IPCFS: Chapter 111 Part 1

Yuan Yifei was the focus of all eyes and almost wanted to directly run away.

What was this situation?

Why didn’t anyone tell him that the new guest of this episode was Qi Heng? In addition, the other person was his new partner?!

Ji Li saw his friend’s rare red face and understood that this person wasn’t simple.

He suppressed his curiosity about eating melons and pretended to ask, “Yifei, are the two of you familiar with each other?”

Yuan Yifei wasn’t willing to speak.

How could he and Qi Heng not be familiar?

They were together for three or four months on a show. In addition to the job requirements on the stage, even privately…

In front of the camera, Yuan Yifei wasn’t able to say anything false. Before he could think of the wording of how to reply, Qi Heng interrupted his answer.

“Of course, we are familiar.” Qi Heng’s eyes fell on Yuan Yifei’s body for a moment. “What do you think, Teacher Yuan?”

A simple sentence was full of a provocative taste that couldn’t be clearly explained.


Yuan Yifei silently retreated, widening the distance between the two of them.

Ji Li’s eyes became brighter as he stood on the front line of eating melons.

He dared to bet!

There must have been something tricky between these two!

Why else would Yuan Yifei, who had always been generous and magnanimous, act so awkward?

Qin Yue watched his lover’s eyes wandering back and forth and had to hide the smile on his face by drinking coffee.

Ji Li usually looked mature and stable. Who would’ve expected that he had such a gossip-loving side?

The next second, they heard Qi Heng introduce himself. “Hello, two seniors. My name is Qi Heng.”

“Hello, it is our first time meeting. I am Ji Li,” Ji Li responded with a smile. “Just call me by my name. You don’t need to be so polite.”

“Okay,” Qi Heng replied before moving his gaze to Qin Yue’s face. “Teacher Qin Yue, I have heard about you for a long time.”

A sharp look flashed in his cold eyes before it was hidden in polite modesty.

Qin Yue saw it clearly but didn’t say anything. He just nodded calmly as a greeting.

Seeing that the four guests had arrived, Chen Xiaoyun finally started the task arrangement. “At the end of the last stop, Brother Yue and Yuan Bao won accommodations for their partner for this episode.”

“Now follow the navigation prompts and lead your partners to your respective residences!”

The last stop had a car advertisement, so the guests had to drive themselves throughout the trip.

Before the reality show was recorded, the program team had done their research.

Both Qin Yue and Qi Heng carried certified documents of their international driving permit. As long as safety was ensured, traveling by car wasn’t a big problem.

Ji Li missed the recording of the previous episode and asked, “Where are we going? Aren’t we staying together?”

Chen Xiaoyun continued, “Ji Li and Brother Yue will stay in the luxurious starry sky room, while Yuan Bao and Qi Heng will stay in a double room in a hostel.”

A luxurious starry sky room?

That sounded good.

Ji Li raised an eyebrow. He was quite satisfied with his accommodation tonight.

In fact, he pursued quality in his private life. If he could choose good things, then he wouldn’t choose the bad option.

“A hostel for two people? I really haven’t lived in such a place before.” Qi Heng read out the accommodation and tilted his head closer to Yuan Yifei. “Teacher, I didn’t expect you to give me such a big gift. Thank you.”

Yuan Yifei’s ears were red, and he almost wanted to find a hole in the ground to slip away in.

Was this something he had decided?

Wasn’t it caused by Ji Yunqi’s stinky hands?

“Of course, this is only temporary. Tomorrow, you will get a new round of accommodation options,” Chen Xiaoyun added.

The staff members handed over the hotel address and car keys.

The two groups received their car keys and prepared to change venues.

During the transition, Yuan Yifei quickly pulled Ji Li to a small corner. “Ji Li, can I form a team with you in this episode? Let Qin Yue and… that person form a team.”

That person was Qi Heng, whose name couldn’t even be said.

Ji Li glanced at Qi Heng, who wasn’t far away, and asked, “What is going on between you and Qi Heng? He calls you Teacher, and the way he says it is quite special?”

“What’s the matter? He and I are innocent.” Yuan Yifei coughed and the last few words were heavily emphasized.

Ji Li obviously didn’t believe this rhetoric and asked, “If you are innocent, why are you hiding like this?”

The more he was hiding, the more fishy it became.

“……” Yuan Yifei was stuck for several seconds.

Why didn’t he know that his friend was such a gossip before?

Yuan Yifei saw that he couldn’t evade him and finally had to stammer out, “T-There is a little matter between him and me. I can’t explain it for now. I’ll tell you when I’m free.”

Ji Li raised his chin, and his smile became more playful. “What little matter? You can tell me now.”

Yuan Yifei was in a hurry and held him tighter. “Can I not tell you first? Ji Li, why don’t you help me and let me form a team with you?”

The moment these words fell, Qin Yue’s rejection came from behind the two of them. “No, he can’t help you with this.”

Yuan Yifei turned around. He faced Qin Yue’s non-negotiable expression and the depression in his heart became more intense.

He knew that Qin Yue would give such an answer. Thus, he tactfully ran to Ji Li to discuss this, but the result was still a failure.

To be honest, he felt that his relationship with Qi Heng was a bit awkward.

On the day of the celebration party of ‘New Generation of Actors’, the two of them had some contact that shouldn’t have happened due to the influence of alcohol…

It was also quite intense.

Later, Yuan Yifei avoided him and hid.

The show ‘New Generation of Actors’ was a hit, and there were many double endorsements, magazines, and show recordings that came to his door. It was all aiming at the effect of the collaboration of the two of them together.

Qi Heng didn’t resist, but Yuan Yifei told his management team to reject all of them without exception.

He thought that as long as he deliberately avoided this person in the big entertainment circle, there would be no intersection between them.

Unexpectedly, Qi Heng actually participated in ‘Poor Travel Notes’? The program team concealed it too strictly!

Ji Li gave Qin Yue a dark look, took back his jokes, and said seriously, “No, if there really is a conflict between you and Qi Heng and you can’t get along, then I’ll team up with you.”

If a friend felt like this type of partner was uncomfortable, then he would definitely help solve the problem.

Having said that, the way Qi Heng looked at Yuan Yifei didn’t seem malicious at all.


Yuan Yifei was just about to speak when Qi Heng directly walked over. “Let’s go, Teacher Yuan. I have already put your luggage in the car.”

Each mouthful was ‘Teacher Yuan.’

One could almost think he respected Yuan Yifei as a teacher.

It was just that he had no sense of proportion when doing certain things.

Yuan Yifei complained secretly. In the end, he couldn’t bear to break up his friends who were a young couple in love. So he helplessly got into Qi Heng’s car.

Forget it. It was just recording for a few days. He only needed to bear with it, and it would pass.

The corners of Qi Heng’s mouth curved slightly, and the coldness in his eyes seemed to melt away a lot. He nodded slightly at Qin Yue and Ji Li and quickly got into the driver’s seat.

“Let’s go.”

Qin Yue temporarily interrupted his little lover, who was deeply eating melons, and got into the car provided by the program team.

The two of them drove away according to the established GPS.

Ji Li looked out the car window at the familiar scenery and couldn’t help being fascinated. “This is the first time I’ve seen Iceland in the morning light.”

The last time he came here, he and Qin Yue were just colleagues in the crew.

“Once the recording is over, shall I take you back to the place where we filmed?”

It was only right to make up for Wen Qiong and Lu Yao’s regrets and let them revisit their old places to experience it again.


Ji Li’s lips curved.

40 minutes later, the car stopped at the destination hotel. Qin Yue was an excellent lover in private, and a qualified older brother when recording the show.

From moving the luggage to communicating with the front desk, everything seemed to be handled properly.

However, Ji Li was completely stunned when the two of them moved into the room.

It was a standard double room with a small sized bed. Looking up, there were starry sky stickers on the ceiling and a thoughtful note: the funds are limited. You can purely imagine the starry sky.

A luxurious starry sky? This was it?

This was worthy of the program team of chicken thieves.

Fortunately, the room was fairly clean and tidy. Ji Li remembered the routines of the program team and quickly accepted this fact.

It was only meant as a transfer stop between locations, so it wasn’t considered a formal recording. There weren’t many established procedures and rules.

Ji Li and Qin Yue recorded their content separately, and the filming work was over for the day.

10 o’clock in the evening.

The camera equipment in the room was turned off.

Ji Li listened to the sound of dripping water in the bathroom, and his desire to eat melons returned.

The moment he opened Weibo, he found that the show was on the top of the hot search. The cause was a post on an entertainment forum.

“F*k! A friend just traveled to Iceland today and met the crew of ‘Poor Travel Notes’ at the airport!”

“Qin Yue, Yuan Yifei, Ji Li, and Qi Heng, isn’t the program team going against the sky?”

The attached picture was a photo of a group of people at the airport.

Since they were recording, the program team didn’t specifically cover up the whereabouts of the guests. This was why they were photographed by a Chinese person at the scene.

This post was sent two hours ago and immediately attracted the attention of various fans after it was reposted on Weibo.

-Looking at the photo, the pairings are Qin and Ji and Qi and Yuan? Did Ji Yunqi leave halfway?

-Reporting! ‘Poor Travel Notes’ is clearly a love show. Hahahaha, there is Chinese Rose and Qifei. Awesome!

-Don’t worry about the Third Young Lady. He just left temporarily. He filmed three trips on the show~the second part of ‘Newly Born Master Detective’ is about to be launched soon. You are welcome to follow it!

-I wish for my soul to transmigrate into the field staff! I’m so envious! Shipping the CP of handsome guys on the spot!

-Ahhh, let’s air it quickly! Can there be a live broadcast with them together? Kneeling and begging!

-Thank you for the invitation. This former Full Moon CP fan is crying in the bathroom. My CP has been completely dismantled.

-Eating sugar? It is doubled.

Most of the comments were from CP fans. Under this huge offensive, even the dissatisfied remarks of the individual fans were suppressed.

Ji Li learned something from these comments.

If a person was asked about the most popular CP in the fan circle for the time period of the past six months, it was none other than Yuan Yifei and Qi Heng. The two of them collaborated on a total of four scenes as mentor + new actor in ‘New Generation of Actors.’

The combination of the two handsome guys was bound to be eye-catching.

Qi Heng was a genuine, rich young man in the Beijing circle and the top student in his major. Such a real background could naturally attract the hearts of girls.

However, what made people scream even more was that this cold person in front of the camera completely changed when facing Yuan Yifei.

Qi Heng called out Yuan Yifei in the first episode of the program. Then he was filmed backstage calling out in a soft and coaxing manner, ‘Teacher, I was wrong.’

Some Yuan fans felt that Qi Heng was just taking advantage of Yuan Yifei’s popularity, but the latter’s appearance, family lineage, and ability meant he didn’t need to do this at all.

Later, Yuan Yifei was accidentally injured by a falling object when filming a scene for the show. Qi Heng, a contestant on the show, actually dared to angrily reprimand the props team on the spot.

Due to this incident, he gained a lot of goodwill with the Yuan fans.

No matter where the show’s camera was, Qi Heng would always be following Yuan Yifei.

These things stacked together and allowed the duo’s CP fans to surge in just three months.

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