IPCFS: Chapter 11

Zheng Anxing greeted him and rubbed Ji Li’s head like Ji Li was his own child. “I should be glad I didn’t replace you at that time or it would be a loss to our crew.”

“Thank you, Director. I want to go and have a rest.” Ji Li’s barely curved his lips, his emotions still suffering from the scene he was just immersed in.

“Go. Get out of the scene and it is finished.” Zheng Anxing understood his emotions.

Qin Yue followed Ji Li’s back, his eyebrows not relaxed.

Zheng Anxing saw his state and decided to strike while the iron was hot. “Qin Yue, don’t take a break and directly shoot the next one?”

It was easy to lose emotions after a long rest.

Qin Yue also had the idea of continuous shooting so he responded easily. “Yes.”

The other scene had been arranged long ago and it was a narrow alley to one scene. The scene was coherent. Not long after Song Zhao died, Song Yi’s men caught the group of assassins and two were left alive.

The death of his younger brother stimulated Song Yi and he used the most brutal method to find the identity of the mastermind behind the scenes. This was the key turning point for him to break with the king.

Qin Yue stood still at the entrance of the alley. His eyes were closed and he let the makeup artist put makeup on his face.

The makeup artist Xiao Mian had to stand on tiptoe. She was always lively but she didn’t dare say much. She looked at the cold-faced Qin Yue and thought in her heart, ‘What is going on with Brother Qin today? His whole body is cold and frightening.’

Xiao Mian finished her work and ran to the side quickly. Zheng Anxing asked through the megaphone, “Qin Yue, are you ready?”

Qin Yue slowly opened his eyes. He twisted the ‘blood’ on his clothes with his fingers and his eyes were cold again.

Zheng Anxing saw him quietly enter the character’s state and quickly started shooting.

The body of an assassin fell to the ground and blood flowed.

Qin Yue carefully held the bloody steamed bun in his hands and walked toward the alley with no expression.

He passed a half-dead assassin who was struggling. The other party grabbed his clothes and coughed up blood while begging, “General, s-spare me please!”

“I know it was wrong. I-I don’t want to kill you..”

Qin Yue crouched down, picked up the short knife dropped by the assassin and stabbed with a fierce hand.

The knife sank into the assassin’s heart and caused him to lose his breath in an instant.

The blood bag hidden under his clothes splashed and landed on Qin Yue’s face. He seemed unaware of it and continued.

Every time Song Yi passed an assassin or corpse, he would stop and stab them in the heart. More and more blood fell on his face and clothes, lining up with the creepy hatred in his eyes.

It was written that Song Yi stabbed the hearts of the assassins in order to get revenge for his brother. He didn’t even let go of the dead bodies.

Qin Yue’s acting undoubtedly added enough tension to this scene.

The staff gathered watched with open mouths. All of them were deeply impressed by this man’s acting skills. It was worthy of the movie emperor who took four trophies! The fake could be acted as if it was real!

Yuan Yifei sat in front of the monitor and sucked in a breath of cold air. He inexplicably felt a bit of pain in his heart.

The filming continued.

Two assassins were escorted to Qin Yue alive. They had already seen the other person’s behavior of stabbing corpses and couldn’t stop the panic in their eyes.

“General! General, have mercy!” The assassin on the left knelt down and begged for mercy. “W-We were just following orders!”

Qin Yue gripped the bloody blade in his hand and asked in a short manner, “Whose order?”

“Yes…” The kneeling assassin was just about ready to confess.

“Shut up! You greedy dog!’ The assassin on the right shouted for him to stop. “Song Yi, your brother deserved to die. Who told him to have you as…”

The resistance came to an abrupt end.

Qin Yue looked gloomy as he stabbed the assassin’s heart. He pulled out the blade, stabbed again, pulled it out, stabbed again… it was a one-sided sadistic killing with no humanity.

The assassin looked at the bloody hole in his chest with disbelief. He struggled to cover it before eventually dying.

“Pull out his tongue.” Song Yi gave orders to those on both sides of him. “Throw it to feed the dogs.”

The soldiers suppressed the chill in their hearts and did as ordered. They all had the same recognition in their hearts—the general had changed.

Song Yi had made great achievements in the war. Regardless of whether it was the enemy country or the state’s royal family in the past, the number of people wanting his life wasn’t small. He had encountered a lot of assassination attempts.

However, there had never been a time when he killed the assassins as madly as today.

The only assassin remaining was stunned and shivered. “It was Xiao Yong, who is by the king’s side, who sent us. He had the king’s token and told us to come and assassinate you.”

Qin Yue’s pupils trembled hard.

Xiao Yong was Cao Shijing’s attendant. He was loyal to the latter and would never act arbitrarily. Who was the real person who gave the order? The answer was self-evident.

He had fought for Cao Shijing and finally found his brother. He even had the idea of resigning and returning home. What happened? The former tried to kill him and the latter died for him.

How ridiculous.

Qin Yue’s face was completely numb as he gave cruel orders. “Kill them, transport them all back to the palace and throw them in front of Cao Shijing for me.”

Song Zhao had died. It wasn’t easy for him to warm up his heart and now it became completely cold. In that case, what type of loyalty should he care about? He wanted Cao Shijing to be buried with Zhao’er!

“Cut!” Zheng Anxing sighed with relief and shouted. “Qin Yue, please stabilize your mood. We will do some close-up shots.”

Qin Yue covered his wildly pulsing temple. “Yes.”


10 minutes later, Qin Yue came back after finishing the close-ups.

Yuan Yifei was no longer sitting on the chair. He had just come forward to praise this person when he saw Qin Yue had a rare stinky face. “Don’t talk to me. I’m annoyed when seeing you now.”

“…….” Yuan Yifei stopped and laughed almost angrily. “You are so into the scene? It is rare.”

Qin Yue ignored him and walked to one side.

Yuan Yifei wasn’t angry and just pushed up his glasses.

If Qin Yue continued to act in such a state, wouldn’t Yuan Yifei be ‘suppressed and beaten’ in their rival scenes? No, he had to hurry and study the script again.

He shouted to his assistant. “Chengzi, give me my script.”

The assistant looked innocent. “Brother Yuan, you said you should relax and won’t read the script today. You told me not to bring it.”


Yuan Yifei let out a fake cough.

No, did he really say something so unproductive?

Zheng Anxing played back the footage that was just shot. Qin Yue stood aside seriously and only relaxed after confirming that there was no problem. He finally let the staff wipe the ‘blood stain’ on his face.

He looked around and didn’t find Ji Li’s figure. Somehow, the just relaxed heartstrings instantly tensed up.

“Where is Ji Li?” Qin Yue frowned and asked.

The script supervisor, Cheng Yin quickly replied, “Brother Qin, I just saw him go in the direction of the snack counter.”

“Okay.” Qin Yue responded before turning to leave.

Cheng Yin looked in the direction where Qin Yue was heading and her heart that had been abused together was squeezed back into place. 

Wooo, Brother Qin went to look for Ji Li after the scene!

Wooo, the Song brothers are real!

Wooo, this is sugar!


Qin Yue came to the snack kiosk and found Ji Li sitting on the table outside. He was holding a small cup of ice cream in his hand and was eating it carefully with a plastic spoon.

The blood on Ji Li’s face hadn’t been cleaned up and he looked pitiful.

Qin Yue unknowingly stopped frowning. “Ji Li.”

Ji Li looked up at the other person approaching him in surprise. “…Teacher Qin Yue? Have you finished shooting?”

“Yes.” Qin Yue sat opposite him and asked, “Why aren’t you with the crew instead of hiding here and eating ice cream?”

“I’m not eating.” Ji Li ate another spoonful of ice cream and spoke vaguely. “I’m used to eating ice cream after finishing a shoot to get out of the scene.”

In the past, the assistant had prepared it for him. Now Ji Li was alone and had to buy food from the snack kiosk by himself. However, he didn’t have much money. The most expensive ice cream in the store was 20 yuan a cup. Thus, he had to make do with cheap ice cream worth 6 yuan.

“Used to it?” Qin Yue seized the keywords. Wasn’t it the first time the other person was acting?

“I mean that when I’m unhappy, I like to eat ice cream to calm my mind.” Ji Li found he had made a slip of the tongue and added an explanation.

He poked his almost empty ice cream with the spoon and sighed. “Song Zhao is actually very reluctant to let go of his older brother but he would still make the same choice again.”

No one felt this role more deeply than Ji Li.

Qin Yue didn’t want Ji Li to continue to indulge in this emotion and moved away from the topic. “Is this ice cream delicious? I also want to calm down my mind. It is too emotionally taxing to be in a scene with an actor like you.”

The second half of the sentence was a compliment to Ji Li.

The emotions when the other person played Song Zhao were so intense that Qin Yue had to return the same enthusiasm.

“Ji Li, you acted very well. I’m glad I didn’t stubbornly replace you initially.” Qin Yue added. It was the first time he was so optimistic about a new actor.

Ji Li’s eyes lit up in an instant. “Teacher Qin Yue, you also acted very well. I’m very happy to act against you.”

“Don’t call me Teacher Qin. You can call me Brother Qin like everyone else.” Qin Yue said. “You seem quite younger than me.”

Ji Li was stunned.

In fact, his real age was three years older than Qin Yue. Deep down, he always regarded the other person as a ‘junior’ powerful actor.

However, it did seem like he was taking advantage to treat such a full crown movie emperor as a junior.

Ji Li randomly poked the bottom of the ice cream cup with a spoon and called out, “…Brother Qin?”

Qin Yue saw his increasingly red ears and found it interesting. “What’s the matter? Is it a loss to call me Brother Qin?”


Ji Li thought secretly, ‘You are the one who will suffer losses.’

“Do you want to eat ice cream? I’ll buy you another one?” Qin Yue asked again. Maybe the character’s mood hadn’t passed yet. He couldn’t help wanting to ‘compensate’ Ji Li and to be nicer to him.

“No, I’ll buy it for you.” Ji Li instantly stood up.

Since he was taking advantage of this person’s age, he always had to make up for it in other ways or it was unknown who would suffer losses.

Ji Li went to the freezer and looked at the most expensive ice cream for a few seconds. Then he picked it up and bought it.

Qin Yue followed behind Ji Li and inadvertently caught a glimpse of the balance of his mobile phone. It was in the pitiful double digits.

There was even less left after buying ice cream.

Ji Li suppressed the pain and reluctantly handed him the ice cream. “Eat it. It is delicious.”

It must be delicious just looking at the price.

“Thank you.” Qin Yue smiled. “You can be considered a mid-level special appointment playing the role of Song Zhao. How much will the company give you when you go back?”

“Where will the shares come from? It will be nothing.” Ji Li shook his head without understanding it. “The role came from the company and I got it temporarily. It is just nice to have the chance to act with a movie emperor like you.”

If he remembered correctly, the ‘deed of sale’ signed by the original owner was in the category with the lowest degree of freedom. Combined with the trainee salary that had been paid out early and he probably wouldn’t get anything.

After all, the company was a business. How could it supplement the newcomers who weren’t famous?

Ji Li was worried. What should he do after returning? He couldn’t just wait and spend his money without generating income.

Qin Yue heard Ji Li’s words and couldn’t help frowning.

“Brother Qin, shall we go? It is getting late. I should change my clothes and go back,” Ji Li said. He had talked to the company driver on the phone earlier and there was a bus back at 3 p.m. He had to hurry and catch it on time.

“Okay.” Qin Yue suppressed his doubts. It wasn’t convenient for him to ask more about Ji Li’s contract share.

The two of them returned. They had just passed by Qin Yue’ RV when Qi An got off after a company video conference.

Qi An saw the ice cream in his friend’s hand and raised an eyebrow with surprise.

Was the sun coming from the west? Why did he buy this sweet ice cream?

Before the trio could strike up a conversation, there was a noise from the trees behind the TV. Major General emerged from the bushes with a dirty, skinny cat in his mouth.

“Meow~” The cat picked up had a weak voice.

Major General put the cat at Qin Yue’s feet as he raised his head proudly and wagged his tail in encouragement.

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Mouse and Ice Cream do not go together

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It’s interesting how hard QL entered his role bc of JL. I laughed so hard when he didn’t want to see YYF bc he plays the emperor xD

And yes, the Song brothers are real ;__;

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New pet acquired!

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Is it just me? I think the major general is flaunting that he also found a suitable partner to QL.🤔😂😂

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“Wooo, Brother Qin went to look for Ji Li after the scene!Wooo, the Song brothers are real!Wooo, this is sugar!”

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