IPCFS: Chapter 106 Part 2

After a simple lunch, the program team moved to another attraction: The Blue Jadeite Lake.

The Blue Jadeite Lake was a large area with a wild forest island every few meters, distributed on the lake in different sizes.

Under the sunlight, it was like a string of green jadeite, so beautiful that people lingered on it.

The scenery at home was never worse than abroad. Many times, it was just due to insufficient publicity funds and investment that the scenery was buried.

Another great significance of travel shows was to bring these niche hidden spots to the audience to appreciate through the camera.

“We have prepared double kayaks for both teams and placed water floats with the names of special foods on the shore of the islands with red flags.”

“Get the water float with the name of the food, and you will get the named barbecue ingredients for the afternoon.”

“This time, it is a competition based on strength and tacit understanding. Please cheer for both teams.” Chen Xiaoyun deliberately looked at Ji Yunqi when he said this.

The latter met his eyes and accepted the words cooperatively. “It is time to show my true skills.”

He finished speaking and took out another pair of sunglasses.

Yuan Yifei was dazzled by his operation. “Where did you get so many sunglasses?”

For this trip, did he bring all the sunglasses from the goods market?

“I brought it with me.” Ji Yunqi pulled out another pair from his pocket for Yuan Yifei. “You should also wear it and increase your momentum.

“Their wrists are connected, and their paddling definitely won’t be as good as ours.”

Yuan Yifei also felt that their chance to turn defeat into victory had come. For the first time, they had hope for victory.

Ji Li looked at the kayak in front of him, a bit nervous.

In fact, he wasn’t good at swimming and always felt worried about this unfathomable lake.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Yue noticed the slight change in him.

“I’m not very good at this,” Ji Li truthfully said.

“You are responsible for enjoying the view with your eyes. I’ll paddle,” Qin Yue asked Ji Li to sit on the more stable side.

Qin Yue picked up the oar on one side and easily kicked off against the hard part of the shore. The boat sailed into the lake first. He moved the oar from left to right and rowed smoothly.

Ji Li was a bit nervous at first. It was only after he adapted to the frequency of the ship’s shaking that he completely settled down.

He focused on the beautiful scenery around him. Then his eyes shifted all the way from the waves to Qin Yue’s arm.

Qin Yue’s paddling was very light. One to the left and one to the right. The rhythm was very beautiful, and the muscles hidden under his clothes faintly created smooth and sexy lines due to the force.

This made Ji Li, who wasn’t good at swimming, feel very secure. It was as if he could live a lifetime just wandering around like this.

Ji Li stared at it, subconsciously fascinated.

It was said that a man who worked seriously was the most attractive. He had now grasped the essence of this sentence.

He seemed to really like Qin Yue. It seemed that in their silent contact, there were hundreds of millions more points.

Qin Yue was stared at by his lover’s unconcealed, fiery gaze for a while and he couldn’t help asking, “Does it look good?”

“Eh?” Ji Li’s mind returned, and he realized what he had been doing.

He was actually fascinated by Qin Yue just now? Was it all recorded on camera? He told the other person to pay attention to their sense of propriety. As a result, they got carried away.

Ji Li felt inexplicably guilty. He looked away and pretended to still be concentrating on enjoying this beautiful scenery. “It is quite beautiful.”

The smile in Qin Yue’s eyes expanded and he didn’t expose the other person.

On the calm blue-green lake, the two of them sat opposite each other on the boat. Ji Li’s eyes fell on the lake island in the distance, and Qin Yue’s smiling gaze always followed him.

The drone that followed recorded this moving scene. A screenshot was automatically formed and the director behind them immediately decided.

No matter whether it was a static poster or promotional video, this must be put on the Internet as publicity!

The sense of atmosphere between Qin Yue and Ji Li at this moment was exactly what they wanted to convey to the audience.

Traveling companions were often a crucial factor on a trip. Good scenery and good companions would make this travel memory accompany them for a lifetime.

Later, this scene would become one of the classic pictures of the Chinese Rose couple.

“Brother Yue and Ji Li are worthy of being actors. This temperament is too great, and every scene has the quality of a movie.”

“I don’t know what is going on, but seeing the atmosphere between the two of them when traveling, I feel so happy.”

“Yes yes, the shipping of their CP is just for fun, but their relationship must be very good, right?”

The staff members following them by boat discussed this in low voices.

The beautiful picture didn’t last long before it was interrupted by a lively quarrel.

“Ji Yunqi, put down the oar!”

“You should be the one who lets it go!”

“Can’t you coordinate with me?”

“How am I not coordinating with you? Obviously, you are going against me? If it is like this, I can swim faster if I jump in.”

“Jump. Jump in now. I won’t stop you.”


Ji Li and Qin Yue heard this loud conversation and looked toward the source of the sound in unison.

Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei had no sense of cooperation. One went to the left and the other turned to the right. Occasionally, they would cooperate with extremely tacit understanding and would change the direction of the oars at the same time.

As a result, it had been so long, and the two of them were still spinning around on the lake. They couldn’t move forward at all.

The staff members following them were almost dying from laughing.

Who said it was time to show their real strength?

This was it?

Ji Yunqi’s cool guy character design couldn’t stand for any longer. Yuan Yifei followed suit, and his complaining skills were increasing every day.

It was thanks to this pair of living treasures who persevered in providing laughing materials in the later stages.

The chief director, Chen Xiaoyun saw the two groups with completely different attributes and couldn’t help inwardly sighing.

A couple and a pair of friends.

During a trip, it was either a tacit partnership like Ji Li and Qin Yue, or a noisy combination like Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi…

Unexpectedly, the program team got the guest teams they wanted.

Qin Yue and Ji Li admired the scenery for a long time before finally starting to search for the water floats with the names of food.

Under Qin Yue’s steady leadership, Ji Li easily scooped up all the water floats.

Beef skewers, sausages, crucian carp, cauliflower, eggplant… it was almost everything that could be used for a barbecue.

Seeing that all the water floats were about to be taken away, Ji Yunqi finally couldn’t bear it and shouted, “Ji Li! Leave some for us!”

Have pity on the poor child!

Ji Li received his signal and deliberately teased him, “You wouldn’t be able to grab it even if I left it here for you. I might as well take them all.”

After all, Qin Yue had worked so hard for so long. Ji Li had to let him eat enough later.


What new generation of Twin Stars? It was just a fragile dream.

Ji Yunqi abandoned his oars and acted like a handsome idle fish on the lake.

Yuan Yifei was also exhausted and simply saved his strength. “I finally found something more tiring than filming. It is traveling with you as a partner.”

“Who doesn’t feel that way?” Ji Yunqi suddenly missed his older brother.

Every time they traveled in the past, Ji Yunzheng would arrange everything properly. He only needed to be responsible for cool travel.

If his older brother was present, then he would have never lost in today’s rowing event.

The two people collapsed on the kayak like this and drifted with the current for a while. Finally, the director team couldn’t let them continue and dragged them back to shore using a small boat.

The barbecue on the shore was approved by the local organization. Once Qin Yue and the others went ashore, all the ingredients and the barbecue grill were already prepared.

However, they still had to cook it themselves.

Qin Yue skillfully lit the charcoal fire. The moment Ji Li approached to help, he was persuaded to go back.

“Bring me the food you want to eat.”

“Sit and wait for the food. The smoke will choke you.”

Ji Li restrained the joy in his heart and suddenly felt that recording the show wasn’t so hard.

With Qin Yue around, he could just enjoy everything.

Ji Yunqi was dragged ashore and leaned forward eagerly. He was obviously eager for the next barbecue.

Ji Li smiled and handed a skewer to him. “Do it yourself.”


Ji Yunqi responded happily and immediately said to Yuan Yifei, “Yifei, what do you want to eat? I’ll grill some for you.”

The director team didn’t stop the four people from ‘cheating’ and let them enjoy it.


In the next day and a half, under the arrangement of the director team, they visited three little-known, immortal attractions in Liangzhou.

Of course, the two teams proved with their own strength what the huge difference was between being lucky and unlucky.

At the end of the trip, the blackboard reappeared. This time, it was Yuan Yifei’s turn to do the blind selection, and the next trip was set for Austria.

It was a journey through music culture.

It sounded a lot better than their previous ‘deformed trip.’

Due to the arrangement of the filming schedule, the following trips were continuous.

Ji Li and Qin Yue also threw their darts which landed on the Netherlands and Iceland respectively.

Ji Li saw the tourist location that Qin Yue picked, and his eyes instantly lit up.

He had never actually experienced Iceland in a state of extreme daylight when filming ‘Long Island Iced Tea.’

Maybe it was really fate. He hadn’t expected the two of them to revisit this place so soon.

“Qin Yue, I’m looking forward to the next trip.”

This was Ji Li’s first sentence after the recording finished and he took off his headset.

“Yes.” Qin Yue took advantage of the fact that no one was around to finally hold the hand of his lover. “I am looking forward to traveling with you.”

They just needed to be with each other in the future journey, and it didn’t matter whether it was the city or the countryside, noisy or silent. They could go anywhere.


The program team returned to Shanghai and planned to rest for a week before continuing on the next journey.

Qin Yue used this time to return to the crew of ‘Hidden Dreams’ to complete filming his final scenes.

Ji Li returned to the studio of Chaoying and was arranged by Yu Fuya to take several sets of daily promotional photos.

Three days later, Ji Li completed the last set of looks. Then it happened before he could even sit down and take a sip of water.

Yu Fuya walked on high heels and rushed into the lounge. “Ji Li, I helped you win a movie audition invitation. Do you want to take the time to audition for it?”

“What movie?” Ji Li asked.

He had plans to join a crew immediately after ‘Poor Travel Notes’ ended. So during this time, the team had been looking for a suitable new script.

Unexpectedly, he had only gone out for a few days, and Yu Fuya had already found a suitable new movie.

“You aren’t a stranger to the Godslayer series directed by Xu Cheng, right?”

Ji Li nodded. “Yes, I know of it.”

The third movie in the series, ‘Flower Demon’, was released at the same time as ‘Time Lobbyist’ during the New Year’s Day holiday.

The former successfully won the box office championship with a proud result of over two billion.

“The movie is still in this series of movies. The leading actor is being chosen for the fourth movie.” Yu Fuya handed over the movie concept book in her hand.

Ji Li looked down and saw in vigorous and powerful font on the front page:

‘Demon Monk’ of the Godslayer series.

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