IPCFS: Chapter 119 Part 1

“Poor Travel Notes is on the hot search.”

Ji Li told Qin Yue before opening the topic.

Several popular Weibo posts at the top had more than 10,000 forwards, comments, and likes. Judging from this amount of big data alone, they realized that the variety show was on the rise.

Having said that—

First, there were the popular Chaoying Twin Stars of Ji Li and Ji Yunqi. There was also the top actor Yuan Yifei, and then there was Qin Yue, who could hold half of the sky in the movie and television industry.

Combine that with the two guest stars Feng Cheng and Qi Heng, this type of combination could be taken to any show and would make it the most popular variety show at that time.

A week ago, the show reservation was launched, and the number of people ‘looking forward to watching’ quickly exceeded 10 million. Therefore, the program team and TV series prepared a gift for the audience—a double episode broadcast in the first week.

Qin Yue finished ordering the meal and came closer to take a look. “Has it already been aired?”

Ji Li handed him the phone to look at. “Based on the discussion on the hot search, the response to the first episode should have been good. You can make money again as an investor.”

Qin Yue smiled and suggested, “Go to your room and grab the computer? Let’s take a look together.”

“Okay.” Ji Li happened to also have this plan.

He picked up the laptop in the room and clicked on the ‘Lexiang’ platform, the premiere website of ‘Poor Travel Notes.’

The first episode was already available. The second episode was still being aired on the domestic satellite TV, and the website video hadn’t been launched for the time being.

Ji Li clicked on the first video and turned sideways to find a pillow.

“Lean in my arms.”

Qin Yue saw through Ji Li’s intentions and came forward as a humanoid pillow. He took the opportunity to kiss his lover’s head with joy in his eyes.

How comfortable was this type of leisurely life where he didn’t have to go out to film? He could stay at home and hold his little lover.

After a brief advertisement, the barrage was instantly filled.

Welcome to the hilarious deformed trip!

Thank you, I’m already laughing.

This is my third watch, my third watch! I’m coming!

Looking forward to Yuan Bao.

Third Young Lady, I am willing to regard him as a natural comedian!

“It seems that it isn’t my turn to appear in the first episode.”

Qin Yue stared at the screen intently and, for the first time, had high expectations for the variety show. “Let me see how my baby is doing.”

Ji Li remembered what happened over the past two days and couldn’t help giving a reminder. “You should focus on Yunqi. It is estimated that you can gain more happiness by focusing on him.”

He hadn’t watched the show, but Ji Li dared to conclude that the guest who attracted the most fans in the first episode was definitely Ji Yunqi.

The moment the show began, the indoor preparation room was seen.

The screen was divided into four areas, namely Ji Li, Ji Yunqi, Yuan Yifei, and Qin Yue.

Ji Li was a bit surprised when he saw Qin Yue in the lower right screen. “Didn’t you not come in on that day? Was there a supplementary interview?”

Qin Yue responded positively in a low voice and the interview began.

“This is the first question. In your past travel experiences, are there any countries that have left a deep impression on you?”

Ji Li replied, “Iceland. I chased the aurora while driving there before and even posted on Weibo.”

The program team added Ji Li’s Weibo photos, which attracted the response of fans on the barrage.

Immediately afterward, Yuan Yifei’s answer was also normal.

He said that most of his travels were accompanied by filming work, and he hadn’t had a real vacation in a long time.

Fans started to shout in distress on the barrage again and hoped that Yuan Bao would have fun this time.

Once it was Ji Yunqi’s turn, the style started to change, and the ‘showing off’ began.

“I was always dragged around by my family. Before I became an adult, I basically went to all countries, big and small. Let me think about it…”

Before netizens could turn on their complaining mode, Ji Yunqi in the video answered seriously, “My favorite place will always be my motherland!”


What kind of upright, good young character was this?

The barrage was filled with laughter. Some netizens accurately commented, “This show has the Third Young Lady and definitely won’t be afraid of passing the trial.”

The full screen full of ‘hahaha’ hadn’t completely stopped when Qin Yue appeared and it instantly ‘exploded.’

-Brother Yue! Brother Yue! Brother Yue!

-I’m going to cry. It is only at this moment that I feel that Brother Yue is really participating in this variety show.

In my lifetime, I am actually seeing Teacher Qin Yue participate in a reality show! Thanks, program team!

Ahhhh, leave me alone. I’m a groundhog! Brother Yue is the most handsome!

Yue fans paid great attention to the barrage etiquette and had been silent for a long time. The moment the scene changed to Qin Yue, they immediately popped up in the barrage.

Ji Li saw the overwhelming amount of barrages and couldn’t help sighing. “Teacher Qin Yue, your popularity is strong enough.”

Qin Yue took the initiative to adjust the barrage mode. Then he heard his original interview.

“The most impressive country is Iceland. I spent a whole polar night there, and the starry sky is beautiful.”

Ahhhhh I ship it!

-Teacher Qin Yue and Ji Li colluded? There are so many countries around the world, and both of them chose Iceland.

-They must’ve been interviewed separately. I would like to call this a touching ‘brotherhood’!

-Hahaha, sister above, what brotherhood.

No matter whether it is collusion or not, it is all very good!

Qin Yue saw the CP remarks that suddenly appeared. He looked at Ji Li and expressed his innocence. “Baby, you can’t blame me for this.”

“I didn’t know your answer and just told the truth. It is a unified question mode, so it wasn’t easy for the program team to delete.”

Ji Li raised an eyebrow and smiled without saying anything.

After all, the relationship between the two of them started in Iceland. Qin Yue’s thinking was the same as his, which showed that the relationship was equally important to both of them.

It was normal for this type of variety show in which both of them participated. It was normal for some excited CP fans to occasionally emerge.

Besides, in the eyes of ordinary netizens, this answer could only represent the tacit understanding between the two of them. The career fans weren’t going to chase after this point.

The show continued to the next question.

“What type of role do you prefer to take while traveling?”

Ji Li thought for a while, “I want to take it easy. Work is too tiring. Travel is for relaxation.”

“I wish for someone to arrange everything for me in advance. Then I just have to simply choose under the arrangement of the other person.”

Ji Li’s answer was supported on the barrage. Among contemporary young people, who wouldn’t want to easily go out and play?

Soon, it was Qin Yue’s turn to answer.

“It depends. If it was just me, then I can take it easy.”

“If I bring an important person with me, then I will arrange everything and make feasible choices in advance. As for how to play when we get to the destination, I will listen to the other person’s choices and arrangement.”

The interviewing staff obviously understood Qin Yue’s boyfriend charm and asked additionally, “What if the other person just wants to relax in the hotel?”

Qin Yue asked rhetorically, “Isn’t it nice to have a space for two people to be alone?”

The answer made the girlfriend fans and CP fans hidden in the barrage excited at the same time.

Ahhhh Teacher Qin Yue, this boyfriend strength!

Oh my god, I really want to go on a trip with Brother Yue. Wu wu wu, it sounds very happy.

Brother Yue, go with Ji Li! The two of you have complementary attitudes toward tourism.

Let me go crazy alone! This is too sweet!

-Wu wu wu, sister upstairs, I understand you. My body has exploded into fireworks.

Ji Li saw the somewhat subtle barrage and couldn’t help looking at Qin Yue.

Qin Yue put an arm around him and said repeatedly, “You really can’t blame me for this. I was already very restrained in the show and didn’t say anything that shouldn’t be said.”

Who made them a natural match?

Even in the case of separate interviews and no collusion, their answers could tacitly complement each other.

Fortunately, such a tacit interview didn’t last long and entered into the next process.

The group tour of Ji Li, Yuan Yifei, and Ji Yunqi began.

From Ji Yunqi’s bad luck dart to the mortgaged phones in exchange for 10 yuan in travel expenses, negotiating to buy potatoes for dinner, and traveling on an ox cart the next day…

This was a poor travel show and also an embarrassing journey.

They were obviously the most glamorous actors in the entertainment industry, but they became fools when they went to the countryside.

Facing the program team’s chicken thief routine, they didn’t deliberately act arrogantly. They were very down-to-earth as they discussed solutions.

There was the living treasure called Ji Yunqi, and laughter piled up one after another. For the whole episode, the screen was full of ‘hahaha’ and people couldn’t stop at all.

The funniest variety show of the year is booked. I am going to laugh to death due to the Third Young Lady!

-I confess that in the later stages of the show, I laughed so hard that my dogs thought I was a fool!

The one who will be funnier than the Third Young Lady in the next episode is the Third Young Lady.

Ji Li and Yuan Bao, these brothers in need. They are really pitiful to have to follow the Third Young Lady!

-Yuan Bao and Ji Li colluded together to show brotherly love and deceive the Third Young Lady. It is too funny!

In addition to the laughing points created by the guests, the landscape aroused the sighs of netizens.

During the day, the layer upon layer of wooden buildings became the only mark on the greenery surrounded by mountains. At night, thousands of lights lit up the night at the same time. From every angle, there were different light and shadow changes.

This aerial photography was really shocking! It was too beautiful!

At this time, without any supporting tools, the ethnic minorities living on the mountains relied on their own hands to build wooden buildings that wouldn’t be destroyed for a hundred years on such uneven terrain.

These were the industrious and capable people of China, and this was the centuries old construction technology that only China had.

The program team didn’t do any perfunctory post-production edits because of the popularity of the guests themselves.

The rhythm and dubbing were excellent, and the laughter and scenery coexisted. This variety show completely lacked the boring feeling of previous travel shows.

The final preview was equally attractive. The moment Qin Yue’s figure came out, the barrage ushered in a real-time explosion.

-Ahhh, don’t miss this traffic. Hurry up and play the next episode!

I won’t be able to see Brother Yue until the next episode? I’m dead. The next episode is tomorrow, and I will be alive again!

Brother Yue, run. The Third Young Lady isn’t luck! Be careful that the bad luck doesn’t follow you.

I’ve already watched the second episode on TV! I’ll watch it again online in the early morning!

Ji Li went downstairs to grab lunch, and the second episode on the Internet had been updated.

“Let’s watch the variety show for fun while having lunch?”


The two of them had lunch and watched the variety show, while the Weibo fan base of ‘Chinese Rose is real’ entered into their magnifying glass mode.

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