IPCFS: Chapter 114 Part 1

There was an Easter egg in the movie?

The moment this realization appeared in the minds of the audience, the newly noisy hall fell silent again.

The big screen was white for a while before lighting up again.

In a simple hospital room, a thin man sat in a wheelchair. The camera slowly advanced while accompanied by a voiceover.

“Chen Xi, besides protecting Song Rang, you have another potential mission. This mission requires you to risk your life.”

“After your ‘death’, you have completely lost your true identity among the police. It is very likely that you will never be able to recover it for the rest of your life.”

“There is a shark that has been lurking behind Shi Ye for a long time. Are you willing to exchange your only glimmer of life for this opportunity to sneak in undercover?”

The camera froze on the side of the wheelchair.

The man in the wheelchair removed the gauze around his neck, revealing a long and terrifying bite mark.

This scar ran from his jaw to his Adam’s apple and into his clothes. It wasn’t difficult to imagine the deadly situation where he narrowly escaped death.

He got up from the wheelchair. The wind outside the window blew through his loose hospital gown and the ends of his long, untended hair, blowing away the last trace of sickness on his body.

The camera zoomed in for a close-up.

The close-up was from the small scar on his left brow bone to his pale and cold eyes that showed a trace of perseverance after his death.

“I am willing.”

I, Chen Xi, am willing to take this only sliver of life and plunge into another abyss below the abyss.

The black curtain appeared again, and a line of resounding words exploded.

‘Special Operations II’, stay tuned!

The audience erupted.

Chen Xi wasn’t dead!

Looking at the meaning of this Easter egg, was there a sequel to ‘Special Operations’?

Did this mean that the whole story of the sequel revolved around the character Chen Xi? Would Ji Li still play the male protagonist of the second part?

The lights in the cinema hall came on, and all the audience members were discussing the reveal with surprised looks.

The crying fans of Ji Li immediately stopped their tears. They were so surprised and happy that they almost jumped up from their seats.

Wu wu wu, ever since I fell in love with Baby Ji Li, watching a movie is like riding a roller coaster.

Half an hour ago, I was still crying for Chen Xi’s ‘sacrifice.’ Half an hour later, I am crying with joy at the Easter egg that Chen Xi is alive.

“F*k, is this Easter egg okay?” Ji Yunqi put his arms around Ji Li’s shoulder and his smile widened. “It was actually this plot that you were hiding when you and Teacher Fang prevented us from looking at the flying page.”

As he watched the movie, he returned to the role of ‘Song Ran’ and felt heavy guilt and heartache at the departure of his friend in the movie.

Now the movie’s Easter egg revealed the truth and laid out another piece of foreshadowing.

It wasn’t only the audience who was talking about it. Even one of the leading actors, Ji Yunqi, was sincerely surprised and expectant.

Ji Li turned to look at the audience’s reaction. Then he smiled and explained, “At the beginning, Teacher Fang just said he had an idea for the second part when he temporarily added the flying page. He hadn’t started to write the script yet.”

Creation was a very difficult thing, and it wasn’t enough to have an idea. In addition, Fang Zhixing always had high requirements for his script and wasn’t willing to settle easily.

This was why he didn’t let Ji Li reveal too much to the outside world, in case he failed to write the script and let people down.

“Now that this Easter egg is released, I think there must be a second part?” Yuan Yifei asked Fang Zhixing in a low voice.

Fang Zhixing nodded. “Yes, let’s talk about it in private.”

The movie ended and Director Yao Chuan took the lead in guiding the main creators to bow to the audience.

From the training of the actors to the completion of filming, it took a total of 153 days. Now they had finally presented their work.

Seeing this, the fans and audience spontaneously clapped for a long time. Invisibly, they had already given the best evaluation feedback to the movie.

Ji Yunqi’s Song Ran grew from a reckless and enthusiastic police officer to a capable and responsible narcotics policeman. It was just like the main theme interpreted in the movie—for the people, his passion would never fade.

Yuan Yifei’s Shi Ye had a small piece of purity in his heart of paranoid evil. His sins were unforgivable, but his dark childhood experience still aroused a sense of regret from the audience.

Ji Li’s Chen Xi was undoubtedly the character who caused the most tears in the movie. The justice in his heart was so strong that he didn’t hesitate to burn himself to become a glimmer of light in the abyss.

The acting skills of the three actors were remarkable, and each of them absolutely had their own highlight scenes.

The veteran actors who starred in guest roles were like wonderful embellishments outside of these highlight scenes. They presented a small surprise to the audience every few minutes.

The premiere had just ended, but the movie critics present already dared to conclude:

This definitely wasn’t just a commercial movie for fans. It was an excellent masterpiece that could be included in the top ten of China’s anti-drug movies!

The moment the premiere ended, the movie reviews were released online.

@A Cat Talks About Movies: I have to admire the strong cooperation of Director Yao Chuan + Teacher Fang Zhixing. I thought they would be overturned when they changed their route from the small screen to the big screen. However, the movie ‘Special Operations’ has completely exceeded my expectations!”

“The plot is excellent! The rhythm is excellent! The acting is excellent! It is definitely a good movie that goes beyond the traditional anti-drugs movie market. I have already purchased movie tickets for tomorrow, and I’m ready to write a long movie review for everyone after the second viewing!”

@Movie and Television Big Celebrity: The combination of Yuan Yifei + Ji Li + Ji Yunqi can make you easily mistake it as a popular movie for fans, but after uncovering the superficial layer, you will definitely get unexpected surprises.

“The drug lord played by Yuan Yifei is very exciting, and the performance of his monologue is very layered. The character also has some delicate and poignant points. Ji Yunqi is acting in a movie for the first time, and his performance is remarkable. He wasn’t suppressed by the other actors.”

“In the end, I still want to name Ji Li. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that his highlight scenes were definitely the king of the audience. In the past, the image of a ‘righteous’ police officer on many screens just made me feel like it was false and exaggerated.”

“Meanwhile, Ji Li’s Chen Xi is the opposite. His performance convinced me that even though movies are art, art comes from life. I pay tribute to all narcotics police officers!”

In addition to such movie reviews, the actor fans and ordinary viewers who participated in the premiere posted their ticket stubs and comments on Weibo.

-‘Special Operations’ is definitely a movie that can be the champion of the summer vacation period. It made my blood boil the whole time! Strongly recommend it!

-Ji Li’s mother fan is crying again. The tissues I brought weren’t enough to wipe my tears! Officer Chen Xi is too handsome and good!

@Yuan Yifei, Yifei! Yuan Bao, you have always been great. I hope that our Yuan Bao can win the trophy with this villainous drug lord!

-Third Young Lady, you were acting in a movie for the first time, but you were so good! Your future is promising.

-There are no dragged out points throughout the entire movie. The rhythm was so tight that people couldn’t stop watching at all. I am looking forward to the movie’s comprehensive Internet score after its release. I am conservatively estimating it to be 8.5 points.

-I’m not a fan of any actor and watched it because I got an internal ticket from my friend. However, this movie completely poked everything I like. I like the role of Chen Xi very much, and I’m also pleasantly surprised by the Easter egg.

-I hope there will be a sequel! The Easter egg made me scream on the spot!

-Is there no one praising Brother Yue? Then I’ll do it. The god of investment is my Brother Yue! Brother Yue has vicious eyes! As an actor and producer, Qin Yue is the most powerful!


Under the trend of almost the entire Internet praising it, ‘Special Operations’ attracted countless ordinary audience members to watch it on the day of its release.

On the first day after its premiere, the box office exceeded 100 million!

Everyone entered the theater with expectations and left with excitement. They promoted this great movie on social media apps such as their Moments and Weibo.

In this way, the popularity of the movie ‘Special Operations’ grew very quickly, and the box office performance was rising steadily.

Three days after its release, the comprehensive movie score was finally released.

The movie ‘Special Operations’ had an initial score of 8.7, while the similar movie ‘Toxic Wave Frenzy II’ only had a score of 7.8.

The box office of the first ‘Toxic Wave Frenzy’ was outstanding, but the plot of the sequel didn’t continue the excitement of the first part. It was a bit anti-climatic.

Many people watched it due to the reputation of the first movie. So when the second part didn’t meet their expectations, the movie score naturally dropped.

The moment the comprehensive score with a difference of 0.9 points came out, the audience’s choice would naturally become biased.

The same anti-drug movie? If they could only choose one to watch, they would choose the one favored by the public. This way, it wasn’t easy to step on anything bad.

On the fourth day, the box office of the two movies suddenly developed a gap, and this gap gradually expanded.

The publicity team of ‘Special Operations’ continued to work hard, and all the extras accumulated during filming were released.

Not only did it satisfy the fans’ wish to see their idol, but it also let ordinary passersby know that the behind-the-scenes production of the movie was indeed conscientious.

It was such a favorable time and place that the movie exploded out of control.

10 days after its release, the box office had surpassed one billion and its popularity hadn’t decreased in the slightest. The screening rate continued to rise.

The number of Weibo followers of the three actors increased every day, and hot searches appeared one after another.

No, Ji Li had a brand new hot search topic:

#Rating of Ji Li’s works#

This topic originated from a movie and television marketing account. The blogger found that since Ji Li’s debut, all the works he participated in had a very eye-catching comprehensive score.

Song Zhao, a small supporting role in ‘Country and the World’, had a rating of 9.4!

The supporting villain Xie Yan of ‘Schemes of the Great Zong Dynasty Youth’, had a rating of 8.8!

The third male lead Xiang Suian of ‘Time Lobbyist’ had a rating of 9.3!

Even the current ‘Special Operations’ had risen from the initial 8.7 points to 8.9 points, and it was showing a continuous upward trend.

This series of high scores was simply like a mythical existence!

“F*k, I have seen all of Ji Li’s movie and television works, but I didn’t expect them to be so awesome.”

“Looking at this, isn’t Ji Li’s eye for picking scripts amazing?”

“Fans of other artists will just feel jealous. When will our artist stop accepting bad movies? Crying.”

“Ahhhh Our Ji Li is awesome.”

These days, the ones most favored by passersby were actors who spoke with the strength of their works.

Almost all the comments under this Weibo were full of praise. Ji Li’s fans saw this scene and puffed out their proud little chests, forwarding it one after another.

The support group saw this and organized fans to create a hot topic, combined with the powerful publicity of Chaoying.

The topic soon jumped onto the Weibo hot search list, attracting the attention of more netizens and a heated discussion.

Fans were looking forward to this hot search attracting more exposure and attention to Ji Li.

They didn’t expect that during the peak traffic at night, a long critical remark suddenly appeared under his hot search topic.

[Ji Li, are you at ease relying on the efforts of other actors to publicize your success and sucking the popularity of other actors?]

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