IPCFS: Chapter 118 Part 1

It was a light kiss.

It was filled with indescribable tenderness.

Qin Yue was just about to catch him and kiss him deeply, but he was stopped by Ji Li without saying a word.

Ji Li crouched down on the edge of the wheelchair and lifted the pant leg of his lover’s left leg according to the information he got from Qi An.

His calf was tightly wrapped in gauze, and not a single part of the wound could be seen.

However, based on the area covered by the gauze, he could guess the width of the wound.

Ji Li looked up with trembling pupils, and his tone was a little low. “You asked me not to hide anything from you and to not push you away when I encounter any problems. So why have you done it?”

Why is it that you have been injured for half a month during filming, and you didn’t say anything to me?

Qin Yue met his worried eyes and sighed heavily. “I didn’t want you to be distracted during filming, let alone for such a small injury. The stitches can be removed immediately.”


Ji Li pursed his lips and said nothing. It took a long time before he said a sentence of self-blame, “I’m sorry.”

He was clearly Qin Yue’s lover, but it actually took him so long to know about his injury after the other person encountered such a bad incident.

“Baby?” Qin Yue frowned fiercely when he heard his sudden apology. The next second, he grabbed Ji Li’s arm and took the other person into his arms.

Ji Li was taken aback by his sudden strength and actions. “Qin Yue, be careful of your leg.”

“I won’t touch or move it. Just let me hold you for a while.” Qin Yue hugged Ji Li tightly and asked, “Why are you apologizing to me?”

Ji Li quieted down. Once he spoke again, his self-blame and depression were undiminished.

“We talked through video calls for so long, but I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Qin Yue, am I a bad lover?”

Qin Yue rubbed his cheek, apologizing while coaxing him. “You are very good. I am the one who shouldn’t have hidden it from you.”

He was moved and distressed as he assured the other person, “Next time, it definitely won’t be like this. I will tell you every little thing, okay?”

Ji Li tilted his head and bit his finger, pretending to be vicious. “Don’t take this as an example.”

Both of them were very mature, and there was no need to engage in weird and hypocritical actions. They should stop once they became aware of it.

“Qin Yue, if I ever encounter these things in the future, I won’t hide it from you, and you can’t hide it from me.”


Qin Yue responded with a low laugh. He took the opportunity to kiss Ji Li’s lips and joked, “In the future, if I want to see you in a foreign country, then I just need to pretend to be injured and lure you to come to me.”

“I won’t come,” Ji Li hummed, not fooled at all.

He was still afraid of hurting Qin Yue’s wound, so he got up and pushed the other person to the edge of the sofa, choosing to sit facing each other.

“Is your leg injury really okay?”

“It’s fine. I was just cut by an iron prop that fell during the jumping scene. The wound is almost healed after half a month of recuperation. The medical staff member will come tomorrow to remove the stitches and change the dressing.”

Qin Yue was afraid he would be worried and carefully explained the cause and effect of his injury.

Director Garvey was generous enough to give Qin Yue, the injured male lead, a month of vacation.

Filming had progressed to the later stages, and the original filming time was abundant.

During Qin Yue’s break, the director could film the solo scenes and rivalry scenes of other actors in advance.

“The only unfortunate thing is that my mother came to visit the set at the time of the incident.”

Qin Yue couldn’t hide his injury even if he wanted to.

As a mother, how could Gu Wen rest assured about her son staying alone in a hospital?

The Qin family ran a big business, and it was very easy for the family to hire a private doctor. Gu Wen heard from the doctor that Qin Yue had to reduce his physical activities so as to not accidentally cause the wound to tear again.

Therefore, she called someone to buy a wheelchair and took care of her son almost like he was a ‘disabled person.’

Ji Li heard this long explanation, and his tense heartstrings finally completely relaxed.

“It is common for actors to be injured during filming, so I didn’t let the company issue an explanation. Firstly, I didn’t want to worry the outside world. Secondly, I didn’t want to let marketing accounts take advantage of this incident to hype and boast about my dedication.”

Qin Yue leaned forward and smiled. “Would you care if this matter happened to you?”

Ji Li raised an eyebrow, unable to say anything to refute his claim.

If he was injured during filming, it was estimated that he would also endure the injury without a word.

However, the injured person had changed, so his mentality had completely changed. Not only was he overly nervous, but he rushed over the moment he learned the news.

This was probably the so-called chaos of a relationship.

“Baby, I’m so happy.”

Qin Yue got up using the strength of his right leg and also sat on the sofa. The love in his eyes was so strong that it could almost melt others. “I didn’t expect you to suddenly appear in front of my eyes like a dream.”

If he had known there would be such a scene, Qin Yue would’ve wanted to complain pitifully on the first day he got injured.

“Then you can go on dreaming,” Ji Li refuted in an amused manner.

In any case, he had completely let go of his worries. He got up and said, “I’ll go first. I’ll come and see you tomorrow.”


Qin Yue hurriedly pulled him back, angry and amused. “Your boyfriend is sitting here. Where are you going?”

“I’m going to a hotel. I got off the plane and asked Baozi to book a room for me,” Ji Li answered in a natural manner.

Qin Yue wasn’t the only owner of this villa. Perhaps the Qin couple would come back later. He was an outsider and even came here uninvited. How dare he stay here?

Qin Yue was angry about this matter that Ji Li took for granted and pulled him back helplessly. “Don’t go anywhere. Stay here tonight.”

“My parents are very busy, and they might not come back home tonight.”

“…What if they come back?” Ji Li still hesitated.

He and Qin Yue had lived together a long time ago, so he naturally didn’t care about sleeping in the same bed. He just hadn’t officially met Qin Yue’s father. He had only met Qin Yue’s mother, Gu Wen.

Living together under the eyes of the other person’s parents? It was a bit awkward.

“If you find it inconvenient, then I’ll take you back to my own house once tonight passes.”

Qin Yue had a private house here and he normally didn’t need others to take care of him. It was just because Gu Wen was worried about his injury that she dragged him back here and sent someone to take care of him.

“If you insist on going to the hotel tonight, I’ll go with you.” Qin Yue used a roundabout tactic.

The kitten had just been delivered to his door and had to sleep in his own bed. No matter what, Ji Li couldn’t be allowed to escape.

Ji Li thought about it and decided not to struggle.

Letting Qin Yue follow him with the injury on his leg? He didn’t even want to think about it.

“Then I’ll go and take a shower first. I came here in a hurry and didn’t bring much.”

The long flight had tired him, and he urgently needed a hot shower to relax.

Qin Yue acted quickly. “I’ll prepare it for you.”

Ji Li couldn’t help chuckling when he heard this. “Okay.”


10 o’clock in the evening.

Ji Li nestled comfortably on the bed. The soft quilt carried Qin Yue’s unique smell, making him feel a sense of stability that he hadn’t felt in a long time.

Qin Yue hugged Ji Li from behind. “Li Bao.”

His voice was hoarse and filled with a hint of strong and lingering love.

The two of them had been dating a while. It was impossible for Ji Li not to know Qin Yue’s intentions. He quickly stopped this person. “Don’t make trouble, not tonight.”

It wasn’t that he didn’t miss his lover, but he cared about the other person’s wound and didn’t dare act wantonly. He couldn’t let a wound that had finally healed reopen due to his recklessness.

Qin Yue hugged him tightly and didn’t force the next move. However, this clingy strength was higher than that of Major General’s.

“Then obediently let me hold you so I can sleep.”

Qin Yue’s voice was recognized in the entertainment industry as pleasant and low. Every word spoken at this time could seductively draw people into the abyss.

Ji Li couldn’t bear to refuse his small request. “Okay.”


After a good night’s sleep.

It was almost noon when Ji Li woke up. He tried to turn over but could only cry in pain.

There was a low laugh behind him. It was Qin Yue, who had already woken up.

Ji Li lay back suddenly. He saw the smile in the other person’s eyes and muttered softly through the quilt, “Why are you so happy?”

Qin Yue approached and massaged him with gentle strength. There was a bit of satisfaction in his mocking voice. “You worked hard last night.”

Ji Li recalled the scene last night and his face was hot. “Don’t say it.”

I don’t know who pestered who?

On the surface, he was a successful, gentle, and restrained actor in the entertainment industry, but in private, he had a different face.

He agreed to sleep in this person’s arms, but he was still fooled!

Ji Li secretly blamed himself for believing his lover’s temptation last night. He was really inconvenient in movement, so he used that posture.


At the thought of this, Ji Li blushed to the point of dripping blood.

Qin Yue heard his lover’s voice and took the initiative to kiss his forehead and confess, “Do you want to take another shower?”

If it had been in the past, Qin Yue would’ve definitely handled these things all by himself. However, now he was indeed hindered due to his leg injury, and it wasn’t good for him to carry the other person to the bathroom indiscriminately.


Ji Li squinted in response. He was shy but also a bit sleepy.

Qin Yue glanced at the time displayed on the bedside alarm clock and asked in a low voice, “Have you slept enough? Let’s get up for lunch.”

They had already missed breakfast. If they didn’t eat lunch on time, it wouldn’t be good for their health.

Ji Li was lazy. “I will lie down a bit more. I’m not very hungry right now.”

The moment these words came out, he heard a polite inquiry from outside the door of the room. “Second Young Master, are you awake?”

“What’s going on?”

“Sir and the Young Master have returned. Ma’am also personally cooked lunch at noon today. Ma’am said that if it is convenient for you and Mr. Ji to get up, you should come down and eat together.”

It was a short paragraph, but the amount of information contained in it was extremely huge.

Ji Li froze once he fully realized.


Qin Yue’s parents and older brother were all here!

Then they knew about his stay last night?

Surprise flashed in Qin Yue’s eyes. “I got it. We’ll go down in 15 minutes.”


The footsteps of the servant outside the door faded away.

Ji Li was busy getting up from the bed. He didn’t care about his physical exhaustion at all.

He was always calm in any situation, but now he was feeling a bit embarrassed for some reason. He had to ask his lover for help. “Qin Yue, what should I do?”

Qin Yue’s parents weren’t here when he came last night.

Now he woke up and suddenly had to meet the parents?

If he had known this, he would’ve decisively gone to the hotel last night to avoid the embarrassment of staying here.

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