IPCFS: Chapter 113 Part 2

The movie started inside a dark and gloomy warehouse.

A skinny man lay on the ground, twitching and trembling. His face was abnormally white, and the dark circles under his eyes were terribly thick. “Give me the powder! I want the powder! I’m dying! Help me!”

It wasn’t difficult to see that this was a drug addict.

Suddenly, the sound of childish crying was heard.

The camera panned slowly to the left and aimed at the source of the sound.

A sweet-looking girl sat next to the man, holding the man with her dirty hands as she cried in a heartbreaking manner, “Don’t hit Daddy! Don’t hit Ruru’s dad!”

The door of the warehouse opened, and the sound of leather shoes against the ground approached.

The man who was addicted to drugs recognized this person and crawled to his feet. “Shi Ye, that batch of goods, that batch of goods wasn’t sold by me! It wasn’t me!”

“I’ve brought my youngest daughter over. She is only six years old and very tender. You can casually play with her!”

“It doesn’t matter if you play her to death!”

The intermittently spoken words aroused the anger of the audience.

Trading his daughter for drugs and a chance to live?

Was this sh*t man still worthy of being a father? He was polluting the air!

As the audience was feeling angry, a voice that contained no emotional waves was heard. “You, as a father, are willing to give up your own blood?”

The camera slowly moved up and landed on Yuan Yifei’s ruthless and gloomy complexion.

The black silk shirt on his upper body was slightly opened, and the edge of his collarbone was covered by a wild and sharp tattoo.

He was the ‘Shi Ye’ that emerged from the man’s mouth. He was also the largest drug lord in Southeast Asia.

Yuan Yifei’s image was obviously outstanding compared with the terrifying-looking drug lords in ordinary movies.

Yuan fans were very excited, and their resistance to him playing a villainous drug lord had long dissipated.

The next second, Shi Ye kicked the man’s abdomen.

The other person’s face distorted with pain, and he could only fall to the ground.

Shi Ye sat on the leather sofa on one side and ordered casually, “Give him the new goods to try.”

They needed a mouse for their new MK0 concoction. This was a scum who had already destroyed his humanity by selling his daughter. It wouldn’t be a pity even if he died after trying the new drug.

The people under Shi Ye quickly did as he ordered and plunged a colorless liquid into the man’s body.

Soon, the pained expression on the man’s face faded away, and a look of enjoyment appeared.

He was about to get up and thank Shi Ye for his ‘great kindness’ when he suddenly fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth. This process lasted less than half a minute.

“Shi Ye, he’s dead.”

“It seems that the drug still doesn’t work?”

Shi Yi frowned and his eyes were dark.

Soon, there was a gunfight.

The moment the scene turned around, nearly 100 narcotics police officers in uniform rushed out from all directions. They started a fierce fight with the drug dealers stationed outside the warehouse.

The crew used real scene explosions during filming and specially produced a lot of props for ‘damaged limbs’.

Flames filled the air, killing or wounding countless people.

Some police officers were hit in the arm by bullets, but they still gritted their teeth fiercely and fought with one arm.

Many girls at the scene covered their eyes and made a slightly unbearable sound, while the male audience members also frowned, immersed in the intense plot.

The long battle finally ended.

By the time the police officers arrived inside the warehouse, there was only the little girl crying hoarsely and the man’s corpse, which hadn’t even turned cold yet.

“Captain Zhou, the big fish has escaped.”

The narcotics captain picked up the crying little girl with a serious face.

They had planned this operation for a year and a half. Countless narcotics team members were killed and injured, and they lost dozens of undercover police officers. However, they still let Shi Ye slip away under their noses.

“Notify the superiors that the operation has failed.”


It was only then that the title of the movie, ‘Special Operations’, appeared on the screen.

Sighs filled the hall, each containing different emotions.

Some people were grateful that the little girl had escaped from the clutches of drugs, some people regretted the failure of the police to close the underground drug dealing net, but most of the sighs were for the police officers who died in the movie.

This wasn’t an exaggeration. In real life, in the fringe areas that ordinary people couldn’t see, there were more brutal anti-drugs scenes being carried out.

In less than five minutes after the movie had started, everyone entered into a focused movie-watching state due to the tight rhythm of the movie.

The title of the movie scattered, and the time switched to four years later.

Song Ran, played by Ji Yunqi, finally appeared. Due to his outstanding graduation results in the police academy, he was qualified to enter into the front-line narcotics reserve team as soon as he graduated.

Song Ran received the notice to join the team, and many people envied him. He pretended to be calm on the surface, but he rolled around on his bed happily when he was alone in his room with the door closed.

In addition, he directed and acted out a confrontation scene between a ‘police officer and drug dealer’ in front of his mirror.

Perhaps it was due to their similar personalities, but Ji Yunqi’s interpretation of this scene was very natural. There was pride and narcissism, as well as passion and drive.

The audience couldn’t help laughing at the ‘one person solo scene.’

Some fans snickered. “The Third Young Lady is a really naive person inside and outside the act.”

Ji Li and Yuan Yifei looked at each other and tacitly encouraged him. “Isn’t this good acting?”

“Yes.” Ji Yunqi’s confidence came back when he heard the feedback of the audience, and he gave a standard thumbs up. “I acted out the scenes on the first day of filming all at once.”

Yuan Yifei immediately attacked. “The next day, you were crushed by Ji Li and NGed over 40 times. You also wanted to show a young master’s temper and resign?”


Ji Yunqi was struck and silently replaced his thumb with a raised middle finger that was aimed at Yuan Yifei.

People shouldn’t mention other people’s private matters!

There were so many fans sitting behind them. Didn’t he need face? What if someone overheard this and laughed at him?

Ji Li shook his head with a smile and continued to focus on the big screen. The scene  was the first group fighting class of the reserve team.

The audience screamed in unison the moment Chen Xi, played by Ji Li, appeared.

It was because Chen Xi’s character was too handsome in the close-up of the camera!

No matter whether it was the short cut that tested a person’s handsomeness or the small scar that was deliberately added to the left eyebrow bone, Ji Li gave off an unparalleled sense of hormones.

Under the magnified impact of the big screen, it swept over everyone present with hundreds of times more power.

It wasn’t only the female fans who thought he was handsome. Even the male audience was captured by him.

This was a really masculine person!

After their brief amazement, the plot reached a small climax. In the fighting class, Song Ran was a newborn calf not afraid of tigers and challenged the assistant teacher Chen Xi.

Chen Xi beat Song Ran to the ground over and over again with skillful fighting abilities. The latter was reckless and refused to admit defeat.


“One more time!”

Song Ran tried his best to improve, but he still couldn’t win against Chen Xi.

However, an exchange of blows might have led them to friendship.

After the encouraging confrontation, Chen Xi recognized Song Ran’s passion, while Song Ran discovered the pressure and pain hidden under Chen Xi’s indifferent appearance.

They were essentially the same type of person. They were filled with love and perseverance for the anti-drugs cause.

Some fans were well versed in such discussions and quietly said, “I have a hunch that a new friendship is about to be born.”

The next plot point followed her idea.

Song Ran came in uninvited and cheekily became roommates with Chen Xi. He stuck to Chen Xi every day so they could train together. Over time, the relationship between the two people became harmonious.

Ji Yunqi accidentally said, ‘Ji Li, you are so good-looking’ during filming, and this was changed to ‘Chen Xi, you are so good-looking’ during the post-dubbing process.

The idiotic man revealed the true heart of all female fans and caused the audience to burst out into laughter.

“Hahahaha, that’s right. Chen Xi looks good, and Ji Li looks even better.”

“This is so cute! I feel like I’m going to fall for Chen Xi and Song Ran!”

“It is over. I’m so worried. I watched the trailer earlier, and don’t you feel that something will happen to the two good male protagonists?”

“Eh? No way?”

Some people were discussing this in low voices while the plot continued on the screen.

The police learned that Shi Ye had reappeared in the mountains and that the new hallucinogen drug had been successfully developed. They dispatched Song Ran and Chen Xi as undercover agents to sneak into the drug lair, one on the inside and the other on the outside.

The two sides cooperated to collect information and passed through danger several times.

The combination of Director Yao Chuan and Screenwriter Fang Zhixing was as good as ever. The movie’s progress bar was halfway through, and there were no drawn out scenes in the process.

Everyone was immersed in the tight plot. On the one hand, they were scared by the terrifying methods of Drug Lord Shi Ye. On the other hand, they were afraid that something would happen to Song Ran and Chen Xi.

Under such fear, danger was inevitable.

“Wait for me, don’t die.”

“Song Ran, please take good care of yourself.”

In order to cover the retreat of the core undercover agent, Song Ran, Chen Xi had to expose himself to Shi Ye and suffered inhuman torture from the drug dealers.

No matter how much the drug dealers hurt him, he refused to reveal the existence of the other undercover agents.

Shi Ye learned that Chen Xi’s mouth was like this and personally interrogated him with the new drug.

Finally, the audience learned the truth from the confrontation of the two people. Chen Xi’s brother, Chen Deshui, had died at the hands of Shi Ye in the past.

Before he died, he was subjected to inhuman torture!

Gouging out his eyes, chopping off his fingers and toes, and feeding him to the wolves on the back mountain…

Yuan Yifei didn’t come from a professional acting school background, but his years of acting experience made his speaking skills stable. There was a gloomy air just from his monologue.

“It is over. I think Chen Xi is going to die.”

“Bah bah bah, he won’t die! Song Ran will definitely come to rescue him!”

The audience became extremely worried but couldn’t help waiting for the next plot development.

Once Chen Xi learned of his brother’s death, he suddenly burst out with a monstrous hatred and kicked Shi Ye to the ground. It was a pity that his strength ended here.

The drug lord played by Yuan Yifei was too terrifying. Every time he kicked the other person, the killing intent in his eyes made the audience feel even more scared.

Ji Li’s acting skills were no less than his, and it was also in a close-up of the camera.

The trembling of Ji Li’s eyelashes contained the power to cause distress, and blood fell into his eyes, staining his pupils red.

He didn’t feel any discomfort, as if he really was a dying person who was desperately staring at the light. His fists still used the last traces of his strength to hit Shi Ye.

The counterattack that didn’t cause any substantial damage was so stubborn that it made the audience feel distressed.

-Ever since I chose the anti-drug career, I have never thought of retreating.

-Even if this was a doomed road of no return, he and the narcotics police had to go on without hesitation and fight the drug dealers to the end!

Pure justice was also a weapon that shook people’s hearts.

The female audience with a weak ability to bear it already had eyes that were red with tears.

“I really don’t dare to watch it. What should I do?”

“I can’t breathe. Ji Li’s acting skills can kill me every time.”

“I knew that I should bring tissues whenever I watch Ji Li’s movies. I cry every time…”

“My Chen Xi ahhhh. Song Ran will rush over to save him, right?”

Ji Li and Yuan Yifei’s confrontation scene that wasn’t even 15 minutes was extremely exciting. The two sides, one strong and one weak, formed a sharp contrast, but the tension of the drama was evenly matched.

When Ji Li was thrown into the pack of wolves, sobs were hard from everywhere in the hall.

Since ancient times, good people didn’t always get good endings, and they would always cause the most poignant tears.

On the one hand, everyone felt unbearable pain at Chen Xi’s death. On the other hand, they couldn’t wait to rush into the screen to kill Shi Ye!

In the last 20 minutes, the police officers led by Song Ran and the drug dealers led by Shi Ye launched another fierce firefight.

Shi Ye was surrounded by the police, but he still held on and refused to surrender. In the end, what drew him out was a yellowed photograph.

A young woman held her three year old child with warm maternal love in her eyes.

It was only then that the movie released Shi Ye’s monologue on the mountain.

His father was a notorious drug lord, and his mother was a gold digger after money and power. Shi Ye was just a tool for both of them.

The monologue filled with hatred combined with the old and yellowed photographs and created a different kind of tears. It was the cruelty of his original family that made him the drug lord he was today, but this didn’t mean he could be cleared of guilt.

Shi Ye was eventually arrested, and his only request to the police was to receive the photograph back.

Perhaps in the depths of his heart tainted by malice, there was still a bit of kindness left, which grew from the inadvertent love that his mother gave him as a child.

Anti-drug movies always had a main theme.

However, the world wasn’t always black and white. Good and evil weren’t inseparable. Every character seemed like flesh and blood, which was the greatest success of a movie.

At the end of the movie, Song Rang silently went to a monument and put down the medal he received.

“How is this? I’m better than you, right?” He said this with a smile, but he couldn’t hide the loneliness and guilt in his eyes.

He failed to protect his comrade.

That man who seemed indifferent and heartless, but who held great righteousness in his heart, would never come back.

Chen Xi, who was determined to clear his brother’s name, failed to reveal the truth to the public and instead embarked on the same road of no return as his brother.

The moment this scene appeared, the audience who had just suppressed their tears broke out crying again.

Many people never expected that the biggest regret of this movie would be the role played by Ji Li.

How many times was this?

Song Zhao, Xie Yan, Chen Xi…

Why couldn’t Ji Li play a role with a good beginning and end? Did he have to fiercely earn their tears every time?

Wu wu wu it is too easy to cry!

The movie screen darkened.

Someone asked in a tearful voice in the darkness, “Is Chen Xi really unable to come back?”

The voice of inquiry spread to every corner of the theater, and no one was able to answer the question.

Just as everyone thought the movie was over, the originally dark screen lit up again.

It wasn’t known who reacted first by shouting, “There is a hidden Easter egg!”

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