IPCFS: Chapter 105 Part 1

The next day’s itinerary was arranged early.

The three guests decided the day’s transportation by drawing lots. Ji Yunqi was the one who decided the destination of this trip, so the blind selection this time was still done by him.

After a night of adjusting his mentality, Ji Yunqi was gearing up and ready for his shame. “Come on! It is impossible for someone to fall in the same place!”

…It was strange.

There was no doubt that the ‘bad’ luck came again.

The options ranged from a small car, a small electric motorbike, and a bicycle. No matter what, they were all considered light and convenient. However, Ji Yunqi avoided these options and drew: an ox cart.


Looking at the naive old ox in front of them and the cart covered with straw piles behind it, there was the strong aroma of nature.

It was confirmed.

This was definitely deformed.

Ji Li and Yuan Yifei no longer had any hope for their friend’s stinky hand. They looked at each other and sat down as if resigned to their fate.

Ji Yunqi stood in front of the ox without moving, trying to do a good job of psychological construction.

He was actually a bit obsessed with cleanlines,s and he really wasn’t comfortable sitting behind the buttocks of an animal like this.

One man and one ox stood facing each other.

The ox obviously thought that Ji Yunqi was provoking him by not giving way and stomped his hooves on the spot. “Moo!”

Ji Yunqi was so frightened that he immediately jumped into the cart. “It is dangerous.”

The camera obviously recorded his embarrassed appearance. Ji Yunqi’s exclusive director almost laughed.

The key character of this deformed episode, the third young master, was truly doing his part.

The ox cart drove on the small road with beautiful scenery on both sides. After crossing a small hill, they arrived at the first destination of their trip: Qianhu Village.

This place was originally a gathering place of ethnic minorities, and their ancestors had lived deep in the mountains for generations.

The wooden houses built on the mountain were very distinctive and were once used as the filming location of the anti-drugs movie, ‘Drug Village.’

This movie won the International Best Movie Award and became one of the world’s top 100 humanistic classics.

Due to this selection, Qianhu Village was lively for a while. Then after the flash in the pan, it returned to its former tranquility.

Due to inconvenient transportation and few modern facilities, it wasn’t the best choice for fast-paced tourism.

The eyes of the trio lit up the moment they saw this place.

During the training camp for ‘Special Operations’, they had watched the movie ‘Drug Village’ together. One of the scenes built into the movie was even a recreated Qianhu Village.

Unexpectedly, the three leading actors actually came to this place? Their inner interest suddenly soared.

The staff members immediately handed over three envelopes.

Chen Xiaoyun picked up his loudspeaker and explained the rules. “Each of these three envelopes contains three photos. Guests are invited to randomly select and play on their own.”

It was only by finding the exact same scenery as the one in the envelope and understanding the historical and humanistic allusions hidden in the photos that the challenge could be completed.

Of course, the first one to complete the task could receive a ruler’s dinner service tonight.

“You guys draw first. I’ll draw last.”

Ji Li had already given up on his luck. Ji Li and Yuan Yifei drew the ones on the left and right respectively, leaving the C position envelope to him.

The three of them brought their own exclusive cameraman and director to start their respective play time.

Now it was the off-season and there were hardly any foreign tourists in the village. Every corner was full of a quiet taste that had been accumulated over the years.

Ji Li wasn’t in a hurry to do the task at all. He strolled around slowly, taking out the mobile phone from the advertising sponsor to take photos and small videos from time to time.

“Do you intend to keep this as a souvenir?” The director Xiao Ling took the time to ask.

Half an hour had passed, and they hadn’t seen Ji Li put down his phone.

Once this episode was aired, the weight of this phone advertisement would be too heavy. The sponsor would probably laugh in front of the screen.

After being reminded by the director, Ji Li found that he had unknowingly saved a lot of images in the album.

For people in love, even if they saw a tree, they wanted to take photos and share it.

At first, Ji Li felt this behavior of a young couple was very silly. Now he had become such a person.

Ji Li looked at the miscellaneous photos in his album, which had all been taken while thinking of Qin Yue.

The corners of his lips rose slightly. “Yes, I’ll show it to others.”

Xiao Ling was drunk on his smile and almost blurted out curiously.

Who are you taking these photos for?


Ji Li ran into Yuan Yifei around the corner. The moment they met, they decided to form a team to do the task.

Perhaps it was because they weren’t with Ji Yunqi’s bad luck. The six filming points in the photos were quickly found by them. The historical stories hidden behind them were also excavated one by one.

Travel was like this.

The slower the pace, the more fun they could have.

The two of them walked around the village and returned to the assembly point stipulated by the director team, only to hear news that made them speechless.

“Ji Yunqi and his group got lost. They weren’t able to find their way for most of the day, so his director had to call the team of director and ask someone to bring them back.”


Ji Li couldn’t help laughing hard.

This person was so silly, but he dared to say he was a cool guy.

Others relied on reality TV to set up their character designs. Ji Yunqi relied on reality TV to break down his character design.

In the face of Ji Yunqi’s request, the ‘profiteers’ of the director team reappeared. “It is okay if we send someone to lead them back, but there will be a fee. It is 3 yuan for one time.”

In a word, this made the already ‘poor family’ even worse.

Ji Li, who was acting as the treasurer, took out the remaining 7 yuan from his pocket and fell silent.

Yuan Yifei openly teased, “If it is like that, let’s let him stay here and become the third young lady of the village.”

Ji Li nodded in agreement. “Okay, then forget it.”

What was the saying? Poverty made people bow down.

Brotherhood? It was nonexistent.

Third Young Master Ji, who was born in a wealthy family, was tragically abandoned due to the huge sum of 3 yuan.

In the end, it was the team of directors who personally brought someone to find the ‘lost’ Ji Yunqi and bring  him back.

“The team of directors act too much like thieves. Not only did it cost money to find you, but they also deducted the fee from our dinner.”

“Ji Li and I have enough of a conscience, right? We wanted to get you back, even if it meant going hungry. Third Young Lady, are you moved?” Yuan Yifei started a routine.

Ji Yunqi was dubious about Yuan Yifei’s words and looked at Ji Li for verification.

Ji Li received Yuan Yifei’s hinting gaze and replied seriously, “We negotiated the conditions with the team of directors. When we go back, we have to chop 50 catties of firewood in exchange for dinner and tomorrow’s expenses.”

“I’ll leave this to you, okay?”

The two of them acted together and made Ji Yunqi feel moved.

The program team had a hard time holding back their laughter.

What did it mean to speak nonsense with truthful eyes? This was it.

Obviously, they weren’t even willing to pay 3 yuan. Now it was the brotherhood that moved the heaven and earth together?

The Third Young Lady is already naive. Please give him a way to live!


The filming at the scenic spot came to an end. The program team didn’t bother them any longer and arranged a comfortable car for them to return in.

The moment the three of them arrived back at the accommodation, the aroma of food came from the brightly lit wooden house.

Ji Yunqi hadn’t smelled meat for almost a day, and he was directly agitated. “Where did this dinner come from?”

Wasn’t it said that they had to chop 50 catties of firewood to exchange for dinner?

The three of them walked into the house side by side and encountered an unexpected figure.

Ji Li saw Qin Yue, who suddenly appeared in front of him, and his eyes lit up.

He subconsciously stepped forward. Then he kept in mind that there were cameras and had to stop.

Didn’t he say that he couldn’t come for the first episode? Why was he suddenly here?

At the same time, Qin Yue’s eyes accurately fell on his lover.

Since their brief meeting last time, the two of them had been separated for more than half a month. They could only solve their hunger for each other through video calls every day.

Occasionally when they were busy, forget video calls. They couldn’t even exchange a few words on WeChat.

It was a lie to say he didn’t miss his lover.

The female director on the side was blushing, and the small person in her heart was jumping three feet high.

Wu wu wu.

What idol drama am I watching? A thread can almost be drawn between the eyes of the two of them looking at each other!

Brother Yue and Ji Li are a perfect match!

A perfect match even when the sky is falling!

Just showing up can make me ship you to death!

Yuan Yifei quickly saw the little couple and took the initiative to step forward to cover them. “Qin Yue, why did you suddenly come?”

“It is time for a mysterious guest to appear.” Qin Yue smiled back.

Ji Yunqi saw the dishes on the table and couldn’t help gulping. His timidity toward Qin Yue all turned toward hunger for food.

“…Where did all this food come from?”

“The moment I arrived in the afternoon, I was dragged by the director team to play a childish blind selection game. I won it all by luck,” Qin Yue replied casually.


Blind selection?

Win by luck?

Ji Yunqi was silent and the team of directors followed suit.

Thank you.

We are connotated.

“Listening to the team of directors, I have to give one of you dinner service because I am late.” Qin Yue controlled the process very naturally. “Who won your daytime mission?”

Yuan Yifei raised an eyebrow and his eyes shifted to Ji Li, who was the first to complete the task.

Jin Yunqi pointed to Ji Li, desperate to let Qin Yue circle around his friend the entire time.

There was a subtle smile in Qin Yue’s eyes as he took the initiative to walk to the wooden table and pull out the simple wooden chair. “Please, Mr. Ji Li.”

It was obviously a simple action, but due to Qin Yue’s elegant demeanor, it made him seem like he was participating in some noble dinner party.

Some people’s charms were innate, and they weren’t limited by the environment at all.

Ji Li’s heart moved slightly, and he suddenly felt that the current Qin Yue was very charming.

However, due to the cameras, he could only calmly accept the reward of the program team and walk over. The moment he sat down, the other person bent over slightly to push the chair forward.

In a blind spot invisible to the camera, Qin Yue’s slightly cool lips touched his earlobe and Ji Li’s heart trembled.

Ji Li was completely stunned. His ears soon turned red, and he could only glare at Qin Yue.

Don’t mess around.

Qin Yue received the hint from his lover and had to be more restrained as he sat down on the side. “What did you do today?”

He seemed to be asking everyone, but the focus of his gaze was still on Ji Li.

Some female staff members whispered together, and their excitement suddenly increased a lot.

“Ahhh! Thank you, thank you. I’m in love!”

“Who came up with this idea to let Brother Yue serve Ji’s meal? Come out to receive kisses.”

“Look at Brother Yue’s action of pouring fruit wine for Ji Li. It can be seen that he is used to it!”

What was Qin Yue’s identity?

He was actually so smooth and natural when serving Ji Li. This was love!

The atmosphere between the two of them was really too delicate to be expressed in words.

“Not bad. We went to a rather old village. Yuan Yifei sat next to Qin Yue and answered naturally.

Ji Yunqi was too naive.

They had to rely on him for cover.

The group wiped their hands with wet wipes and officially started their meal.

“The director’s team is too biased. Why did we have to bake sweet potatoes and eat potatoes yesterday?” Ji Yunqi looked at the big meal on the table and wasn’t convinced.

Chen Xiaoyun replied on behalf of the team of directors. “Even if we prepared a sumptuous meal for you, do you think you could have selected it with your luck?”


He was very angry but unable to refute the claim.

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