IPCFS: Chapter 115 Part 1

Chapter 115

Now looking back at the long composition under the hot search topic, it was even more face-slapping and absurd.

Ji Li had no friends in the entertainment industry?

Sorry, Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei personally came out to support him!

Ji Li always took advantage of the popularity of his works?

Sorry, the directors acknowledged him! The screenwriters acknowledged him! His peers acknowledged him!

Ji Li had no acting skills and no actual achievements?

Sorry, Ji Li already won trophies at the China Television Awards and the One Hundred Images Awards.

Ji Li didn’t have a male protagonist movie?

Sorry, for six hours, three male protagonist movies were announced in a row.

From Yao Chuan to Rong Tong and Xu Cheng, the fame of the directors was getting louder and louder!

Looking at the entire entertainment industry, which male celebrity dared to be as presumptuous and domineering as Ji Li?

Ji Li’s fans had fallen into a state of madness and were working hard to forward the Weibo and increase positive data. This would in turn increase the popularity of the official announcement of the three movies.

“Wu wu wu, I thought there would be a male protagonist movie sooner or later, but I didn’t think it would be so powerful!”

“This career fan is ecstatic! Baby, fly bravely! Mama will always be with you!”

“Cool cool cool, crazy cool! All sour chickens shut up for me!”

“The company didn’t act all night. It turns out that they and Ji Li were preparing for a super big slap in the face hahaha.”

“Hahaha, are the three movies taking advantage of each other’s popularity? It was all announced at the same time, and the real-time discussion will be together.

The passersby eating melons were amazed. Many entertainment marketing accounts seized the heat to praise it. The black fans and sour chickens already chose to shut up.

“It is to the extent that as a passerby, I think Ji Li is too good! I think his acting skills are pretty good, and his resources have kept up! Jiayou and rush for the Best Actor trophy.”

“Action and anti-drugs, a suspense case, and myths and legends. These are all different types of movies. Isn’t this movie selection ability too strong?”

“Is it too late to enter the pit? I like male actors who focus on their career.”

“Fans of other artists are envious and crying. Ji Li is a harvester of famous directors, right?”

The evening had always been the peak period for traffic. Under such heated discussions, the hot search was strongly occupied by Ji Li.

In six hours, Ji Li officially announced three male protagonist movies. Ji Li’s Reverse Hunting, Ji Li’s Godslayer Demon Monk, Ji Li’s Special Operations II, Ji Li was a harvester of famous directors…

Various hot search topics appeared one after another, almost creating a sensation in the entire fan circle.

A big tree attracted the wind, but this tree was strong enough to bear it!

Some sour words still came out, but they couldn’t do any substantial harm to Ji Li at the moment.

The fans followed their idol. The Ji fans were able to calmly ignore these rumors and even wanted to laugh a bit.

If you are sour, then just be sour. If you are black then continue to be black!

Do you think that our family still doesn’t have enough male protagonist roles? Do you think our family’s face slapping isn’t strong enough?

As you are making a fuss, our Ji Li is handing out good news like a rocket launcher! Thinking about it makes me feel happy.


At 9 o’clock in the evening, Chaoying Culture.

Tao Mingyang and Yu Fuya returned to the office with several bags of food. “Everyone has worked hard. Let’s have a late-night meal. It is Ji Li’s treat!”

“Thank you, Boss Tao.”

“Thank you, Sister Yu.”

“Thank you, Ji Li.”

Cheers rang out. Everyone got up and gathered around the large desk to eat.

Ji Li walked out of the rest room next door while still holding the script of ‘Reverse Hunting’ that he had been studying.

“How is the popularity of the three movies now?”

“Brother Ji, rest assured. The three movies are influencing each other, and the popularity has exceeded our estimates.”

Ji Li smiled when he heard this. “That’s good.”

There were less than ten days left before the start of the movie ‘Reverse Hunting.’ The producer originally planned to set the official announcement for today.

The moment the accusatory Weibo post suddenly appeared last night, Baozi informed Ji Li as soon as possible.

Ji Li watched the fans trying to control the critics and black fans for himself and decided to announce it directly, which could be regarded as a gift to them in return.

He successively contacted the producers of ‘Reverse Hunting’ and ‘Demon Monk’ to explain his idea of wanting to officially announce it on the same day.

In addition, the movie ‘Special Operations II’ had confirmed the filming plan for next year and was looking for Chaoying to discuss in detail about Ji Li’s contract for filming.

After going back and forth, Chaoying simply explained the situation with the producers of the three parties and directly announced the movies.

No one in the entertainment industry had ever made this type of bold move. If the popularity of the actor wasn’t high enough, then making the official announcement on the same day would just disperse the discussion.

However, Ji Li believed in himself, the company, the fans, and the producers. He was confident that he could unite the popularity of the three movies to make them rush ahead together.

They spent all night discussing it, and everyone agreed to the plan.

After all, the contract had been signed, and Ji Li was their set male protagonist. In addition, there were many forms of official movie announcements.

The announcement of the male lead actor was counted as an official announcement, and the release of fixed makeup photos could also be regarded as an official announcement… They chose the former method at the same time and first joined forces to increase their popularity this time. Next time, they could earn popularity in batches.

As a result, under the joint publicity of many parties, there was the current extreme celebration.

“Have you taken screenshots of the content of that Weibo? Let’s sue them tomorrow morning.” Ji Li lightly raised an eyebrow.

“I’ll take care of that.” Yu Fuya opened her mouth. “On the contrary, your next schedule is so tight like this. Can your body take it?”

The next three days were the script reading of ‘Reverse Hunting,’ and then the movie would start filming a week later.

Then it was filming, finishing the filming, entering into another crew, finishing the filming, entering into another crew, and finishing the filming. This busy process was estimated to go directly to August of next year.

“My career is currently on the rise, and I should work harder.” Ji Li didn’t feel that there were any problems. “There is enough rest time after the movie is finished and before entering the next crew.”

In any case, it wasn’t just filming. He had enough energy and ability to ensure that he worked hard to interpret each role at different stages.


At noon the next day, Chaoying Culture’s official Weibo issued a statement.

“The company has entrusted a law firm to sue @Music Fan Rabbit which posted a black article. Delete the Weibo content from the previous day and issue an apology to Ji Li in public within three days!

In addition, the company will also deal with Ji Yunqi and Wei Lai’s recent fabricated materials.

We have taken screenshots of over 500 Weibo users who have spread false rumors and forwarded it. We require these users to delete the false remarks in time, or we will reserve the right to sue!”

Who said that they only loved Ji Li?

For all artists under the banner of Chaoying, the company would do their best to give them the best resources and protection.

Chaoying started the baby protection mode as always. The fans of the artists saw this and unanimously suppressed the dissatisfaction in their hearts.

Okay, it was good that the company treated everyone equally.

After all, in terms of the protection of artists, if Chaoying was called second place, then no other company would dare to call themselves first place.

As for Ji Li, who had been gaining momentum recently, they could only stare enviously. Everyone was from the same company, so they couldn’t cause internal strife, right?

Ji Li’s fans were always staring at the Weibo of @Music Fan Rabbit while waiting for this entertainment black fan to delete their Weibo post and give an apology to Ji Li.

Unexpectedly, before the apology came out, the account with nearly 10 million fans directly ‘exploded’!

-This user has been officially blocked and canceled due to publishing illegal content.

Oh my god!

Directly blowing up the account?

The fans were shocked. Then the marketing company behind Music Fan Rabbit personally came forward and published a deep apology to Ji Li on their official Weibo.

In addition to their cautious and sincere apology, the person in charge said:

In the future, he would urge the marketing staff of their company to be cautious in their words and deeds. When it came to public opinion of a celebrity, they would start from positive and sunny directions. They would resolutely not deliberately smear a celebrity in order to obtain traffic benefits.

“An account with tens of millions of followers? How much money was lost in this wave of account bombing?”

“This company has a lot of marketing accounts, and all of them have particularly inflammatory content. This time, it has finally capsized!”

“It is good that it is blown up! This company has stinky accounts and changes methods to blacken celebrities everyday. They even ruined the friendly relationship between artist fans. It is too dirty to make money by relying on this type of traffic!”

“Ji Li is awesome! Chaoying is awesome! You can actually force a faceless marketing company to apologize? Hahaha, cool!”

It was only at this time that the rational fans of each family finally emerged and shouted happily.

It had to be known that more than half the fan circles in the entertainment circle were torn apart by these stinky marketing accounts.

After enduring it for so long, an artist and company finally came forward to give a strong counterattack!


The script reading for the day was over.

It wasn’t until Ji Li arrived home that he learned about the bombing of the ‘Music Fan Rabbit’ account and the marketing company coming forward to apologize.

On the other end of the phone, Baozi was puzzled. “Brother Ji, do you think this is strange? Our company didn’t spend a lot of effort. Why was the account blown up, and why did they apologize?”

Ji Li faintly guessed something, and the corners of his lips curved up. “Let them explode. In any case, it isn’t harmful to us.”

“That’s true.”

“I’ll hang up first. If there is anything you need, contact me on Wechat.”


The two of them ended their brief call.

Ji Li had been tired all day and sank into the soft sofa. Major General and Snow Cake immediately stuck to him. Qin Yue went abroad to film a movie, so Ji Li was temporarily in charge of the cat and dog.

After playing with these two soft cuties, Ji Li suddenly missed Qin Yue in his heart.

Perhaps it was the tacit understanding unique to lovers, but the next second, there was a WeChat notification vibration.

-Baby, are you still busy?

No, I just got home.

His short answer had just been sent when a video call request was received.

The call connected.

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