IPCFS: Chapter 106 Part 1

Perhaps it was due to Qin Yue being by his side, but Ji Li, who had always recognized the bed, had a rare solid sleep.

It was already 8 o’clock the next morning when he woke up. The cameras had turned on and they entered the recording of a new day.

Ji Li squinted before he found that he was lying back on the middle bed.

He looked at the bed on the right side with some surprise. It was empty, and Qin Yue was gone.

“Don’t look for him. He is in the bathroom.”

Yuan Yifei sat on the edge of the bed with a cup of hot tea. He covered the microphone and explained softly, “He carried you back to the middle bed before the recording started.

He was the first to wake up, so his recording equipment had already been put on.

Ji Li met his friend’s gaze, and his eyes were a bit guilty. “G-Good morning. Yifei, how was your rest?”

Last night, he had sworn that he would sleep in separate beds from Qin Yue. As a result, he couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night and sneaked into the other person’s bed.

“I sleep lightly, and it doesn’t matter where I sleep.” Yuan Yifei refused to stop his teasing and blinked. “In any case, you must’ve had a good rest.”

Ji Li hurriedly got up from the bed. He instinctively picked up the coat on the bed and put it on. “Yes. I’ll go wash up first.”


Yuan Yifei watched the figure of his friend disappear in a hurry. Then his eyes drifted to the end of the bed where the coat had just been placed, and he showed a hint of an envious smile.

The coat that Ji Li casually picked up was actually prepared by Qin Yue in advance, and it was arranged according to the other person’s habit.


Yuan Yifei was thinking about this when he heard a muffled snort from the left.

Ji Yunqi had a big heart and was still sleeping at this time.

He slept the earliest, woke up the latest, and didn’t wake up at all in the night.

This sleep quality was enough to make him envious.


Ji Li didn’t find Qin Yue’s figure when he walked to the bathroom.

However, he saw the toothpaste that had already been squeezed on the washstand and showed a faint smile.

Their habits from living together had become natural, and these small details hidden under the camera were heartwarming.

Ji Li was thinking this when there was the sound of footsteps at the door. Through the mirror, he saw Qin Yue in sportswear.

There were still little drops of sweat on Qin Yue’s forehead and the side of his neck. Sunlight shone in through the top window of the wooden house, coating his entire body with a charming golden light.

He was sexy just standing there.

Qin Yue was an extremely self-disciplined person, and his figure was trained through hard work.

“Have you finished exercising?” Ji Li instinctively moved his position to make room for his lover.


There was no special gym here, so Qin Yue had to jog around the country road a few times.

“Did you sleep well?” He walked in and asked in a seemingly normal manner.

He couldn’t bear to wake up the sleeping Ji Li, so he could only carry him back to the next bed. However, this was seen by Yuan Yifei, who woke up earlier.

“Not bad.” Ji Li’s answer was very serious, but there was a small smile in his eyes.

Ji Li finished washing quickly and gave up the only bathroom for Qin Yue to take a shower.

He stepped out of the wooden house and found that the entire program team had already prepared their positions. Various breakfast foods were specially served in the small courtyard and it looked quite idyllic.

“Ji Li, put on the recording equipment first.”

Director Chen Xiaoyun took the opportunity to approach. He hooked an arm around Ji Li’s shoulder and explained in a low voice, “Ji Li, Teacher Qin Yue is here, so today’s filming will definitely be in teams.”

“Just act according to your normal self. Teacher Qin has already explained this to me. If there is anything that isn’t suitable for airing, I will personally watch the post-production footage and make sure that any content that shouldn’t be spread won’t be spread.

Ji Li saw Chen Xiaoyun’s mirror-like eyes, and his lips curved in a smile. “Thank you, Director Chen.”

“You’re welcome,” Chen Xiaoyun laughed heartily and beckoned for the staff to help Ji Li.

Thanks to Ji Li, their program team could be a part of the trend of being ‘popular before airing.’

Besides, who was Qin Yue? He was their investor ‘tyrant.’

Once these two were together, he couldn’t offend them at all and would also help keep his mouth shut.

They were all in the entertainment industry. Chen Xiaoyun might not have deep qualifications, but he was very aware of who shouldn’t be offended in front of and behind the scenes.

Seriously doing a good job with the show itself was better than using the bad means of relying on bad words and bad editing.


Ji Yunqi was the last one to wake up. The four of them ate a simple breakfast and though a blind selection, each team received equipment they would use to climb a mountain.

There was a probability of choosing one out of two of the equipment items. Qin Yue drew first and chose the better one.

It was a bracelet no longer than 10 centimeters in length. The bracelets at both ends were placed on Qin Yue and Ji Li’s wrist. This meant that the two of them were destined to climb at a close distance to one another during the day’s mountain climbing venture.

The group of female directors was so excited when they saw this scene that they almost fainted.

Wu wu wu.

Ji Li and Qin Yue are tied together!

Is this an ordinary hiking ring? This is clearly the red thread of marriage!

They had a toothache when they thought about the day’s journey and how the two people would stick together the whole time.


It was smashed with all their strength.

As contemporary CP girls, there was nothing they couldn’t bear!

“So it is this thing? No matter how bad my luck is, surely it won’t stink very much?”

At most, the distance between the bracelets was shortened.

Ji Yunqi sighed with relief and glanced at Yuan Yifei confidently. “You open it.”

Yuan Yifei felt that things weren’t so simple. He had a nervous heart as he opened the remaining blind selection envelope.

In just five seconds, the staff member handed over the item they had blindly selected. It was a foot strap.

“Please keep your legs tied together the whole time today and work hard to climb the mountain together.”



Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei were completely petrified.

Two-legged mountain climbing?

It was unexpected, and even the director team couldn’t do it.

“Director, are you sure the program team isn’t just messing with the two of us?”

“We are contributing to your boat of friendship. Come on, mountain climbers!” Chen Xiaoyun shouted vigorously through his big loudspeaker.

There was just a hint of gloating when listening to his voice.

“The boat of friendship?” Yuan Yifei glanced at Ji Yunqi from his head to his toe. “I think that boat will capsize now.”

“I think I am going to be unlucky all season when teaming up with you.”

Yuan Yifei shifted his gaze over to Ji Li. “Director, is there still time to change teammates?”

Qin Yue shook the teammate’s bracelet that had already been attached and intercepted him first. “I’m sorry, our side has successfully formed a team.”

No, they had successfully held hands.

Ji Yunqi was disliked by his friends and raised his head unwillingly. “What are you afraid of? A cool guy doesn’t give up easily.”

He took the initiative to take the foot strap from the staff member and tied his and Yuan Yifei’s calves together. Then he took out a pair of sunglasses from his pocket and put them on in a handsome manner.

“Come on, I’m ready.”

Yuan Yifei was forced to accept his fate. “Let’s shout one, two, one, two, and go rhythmically.”

“Of course.”

The two of them had just reported a number when they rushed out in unison on the second step, colliding with each other in an embarrassing manner.



One second, they were full of confidence. The next second, they were slapped in the face.

“Ji Yunqi, get up quickly! You are dead!”

“If I could get up, then I wouldn’t need you to tell me! Don’t get in my way!”

The joyous quarrel between the two of them immediately caused laughter at the scene.

It was confirmed.

Ji Yunqi and Yuan Yifei were just a funny combination.

Today’s trip hadn’t even started, and the winner and loser was already obvious.

Ji Li watched his two friends being pulled up by the staff members and couldn’t help laughing. At the same time, he felt lucky. “It is good that we didn’t get that.”

Otherwise, the person who would be embarrassed in public would be him.

“No, our tacit understanding is better than theirs,” Qin Yue replied decisively before specially adding. “After all, we have cooperated in two rival works.”

This sentence was obviously meant for the audience in front of the TV in the future.

From the Song brothers to the royal uncle and nephew, the tacit understanding between this ‘family’ wasn’t something that ordinary people could have.

Ji Li understood the deep meaning in the words, and his lips curved up involuntarily.

In fact, Ji Li didn’t like to wear makeup to work. In this reality show, he simply let himself go and had always appeared without makeup.

His skin was originally too good to be true. Under the natural light, it looked moist like it was soaked in milk.

At this moment, he was smiling and unknowingly revealed a sweet smell.

The eyes of Ji Li’s exclusive director lit up, and he had an indescribable feeling.

Ji Li at the recording site today was much more free than when he recorded alone yesterday. It was as if he suddenly found support and became confident?

She quickly noted this down. She had to keep this clip. Even if it wasn’t used in the main trailer, it had to be used as a personal promotional video.

It was because this smile was too beautiful!


The mountains of Liangzhou were the most distinctive. Mountains stretched out for kilometers, and they were all different.

The most famous of them was Yongchuan Guoshan and equally famous was the Guoshan Waterfall.

The program team hired two medium-sized buses and brought them to the foot of the scenic mountain.

Ji Li used the remaining 7 yuan to bargain at the entrance of the scenic area and bought three bottles of mineral water. Then he started heading up the hiding trail.

He gave a bottle to each of his friends. Then he pretended to say to Qin Yue, “Brother Yue, shall we share a bottle?”

“Okay.” Qin Yue took the mineral water in his hand. “I’ll hold it, so you can take it easy.”

The CP fan staff members who captured this scene almost fainted.


Two people sharing a bottle of water together? Isn’t this an indirect kiss?

In addition, how much does a bottle of mineral water weigh?

Ji Li handed it over naturally, and Brother Yue took it naturally. This instinctive dependence, this subconscious spoiling!

Thank you, thank you! I am already shipping it to the point of losing my cognitive function!

The group climbed from the foot of the mountain to the location of the big waterfall. Ji Li and Qin Yue stopped and continued, feeling unbelievably relaxed.

Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi became mobile joke creators. The cameramen and directors following them were laughing crazily the whole way.

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Thank you for the chapter ❤️

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I kinda want Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi to end up together. Yifei needs someone to lighten the load of his life and Yunqi needs someone to bring him out of his shell. They’re very cute together.

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I feel like Yifei will be a 0 to that rookie actor who opposed him on the show. Chinese writers have always liked the mature gentle 0 x wolf cub 1 pairing

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