IPCFS: Chapter 111 Part 2

Ever since Yuan Yifei’s debut, he had occupied a high place on the list of ‘beauties’ in the fan circle, and there were countless CPs centered around him.

Yuan Yifei had never been taboo about these CP circles, but this time, he was very abnormal. When facing Qi Heng, he was reluctant to take the initiative to cooperate.

This fell into the eyes of CP fans and became reverse sugar.

The more he blocked their cooperation, the more ghosts there must be!

The Qifei CP is real! A younger gong is the best to ship!

In this way, the CP fans of Yuan Yifei defected so badly that they all stood in line with Qi Heng, joking and clamoring every day.

Has Qi Heng caught Teacher Yuan today?

Judging from their current relationship, that obviously wasn’t the case.


The sound of the bathroom door opening interrupted Ji Li, who was eating melons with great interest.

The first thing Qin Yue did when he went out was to check all the cameras in the room. Finally, he didn’t forget to cover the lens with a black plastic cover.

Qin Yue had a towel wrapped around his lower body, and the smooth and stunning lines of his abs could be seen.

Ji Li’s eyes left the phone and he stared at his lover’s abs.

He was too greedy.

He could never get tired of his lover’s superior figure.

Qin Yue received Ji Li’s burning gaze for a while and instinctively drew closer. “Li Bao, I’ll sleep with you tonight, okay?”

“I’ll change back to the bed myself before filming starts tomorrow morning.”

He was obviously over 1.8 meters tall, but the words he spoke were obedient and clingy.

Ji Li lifted the quilt and moved over on the bed for him. “Come here.”

Qin Yue hugged Ji Li with satisfaction and rested his chin on Ji Li’s neck socket, rubbing against it. “What are you looking at?”

“I am busy with the CP of Yifei and Qi Heng.”

Qin Yue remembered what happened at the airport today and spoke with deep meaning, “That Qi Heng isn’t very old, but his sense of possessiveness is quite strong.”


“Don’t you think he was a bit hostile to me today?”

Ji Li shook his head. He obviously hadn’t noticed this aspect. “He was hostile to you? Have you had any contact before?”

“It is probably because he and I were a CP in the fan circle before,” Qin Yue chuckled and brought up an old matter. “After all, didn’t you also enter the pit in the beginning?”

Before the birth of the two major CPs of ‘Chinese Rose’ and ‘Qifei’, the number of fans of the Full Moon CP were huge. Even if Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei didn’t want to do business together, it couldn’t stop people from automatically entering the pit.

“Why are you still bringing up this matter?”

“I just mean that Qi Heng seems to be very concerned about Yifei, so he pays special attention to people who have interacted with Yifei in the past.” Qin Yue always had a good eye for seeing people.

He felt that Qi Heng’s feelings for Yuan Yifei definitely weren’t a youthful impulse, but a firm decision after careful consideration.

He looked cold, but once he took something seriously, his desire for control and possession probably wasn’t weak.

Of course, he could naturally see that Yuan Yifei was avoiding him.

However, as a bystander, Qin Yue had no obligation to intervene in other people’s emotional entanglements.

Compared to eating melons, he just wanted to hug his lover and not let go.

“How did the audition go this time?” Qin Yue asked.

“Don’t you already know the result?” Ji Li had shared the news with Qin Yue the moment he auditioned successfully.

“Didn’t you say you acted against others? Who did you audition with? What did you perform? “ Qin Yue asked casually, enjoying the quiet tenderness between them.


Ji Li remembered his words and deeds when playing the role of a demon monk and suddenly felt guilty.

Qin Yue originally just asked casually. Then he noticed Ji Li’s slightly guilty eyes and instantly noticed something.

It was a demon monk.

He was afraid that the content of the audition wouldn’t be ‘pure.’

“…It was nothing. I just played two scenes while role swapping with Xu Yanzhi.” Ji Li turned sideways and touched Qin Yue’s Adam’s apple in a flattering manner.

“You don’t mind if it is for work, right?”

Qin Yue laughed lowly. There was nothing he could do about it.

It was just an audition.

He might feel jealous in his heart, but it was impossible to stop the other person’s work needs.

“If I don’t mind, then I don’t mind. But…” Qin Yue kissed Ji Li’s fingertip and coaxed him. “Li Bao, can you show me again?”

He was suddenly curious and even felt a bit impulsive. What type of charming scene was the demon monk played by Ji Li?

“Now?” Ji Li asked without feeling resistant.

Qin Yue nodded, seemingly calm and natural. “In any case, you will be filming sooner or later. I will accompany you to find the correct feeling. Practicing with a Best Actor like me…”

“It isn’t a loss.”

The words hit his ear and seemed to be filled with a touch of inexplicable abstinence.

Ji Li suddenly felt a bit restless in his heart.

Maybe it was due to the residual influence of the character, or maybe Qin Yue’s figure was too seductive…

Ji Li really wanted to give it a try and see if the other person would be seduced by his demon monk. He wanted to see Qin Yue, who prided himself on being too restrained, being provoked by him to the point where Qin Yue couldn’t help himself.

In any case, the two of them were a couple and no one would see them behind closed doors.

“…Then you have to cooperate with me,” Ji Li murmured, cheeks slightly hot.

An audition was an audition. However, if the actor was replaced by his lover, then there was a sense of fun that couldn’t be explained.

Qin Yue hadn’t expected that he could really coax his lover to cooperate. His heart skipped a beat immediately, and he couldn’t help letting out a low laugh. “Okay, I will definitely cooperate obediently.”

Ji Li became playful and held a long tie in his hand.

Qin Yue slightly raised an eyebrow. He stared with a smile as his lover approached step by step. Finally, Ji Li stood in front of Qin Yue and wrapped the tie around his neck.

Ji Li went behind Qin Yue, looping it with one hand. His fingers moved down the textured lines, and his other hand holding the tie was using the strength of his wrist to wrap it around and around.

It was as if he wanted to immerse people in this unreal, gentle demeanor.


The whisper was tinged with a hint of enthusiasm, and it seemed like a deliberate demonstration. “I did this much to Xu Yanzhi. Is it too much?”

Qin Yue tilted his head and saw the flush of shame at the corners of Ji Li’s eyes. The desire accumulated in his eyes exploded but was suppressed by him in an instant.

He hooked his fingers on the tie around his neck and pulled it hard.

Ji Li was unprepared for a while and lost control of the tie.

The next second, his vision spun and he fell on the bed.

By the time Ji Li reacted again, his wrists were already tied tightly by the tie. He was suppressed by Qin Yue with absolute strength, and his hands were raised above his head.

“Treat others the way you want to be treated. Baby, I’m not doing too much, right?”

Ji Li met Qin Yue’s smiling eyes and his face flushed instantly. He could only mutter, “If it was you who acted opposite me in the scene, I would’ve definitely failed the audition.”

Qin Yue’s control over the scene made him feel incredible. Qin Yue said he would cooperate, but he could remain indifferent in the face of such temptation.

Qin Yue let go of him, leaned closer, and murmured, “Baby, I am willing to be killed by you.”

The two people suddenly got close and Ji Li sensed Qin Yue’s impulse.

He pulled out the hands that were tied loosely with the tie, grabbed his lover’s arms, and called out in a low voice, “Qin Yue.”

It wasn’t known who broke the restraint force. Their lips and teeth entangled and they kissed deeply in the middle of the night.

Long-accumulated emotions erupted, burning all the air around them.

It wasn’t known how long it took until Qin Yue stopped abruptly. He hugged the person in his arms hard and pressed so that their bodies were inseparable.

Ji Li opened his eyes filled with watery mist and slowly said, “Qin Yue?”

“Not today. We have to film tomorrow.” Qin Yue squeezed out this barely rational sentence from between his teeth. “…I won’t be able to stop.”

The two of them hadn’t been in such deep contact for so long.

Qin Yue didn’t want to indulge in his one-sided desires and hopes this time, lest he lose control and delay tomorrow’s filming.

Ji Li was held hard by Qin Yue and found it hard to breathe. He became even more confused by the rare impulse.

He moved restlessly, kissed Qin Yue’s hot lips, and stepped back to discuss their state. “Then… let’s help each other, okay?”



The next day.

The recording of the reality show started again. The four guests living in two places gathered together.

Ji Li originally thought he would have to face the routine difficulties of the team of directors again. He hadn’t expected that this time, Chen Xiaoyun actually changed the routine.

“Everyone has worked hard on this blind selection trip. Therefore, the team of directors has decided to arrange a luxury day trip for our four guests today!”

“Director, are you serious?” Ji Li obviously couldn’t believe it. “You haven’t forgotten the luxurious starry sky room last night, have you?”

“Help me add captions in the later stage.” Chen Xiaoyun turned up the volume of the loudspeaker. “I hereby guarantee that the trip will absolutely be true luxury, and there will be no charges!”

Ji Li and Yuan Yifei couldn’t help smiling at each other when they heard this.

Ji Yunqi, what type of luck was this?

The moment he left, the program team suddenly became generous?

“We have prepared a total of four games, and you will choose two out of the four of them. Please randomly select the first event of the day.”

Then a staff member handed over a box.

Ji Li represented the other three and randomly drew: soaking in the hot springs.

Iceland was a country with one of the largest number of natural hot springs in the world. Among them, there were as many as 200 alkaline hot springs. This attracted locals and tourists every year.

Reykjavik was still chilly in late May.

It was indeed enjoyable in terms of soaking in the hot springs.

Ji Li was satisfied with his blind selection. He didn’t know that as soon as this card appeared in front of the camera, the female directors fell into a collective celebration.


God knows how long we have been waiting for this day?

Who says that only boys like to watch the temptation of a beautiful woman’s wet body? We also want to watch handsome guys show off their figures!

Brother Yue was well known in the entertainment industry for his superb figure, Ji Li was the representative of pure desire, Yuan Bao was a big beauty who could kill others with just his face, and Qi Heng had the standard broad shoulders and narrow waist…


Just thinking about it caused drool to flow out of their mouths!

Old dirty minds! Let’s stand up together!

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