IPCFS: Chapter 114 Part 2

The long title carried obvious questions. After clicking on the details of the Weibo content, it was even more accusatory and disdainful.

“I just can’t figure it out. How dare an actor who has debuted for less than two years brag about himself with this type of topic? How dare fans use this type of topic to prove the success of their idol?”

“Did the movie ‘Country and the World’ rely on Ji Li? It was obviously the combination of Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei! Ji Li just played an extra role. How dare he raise his noise high and say that this movie score is due to him?”

“Did the drama ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’ rely on Ji Li? It was obviously due to the success of the script and the strength of the protagonist team! Ji Li was ranked at the bottom of the supporting roles in the initial official announcement. He replied on the popularity of the drama to suck blood. He also sucked the popularity of Xie Yan in the original novel like crazy after it started airing. Isn’t this way of refining popularity too cheap?”

“He was just the third male lead in ‘Time Lobbyist.’ Everyone knows that the movie’s actual performance mainly depended on some support. Feng Cheng was the male lead and the main object of support of Yuexing. Ji Li, the third male lead, just stuck his nose in. Does he still have the nerve to come out and say it is his own achievement?”

“Now ‘Special Operations’ is being released. Ji Yunqi is the real male protagonist, and Yuan Yifei is the first lead villain. Ji Li, a character who went offline halfway through, is now trying to be on an equal footing with them again?”

“Also, didn’t Ji Li suck the blood of Qin Yue once or twice? Which movie has had nothing to do with Qin Yue? It is also a fact that he and Yuan Yifei are friends and this is just sucking blood right? He and Ji Yunqi are positioned nicely as the Chaoying Twin stars, but to put it bluntly, the latter is just matching him!”

“Discerning fans can see that the relationship between Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei is the really solid one! Ji Li is just sticking himself in.”

“How many actors has Ji Li stepped on since his debut? He is clearly a parasite dependent on others. I think he has a big background!”

“Since his debut, he hasn’t been a single male protagonist. All the roles he played are just accessories, and the marketing has been done very well!”

“I hope all fans pay attention so that your artist isn’t stepped on and suffers later.”

This blogger was originally a marketing account with tens of millions of fans. In addition, there was the hot search traffic in the evening, and he got tens of thousands of forwards in just half an hour.

Ji Li’s fans were so angry that they couldn’t react after this long and sour provocation!

Forget the movie score, which role of Ji Li’s so far hadn’t been recognized by the public?

Song Zhao’s scenes were few, but Ji Li gained popularity with it! Did he force Qin Yue and Director Zheng Anxing to admit that he had outstanding acting skills?

Speaking of Xie Yan, how did this person ignore the fact that Ji Li was just a stand-in originally? If he was really so rich and had a background, wouldn’t it have been better to invest directly in the crew and become the male protagonist?

The producer of ‘Time Lobbyist’ openly admitted that Ji Li was the first actor to sign the contract. He gave up the first and second male leads himself and chose the third male lead to sign. Was there anything wrong with praising his good vision in picking scripts?

‘Special Operations’ had three male protagonists, and this was officially announced early on. How did he become a supporting role that went offline halfway through? Didn’t that Easter egg show he was still alive?

Ji Li relied on his roles to attract fans and grabbed a lot of pure passersby who praised him. If fans didn’t speak up for their idol, were they helping black fans scold him?

Ji Li’s fans were indignant, but the black fans and fans of other artists jumped hard in the comments area.

There was one thing to say. Ji Li’s rising speed was indeed too fast. A big tree would definitely attract wind.

This type of momentum definitely blocked the way of other male actors and would inevitably arouse dissatisfaction and jealousy among fans of other actors.

Yes! This was well said!

Ji Li clearly had no acting skills. He was just a lucky humanoid accessory! He just took advantage of the popularity of various movie and television works. Why else was there no real male lead project?

The sour and jealous fans of other artists opened side accounts and forwarded this long compilation one after another.

It wasn’t just the unknown actors. For a while, even a small number of Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi’s fans expressed unpleasant remarks toward Ji Li.

Was it agreed that the three actors were in a win-win situation? Why come out so strong? Taking our Yuanbao as a stepping stone? Get lost!

You are called one of the Chaoying Twin Stars, but the company clearly cares more about you, Ji Li! Isn’t our Third Young Lady worth it?

The fan circle was so big. There were always some fans who ignored the friendly relationship of their masters and made up unfair treatment for their masters. Then they would jump out with silly remarks of ‘Brother only has me.’

Overnight, the number of forwards grew larger.

Chaoying, who always protected their artists, didn’t move for a long time. Just as the fans were feeling anxious, Ji Li personally forwarded this long Weibo post.


It was simple, but the irony was extremely obvious.

The comments area immediately ushered in a pink and black sky. Other fans followed suit and complained.

“Don’t look! You are the best!”

“How dare you brag when you don’t even have a male lead role? If you are so powerful, why don’t you directly become the Best Actor?”

“Ji Li is a vampire!”

“Hey, these black fans and brainless fans, can you get lost? Why are you trampling on the treasure we have put on the tip of our hearts?”

“What does an actor rely on to attract fans if not his roles? I just think Ji Li acts well, and I like him. Can’t I?”

“Please stay away from Yuan Bao and the Third Young Lady! You don’t deserve to play with them!”


The comments area was a mess, and Ji Li’s name was stuck on the hot search.

Just as the situation was deadlocked, Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei posted one after another on Weibo.

@Ji Yunqi: Interesting! Let me see who is spreading rumors? The relationship between the three of us is so good, yet others are still provoking us? Please don’t come and pollute our eyes.

The accompanying picture was a selfie of the three people. Ji Li was being pulled by Ji Yunqi to lay on Ji Yunqi’s body while his flustered hands were pulling Yuan Yifei.

@Yuan Yifei: Interesting! The parties involved are busy eating noodles at this time. Our fans should be obedient, and don’t listen to these provocations.

There was a small 10 second video underneath.

The three people gathered in the lounge and ordered a bunch of takeout. Ji Yunqi took meat from Ji Li’s bowl while Yuan Yifei, who was filming the video, hurriedly shouted, “Leave some for me!”

The voices of the two people came out one after another and obviously supported their friendship with Ji Li.

If the three of them weren’t in harmony with each other, would they laugh and take photos together? Would they have a private meal together?

Everyone is an adult. Can you use your brain a bit?

The Yuan and Ji fans, who were still clamoring below Ji Li’s Weibo post, quickly deleted their comments and apologized to Ji Li out of shame.

They hoped that he wouldn’t care about these immature remarks and also hoped he could maintain his friendship with Yuan Bao and the Third Young Lady.

In addition, Yao Chuan and Wang Zhang also came out for support. The screenwriters Fang Zhixing and Mu Wang affirmed Ji Li’s interpretation of his role.

“Is there a problem with Ji Li’s roles of Xie Yan and Chen Xi? If there is a problem, come to me as the director. There is no need to scold the actor.”

“Who says that only the male protagonist can prove his strength? There are many actors who aren’t able to be the male protagonist throughout their entire lives. According to your logic, isn’t it even more powerful that Ji Li can attract so many fans with three or four supporting roles?”

“As a screenwriter, I like Ji Li very much.”

“Without Ji Li, there would be no Time Lobbyist now. I am grateful to him.”

This wasn’t the first time that directors and screenwriters had stood up to speak for Ji Li. If Ji Li’s personality was so unbearable, could he still gain the support of so many people?

Ji Li’s fans thanked them on Weibo while actively criticizing the comments.

The initial anxiety in the fan group of the official Weibo disappeared.

“Passersby won’t care about the comments made by the fan circles. They just think that Ji Li acts well!”

“It’s okay. Just let them be sour! No amount of acid can stop the fact that Baby Ji Li is awesome.”

“He is so impressive! The actors, directors, screenwriters, and staff members who have worked with Baby Ji Li are all willing to speak for him! That’s great!”

No matter how many sour chickens in the fan circle jumped up and down, they couldn’t stop the industry’s high recognition of Ji Li.

“I hope that Ji Li won’t be affected and will choose his script well. Strive to play a male protagonist as soon as possible and slap those saying sarcastic remarks in the face!”

“Will ‘Special Operations’ have a sequel like the Easter egg implied? I hope Ji Li can continue to play Chen Xi! Then it will count as a new male protagonist, right?”

The group was actively discussing it when someone sent a Weibo link and left an excited message.

“F*k! The sequel of ‘Special Operations’ has been officially announced! It has the male protagonist!”

The group link sent them to the official Weibo newly opened for the movie ‘Special Operations II.’ Just a minute ago, they posted an official announcement.

“The abyss under the abyss, let the glimmer of light remain! Starring @Ji Li.”

The news that a second part was going to be produced had been revealed in the movie’s Easter egg. Many people guessed that Ji Li’s Chen Xi would become the core male protagonist of the second part.

That being the case, there was no need to deliberately cover it up. They simply made an official announcement to create another wave of popularity.

In any case, once filming started next year, they could use the actor’s makeup photos to do a second official announcement. The popularity this time wouldn’t be in vain.

At the same time, the official Weibo of Chaoying forwarded the news.

“The first wave of male lead surprises, remember to check.”

What the fans wanted, Ji Li would give them!

Five minutes ago, everyone was still looking forward to the official announcement of ‘Special Operations II.’ Then five minutes later, everyone received the great news!

“Wait! The first wave of male lead surprises? Does this mean there will be a second wave later?” There were fans who discovered the hidden information.

These words awakened them!

All the fans in the group were instantly excited. They scrambled to forward the official announcement while feeling itchy in anticipation of the continuous surprise.

Sure enough, another bombshell fell at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

@Official Weibo of the movie ‘Reverse Hunting’: The work of director @Rong Tong, starring @Ji Li. Reverse Hunting!

At the same time, the official Weibo of Chaoying forwarded the news.

“Remember to check the second wave of male lead surprises.”

Ji Li’s fans saw the name ‘Director Rong Tong’ and fell into another round of celebration.

Oh my god! It was Director Rong!

The god of suspense recognized by the Chinese movie and television industry!

Ji Li actually won the male lead of his movie? Ahhh their baby was awesome!

Under the double official announcement of the male lead roles, the fans were already carried away with joy. They didn’t expect that the surprise wasn’t over!

At 6 o’clock in the afternoon, only three hours after the last wave of official announcements, the official blog of the ‘Godslayer’ series suddenly posted.

“If the gods and Buddhas are absurd, then the gods and Buddhas can be killed!”

“Godslayer: Demon Monk starring @Ji Li!”

The moment this official announcement came out, Ji Li’s fans were stunned. Even the netizens eating melons were shocked!

What was going on?

‘Special Operations II’, the official announcement of the male lead!

‘Reverse Hunting’, the official announcement of the male lead!

‘Demon Monk’, the official announcement of the male lead!

Officially announcing three male lead movies in one day? Ji Li’s movie and television resources were going against the sky!

The sour chickens rushed to look in the mirror. Their faces were going to be swollen!

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