IPCFS: Chapter 110 Part 2

“It would be great if Chairman Ji and Brother Chen thought the same. They hope I can directly take the Best Actor award” Zhang Ye muttered softly and couldn’t help sighing.

The outside world said he was lucky. Jincheng was successively damaged by Zhu Xusheng and Cai Yishu, so they used all of their resources to support him.

Zhang Ye was the only one who knew that the so-called support was nothing more than squeezing and oppressing him.

Ever since he made his debut in ‘New Generation of Actors’, the company had started the act of frantically benefiting from his fans.

In less than half a year, there were countless endorsements, magazines, and platform activities. They even contracted him for two or three substandard fast food movies.

The audition opportunity for ‘Demon Monk’ was won by himself. But in the mouths of others, his opportunity was due to the big resource ‘pie’ that Jincheng gave him.

Now that the ‘pie’ was gone, Chen Chao blamed him for not doing his best.

It was his fault for being too young and ignorant. He hadn’t understood things clearly at the beginning and signed a contract with a company like Jincheng, which was great on the surface but messy inside.

Jincheng’s contract termination damage fee was too high. Zhang Ye could only wait until the day the contract ended and he regained his autonomous rights.

Zhang Ye threw the tissue into the trash and muttered inaudibly, “I have to hold on for another three years…”

The moment the contract expired, he would definitely find someone to seriously connect him with the movie and television companies.

“Brother Ji, I wish you a smooth time filming! I will definitely watch it when it is released!”

Zhang Ye smiled again, took out a mask, and put it on. “I’ll go first. Goodbye.”

Ji Li smiled and nodded. “Good bye.”


Three minutes later, Ji Li got in the car and went to the dinner place.

The filming contract of ‘Demon Monk’ was negotiated very smoothly. The producer offered a very generous salary, and the rest of the contract was basically the rules that the actors should abide by.

Ji Li didn’t have any major objections.

The two sides reached a preliminary agreement very smoothly.

Filming was scheduled for November, and the final version of the script was still being polished. It would be handed over to Ji Li as soon as it was confirmed.

Leaving aside the time for the variety show recording and the preparation time required for entering the crew, Ji Li still had a four month gap. If he encountered the right movie script, then he could accept another movie.

Of course, the initial screening of scripts was handed over to the management team. The final selection would be made by Ji Li after he finished participating in the reality show recording.

Early the next morning, Ji Li went to Shanghai Airport. ‘Poor Travel Notes’ still had to film the last four days of recording in Iceland.

The program team was there  and Qin Yue was there too, so Yu Fuya wasn’t worried. She only let Baozi accompany him.

Before the plane was about to take off, Ji Li specifically sent Qin Yue a WeChat message before casually looking at his Moments.

Feng Cheng had just posted a new one five minutes ago.

“The recording is finally over. What a long four days! Don’t ask me what it was like to travel with my boss!”

The accompanying picture was a cat meme emoji [Timid and pitiful and helpless.JPG.].

Feng Cheng also commented on his own message: Of course, I have blocked the handsome Brother Yue from seeing this [zipped over the mouth].

Ji Li couldn’t help laughing.

Due to his audition, Feng Cheng was temporarily pulled in to participate in the recording. The other person partnered with Qin Yue for the entire three days.

“Isn’t it nice to travel with Brother Yue?” Ji Li commented.

When he was recording together with him, Qin Yue’s luck went against the sky. He was a lucky emperor who couldn’t be affected by the routines of the program team.

Feng Cheng’s reply came quickly, and he even chatted with Ji Li directly on WeChat.

-Ji Li? How did you manage to stay under the same roof as Teacher Qin Yue?

-Recording these past few days has been the most tiring work of my life! It was miserable! It was so hard!

-Fortunately, I only recorded one stop for you. Otherwise, I might really have run away halfway!

The difficulty of his journey could be felt just from these exclamation points.

Ji Li couldn’t help smiling. He wanted to ask how the two of them got along over the past few days.

Wasn’t it just a reality show recording? How could he be scared to the point of running away?

Before Ji Li and Qin Yue got together, the latter had a good attitude toward the newcomers in private, right?

However, the plane was about to take off. Ji Li could only suppress the curiosity in his heart and ended the topic with Feng Cheng.


After a long flight, Ji Li finally set foot in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland.

Coincidentally, the arrival time of ‘Poor Travel Notes’ was only half an hour earlier than him. For the sake of convenience, the program team simply booked a lounge and waited for the guests to meet before leaving together.

The moment Ji Li reached the pick-up port, the exclusive camera sent by the program team started recording.

Ji Li had already adapted to this situation and found the location of the lounge according to the prompts from the director.

From a long distance, Ji Li caught a glimpse of a figure at the door of the lounge. Qin Yue held out a cup of coffee and secretly pointed to the microphone on his collar.

The range of movement was small, but it was enough for Ji Li to understand his meaning.

Qin Yue never acted recklessly when it was time to be serious.

Ji Li resisted the urge to jump into the other person’s arms and greeted him with a smile, “Brother Yue.”

“I didn’t expect to meet you here after buying coffee,” Qin Yue replied.

The nearby staff members heard this and seemed to understand something. They all smiled.

Just finished buying coffee?

Teacher Qin Yue, is it really okay to speak nonsense with both of your eyes open?

This cup of coffee has been in your hand for half an hour, and you have been waiting at the door for half an hour. Can this truly be a coincidence?

You are just bullying our show’s post production team who will need to edit this out! If this was live, you would be completely exposed!

“Sure enough, Brother Yue has changed a lot as soon as Ji Li came back.”

“That’s right. For the recording over the last two days, Brother Yue and Young Master Cheng were in the standard boss and employee mode. Where is that now?”

“Wu wu wu, just seeing them standing together makes me want to faint. My heartbeat will soar to 180 beats per minute.”

The two staff members whispered together and looked at each other happily.

Was there anything happier than shipping a CP offline?


On the other side, Ji Li and Qin Yue entered the lounge side by side.

Yuan Yifei saw them. “Come and sit. Welcome back.”

Ji Li approached with a smile. Then he looked around and asked doubtfully, “Where is the Third Young Lady? Why don’t I see him?”

“The second part of ‘Newly Born Master Detective’ is airing, and he had to run back for the press conference.”

This was a schedule that had been set before he signed a contract with ‘Poor Travel Notes.’

The program team had long understood this situation and decided on a guest for the last episode in advance.

Ji Li heard about this and couldn’t help asking them, “Which new guest did you find?”

It was the last episode. Why wasn’t there any news at all?

“First of all, let’s welcome Ji Li back to our show.” Chen Xiaoyun picked up the loudspeaker and spoke into it.

“The plane of our last guest has landed smoothly, and he will come to join us soon. Until then, we will keep the identity of the new guest a secret.”

The program team adhered to the principle of ‘no scripts throughout the entire process.’ They didn’t plan to reveal the identity of the new guest to Ji Li and the others in advance.

However, Chen Xiaoyun could guarantee that the new guest would definitely make the show more explosive.

“The Third Young Lady isn’t here, so I hope my luck in the last episode will be better.” Yuan Yifei shrugged while revealing a look of anticipation about the new guest.

They had been to three tourist destinations in a row. Due to Ji Yunqi’s super stinky hands’, he hadn’t passed a single episode safely. He hoped that his new partner could be more powerful.

Qin Yue was very calm. “Let’s sit and wait a while.”

Yuan Yifei took the lead in choosing the opposite position and deliberately left a chance for his two friends to sit beside each other.

The three sat and talked.

Today wasn’t the official start of recording, so most of the footage of their chats during this free time would be deleted later. They had fewer scruples when speaking.

Ji Li remembered something and asked Qin Yue, “By the way, are you still signing young actors?”

“We will definitely sign new actors as long as their qualifications are good enough.” Qin Yue raised an eyebrow. “What is going on?”

“I auditioned for the movie and met a good seedling. He has enough aura but lacks polishing.” Ji Li told the truth.

Qin Yue understood what he meant. “What is his name? I can ask Yuexing’s Artist Department to contact him and try signing him.”

Ji Li covered the microphone and lowered his voice. “Zhang Ye of Jincheng Pictures.”

Previously in the bathroom, Ji Li had guessed Zhang Ye’s situation in Jincheng Pictures.

He couldn’t bear to let a good seedling be ruined in such a filthy place and asked Yu Fuya for help. Unfortunately, he was denied.

Firstly, Chaoying already had newcomer actors with similar temperaments. She was afraid that their subsequent drama and movie paths would overlap and there would be internal competition.

Secondly, Jincheng and Chaoying had too many old feuds and couldn’t look at each other. If the former knew that Chaoying was coming to poach someone, then they would definitely make things difficult on purpose.

Therefore, it was obviously inappropriate to dig Zhang Ye to come to Chaoying.

Yuan Yifei was one of the mentors of ‘New Generation of Actors’ and he naturally knew Zhang Ye.

“Zhang Ye is good. His temperament is very clean, and he can act well if the script is thoroughly studied.”

Qin Yue nodded slightly.

Yuexing had been searching for and discovering capable young actors in the past two years. Since both Ji Li and Yuan Yifei believed that Zhang Ye had good potential, he could indeed be considered.

“I will inform the Artist Department to let them contact Zhang Ye privately and see if he wants to jump ship. If so, Yuexing can sign him.”

Ji Li smiled and put this matter down.

He sincerely hoped that all new actors who were talented, had potential, and truly loved their acting career could work hard to develop.

Suddenly, there was a commotion among the staff members gathered at the door. Several female directors blushed with excitement.

“Sorry, my plane was delayed for a while. I made everyone wait a long time.”

“Has recording started?”

A clear voice was heard from outside the crowd, like snow melting in early spring.

It felt gentle when first listening to it. Then when examining it carefully, there was a coldness that couldn’t be dispelled.

Ji Li didn’t recognize the owner of the voice and instinctively cast an inquiring gaze at his lover.

Qin Yue silently shook his head.

He was an investor, but he was also kept in the dark by the program team this time.

In a few seconds, the staff members at the door spontaneously dispersed and a slender figure was seen.

The visitor was wearing a black coat that made his figure look particularly tall and straight. His handsome facial features were noble, and the teardrop mole at the corner of his eye didn’t make him look weak. Instead, it highlighted his indifferent temperament.

He glanced around before his eyes fell on the sofa seating area.

Ji Li followed his line of sight, only to discover Yuan Yifei’s evasive and flustered eyes.

He had been anticipating the new guest just now. Why did it suddenly change?

The moment this question popped up, Ji Li had a flash of inspiration and guessed the identity of the person who came.

Could this young man be Qi Heng?

Soon, Ji Li received the exact answer from Chen Xiaoyun’s introduction.

The new guest in the last episode of ‘Poor Travel Notes’ was Qi Heng, who had become popular from ‘New Generation of Actors’ some time ago.

Qi Heng’s footsteps were heard as he passed by Ji Li and finally stopped next to Yuan Yifei.

In front of everyone’s eyes, Qi Heng bent down and met Yuan Yifei’s flustered eyes that he couldn’t hide.

A trace of tenderness suddenly appeared in Qi Heng’s delicate and cold eyes, and there was a bit of playful teasing in his voice.

“Teacher Yuan, long time no see.”

Qin Yue and Ji Li exchanged looks, and their eyes tacitly fell on Yuan Yifei’s body.

Ohh, let’s watch a play.

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