IPCFS: Chapter 118 Part 2

“What is that saying?” Qin Yue got up slowly and was still in the mood to joke. “Sooner or later, you have to meet the in-laws. It is better to meet them early than through chance.”

“Stop joking. What should I do now?”

Ji Li was really a bit nervous. He had come uninvited and couldn’t help feeling that it was rude.

“Don’t worry. My mother has long known about the relationship between the two of us. In this family, my mother and I are on the same side, and my father’s opinion isn’t important.”

Qin Yue stroked Ji Li’s back and gave him enough comfort.

The Qin couple quarreled every 10-15 days, and Qin Yue was no stranger to it.

In his heart, his father was obedient to Elder Qin.

Elder Qin looked down on Gu Wen, who had been an artist, and even disliked Qin Yue, his rebellious grandson who stepped into the entertainment industry. Thus, he always treated them in a lukewarm manner.

Every time there was a dispute behind closed doors, Gu Wen and Qin Yue would maintain a united front.

“What about your older brother?” Ji Li continued to ask questions, seizing the time to understand the situation.

“You don’t have to worry about my brother. He never meddles in other people’s business. Even if he sees through our relationship, he won’t deliberately make a small report in front of my father and the old man.”

To put it more bluntly, the most difficult old man in the Qin family hadn’t appeared, so this lunch actually wasn’t that terrible.

Qin Yue comforted him. “You are just responsible for eating well. Don’t go hungry. If my father deliberately makes things difficult, I will bear it for you. Don’t be afraid.”

Ji Li knew he couldn’t avoid this meal, so he had to nod. “Yes, I’m not afraid.”

So what if someone from the Qin family objected to their relationship?

The relationship between him and Qin Yue wasn’t something that could be easily broken by external forces.

So what about the wealthy family? They could rely on their own strength to become wealthy.


15 minutes later, Ji Li finished cleaning up and took the elevator downstairs with Qin Yue.

Gu Wen sat at the dining table and saw them. She immediately beamed with joy. “Come here quickly.”

She had learned about Ji Li’s arrival from Qi An last night. Ji Li was worried about Qin Yue’s injury. The moment he finished his filming work, he traveled thousands of kilometers from China to see Qin Yue.

Therefore, Gu Wen was very moved by Ji Li’s dedication to Qin Yue. After all, the entertainment industry was too complicated, and it wasn’t easy to find a partner who cared about them.

She loved her son, so she loved Ji Li too.

“Dad, Mom, Brother, this is Ji Li.” Qin Yue approached the dining table and took the initiative to speak.

He wanted to directly share his relationship with Ji Li, but he still endured keeping it a secret due to their current situation.

Ji Li greeted them in turn, taking this opportunity to observe everyone’s appearance.

Qin Yue’s father, Qin Zhenglong, sat in the main seat. The handsomeness from when he was young could faintly be seen.

Qin Yue’s older brother, Qin Qi, was sitting on the right. He had an extraordinary aura in his suit and leather shoes.

Perhaps he was aware of Ji Li’s scrutiny, but the corners of his straight mouth rose in an inconspicuous manner. He nodded silently in greeting. Compared to Qin Yue, he had more of the attitude of a businessman.

It had to be admitted that the genes of the Qin family were very strong.

From their eyebrows, the father and two sons really looked like they were carved out of a template.

Qin Zhenglong examined Ji Li in a scrutinizing manner. “You are also an actor like Qin Yue?”

He didn’t pay attention to the entertainment industry and had only watched a few of his son’s movie and television works.

Ji Li calmly faced his gaze. “Yes.”

Qin Yue got up from the wheelchair and gestured for Ji Li to sit first. “Sit.”

It was only then that he sat next to his lover.

Qin Zhenglong saw his younger son’s indifferent reaction to him and immediately frowned. “You are in your early 30s and you sleep until the morning is over before you get up?”

Qin Yue was accustomed to this and just silently took a sip of warm water.

Gu Wen saw that her husband had started to complain about her son again and forcibly suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. “He usually films so hard. Now he is finally home and can sleep more. How is it hindering you? Is it illegal to sleep in?”

As she spoke, she served a bowl of ginseng chicken soup to each of the three juniors.

“Thank you, Mom.”

“Thank you, Ma’am.”

“Thank you, Aunt Gu.”

Qin Zhenglong originally wanted to establish his prestige as the head of the family. As a result, he was denied by his wife? She also gained a lot of applause.

He suddenly felt a bit upset. “Did I say anything wrong? In his 20s, he was in the entertainment industry, and I thought he was just playing around. As a result, it has already been ten years, and he still refuses to go back to the business? What is the point of letting a group of netizens judge his acting?”

He pointed to his oldest son while continuing to preach at Qin Yue. “Look at your older brother. He is taking care of the group early. Who is like you, who has a career but no career, who wants a partner but doesn’t have a partner?”

Ji Li saw that the atmosphere wasn’t right and didn’t dare to move his chopsticks for a while. However, he heard Qin Zhenglong’s words and couldn’t help feeling aggrieved for Qin Yue.

How many people admired Qin Yue’s name in the entertainment industry? How many people worked with him as their goal?

How could he become nothing in the eyes of Qin Zhenglong, his father? This was too biased!

“In fact, Brother Yue in the circle…”

Ji Li was just about to open his mouth to argue when he was silently stopped by Qin Yue under the table.

He looked over and found that his lover was calm, without the slightest emotion. Then he took the initiative to give Ji Li a piece of meat. “Eat more. It isn’t greasy.”

This action made Qin Zhenglong subtly notice something, but he didn’t have time to ask.

Gu Wen suddenly threw the spoon back into her bowl of soup and sneered. “You love to eat. If you don’t want to eat, leave it for me to eat. After a good meal, you can grow a mouth that speaks well.”

“I admit that Xiao Qi is very good, but how is Xiao Yue bad? To be honest, his achievements now are much better than yours back then!”

“No career? What do you, an old antique, understand about the entertainment industry? My son is a movie star!”

“No partner?”

Gu Wen glanced at Ji Li, full of confidence. “Don’t worry! My son’s partner will be unbelievably good!”

Gu Wen tore apart the elegant image of a so-called ‘wealthy woman’ and fired off a series of hot words.


Qin Zhenglong was taught a lesson by his wife, and his face became even uglier.

He took a deep breath, gritted his teeth, and forcibly held back. “In front of outsiders…”

“Where is there an outsider here?” Gu Wen refuted. “Even if there is an outsider here, you are the one who hasn’t eaten and talked non-stop.”

“Even if Xiao Li comes back to inherit the family business, why don’t you ask the old man if he is willing to let it go? The two brothers have their own careers and don’t interfere with each other. Isn’t this good? Why do you have to provoke a dispute between brothers?”

“Family property? Are our mother and son lacking your Old Qin family’s stinky money?”

“If you are so powerful, go back to the Qin manor and explode in front of the old man! Do you dare? How dare you bully my son? Do you think he isn’t protected by anyone?”

The more Gu Wen spoke, the quieter Qin Zhenglong became.

A smile appeared in Qin Yue’s eyes, and he slowly peeled the shrimp.

On the opposite side, Qin Qi didn’t find the argument surprising and took a sip of water as if it had nothing to do with him.

Ji Li changed from a state of confusion to eating melons. He wasn’t staring directly at the Qin couple, but he was listening carefully.

The one-sided ‘argument’ lasted for a minute before Qin Zhenglong suddenly got up. “I can’t help you see sense. You mother and son pair can eat by yourselves!”

“Husband, you aren’t eating?” Gu Wen smiled and suddenly turned back into a good wife and mother. “What should I do if you are hungry? Won’t it hurt my heart?”

Qin Zhenglong wasn’t fooled. “Hungry? I’m full of anger toward you!”

Then he left the villa angrily.

There were around five seconds of silence at the dining table before Gu Wen said cheerfully, “Okay, the trouble is gone. Let’s eat.”

Qin Yue put the peeled shrimp into Ji Li’s bowl. “Mom, this time, Dad must be so angry with you that he won’t come home for a few days?”

“It must be at least three days,” Qin Qi added.

The two brothers looked at each other and smiled. It seemed that they were accustomed to such a scene.

“Linda, the steamed fish in the kitchen is almost ready. As I told you before, drizzle it with hot oil and sauce and then serve it…”

Gu Wen thought about how the three children were here and decided to do it herself. “Forget it, I’ll come myself.”

Gu Wen’s figure entered the kitchen, and Ji Li couldn’t help asking in a low voice, “Qin Yue, is this your parents’ way of getting along? It is interesting.”

“Yes. Don’t worry and leave it to them,” Qin Yue replied in a low voice.

In the early years, they lived in the Qin manor with Elder Qin.

Later, Gu Wen couldn’t stand Elder Qin’s sarcasm toward her, and she also hated her husband’s obedience to this older generation. Thus, she bought this villa and moved out in a fit of anger.

His wife didn’t go home. What could Qin Zhenglong do?

So from that time on, he would come back every 3-5 days to ‘mooch a meal.’

They weren’t the concerns of the patriarch, Elder Qin, so Gu Wen simply let herself go in the occasional disagreement between husband and wife.

“Don’t forget. My mother was from the entertainment industry back then.”

But among the female stars who could occupy a place in the industry, which one wasn’t a bit powerful? Gu Wen just entered a rich family and became a wealthy wife, so she put away her true personality and pretended to be ‘gentle and skillful’ for a few years. In fact, she was actually very good at speaking.”

“I heard that one time, there was an incident when she directly made the black fans cry.”

“Don’t look at my father acting like this. He actually spoils my mother very much. The two of them often argue, but divorce has never been mentioned.”

Ji Li couldn’t help smiling. “So it is like this.”

Qin Yue revealed in a low voice, “You don’t have to be afraid if you meet my father again in the future. My mother is obviously biased toward you.”

“Who said I was scared?”

Ji Li refuted while feeling relieved.

On the opposite side, Qin Qi saw the situation of the two people. He clearly saw through them, but he didn’t say anything.

“Here it is.” Gu Wen personally brought the fish over and smiled as she watched her juniors eat. “Ji Li, was the red envelope given to you last time enough?”

Ji Li remembered the 50 million on the card that hadn’t been touched and was so frightened that he almost couldn’t eat.

Qin Yue smiled and refused it. “Mom, he can make a lot of money himself. He can’t use all of this money.”

Gu Wen touched the prepared bank card in her pocket and changed her words with some regret. “Okay, wait for New Year’s Day for me to prepare a big one for you. Don’t save it. I can’t let my family fall behind in the ranking it should have in the entertainment industry.”


Two days later.

Ji Li nestled on the sofa, slowly eating ice cream. He was in a good mood.

This was the celebration ice cream that Qin Yue ‘owed’ him.

He didn’t know when it started, but the matter of ‘eating ice cream after finishing filming’ had become an exclusive secret interaction between the two of them.

This type of ice cream was even sweeter.

Qin Yue slowly moved to his lover’s side and asked, “What do you want for lunch? There is a Chinese restaurant nearby. Should I casually order something?”

He had the stitches removed and the dressing changed for his wound. So far, it seemed that he was recovering well.

The two of them had returned to Qin Yue’s private residence. They were the only ones in this space and could get along more casually.

“You can order. I can eat anything.”

Ji Li replied and casually clicked on Weibo.

Not long after, he saw familiar words on the hot search.

#Poor Travel Notes#

After the topic, there was a dazzling red ‘burst’ word!

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