IPCFS: Chapter 117 Part 2

Ji Li got goosebumps when he first read the plot.

However, this was only a small reversal in the movie. Starting with the death of the rich second generation master, the plot of the movie fell into waves after waves of reversals.

The appearance of each character was full of high energy, and it could be said that it was impossible to determine who the murderer was until the last second.

For such a suspenseful plot, the acting skills of all members had to be excellent to film it properly.

So apart from Ji Li and Fang Mo, the actors of the other six roles were also invited by Rong Tong and the producer.

From low-key powerful actors to student actors with aura who were appearing in the movie for the first time, everyone fit the role perfectly in appearance.

The crew came together and almost all of them acted crazily under the camera.

Ji Li liked the atmosphere of the crew. Even if he had already memorized the script, he would continue to study it carefully every day.

The more Ji Li filmed, the more he looked forward to the day when the movie would be released in theaters.

Most of the movie scenes were concentrated in Shanghai. Ji Li used the RV to go back and forth between the set and his home every day, and he lived peacefully.

In the blink of an eye, two and a half months passed, and the crew ushered in with the completion of filming.

At the finale party, Rong Tong excitedly said that if post-production was done quickly, he hoped to meet everyone directly with the movie at the end of the year.

The party ended, and Ji Li sent a group photo of the crew to Weibo.

“Another wonderful and exciting period of life has ended. Don’t worry everyone, the movie has a good ending.”

“Mu Qin is finished. I look forward to meeting you in the future.”

Fans were aware of his habit. He had to post a Weibo statement when he finished filming the finale. Once the work was released, he would also send a hand-drawn version to say goodbye to the character.

Such a sense of ritual proved that he was a good actor who treated the role with all his heart.

Fans rushed in the moment Ji Li posted on Weibo.

-Ahhhh, it has been hard work on filming! I’m looking forward to the release of the movie!

-Baby, promise Mom to post more selfies, okay? Your beautiful appearance can’t be wasted, baby!

-Help, our bay is so cute. He knows that fans want to be optimistic about the ending, so he specially made a remark this time hahaha.

-Baby, there is a commercial for the variety show! ‘Poor Travel Notes’ is about to start. Why haven’t you moved at all? [Earnest gaze from a business fan.JPG.]

Ji Li leaned on the RV, sipping milk tea in one hand and reading the real-time comments in the other.

He slightly raised an eyebrow. “Is ‘Poor Travel Notes’ about to start airing?”

Baozi replied, “The publicity for the first episode has started. There will be two episodes aired this Friday and Saturday, and it will be broadcast on satellite TV.

Two days ago, Ji Li had been busy filming. Baozi knew he had to concentrate on this and didn’t have time to tell him about it.

The moment Ji Li heard this, he clicked onto the Weibo of ‘Poor Travel Notes’. The data of the first post on top was very strong.

Fans of the four main guests were full of energy, and the number of forwards was terrifying. Even the number of forwards from fans of the temporary replacements, Feng Cheng and Qi Heng, was powerful.

From the beginning, the positioning of ‘Poor Travel Notes’ was just as a webcast. Later, the weight of the participating guests meant that many radio stations paid attention to it. They took the initiative to send an invitation to cooperate with the program team.

The chief director discussed the invitations with the original website and chose to air the webcast on Shanghai Satellite TV, one of the TV stations with the highest amount of audience love.

It was just that the number of variety shows that could be aired on TV stations every year was limited. If ‘Poor Travel Notes’ was to be aired on it, they needed to cooperate with the TV station to adjust their schedule.

So this delay dragged on for three months.

Fortunately, the enthusiasm of their fans didn’t fade. The moment the final trailer of the show came out the day before yesterday, fans spontaneously increased the popularity of the variety show.

The program team and TV station also spent a lot of money in order to publicize it and create momentum. Even before it was aired, it was on the hot search for three consecutive days.

It looked like it was about to launch an offensive against the annual popular variety shows.

Ji Li raised an eyebrow and quickly forwarded the Weibo post of the variety show.

If the show was popular enough, then it could help him maintain exposure while he was busy with serious filming. There was nothing bad about the publicity.

“Brother Ji, will you be resting at home this month?”

The producer of ‘Demon Monk’ had sent a notice that the start-up time for the movie was tentatively scheduled for early November. They would stay for around three or four months in the studio built in Hengcheng.

Ji Li had also been thinking about this when he heard Baozi’s question.

He actually had the idea of looking for Qin Yue abroad. However, the other person was hard at work filming, and it was estimated that every day was full of filming. 

In addition, the script of ‘Demon Monk’ that he just received was super thick. Everything needed to be studied.

Qin Yue was busy, and he was also busy.

It really wasn’t easy for two workaholics to meet.

Before Ji Li could make a decision, Yu Fuya suddenly turned around from the front seat and asked, “Ji Li, is Qin Yue injured?”


Ji Li was stunned for several seconds when he heard this. “What?”

“You don’t know?”

Yu Fuya had also just learned of the news and simply showed him her phone. “It seems that it has been half a month since his injury.”

“I listened to the news coming from his fans. He was injured while filming a car jumping scene. The specific situation isn’t clear.”

The company seemed to have deliberately concealed the news. They only said in the official group that he was okay, but Yue fans still couldn’t rest assured.

Ji Li’s heart became a mess when he heard Yu Fuya’s words.

Jumping out of a car and getting injured?

It had been half a month? Why didn’t Qin Yue mention a single word to him?

In the later stages of filming ‘Reverse Hunting’, Ji Li became busier as the male protagonist. Combined with the long time difference between him and Qin Yue, the number of video calls between them was indeed infrequent.

However, they would maintain text contact almost every day. Even during their occasional video calls, Qin Yue didn’t show any abnormalities.

Yu Fuya and Baozi looked at each other and quickly guessed the reason.

“The company didn’t deliberately mention that Ji Li couldn’t get in touch with Qin Que, so he must have had a small injury when he was filming an action scene. Fans always feel sorry for their idols.”

Ordinary, small injuries became magnified by thousands of times in their eyes.

Baozi hurriedly responded, “Yes, yes, Brother Ji. You were the same. Last month, your arm was cut and bleeding when you were filming, but you didn’t let us tell Teacher Qin Yue about it.”

To put it bluntly, this couple was afraid of worrying the other person, so they hid some bad situations from each other.

Ji Li took a deep breath. He saw that there were no outsiders in the car and simply called Qin Yue through a video call.

The person on the other end answered quickly. Ji Li took a deep breath and asked first, “Qin Yue, where are you?”

“The crew is having a complete holiday, and I’m at the Qin family’s old mansion. What’s wrong?” Qin Yue’s answer was calm.

“Point the camera at yourself and show me your body from the top to bottom,” Ji Li asked again. There was a trace of inexplicable depression in his heart.


Qin Yue was silent for a moment. Then he smiled and followed Ji Li’s instructions. “I just changed into my pajamas and was about to rest.”

No anomalies could be seen in the video.

Ji Li really wanted to rush into the video to rip off Qin Yue’s clothes and examine him to see where he was injured.

“Baby, congratulations on finishing. I owe you ice cream. Wait for me to return to China to make it up for you, okay?”

Ji Li inexplicably felt his eyes becoming a bit hot and sore when he heard this. “Okay, you rest early. I have a shooting job later.”


The conversation between the two of them lasted no more than a minute, and Qin Yue unexpectedly didn’t try to hold him back.

The moment the call ended, Ji Li rubbed his temples and sighed fiercely. “Baozi, help me book a ticket.”

The more Qin Yue was like this, the more worried he became. Since this was the case, it was better to go to him in person.

Baozi had long expected Ji Li’s decision. The moment he heard this, he turned on his phone. “Brother Ji, would you like me to book it for tomorrow?”

“I’ll go to the airport now. Book the soonest flight,” Ji Li replied firmly.

Due to his work habits, all of his identity documents were carried with him. As for his clothes, he could buy them there. There was no need to go home to get them.

Yu Fuya could see that Ji Li had made up his mind, so she had to agree. “Then let’s make it today. Baozi, check to see if there is any time still available?”

There was a one month rest period, and Ji Li could naturally arrange it freely.

Baozi was very efficient in aspects like this. He quickly found the right flight, and they still had time to make it to the airport.

Ji Li confirmed the landing time and quickly sent a WeChat to another person.

“Sister Yu, Baozi, I’ll have to trouble you to take care of the cat and the dog.”

“Of course. You can always contact us if there is anything you need.”



The plane landed smoothly.

Ji Li put on a hat and mask and hurried out of the airport.

“Ji Li, over here.” Qi An stood at the pick-up gate and beckoned him over.

Ji Li carried a small backpack that he had taken from Baozi earlier and approached quickly.

Qi An nodded and sighed emotionally, “I saw your WeChat message and thought you were joking.”

“What about Qin Yue? He said he was at home.”

“Yes. Mrs. Qin didn’t feel at ease, so he is living in the Qin family’s villa during this time.”

Ji Li heard this and immediately frowned. “Where is he hurt? Is it serious?”

Qi An drove the car to their destination.

“He was injured when he was filming an action scene of jumping from the car. His left calf was a bit injured. It was cut open by an iron piece left behind on the road, and he had to get ten stitches. He is currently recuperating.”

“In any case, you can ask him directly when you see him.” Qi An shook his head. “Seeing your menacing appearance, I don’t want to get involved between you little lovers.”

“By the way, I haven’t told him about you coming here.”

Ji Li looked at the rapidly receding lights on the highway and couldn’t tell what was in his heart.

He never liked to talk about his pain and stresses to the outside world. Even if he became lovers with Qin Yue, he didn’t want the other person to worry about him.

But after this switch in identity, he understood that the practice of ‘hiding everything to not worry my lover’ would only bring anxiety and uneasiness to his other half.

-Ji Li, I hope I’m not someone you need to hide from and can push away at any time.

Now he remembered Qin Yue’s words and understood him better.

Before boarding the plane, he had been worried about Qin Yue’s injury, but he was even angrier about his failure and negligence as a lover.

After driving for nearly 40 minutes, the car stopped at the door of the Qin family’s villa.

“I spoke with Mrs. Qin in advance. She said that the maid will open the door for you. Qin Yue should be on the second floor at this time. His bedroom is on the far right of the corridor.”


Ji Li got out of the car and entered the villa area. He explained his identity to the maid on the first floor and eagerly walked to the bedroom on the second floor.

He took a deep breath before knocking calmly on the door.

“Who is it?”

Within a few seconds, the locked door of the room was opened. Ji Li’s eyes became blank for a moment and he instinctively lowered his gaze.

His leg injury wasn’t healed, and it wasn’t convenient to walk, so Qin Yue was sitting in a wheelchair at this time.

Qin Yue saw his lover who suddenly appeared in front of him and was rarely stunned for a few seconds. He felt a sense of embarrassment at being caught.

“Baby, you…”

Qin Yue panicked and wanted to get up from the wheelchair. In the next second, the quick-eyed Ji Li pressed down on his shoulders.

“You sit down for me!”

“……” Qin Yue froze.

Ji Li was so angry that his teeth were itchy, but he also couldn’t help wanting to throw himself into the other person’s arms.

Ji Li put his hands on both sides of the wheelchair, bent down, and blocked the way for Qin Yue to escape.

“Qin Yue.”

“Huh?” Qin Yue tried to admit his mistake with his eyes.

Their eyes met each other. Then Ji Li suddenly kissed the other person’s thin and slightly cool lips. There was a trace of hot love called ‘longing’ in his breath.

“I missed you.”

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