IPCFS: Chapter 115 Part 2

Ji Li saw the familiar, handsome face on the screen, and a smile appeared in his eyes. “You haven’t started work today?”

“I have half a day off from the crew.” Qin Yue’s voice was mixed with a hint of hoarse exhaustion.

Major General recognized Qin Yue’s voice and immediately pricked up his ears.

Ji Li rubbed the dog’s head and asked, “Were you the one secretly acting behind the ‘Music Fan Rabbit’ and the marketing company’s matter?”

“You found out so quickly.” Qin Yue smiled and didn’t deny it.

“You didn’t sleep all night because of this?” Ji Li saw his fatigue and reluctance filled his heart.

“I was afraid you would be distracted by this, so I didn’t tell you about what happened in the past two days.”

Artists had always been inseparable from public opinion. Ji Li was accustomed to such turmoil, and he could handle it properly. He didn’t want to worry Qin Yue every time.

“Of course, I know you could have solved it alone, but I still wanted to protect you,” Qin Yue replied seriously.

He had struggled in the entertainment industry for ten years ahead of Ji Li. Why couldn’t he use the achievements and status he accumulated in this decade to protect his own person?

Why should Ji Li, the lover he protected in the palm of his hand and who was acknowledged by the industry, be slandered like this?

The marketing accounts wanted to rely on black fans to gain traffic from scolding actors, so he wanted to completely cut off their financial path.

“Ji Li, I hope you will regard me as the confidant you deserve, not the other half who needs to be concealed and can be pushed away at any time.”

Lovers should rely on each other emotionally and support each other to solve problems.

Qin Yue originally had a magnetic voice and was particularly affectionate under the amplification of the mobile phone.

Ji Li’s heart was touched. He naturally understood what Qin Yue meant.

He saw his lover’s eyes gradually become serious and replied softly, “Qin Yue, I miss you a bit.”

These few simple words completely dispelled Qin Yue’s seriousness. He laughed helplessly. “You hit my soft spot.”

Ji Li smiled and suddenly said, “Where do you have a soft spot? It isn’t all hard?”

Qin Yue slightly raised an eyebrow. The words that came out were filled with a hint of provocation. “Just say another word and believe it or not, I will directly buy a ticket to return to China?”

Ji Li snorted twice.

He couldn’t tell when it happened, but he always entertained provocative thoughts that he never had before in front of Qin Yue.

Qin Yue took a sip of coffee and concentrated on it. Then he suddenly remembered something. “Did you know that there have been more CP fans of you and Ji Yunqi on the Internet recently?”

Chen Xi and Song Ran had gained a lot of tears and love from the audience.

Offline, the interaction between Ji Yunqi and Ji Li was also very loving, so their CP had risen quickly. Yesterday, Ji Yunqi took the initiative to speak up in support of Ji Li, and the group of CP fans almost shipped it into the sky.


Ji Li froze. Then he realized the sour taste in Qin Yue’s words and couldn’t help laughing. “You are busy filming. Why are you still monitoring the domestic CP dynamics in real time?”

Qin Yue heard the ridicule in the words and only said, “If I knew it would be like this, the second Easter egg should’ve been put at the end of the movie. Then it wouldn’t be a matter of Song Ran and Chen Xi.”

Ji Li heard this and suddenly remembered something.

When ‘Special Operations’ finished filming, Ji Li actually shot two versions of the flying page.

Chen Xi died and came back to life. Then he caught the eyes of the ‘giant shark’ behind Shi Ye.

His life was actually saved by someone sent by the other person.

What was showing now was the first version. The other hidden version was a rivalry between him and Qin Yue.

It was the same scene in the ward, except that after Chen Xi turned around, the camera swept to Qin Yue’s powerful and dangerous back.

The two of them looked at each other. The former was firm and the latter was playful. It froze on this scene where both people had their own thoughts.

The moment this version came out, it was strongly affirmed by Yao Chuan and Fang Zhixing. However, this Easter egg clip was deleted before finally being submitted for review.

Firstly, the netizens were accustomed to imagining things and might infiltrate the plot too much, causing troubles in script creation.

Secondly, Ji Li and Qin Yue had become a real couple. They were afraid that too many scenes between them would cause malicious suspicion among some fans.

Thirdly, Qin Yue was currently focusing on overseas markets, and his schedule for domestic movies and dramas was uncertain. This would prevent the audience from gaining a fixed impression, only to become disappointed if the actor changed when filming started next year.

The above reasons were combined, and the Easter egg became the version that the audience saw.

“Are you so confident that after that Easter egg comes out, you can break through the crooked fans?”

Qin Yue smiled and said nothing.

They were a true couple. How could their compatible aura be compared to others?

Qin Yue changed the topic. “When will you start filming?”

“Next Thursday. I like Director Rong’s script very much. There are many reversals, and it will probably be very brain-burning in the eyes of the audience.”

Ji Li’s hand moved back and forth on Snow Cake and Major General’s heads, rubbing them happily.

“As long as you like it. Remember to take care of yourself in the crew.”

“Yes, you too.”

The two of them chatted for a while. However, Qin Yue was worried about Ji Li’s sleep time, so he reluctantly hung up the phone.


For the next two days, Ji Li was fully immersed in the script reading.

The script of the movie ‘Reverse Hunting’ came from the screenwriter Guan Xi.

The movie ‘Lost Lover’ released six years ago was written by him and won the ‘Best Picture’, ‘Best Screenplay’, and other related awards at the three domestic movie festivals.

This movie ignited the high scores of domestic suspense movies and was regarded by countless people as ‘best role model of Chinese suspense movies.’

Now ‘Reverse Hunting’ was directed by Rong Tong and written by Guan Xi. This was undoubtedly a strong cooperation.

Therefore, after the official announcement of the male protagonist of the movie, strong expectations were ignited in Ji Li’s fans and ordinary netizens.

In Ji Li’s opinion, the male protagonist setting of ‘Reverse Hunting’ was wonderful.

The male protagonist of the movie was named Mu Qin. His parents were murdered 15 years ago. He escaped by accident by hiding in a closet. This incident caused a deep psychological shadow on him that couldn’t be erased even when he reached adulthood.

Mu Qin grew up under this type of shadow and lacked empathy. He didn’t care about his own life and paid little attention to the people around him.

As a child, Mu Qin would run to the vegetable market and watch the chickens, ducks, fish, and geese lose their life little by little under the blade. He watched their blood mix in with the blood of other animals and rush into the sewers.

Once he grew up, he studied forensic medicine and worked in related institutions after graduation. He followed them to the scenes of various murders, appreciating the ruin at the end of people’s lives in an expressionless manner.

“There is a good, empty skin that contains a broken and dark soul.”

This was the common evaluation of Mu Qin by the people around him.

Few people knew that Mu Qin’s approach was just to stimulate himself in order to evoke memories of the murder case last year.

The case of the Mu family had been unsolved for so many years due to the total loss of surveillance and the lack of key evidence. Mu Qin, who had been strongly stimulated, couldn’t identify the appearance of the murderer.

This matter was hidden in Mu Qin’s heart and became his only obsession.


This type of extremely complicated character wasn’t easy to interpret.

During this period of time, Ji Li plunged into the script and figured out the delicate and subtle changes in the male protagonist’s heart.

The plot of the script had been read six or seven times repeatedly, but the degree of excitement presented hadn’t diminished in the slightest.

In the beginning of the story, Mu Qin received a letter package from an unknown sender.

Inside the package was a yellowed photograph of a young couple falling to the ground while covered in blood. Blood bloomed like a beautiful flower on the clean, white-tiled floor.

The moment Mu Qin saw this photo, his entire body trembled and he hugged his head in pain.

He had seen all the photos of the scene and clearly remembered the angle and scope of each photo. He could conclude that this phone wasn’t taken by the police!

Sure enough, the back of this photo had a line of particularly neat handwriting:

[Commemoration, the fifth hunt.]

The moment the sentence came out, Mu Qin felt a type of fear that he had never felt before.

No one had ever told him, and there wasn’t enough evidence to suggest that his parents’ deaths were likely part of a serial murder case.

Who sent him this photo?

Was it the murderer?

In addition to the photo, there was an invitation letter written in black and white letters.


Don’t tell anyone. Let’s play a game.

As long as you come alone, the murderer of your parents will die before your eyes.

Mu Qin was seduced by the words in the letter. He went to check the letter, the exposure, and the fingerprints on the photo, but he found nothing. The surveillance at the door didn’t show any suspicious figures.

These things seemed to appear out of thin air.

After 15 years, this dust-covered case suddenly took a new turn.

Mu Qin couldn’t ignore such clues. He followed the address written in the letter and went to the activity called ‘Catching Summer.’

After the event, he and six other strangers were arranged in the same family-style hotel.

Mu Qin was a person who didn’t like to socialize with others. At night, other people were playing in a lively manner in the living room while he stayed in his room alone until dawn.

The torrential rain lasted all night.

Early the next morning, screams spread throughout the place.

The owner of the hotel was hung at the top of the spiral staircase with countless bloody holes opened in his body.

Blood fell from a height along with the corpse, blooming brilliant flowers on the ground.

The police arrived and cordoned off the scene.

After an initial investigation, they found that the dead hotel owner was responsible for seven homicides in the past.

The scene of the murder was the miscellaneous goods storeroom. Knives pierced the deceased’s fatal places, and all the bloody holes perfectly copied the wounds on the Mu couple’s bodies.

At the time of the crime, only Mu Qin among the seven guests stayed in his room on the second floor.

The direction was obvious.

Mu Qin knew that he had fallen into the trap of the murderer and was treated by the other person as a lamb that could be easily hunted.

In this extremely unfavorable situation, Mu Qin had to start a directional reasoning hunt in order to prove his innocence.

He peeled back the cocoon layer by layer, and the truth hidden in the depths of the past finally emerged little by little.


The screenwriter Guan Xi had a big and novel brain.

After reading the script, Ji Li couldn’t stop feeling amazed due to the layers of reversals. The details buried in several places could directly give him the chills.

In addition to Ji Li’s Mu Qin, the scenes of the other supporting roles were also super exciting, and the hidden relationships of the characters were even more complicated.

It wasn’t difficult to imagine that under the guidance of Director Rong Tong, who was known as the ‘God of Suspense’, the finished product would definitely be a movie worth watching.

With such expectations, Ji Li finally ushered in the starting day of ‘Reverse Hunting.’

In the first scene after filming started, Ji Li faced the actor Fang Mo, who had come out again after many years.

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