IPCFS: Chapter 109 Part 2

Three seconds later, the cameras started running again.

The holy monk played by Ji Li squeezed the bracelet with both hands. His fingers smoothly moved the beads and his eyes lowered slightly. “Amitabha, you have committed too many murders, so finish it yourself.”

His tone was very light, and the strength of his grip was just right.

Looking from the direction of Ji Li’s line of sight, only Xu Yanzhi’s legs could be seen. It completely staggered their gazes.

But this was enough.

Holy Monk Chen Yi might not be in the position of a god or Buddha, but he was a true cultivator of the Buddhist path. Even if he didn’t look at the other person, he could determine the situation and identity of the visitor.

Xu Yanzhi recited the lines that had long been memorized and approached Ji Li step by step.

He acted very steadily and was even better than before. His evil aura continued unabated.

“…The dam*ed ones are the gods and Buddhas! It is you!” Xu Yanzhi was standing right in front of Ji Li.

At this moment, the bystander Zhang Ye felt great oppression and became even more attentive. He had been stuck here just now.

Ji Li’s hand turning the Buddha beads stopped. He slowly raised his eyes and indifferently faced Xu Yanzhi’s killing intent. “If you don’t want to, this monk will send you off with my own hands.”

His words rang out.

Ji Li’s light and cold eyes seemed to cover everything in the world. The strong sense of drama that burst out when he raised his eyes made people completely powerless to resist.

Xu Yanzhi saw his smaller self in Ji Li’s eyes and froze in place. The lines he had prepared got stuck.

For a moment, his aura weakened.

The moving camera lens was stuck on a close-up of Ji Li’s eyes, and the picture was transmitted back in real time.

The screenwriter Lan Lingmeng saw Ji Li’s eyes and almost jumped up in amazement.

Wasn’t this the Holy Monk Chen Yi that she wanted?

Hidden under the indifferent eyes was the heart that was tortured to indifference by the hatred of his destroyed country.

Holy Monk Chen Yi hated all killings in the world, including his other self who added the killings.


Xu Cheng looked at the two people still confronting each other, and the corners of his lips slightly curved up. He didn’t directly say the winner and loser.

“That is the end of the scene. The two of you should rest for five minutes. Then change roles and try again.”

Ji Li got up and handed the Buddha beads in his hands to Xu Yanzhi. “Do you want to use it? I have to change props.”

Such a holy item like the Buddha beads was obviously not suitable for use on demon monks.

A hint of complexity appeared in Xu Yanzhi’s eyes, and he silently took it.

Ji Li walked to the props table and picked up the new prop he had decided on a long time ago.

It was a string of bones made of fake bones.

According to the plot setting, these were all spoils of war after the demon monk was killed.

Ji Li stood in a suitable position and closed his eyes silently, quickly pulling himself out of the image of the holy monk.

The movie was called ‘Demon Monk’ and the next confrontation was the most important.

Soon, the audition began again.

“…You have committed too many murders. Amitabha, you can finish it yourself. “

Xu Yanzhi sat in the position where Ji Li had just been sitting and calmly read the lines that weren’t much different.

What he had to do now was resist Ji Li’s next offensive! He couldn’t be immersed in the sense of drama and be suppressed by the other person again!

“Otherwise, this monk will personally send you away.”


A small sound suddenly broke the threat.

Everyone looked at the source of the sound in unison. Under Ji Li’s feet, there was the bone residue that had been crushed into powder.

Ji Li played with the string of bones in his hand and the smile in his eyes was evil and bewitching. “…Killing? Holy monk, those who had no eyes died by themselves. How can you blame me?”

He walked slowly toward Xu Yanzhi, each foot stepping casually on the ‘bones’ on the ground without any mistakes.


The sound of bones being crushed sounded and struck everyone’s eardrums. It was very evil.

Who was Demon Monk Chen Yi?

He had killed dam*ed mortals, beheaded evil demons, destroyed troubled ghosts. This cave was full of white bones left by those who didn’t have eyes.

No matter how powerful the existence, no matter how hard the dry bones, they were nothing but loose powder under the feet of the demon monk.

The interest in Xu Cheng’s eyes grew strong.

The careless mistake from before actually became a weapon to shape the image of the character in Ji Li’s hands?

The confrontation between the two sides continued.

Ji Li approached Xu Yanzhi. Before their eyes could meet, he suddenly snatched the Buddhist beads from the other person’s hands.

Xu Yanzhi noticed the other person’s movements and instinctively tightened his grip.

After the pulling, the beads were scattered on the ground, and the noise they made caused confusion.

The palm of his hand was suddenly empty. Xu Yanzhi looked at the Buddhist beads scattered all over the ground and inexplicably felt a bit flustered.

“Your Buddhist beads are gone. Can you still be at ease?” Ji Li glimpsed his emotions, and a hint of an evil smile appeared.

Under the illumination of the ceiling lamps, it gave people the illusion of gorgeousness and affection.

Xu Yanzhi was stunned.

“I have a question that I want to ask you.” Ji Li took the opportunity to approach his ears. “You and I are born from the same root. If I die…”

The deep voice crashed into his eardrum, and the ending note carried an upward tone, like small claws scratching at people.

Ji Li cocked his head and seemed to inadvertently blow out a breath. “What about you?”

The warm breath fell and Xu Yanzhi’s ears instantly reddened due to the tingling sensation he had never felt before. He could instantly conclude that:

Ji Li was deliberately seducing him!

No, it should be said that the demon monk played by Ji Li was deliberately seducing the holy monk played by him.

How could this be possible?

As Xu Yanzhi was feeling shocked, the screenwriter Lan Lingmeng was ecstatic in her heart, and her eyes became brighter.

That’s right!

This was it!

The demon monk she wrote was like this!

Chen Yi understood that his beauty was a natural weapon. He occasionally didn’t forget to use it when slaying demons. This would cause his opponent to lose their minds for a short time, and he would take the opportunity to strike fiercely.

His evil wasn’t just sinister and ruthless. He was evil and beautiful enough to seduce all living beings.

Of course, this living being included Holy Monk Chen Yi, who was about to become a god and Buddha.

The demon monk played by Xu Yanzhi was emotional, but it was too one-sided. The seductive side wasn’t presented at all.

He was Director Xu Cheng’s nephew, so Lan Lingmeng hadn’t expressed her opinion on the spot.

Now her eyes were fixed uncontrollably on Ji Li’s body as she looked forward to the other person’s next performance.

Ji Li straightened up and looked down at Xu Yanzhi. The mole on the bridge of his nose seemed to be contaminated with a trace of evil energy.

He smiled provocatively. “Holy monk, you have broken the precepts.”

“The five precepts of Buddhism are no lying, killing, drinking and eating meat, stealing, and adultery. Do you know which one you have just broken?”

Which one could it be? He had obviously been seduced by the demon monk!


Xu Yanzhi was already confused by Ji Li’s offensive and could only follow the established lines to cooperate.

The moment this word emerged, the string of bones in Ji Li’s hand wrapped around his neck. The other person came up behind him, speaking gentle yet evil words.

“Why do you need to be that fake holy monk? I am you. Can I still not understand you?”

Ji Li’s fingertips brushed against the other person’s Adam’s apple, and Xu Yanzhi instinctively stiffened.

He knew this was acting, but he couldn’t break free from this illusory temptation.

Behind his back where he couldn’t see, killing intent was revealed in Ji Li’s eyes little by little. The hand pulling at the string of bones slowly tightened.

The extremely shortened string of bones could become a rope to strangle people in just a few seconds.

“How about I help you kill yourself first?”

The vicious words fell and caused Xu Yanzhi’s hairs to stand up. For a moment, he really felt a suffocating killing intent.

What gentle seduction?

This was simply the mask he used to cover up the vicious killing intent!

As a bystander, Zhang Ye was so shocked that an egg could be stuffed into his mouth.

Evil yet gentle, seductive to all beings, cunning and gloomy… in less than a minute, Ji Li vividly interpreted all aspects of the demon monk with a few simple lines.

This acting was too scary! He was convinced when losing to such an opponent!

If Xu Yanzhi was really set as the male protagonist, then wouldn’t he be replaced after this audition?

Zhang Ye thought to himself while glancing at the long table.

At this moment, Lan Lingmeng’s heart was beating wildly with excitement.

The lines and plots given for today’s audition were actually very scattered. However, Ji Li fully understood the essence of the demon monk’s design, and his interpreted performance was even more powerful than her script fragments!

When Ji Li played the holy monk, as the audience, she hoped that the holy monk would win.

When Ji Li played the demon monk, she couldn’t help standing in line with the demon monk.

Fortunately, in the script, the souls of the two merged into one, merging Buddhism and evil power, face slapping the gods and Buddhas who were full of hypocrisy and justice.

“Director Xu, what do you think of this version? I want to revise the script according to Ji Li’s interpretation.” Lan Lingmeng asked in a low voice.

The action of using the string of bones just now was too bewitching. She had to write it into the script!

She didn’t clearly say it, but Lan Lingmeng had already made a statement about the audition: the male lead she wanted was Ji Li!

The casting director was also amazed.

In a short period of time, Ji Li had created two completely different images of the monk, and there were no contradictions at all.

It was estimated that few people could do this among the young actors, right?

Xu Cheng got up and applauded. “Okay, it is almost done.”

Ji Li understood that the audition was over and quickly released the string of bones. “Mr. Xu, I’m sorry. Did I strangle you?”

“It’s okay.” Xu Yanzhi left the plot. He exhaled softly and admitted in a convinced manner, “…You won.”

No matter whether it was the demon monk or holy monk, the other person’s interpretation was far stronger than his.

Xu Cheng had been a director for many years, and he naturally had an eye for people.

In fact, as early as when he saw the styling, he had high expectations of Ji Li. The other person’s performance today didn’t disappoint him at all.

Ji Li met all the needs of the character called Chen Yi! The temporary performance was already so perfect. Then what about after he received the script and studied it carefully?

Xu Cheng was looking forward to the future filming.

He looked around with a smile, and his affirmative gaze finally landed on Ji Li’s face.

“It seems that everyone has no objection to the final choice for the male protagonist of the movie?”

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