused.

It was an overseas airport, and not many people would recognize Ji Li, but Qin Yue was different.

The other person was a top actor in China and also quite famous overseas.

This time, there wasn’t a suitable reason like filming ‘Poor Travel Notes.’ If they were recognized by fans like the last time they were recognized at the Iceland airport and the photo was sent to the domestic forum, it would be bloody for a while.

“Did you talk to Sister Yu? The company will send someone to pick you up at the airport, right?” Qin Yue still wasn’t at ease.

His overseas filming work wasn’t over, and he couldn’t return to China with Ji Li at this time.

“Don’t worry. Baozi knows my landing time and will arrange for someone to come and pick me up at the airport.” Ji Li pinched Qin Yue’s thin lips as he spoke, laughing and ridiculing him. “Don’t talk about it. I’m afraid I won’t be willing to leave.”

Qin Yue hugged his lover’s slightly cool hand and kissed it. “In two months at most, I will fly back to see you as soon as filming is over.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you to come home,” Ji Li responded softly.

Qin Yue was obviously pleased by this sentence. He took a deep breath and suppressed the reluctance in his heart. “Go. It is almost time.”

They could only temporarily stop in the airport access lane for five minutes.

Ji Li nodded, unfastened his seat belt, and got out of the car.

He came with only a carry-on backpack and returned with the same ease.

Ji Li took two steps toward the airport hall. Then he suddenly saw the reflection behind him through the frosted black glass.

The black car was parked in place, and it felt like he could sense the affectionate look through the window.

Ji Li’s steps paused slightly. An impulse rose in his heart. The next second, he turned back, went around to the main driver’s window, and tapped twice.

The window slowly lowered.

“Why did you come back in such a hurry? Did you leave something behind? Didn’t I pack everything for you…?”

The series of questions hadn’t finished when Ji Li leaned in to kiss the other person’s lips.

It was short and gentle, yet unexpectedly bold.

“Qin Yue, take care of yourself and don’t get hurt again.”

Qin Yue was stunned for a few seconds before the worry in his eyes was replaced by pleasure. “Yes, I won’t worry you any longer.”


The warning countdown for the car’s temporary stop sounded, and Ji Li hurriedly moved back. “Go, I’ll watch you leave first. I’ll send you a message when I get off the plane.”


Qin Yue fulfilled his intentions and left in a satisfied manner.

Ji Li watched the other person’s car disappear. Then he put on his mask again, lowered the brim of his hat, and easily entered the airport.


It was a long ten hour flight.

Ji Li wasn’t very sleepy, so he picked up the script of ‘Demon Monk’ and read the plot again from the beginning to the end.

The story started 100 years later, when Chen Yi had become a ‘demon monk’ recognized by all four paths.

It was said he was once a monk who would become a Buddha. Then in the end, he couldn’t distinguish between good and evil. He killed people, beheaded demons, collected ghosts, and killed gods. His hands were full of blood and it was really abominable!

These words spread more and more. The more they spread, the more chaotic they became.

The drought in the human world was the work of the demon monk.

The demon clan being slaughtered was the work of the demon monk.

The ghost gate was opened wide and it was the work of the demon monk.

In the end, it seemed like all the evil in the world was caused by Chen Yi.

Chen Yi heard these nonsensical remarks but completely ignored them.

A Buddhist monk paid attention to ‘putting down the butcher knife and becoming Buddha’, but Chen Yi was the opposite. He knew better than anyone that anything that died in his hands was a d*mned existence, whether it was a person, demon, ghost, or god.

Since they could all take the lives of others at will, why should he persuade these evil beings to be good? Wouldn’t it be nice to directly kill them?

In the past 100 years After the fall of the Su Dynasty, there were many new small countries and small dynasties.

Recently, the people of Zhongdu were anxious.

At the beginning of the month, hundreds of people disappeared from their country out of thin air, from ordinary people to nobles, from three year old children to elderly people. They disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Half a month later, corpses rained down from the sky.

The pieced-together corpses looked like the common people and nobles who disappeared from Zhongdu at the beginning of the month.

There was panic, and the people who survived spread the word.

“It is the demon monk! It must be the work of the Demon Monk Chen Yi!”

The new emperor of Zhongdu Kingdom had just ascended to the throne. He saw such a calamity in his prosperous country and immediately issued a reward edict.

“We are recruiting capable people from all over the world. If you can find the culprit and kill this evil monk, I will give away half the country’s treasury. In addition, I can also meet any conditions.”

Under such a call, all sorts of existences poured into Zhongdu. Of course, there were capable people with real magic or demon skills.

This included the demon monk Chen Yi, who came to watch the excitement.

Such a big pot had smashed onto his head. How could he not come to watch?

Later, the scammers and talented people who were recruited disappeared one after another. They didn’t find the so-called demon monk and instead lost their lives.

The remaining ‘capable people’ decided to set up a trap and frame an innocent person.

In any case, they came here to get the money. Once they had coaxed the country of Zhongdu, they would divide up the treasury and leave.

The wandering Chen Yi saw through their shameless faces and responded.

He really wanted to see who these people would push out to take the blame. Which innocent person or demon would become what they called the ‘demon monk’?

Chen Yi originally only wanted to watch the excitement. He didn’t expect that the ‘demon monk’ who was pulled out to take the blame was his acquaintance, Yan Su.

Speaking of this figure, he once had a brief relationship with Chen Yi over four lifetimes.

When the Su Dynasty fell, Chen Yi fought with the gods and Buddhas and was seriously injured. Then he found the only surviving Yan Su from among the bloody corpses in the city.

He was a commoner of the Su Dynasty who once followed the entire country to believe in Chen Yi.

Chen Yi was seriously injured and fell into unprecedented chaos and confusion. He told Yan Su the truth about ‘the sacrifices to be enshrined’ and asked Yan Su to kill him. This way, he could avenge those who died in vain.

It could be said that Chen Yi was also an innocent person who was kept in the dark. He gave up the opportunity to become a god for this matter. He had done nothing wrong and shouldn’t die for the wrongdoings of others.

The ones who had done wrong were the gods and Buddhas in the sky. They were d*mned.

Chen Yi hadn’t expected that the only mortal remaining in the Su Dynasty had the same thoughts as him. He planned to listen to Chen Yi’s words and use his life’s cultivation to get revenge for the Su Dynasty.

At this time, a god and Buddha found them and used Chen Yi’s moment of weakness to launch an attack at them. At the critical moment, Yan Su blocked the blow for Chen Yi.

His flesh was mortal and he died on the spot.

The only surviving person of the Su Dynasty died in front of his eyes, and Chen Yi’s heart of Buddha, which wasn’t easy to break, completely disappeared.

Under extreme anger, he entered a demon state and completely killed the god and Buddha until their souls were gone.

Since then, there was no Su Dynasty and no holy monk in the world. There was only the demon monk Chen Yi.

However, fate was indescribably subtle.

Every 20 years, Chen Yi would always encounter Yan Su’s reincarnation at various occasions. This person would persuade him to be good before dying for him.

He paid with his life, and they were bonded for four consecutive lifetimes.

The script that Lan Lingmeng created was very capable, and the script she had polished off for two years was very powerful.

In the script, the description of each life was very short but particularly tearful once it reached the point of Yan Su’s death.

In the fifth life, Yan Su was framed by these greedy people as the demon monk and was on the verge of death.

Chen Yi had originally planned to just watch. In the end, he couldn’t bear to watch and cleaned up all these ‘capable people who were full of lives’, saving Yan Su’s fifth life.

The entire country panicked when seeing the real demon monk appear and was even more convinced that the previous calamity was caused by Chen Yi.

“Anyone who has seen the true face of the demon monk must die!”

Under such rumors, the people of Zhongdu couldn’t flee. Since they were already dead anyways, why not scold him happily before they died? Many people stood up using the power of an ‘ant’ and scolded Chen Yi.

Ugly words came out of so many people’s mouths.

In this case, Yan Su was accidentally wounded and killed by the angry people. Chen Yi had always been accustomed to such gossip, but now he suddenly changed his mind.

Why did he have to bear everything despite not doing anything wrong?

He ascended to heaven with the hopes of the Su Dynasty, and the people of the Su Dynasty died for him.

He found a rare confidant, Yan Su, who eventually died for him.

His hands were full of blood and he was a d*mned man, but everyone said he was wrong and sinful.

How ridiculous! How lamentable!

How abominable! How worthy of death!

In the midst of his rage, Chen Yi uncovered the real troublemaker.

It was a pure white nine-headed bird that lured innocent people with a fabricated illusion. It pecked at human flesh, drank human blood, and returned human bones.

The people of Zhongdu were dumbfounded once the real culprit was uncovered.

When their lives were at stake, the heavenly gods and Buddhas ignored their prayers. Instead, they were saved by the demon monk Chen Yi, who they had shouted to be killed.

After this incident, the human world’s view of the demon monk Chen Yi changed. Everyone in the Zhongdu Country started to believe in Chen Yi.

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