IPCFS: Chapter 113 Part 1

The movie ‘Special Operations’ started online publicity half a month in advance of the movie’s release.

“All the evil in the world can’t overcome goodness. The light will eventually be seen in the darkness.”

The first version of the trailer was three minutes long and sparked a heated discussion as soon as it was released.

The three handsome actors Yuan Yifei, Ji Li, and Ji Yunqi were gathered, and there were countless guest stars from veterans that the public were familiar with. The popularity of this trailer was naturally high.

Fans clicked on the trailer with the mentality of watching their idol. As a result, they were deeply attracted and shocked by the scenes in the trailer.

From the assembly in the police academy to the confrontation in hand-to-hand combat, finding the culprit in the mountains, infiltrating the drug den, escaping the warehouse, and the life or death pursuit, every frame and scene touched people’s heartstrings.

Justice was persistent even in the abyss. Good and evil were choices born between one thought!

“If a person like you was on the frontline of the narcotics division, you would be easily killed by your own recklessness! How long do you think your passion will last? Sooner or later, it will be worn out by reality!”

“We are the narcotics police. What is the point of skill when you just stay here?”

“A little policeman who died so terribly that he doesn’t even have any bones left is driving you crazy like this?”

“Still, I have to tell you this! For the sake of the people, my passion won’t fade, and I will never admit defeat!”

“Chen Xi, you deserve to die!”

“Song Ran, please take good care of yourself.”

The three leading actors all used their original voice with no dubbing. This made the emotions in their lines become one layer higher. The explosive power of just a few words could instantly bring netizens into the story.

If fans initially watched it for their favorite actors, then after finishing the trailer, they were genuinely looking forward to the movie’s release.

“Ahhh, open the pre-sales quickly! I want to watch it!”

“Yuan Bao’s drug lord is so interesting! At first, I couldn’t accept him playing a particularly vicious villain. Now I am especially looking forward to it.”

“This is killing me too much! Officer Chen Xi is too s*xy!”

“The Third Young Lady is also good. This is his first movie after his debut, and his few scenes in the movie trailer are remarkable!”

“I can only say that Yuan Bao is amazing! Ji Li is amazing! The Third Young Lady is amazing! The whole crew is amazing! I hope that all fans can work together to promote the movie! Let’s strive to help the movie achieve a beautiful box office result!”

Ji Li and Ji Yunqi were the new generation of Chaoying Twin Stars, and their relationship with Yuan Yifei was very good. Therefore, the fan support clubs of the three leading actors joined forces to create movie topics and organize the fans to drive the movie’s popularity.

A win-win cooperation was much better than them fighting over the position of roles.

In just three hours, the #Special Operations movie trailer# topic appeared on the hot search. The related popularity of the three actors also rose in unison.

The promoter behind the movie was Yuexing.

After the first version of the trailer was launched, they released the behind the scenes martial arts specials, props specials, and actor specials. This continued to increase the movie’s popularity for a week.

At midnight one week later, the pre-sales of ‘Special Operations’ opened.

By noon, it had reached an astonishing 50 million pre-sales box office result! Before the final trailer was released, it was able to steadily win the pre-sales box office with over 100 million in sales.


Due to the joint participation of Ji Li and Ji Yunqi in the movie, Chaoying Culture obviously cared a lot about ‘Special Operations’ and even created a dedicated Internet group to monitor the public opinion trends in real time.

Ji Li got the information about the pre-sale box office results from Baozi’s mouth, and the joy on his face increased.

There were no actors who didn’t want their work to be recognized. He hoped that ‘Special Operations’ could maintain this box office momentum after its official release and strive to win results that satisfied everyone.

July was the official start of the summer vacation. The movies competing at the same time during the summer vacation also emerged.

There was another movie of the same genre that could compete with ‘Special Operations.’ It was called ‘Toxic Wave Frenzy II.’

The first part had achieved a good box office the year before last, so the original team was called together to film the second part. The actors who participated in the filming of ‘Toxic Wave Frenzy’ were all famous and familiar Hong Kong actors. Its popularity with passersby couldn’t be underestimated.

Therefore, the main competitor for ‘Special Operations’ was this movie.

The familiar sound of high heels was heard, and Yu Fuya walked in while all dressed up. “Ji Li, we have made an appointment to meet Director Rong for dinner at 6 o’clock. It is time to set off.”


Ji Li responded while picking up the script of ‘Reverse Hunting’ on the table. This was the newest script he selected, and it had a modern suspense theme. It was from the famous screenwriter, Zhou Sheng.

The movie director was Rong Tong, who was known as one of the ‘four famous directors of China.’

The script was found because the producer took the initiative to come to them.

Ji Li spent two days reading it and felt that the plot was very good. The image of the male lead was also a type he had never played before.

The preliminary work of the movie had begun, and it was tentatively scheduled to start filming in late July and last until mid-October.

The filming time was less than three months. There was a short adjustment time after finishing, and he could seamlessly transition into the crew of ‘Demon Monk.’ The timing was just right.

Ji Li knew better than anyone else that he lacked a few male protagonist scripts that could determine his status.

The level of the suspense movies directed by Director Rong Tong had always been recognized as the top in the industry. It was a pie that countless actors couldn’t get no matter how hard they racked their brains.

An excellent script and a top production team. These two points alone were enough to attract Ji Li. Therefore, he agreed very happily when the producer of ‘Reverse Hunting’ took the initiative to invite him.

Tonight’s dinner at 6 o’clock was to discuss the details with the director, screenwriter, and producer.

It was only after the meeting that Ji Li realized why he received the invitation from the producer. It was due to the recommendation of Wang Zhang, Zheng Anxing, Yao Chuan, and others.

Some time ago, the industry held a movie and television director conference. A group of directors gathered together and mentioned Ji Li while chatting.

These directors usually had their own temper and different requirements for employing people, but almost all of them praised Ji Li.

They praised his acting strength that wasn’t limited by his age.

They praised his ability to empathize that was deeply present.

They boasted of his strong enunciation skills and how there was no need for dubbing.

Such words naturally attracted Director Rong Tong’s attention. He returned home and immediately looked up Ji Li’s previous movie and television works.

He found that Ji Li really did have some fame and strength for his young age. Thus, he mentioned him to the producer.

What did producers value?


Ji Li currently didn’t have many movie and television works, but he had a koi physique that made his works popular. In addition, his external image fit the role, and he had  no substantial stains since he debuted.

A few days later, they sent invitations to Chaoying and Ji Li.

The two parties talked very happily after meeting and soon officially confirmed their cooperation.


A week later, the movie ‘Special Operations’ held its premiere in Shanghai.

In a separate artist’s dressing room, Ji Li had just finished his makeup.

In order to match the image of Officer Chen Xi, Ji Li didn’t choose a particularly formal suit.

The inner layer was a simple white t-shirt, and the outer layer was black striped waistcoat. A unique tying method was used to emphasize his thin waist, and it was matched with pants of the same color that showed the length of his legs. The tight trouser legs were placed into custom high-top Martin boots.

The complete set not only showed off his superior body proportions but also highlighted a neat and capable temperament.

Yu Fuya examined him and showed a satisfied smile. “Our family’s artist is really a walking clothes hanger. You can support any style.”

“Sister Yu, do you want to add some accessories?”

The stylist walked over with a super large accessory box filled with many high-end products provided by the brands for free.

“No, just keep it clean,” Ji Li declined.

Yu Fuya waved her hand to let the stylist leave first. Then she turned around and took out a black velvet box from her bag. “Someone specially asked me to bring this to you.”

Ji Li saw Yu Fuya’s expression and immediately thought of something. “Qin Yue gave this to me?”

His eyes were bright, and he couldn’t help revealing the joy in his tone.

Yu Fuya smiled and nodded. “I didn’t open it. You can take it apart and have a look yourself.”

Qin Yue had deliberately mailed it to her home and asked her to hand it to Ji Li before he went onstage on the day of the premiere. Presumably, it was a surprise specially prepared for the young man.

Ji Li couldn’t wait to open it.

The dark blue galaxy dial and the scattered diamonds on the watch emitted a charming, eye-catching brilliance against the black velvet lining and the illumination of the dressing table’s lamp.

Yu Fuya glanced at the watch and slightly raised an eyebrow. “Why does it look a bit familiar?”

Ji Li recalled why in an instant. “When I participated in the screening of ‘Country and the World’, I wore a light luxury watch called One Galaxy.”

Yu Fuya nodded because she remembered this.

“But this watch should be Qin Yue’s,” Ji Li said and couldn’t help carefully stroking the dial.

His smile seemed to be filled with millions of pounds of nectar, so sweet that even Yu Fuya, a bystander, was happy.

“It is just a light luxury watch. Why are you so happy?”

“This is the first watch that Qin Yue wore to the premiere ceremony after his debut,” Ji Li explained simply. He could still remember the words that Qin Yue had said that day.

-I wore this watch when I attended the premiere of my first movie. I really like the meaning of it.

For Qin Yue, this watch had become an indelible mark on his acting path.

Now he gave this watch to Ji Li, hoping that his lover could receive this good luck.

Ji Li smiled and properly hid the watch under his sleeve, so as to not show it and cause unnecessary trouble.

Not long after, Baozi walked in. “Sister Yu, Brother Ji, it is almost time. Shall we go to the venue of the premiere?”



The premiere of the movie was arranged in the VIP luxury hall of Shanghai Cinemas.

Due to the high popularity of the three main actors, the premiere tickets were sold out in seconds once it was released. Many fans who didn’t grab tickets also spontaneously organized off-site support, and the scene was very grand.

Ji Li was escorted by security personnel and quickly entered backstage.

Before he could enter the lounge, Ji Yunqi rushed out from inside. “Ji Li, you came. I am almost dying of nervousness!”

Ji Li suddenly accepted Ji Yunqi’s ‘bear hug’ and didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. “What’s wrong with you?”

“You still don’t know him? He is obviously very nervous.” Yuan Yifei’s voice came from inside the lounge. “He is jumping up and down like a monkey.”

“You are like a monkey.” Ji Yunqi turned around and went back into the room.

Ji Li followed him inside and found that Director Yao Chuan and Screenwriter Fang Zhixing were also there.

“Director Yao, Teacher Fang, long time no see.”

“Come and sit.” Fang Zhixing patted the empty seat beside him.

The audience was still in the admission stage, and there was still some time before the premiere officially started.

Ji Li nodded and calmly took a seat.

Compared to his calmness, Ji Yunqi seemed much more nervous.

The drama ‘Newly Born Master Detective’ had achieved good results, but ‘Special Operations’ was his first movie after his debut.

It was said that acting skills were accumulated. Now that Ji Yunqi looked back and thought about it, he always felt that his performance in the movie wasn’t good.

Whether this movie helped his popularity rise or became a failure depended on tonight’s premiere.

“Yunqi, don’t worry. When it comes to nervousness, I am more worried than you,” Yao Chuan told him.

“Director Yao, are you nervous too?”

“Of course.”

Ever since Yao Chuan entered the circle, he had been directing TV dramas. ‘Special Operations’ was a crucial step for him to move from the small screen to the big screen.

After a year-long wait, the movie was finally going to be officially tested by the public.

“Once filming is over, you have to keep your worries in your heart,” Yao Chuan told the three leading actors. “I believe that the quality of our movie is worthy of the audience and of ourselves.”

It didn’t matter if it was the long-established Yuan Yifei, the newcomer Ji Yunqi, or the always steady Ji Li.

As the director, Yao Chuan knew better than anyone how much the three leading actors had suffered during the filming of the movie.

He was indeed a strict and temperamental person, but he loved the actors in his group. If the official box office wasn’t strong, then he would take the initiative to take responsibility in front of the media.

“Director, I firmly believe that our movie won’t be bad,” Ji Li responded immediately.

When it was time to work hard, they should work hard. When it was time to test the results, they should calm their minds.

This was the standard he had always followed as an actor.

Of course, as a book transmigrator, he knew the follow-up power of this movie better than anyone.

Yuan Yifei sighed lightly before smiling. “In any case, I have tried my best.”

Ji Yunqi heard the answers of his two friends and nodded heavily. “Me too.”

Yao Chuan and Fang Zhixing exchanged looks and smiled tacitly.

This being the case, what was there to worry about?


Half an hour later, the premiere of the movie officially began.

Apart from Qin Yue, who had gone overseas to film, the rest of the main creators of the crew were basically present. The moment everyone stepped on stage, the audience full of fans cheered.

In addition, there were a few celebrity guests, movie critics, and media reporters who were invited to come.

The host invited by the organizer had a lot of interview experience and moderately led the scene into the first round of media and fan interviews.

The round of interviews ended, and the timing was just right.

The main creators sat in the front row, and the fans entered the tense movie watching session.

The lights in the audience dimmed, and even the slight noises of discussion stopped for a while.

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