IPCFS: Chapter 112 Part 1

For the privacy of the reality show recording, the program team specially booked a natural hot spring. It was just 20 kilometers away from the city and was called ‘White Lake.’

The heat of the hot springs met the icy air and created an ethereal white mist on the surface of the lake, covering the surrounding rocks that had naturally accumulated.

The sunlight penetrated through the fog and shone on the light blue-white surface of the hot spring. It was hazy and beautiful like a fairyland.

There was a changing room built next to it. The program team had thoughtfully prepared robes for them.

Four dressing rooms were prepared, but in the absence of people, Qin Yue and Ji Li naturally entered together.

They were going to enter the water, so all the radio headsets had been taken off in advance.

Ji Li watched Qin Yue neatly change his clothes and suddenly sighed a bit reluctantly. “…I would’ve picked something else if I knew it would be like this.”

Originally, Qin Yue’s figure was his exclusive possession. After a while, his awesome abs would soon be revealed in front of the camera.

Qin Yue understood Ji Li’s meaning and rubbed the other person’s lips with a finger. He asked with a smile, “Then what should we do? Should we run away now?”

Ji Li retorted in a low voice, “There are people outside. Where can we escape to?”

Qin Yue examined his lover from head to toe with smiling eyes and signaled, “Take off your clothes. Let me have a look.”

Ji Li was stunned. “What do you want to see?”

“Didn’t a little greedy cat ask for some mutual help last night? I’m afraid that I didn’t control myself. What if traces were left behind?”


Ji Li’s eyes turned red with shame when he heard this. “N-No, right?”

“Take it off. I’ll check it again.” Qin Yue got close and continued to bite at his ear. “Li Bao, my back seems to have been scratched by you last night. It might still be a bit swollen.”

The more Ji Li listened, the more he felt that he was going to be finished. Thus, he quickly pulled Ji Li to turn around.

Fortunately, there were only a few very faint and light red marks that could only be seen when a person got closer.

In any case, after taking off his clothes and entering the water, combined with the mist of the water, it shouldn’t be able to be seen.

Ji Li took a deep breath, took off his clothes, and snorted. “Hurry up and check for me.”

“No, I’m just teasing you.” Qin Yue couldn’t help laughing and restrained the volume of his words. “Don’t worry, I checked it all last night.”

Qin Yue wouldn’t let Ji Li bear any undeserved turmoil.

Therefore, there was nothing on his body that shouldn’t be there. The clothes provided by the program team also covered the places they should cover.

Besides, they didn’t have to show their entire body, so there was nothing to worry about.

Ji Li understood that Qin Yue was deliberately teasing him and pinched his Adam’s apple. “Don’t make such a joke. I was almost scared to death by you.”

“Okay, I will listen to you.” Qin Yue lowered his head and took the opportunity to kiss the back of his lover’s hand.

Knock knock.

There was a knock on the door from outside and Yuan Yifei’s teasing voice was heard. “The two of you aren’t doing anything that shouldn’t be done, right? If you don’t come out, the sun will set.”

“We’re coming right away,” Ji Li quickly replied and glared at the ‘culprit’ Qin Yue.

Qin Yue wasn’t annoyed. He picked up the satin swimming robe and put it on for his lover.

The program team was very good at planning. For the journey from the changing room to the hot spring, they had prepared four different colored satin robes.

Qin Yue’s was black, and it made him look powerful and abstinent.

Ji Li’s one was white, and it made his complexion brighter and cleaner.

Yuan Yifei’s was a dark red, and it showed off his beauty to the fullest.

Qi Heng was dressed in a light blue, and the demeanor of a cold and noble prince was instantly revealed.

The four people were all different. The moment they walked out of the changing room, gasps and cries were heard one after another.

All the women in the program team were already blushing with excitement.


Who came up with this idea?

Who bought the satin robes? Come out and be kissed immediately!

“I like it very much! I like it very much! I like it very much!”

“Wu wu wu, what good things did I do in my last life? Is this something I am allowed to see?”

“Ahhh, coming into the program team to be a director has been the best decision I’ve ever made!”

Several people were shaking their companions’ arms in an attempt to vent their excitement.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the show was being recorded, it would’ve become the scene of a large-scale, out of control, screaming session.

However, this was just the appetizer. The ‘beautiful men taking a bath’ was the main event.

The four of them walked to the pool, and everyone suddenly focused their eyes—it was time for them to take off their robes!

The program team had consulted the guests in advance and got the consent of two people to show their figures.

After all, the show must have a selling point. It was natural to have some scenes to attract female fans.

Qi Heng looked at the steaming water and took the lead in untying his robe.

He was an actor and wasn’t as restrained as an idol. The matter of undressing and revealing his figure would occasionally appear when he filmed.

His figure was exposed the moment his clothes were taken off.

The first scream at the scene burst out uncontrollably. “Young Master Heng is so handsome!”

Qi Heng was only in his early 20s, but he obviously controlled his body very strictly. His broad shoulders and narrow waist were exposed under his clothes, and the muscle lines of his abs were equally good-looking.

Yuan Yifei was infected by the screaming atmosphere at the scene and couldn’t help fixing his eyes on Qi Heng’s body.

Qi Heng met his gaze, and in the next second, he leaned closer and asked with a smile, “Teacher Yuan, are you satisfied with my figure?”


What kind of nonsense was this?

Yuan Yifei momentarily froze, and his eyes didn’t know where to look.

The female staff members were all part of the entertainment industry. How could they not know about the popular ‘Qifei’ CP?’

They couldn’t help shipping this CP once Qi Heng took the initiative.

A younger gong is good, a younger gong is wonderful, a younger gong is good enough to make the teacher scream.

The younger gong throws a straight ball, and no one can resist it.

Ji Li heard Qi Heng’s inquiry and immediately turned on his melon-eating mode. He silently retreated half a step and tried to leave space for the main camera to film Qi Heng and Yuan Yifei.

As a result, he accidentally retreated too much and crashed into Qin Yue’s arms.

Qin Yue habitually stretched out his arms for a hug. Then he quickly let go and teased, “Baby, isn’t shipping a CP at the scene quite wonderful?”

“If you stay in my arms any longer, they will ship us later.”

The helpless laugh entered his ears with the same pampering taste as ever.

Ji Li quickly stood up straight. “…When did I ship a CP?”

The history of shipping a CP was wrong, and he would never repeat it again! The only time he would ship a CP was if Qi Heng and Yuan Yifei became real.

Some people were cheering for the Qifei CP, while some Chinese Rose CP fans hidden among the staff members found Qin Yue and Ji Li hiding from the camera and quietly whispering to each other.

They instantly trembled with joy.

Wu wu wu it was so good.

Double the dog food, double the sweet candy!

The Chinese Rose CP who weren’t doing business were real!

Qi Heng entered the water and greeted the three people on the edge of the hot spring. “Come in. The water temperature is just right.”

Ji Li looked left and right at Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei. He didn’t move for the time being.

Soaking in the hot spring was pleasurable, but he had an inexplicable fear of unfamiliar and bottomless waters.

Qin Yue knew that Ji Li was a bit afraid of water, so he took off his gown and blocked him.

There were five seconds of silence before a new round of cries erupted.

The second heavy bomb prepared by the program team was to get the consent to show Qin Yue’s figure.

Qin Yue’s figure was recognized as the best in the entertainment industry. A 10 second clip from a movie in his early years had blown up the Internet.

In recent years, he never deliberately undressed to show his figure in public. However, every time he wore formal clothes or ordinary clothes, it made people imagine things.

Now this perfect body proportion had once again appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. It was natural for them to cheer.

“Ahhh it is amazing.”

“His figure is so hot. I feel hot when I look at it.”

“I don’t know who will be lucky enough to be with Brother Yue. This figure is too high quality!”

“He is very abstinent when wearing clothes and sexy when taking it off. Wu wu wu, how can there be such a perfect man like Brother Yue?”

The female staff members couldn’t help being infatuated and drool was about to flow out of their mouths.

In addition, the less talkative male staff members showed envious eyes.

If only they had half of Qin Yue’s figure!

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he looked thin when dressed but muscular when undressed. This body ratio was too awesome!

Qin Yue quickly got into the water. Then he turned around and said to Ji Li, “It isn’t deep.”

The casual words were covered up by the surrounding chaos, and Ji Li’s potential fear was easily dispersed by these words.

His lips curved as he took off the robe and plunged into the water.

Ji Li’s figure had always been thin, but his skin was well-proportioned and fair.

The close-fitting white t-shirt inside absorbed water and stuck to his body. The lines of his abs weren’t obvious but were faintly beautiful and sexy.

This happened one after another, and the exclamations at the scene could no longer be contained.

Chen Xiaoyun looked at the group of red-faced young girls around him and had to shake his head with a smile.

Forget it, I’ll let them go. It was some real feedback from the scene.

In any case, all the sounds that should’ve been collected had already been collected. It wasn’t impossible to add some BGM later.

Not long after Ji Li entered the water, Yuan Yifei followed suit.

However, Yuan Yifei was still wearing the dark red robe. The silk fabric was soaked in water and attached to his body, slightly revealing his delicate collarbone.

“Yifei?” Ji Li was a bit surprised.

Yuan Yifei explained with a low smile, “I didn’t bring underwear, and there is a scar on my abdomen. It wouldn’t be good to take it off.”

There was a long scratch on his abdomen and chest, which was accidentally caused during filming five or six years ago. He didn’t want to reveal it this time to avoid fans feeling sad when they saw it.

Yuan Yifei spoke casually, as if he had been accustomed to such pain. Qi Heng, who was with him, frowned and a hint of heartache appeared in his eyes when looking at Yuan Yifei.

It was a luxurious trip, so the program team didn’t arrange any additional tasks for them.

Ji Li had only soaked for a while when his exposed skin started to turn pink.

Under the impact of the heat, his collarbone, neck, and cheeks were dyed. The white and powdery complexion was like fragrant milk mixed with a sweet strawberry jam. This made people want to take a bite.

On the edge, some people started to think about it.

“Oh my god, how can he be more tempting when his clothes aren’t even off?”

“If he was doing that sort of thing, wouldn’t he be covered in this color? Oh my god.”

“Don’t say it, don’t say it. My dirty mind is about to imagine something!”

“…The more I watch, the more I can’t bear it. I think it will be sweet after taking a bite. I really want to try.”

“Let’s form a group and go together? I’m afraid that we won’t succeed if it is only attempted by just one person.”

Chen Xiaoyun heard the increasingly joking discussion behind him and reminded them with a smile, “You should be serious.”

If this was heard by Teacher Qin Yue, they would all be added to his blacklist.

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