IPCFS: Chapter 12

Qin Yue helplessly patted Major General’s head. “Where did you pick up this stray cat?”

Qi An approached. He looked at the dust on the thin kitten’s body and frowned. “It was probably pulled out from a nearby abandoned building. I heard a faint cry as we were walking around there this morning.”

He hadn’t paid too much attention to it at the time and brought Major General back. In the blink of an eye, the dog slipped out again and brought the cat back.

During the conversation, the cat was already lying on Ji Li’s shoes and was calling out in a terrible manner.

Ji Li couldn’t bear it and bent over to pick it up. The cat had a small red scratch on its nose and blue pupils shone through the slightly opened eyes. It looked pitiful and cute.

“Major General always likes to pick up things from the trash pile. He thinks he will get praised every time.” Qi An couldn’t help complaining.

Ji Li’s fingertips gently touched the cat’s neck while he curiously raised his eyes. “Why?”

Qin Yue glanced at him and made a long story short. “Four years ago, I was shooting in a crew and brought Major General with me…”

The shooting took place in a very remote mountain village far from a city. Traffic wasn’t convenient.

The crew stayed there for half a month to film. Before they left, they suddenly encountered a heavy rainstorm. There was a mudslide from the back mountain that flooded and destroyed most of the village. Many villagers had no time to escape and were trapped in the collapsed houses.

Before the rescue team arrived, the group spontaneously organized a rescue.

“Major General used his dog’s nose to search and rescue many people. He was rewarded by the local fire department afterwards.”

Later, there were media reports and Major General became a celebrity pet. He was occasionally approached by pet shows.

Qi An added with a smile, “We registered a Weibo account for Major General. He has more fans than some celebrities in the circle.”

Qin Yue glanced at his friend. “How can you compare like this?”

Ji Li smiled and didn’t interrupt. He just patted the kitten in his arms. It had only been a short time but the cat was already well behaved.

He liked cats.

Originally, Ji Li thought he would have free time to raise a cat after he stopped working. As a result, he entered the book before he could find a pet cat.

Qi An suggested, “So I take this cat to the pet store?”

“Send it to the pet store and see if anyone wants to adopt it.” Qin Yue nodded in agreement.

He was busy with his daily affairs. It was fine to raise an adult dog like Major General but he didn’t have time to care for a kitten.

“Let me do it.” Ji Li blurted out. “There is a pet store downstairs of the dormitory where I live. It is convenient to take it there on the way.”

Ji Li wanted to take this kitten back for adoption. Unfortunately, his savings were too small for him to even take care of himself.

“Okay, I will hand this cat over to you.” Qi An spoke first.

Qin Yue saw this and just nodded.

Ji Li hugged the kitten in his arms and there was a smile on his face. “Then I will change clothes first. Brother Qin, Mr Qi, goodbye.”


The two people watched the young man walk away. Only Major General spun in place in a hurry. He wanted to follow directly.

“Do you like that cat so much?” Qin Yue felt helpless.

“Woo.” Major General raised his head and called out. In a rare act, his tail had fallen down.

Qi An looked at the ice cream in his friend’s hand and approached. “You didn’t buy this yourself, did you. Ji Li gave it? Or did you buy it for him?

Qin Yue looked down at the ice cream that was about to melt. He quickly got in the car and put it in the freezer.

“Look at you acting abnormally.” Qi An snorted but he didn’t try to get to the bottom of things.

“By the way, help me find Old Zheng.” Qin Yue turned around and instructed.

Qi An was confused and nodded. “What’s the matter? You say it.”


It was half an hour after Ji Li started organizing his things.

He stuffed a soft towel in his black backpack and the cat was currently sleeping on it.

Knock knock.

There was a knock at the door of the make-up room and the actors’ production assistant walked in. “Ji Li, I was looking for you.”

“Looking for me?” Ji Li was puzzled.

The production assistant handed over the red envelope in his hand with a laugh. “Here, this is the red envelope specially given to you by Director Zheng for finishing.”

Ji Li wasn’t a featured actor and there weren’t many scenes. As a rule, if his company team didn’t make a fuss then the crew wouldn’t specifically celebrate him finishing the shoot.

Therefore, this red envelope came as a surprise.

“The red envelope is for me?” Ji Li felt the thickness of the red envelope and was surprised.

“The crew paid your company in accordance with the contract for your scenes. This red envelope is given to you separately and you can keep it for yourself,” The production assistant instructed.

“Yes, thank Director Zheng for me.”

“There are still scenes to be filmed next. I am busy and I have to go.” The production assistant smiled at him. Then he turned around and sighed inwardly.

‘Teacher Qin Yue and Director Zheng really cherish talent. They worked together to gather such a big red envelope to give to him. I hope Ji Li’s future results will be worthy of their regard.’

Once the production assistant left, Ji Li opened the red envelope to take a look. He was immediately happy.

The amount in the red envelope was very generous. Most importantly, it could help him with his recent life needs.

Ji Li stuffed the red envelope into his backpack, waking up the kitten inside. It stepped on the back of his hand with its small paws. “Meow.”

The sound was milky.

Ji Li was quickly caught by this adorable call and said softly. “Be good. I won’t send you to the pet store anymore. You will come home with me.”

The new poo shoveling officer did what he said.

Ji Li headed straight to the pet store after leaving. He bought a lot of necessities for the cat and gave him an internal and external deworming.

After arriving home, Ji Li immediately prepared the goat milk powder. Then he crouched on the ground and called out, “Snow Cake, come here.”

This name was picked by him on the way back for no reason other than it sounded cute. The gray stains on the cat’s body were cleaned and the white velvet fur color matched the name.

Snow Cake was very smart. He heard the call, raised his paws and ran to the bowl.

He was probably hungry. The moment he smelled the scent of milk, he lowered his head to the bowl, front legs firmly propped up. Due to the force, the back legs almost flew up.

Ji Li found it so cute that he trembled. He didn’t care about his image and directly lay on the ground, asking in a silly manner, “Snow Cake, is it good to drink?”


Snow Cake made a long sound. Once he was full, he drilled into Ji Li’s arms again.

Ji Li picked him up and touched the little red mark on his nose affectionately. “After this, you will be with me okay? I will make money to buy a lot of dried fish for you.”

Snow Cake seemed to understand the words. He stretched out fleshy little paws and patted Ji Li on the chest.

Pop, it was sealed.


A newcomer’s schedule was very empty and he didn’t have the right to receive works independently.

Ji Li wasn’t in a hurry and stayed in the dormitory with Snow Cake for three days.

He didn’t contact Wang Qiuhui, the head of the newcomers, until he completely separated from the role of ‘Song Zhao.’ Then the other party appointed a time to meet.

Ji Li organized his things and arrived at the artist department half an hour early.

The door of Wang Qiuhui’s office was closed tightly and the figures inside could be vaguely seen through the frosted glass. An employee poured a glass of water for Ji Li and said, “Please wait outside a bit.”

“Thank you.” Ji Li’s smile was charming.

The female employee couldn’t help glancing over twice and she thought to herself, ‘This person is so good-looking. He is definitely the pinnacle of beauty among the newcomers in the same batch. Even He Ling, who is currently being pushed by the company, is a bit worse than him.’

Just as she thought this, fierce opposition was heard from Wang Qiuhui’s office.

“Why? You didn’t say it would be like this when you signed me!”

“Trying to use my popularity and resources to bring an unknown newcomer? Wang Qiuhui, you are really good at calculations!”

“Where is Song Lan? Where is Director Song? I’m going to talk to her!”

Ji Li was drawn by the words and his gaze fell back on the office again.

“He Ling, your words are too extreme.” Wang Qiuhui’s calm voice was heard.

“You took company resources and signed a contract with New Media. Now we are just letting your agent bring a new person. The company doesn’t need your consent.”

Wang Qiuhui chuckled and his words were even colder.

“If you feel dissatisfied then fine.  If you have the ability to find better film and television resources and if the company can sit back and enjoy the benefits you bring without any effort, I guarantee that you will have the final say in the future!”

“I will advise you to live more clearly. It has been a whole year since that talent selection show and your popularity as someone who didn’t enter the debut group is running out. Do you really think of yourself as a top artist?”

The words were straightforward and the heart pierced so completely that it was almost bleeding.

The next second, the office door was slammed open.

A young man with an angry face came out. It was He Ling who had an argument with Wang Qiuhui.

Ji Li had no time to retreat and was smashed in the shoulder by the fast walking He Ling. The pain of the collision caused the two people to stop at the same time.

“Do you have eyes? Why are you stopped in the middle of the way?” He Ling glared at him and strode away.

Ji Li squeezed his aching left shoulder while his eyes darkened.

It was clearly He LIng who bumped into someone else recklessly yet He Ling was blaming him? Where did this arrogant temper come from?

“Old Wang, your words just now were too direct. You should give him some room! Not only do I have to look after a newcomer but I can barely take care of that young master’s temper…”

A slightly fat, flat-headed man came out of the office. “How do I have the spare time to look after a newcomer?”

As he talked, his eyes happened to fall on Ji Li’s body.

Ji Li was dressed very simply today. In addition, he had enough rest and adjusted well in the past few days. He gave off a neat, youthful feeling.

The flat-headed man was surprised and his originally impatient mood changed significantly. “Old Wang, who is this?”

“He is the newcomer I want you to look after. He is called Ji Li.” Wang Qiuhui lit up a cigarette and approached.

He smoked the cigarette, looked at the young man through the smoke and gave a brief introduction. “Ji Li, this is your next agent, Sun Yong. You can directly call him Brother Yong.”

Ji Li frowned imperceptibly at the words.

If he remembered correctly, the agent in the novel who encouraged the original owner to go to the ‘special’ drinking party was called Sun Yong.

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2 years ago

Now we have a kitten too :3

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)

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I love how there always another term for a cat owner XD That sun yong is bad news
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Blades at a ready!!!

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If Snow Cake is 雪糕 in the original text then it also means Ice Cream uwu. Im guessing it references the ice cream that Ji Li brought for Qin Yue. So cute!

1 year ago

It actually does make sense to give him a red packet, even a generous one. Capturing a scene better than anticipated and in a single take saved them money compared to their anticipated schedule which would otherwise call for multiple takes before sorting through them for the best shot. It’s also difficult to find an actor who will work for little who is also capable of creating the necessary emotional scene to close the loophole of the protagonist’s blackening like that. Creating meaningful ties with a powerful up-and-coming actor is difficult and if they’re able to generate that goodwill with a small sum of cash then it may come in handy later when they need him in future films.

1 year ago

the fact that he got a cat is cute, but I’m worried about how the poor little one will survive… actors may not be at home for months, who will take care of the cat? it’s disturbing