IPCFS: Chapter 104 Part 1

The indoor recording studio.

By the time Ji Li arrived in the dressing room, Yuan Yifei and Ji Yunqi were already chatting enthusiastically.

The latter saw him and immediately called out, “Ji Li, come quickly. I was about to ask you something! Is Teacher Qin Yue really participating in this show?”

Ji Li saw through Ji Yunqi’s apprehension and smiled. “Yes, didn’t the program team already make a semi-official announcement?”

The last glimmer of hope in Ji Yunqi’s eyes disappeared, and he sighed heavily. “Help. Then isn’t my nightmare from the crew back?”

Yuan Yifei took a sip of coffee and teased him, “It has been almost a year. Why are you still so afraid of him?”

“Can you blame me for this?” Ji Yunqi glanced at his friend resentfully. “Among the three of us, I have the weakest relationship with Teacher Qin Yue.”

Yuan Yifei had known Qin Yue for seven or eight years and already cooperated a few times. Their relationship was familiar.

There was no need to mention Ji Li. He and Qin Yue had a relationship where they shared a bed!

In fact, Ji Li wasn’t afraid of Qin Yue. He was just a bit cautious. If he had known that the latter was interested in Ji Li, he wouldn’t have been so presumptuous in the crew.

Ji Yunqi recalled the time during filming when he got carried away and said the words ‘Ji Li, you are so good-looking’ in front of everyone, and he couldn’t wait to bite off his own tongue.

Qin Yue’s eyes were so cold when looking at him at that time. Did Qin Yue think he was seducing Ji Li to be the third party?

Ji Yunqi was shocked by his own imagination and hurriedly said, “Ji Li, we are brothers right? The iron-clad straight kind!”

Yuan Yifei’s eyes almost rolled to the sky as he gave a reminder. “Don’t say such things when we are recording the show.”

If this spread, it was easy for netizens to over-interpret his words.

“Don’t worry, I know that well,” Ji Yunqi replied.

Facing the camera and knowing what to say and what not to say was one of the qualities that a celebrity had to learn.

Ji Li was taken to a designated seat by the makeup artist and sat down. “He can’t come in the first episode, so it should just be the three of us.”

Ji Yunqi immediately became happy again when he heard this.

It would be better if Teacher Qin Yue came out in one less episode.

He could also stabilize his cool persona!

“I don’t know where we will be going?” Yuan Yifei was faintly looking forward to it.

Over the years, he had never stopped his pace, and his workload had always been full.

This time, he was happy to take advantage of recording a short variety show to travel with the friends he knew.

“Once the pre-interviews are over, there will be a random selection, right?” Ji Li let the makeup artist apply makeup.

The reason why they gathered in the studio today was to record the pre-show interview and randomly select a destination they would go to five days later.

The four tourist destinations were ‘randomly selected’ by the four guests.

An hour later, they completed their respected pre-show interviews and gathered in the recording hall.

The fixed host camera position swept over the faces of the three people at once and the female directors screamed in their hearts.


So handsome! So handsome! So handsome!

Yuan Yifei was an educated, great beauty, Ji Yunqi was an arrogant and noble young master, and Ji Li had a pure yet seductive temperament.

Who could stand up to such masculinity?

Everyone was a mature appearance con, and they had to stand up together!

At this moment, all the young female directors had completely turned into star chasing fans and their eyes were shining.

“How can our program team be so good? We actually invited three handsome men to be on the same stage?”

“Brother Yue will join in the future, and there will be another participant. He has a mature and sexy abstinent appearance. The most correct decision I ever made in my life was to come to this program team.”

“Director Chen, find a way to arrange a hot spring or a pool in the future. I am speaking on behalf of all contemporary star chasing girls that I want to see the four male guests showing off their figures.”

“I am drooling when I think about it.”

“I can also secretly eat CP, hehe.”

Chen Xiaoyun heard the chatter of the girls around him and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Record this episode first, and then discuss those things later in a meeting.”

Chen Xiaoyun was the chief director of the show, but he was very good at listening to the opinions of others in the program team.

In his opinion, the production of a show wasn’t one-sided. If he wanted to make a good show, he had to focus on all of the interesting ideas.

One of the benefits of female editors and directors being star chasing girls was that they could try and find the preferences of the current young audience. This would allow the program team to constantly adjust the direction of shooting.

“Director Chen, the microphone and follow-up cameras have been checked and filming can start.”


Chen Xiaoyun responded and looked at the female directors beside him. “You guys need to stop when we are officially filming.”

“Don’t worry, Director Chen. We understand.”

After three minutes, all of the staff members were in place.

The staff members lifted up a covered blackboard, and then handed over a shiny, golden dart.

Yuan Yifei acted as the representative and took the dart. “Director, what are we supposed to do?”

“Hello, three guests. Welcome to our ‘Poor Travel Notes’ show. I think everyone is clear about this, but our show has no script, no specified travel places, and the funds are randomly arranged.”

Ji Li nodded cooperatively while his eyes fell on the blackboard.

“Behind the blackboard are 360 tourist locations, covering all seven continents. All the countries in the world can be visited.”

Of course, how many tourist landmarks each country occupied was completely random.

The program team had put in a huge amount of work to prepare for this in advance. To ensure a smooth recording, they started strategizing and planning three months ago. There were 360 landmarks and 360 feasible plans.

The chain of capital was lacking, and they weren’t favored by the outside world. The show could be ‘canceled’ at any time…

Under such circumstances, the entire planning team completed all of the destination planning with passion.

From the very beginning, they were aiming to do this show seriously.

Once the guests blindly selected the results, the advance troops of the program team would immediately set off to rush to prepare the necessary conditions for food, accommodation, and transportation before the guests arrived for recording.

“Guests of the show, you can choose a representative and use the golden dart in your hand to blindly choose a destination. I wish you good luck,” Chen Xiaoyun loudly told them.

In fact, the hand holding the loudspeaker was soaked with nervous sweat. He was the chief director of the show, so he was more excited and nervous than the guests.

The program team had finally reached the end of their hardships, and the day of the official recording was coming!

Ji Yunqi looked at the dart in Yuan Yifei’s hand, ready to move. “Let me do it. To be honest, I have been lucky ever since I was a child, and I will definitely be able to blindly select the best destination.”

Yuan Yifei was dubious. “Are you sure?”

Ji Yunqi raised his chin proudly and hugged his two friends on his left and right. He whispered to them, “I just asked a master yesterday to calculate my fortune. He said I have great luck, excellent luck!”

“The master said that everything will go smoothly for me in this reality show.”

Ji Yunqi’s exclusive director used a lot of effort to hold back his smile.

Third Young Lady, why are you whispering? You still have the microphone on you?

It is a variety show, yet you looked for someone to tell your future?

I admire you!

Ji Li and Yuan Yifei exchanged looks and started to sing in harmony.

“Why do I think that this prediction is a bit unreliable?”

“Indeed, it is a billion points unreliable.”

Ji Yunqi hissed at them. “Hurry up! I’ll go first!”

Yuan Yifei handed over the golden dart, and Ji Li smiled with no objections.

In any case, each person only had one chance to throw the dart. It was the same whether to do it first or later.

Ji Yunqi took the dart and fiddled with it coolly. “Just wait, I’ll give us a good start!”


The golden dart pierced through the air and landed in the very center without any mistakes.

“It is stable, stable. The C position must be very good!” Ji Yunqi was confident.

Ji Li nodded and also felt that his idea was reliable. “Director, can the answer be revealed now?”

“Not yet. You will see at the airport in five days.”

Yuan Yifei pushed up his glasses and took the opportunity to ask a question. “Director, you guys won’t play tricks, right?”

Was it possible that after the blackboard was revealed, everything was the same tourist destination?

“Our show is very serious, and we would never engage in such tricks.”

Chen Xiaoyun patted his chest and assured them. “After you leave through the door, we will directly record and announce the result.”

The camera was recording, and there was a video to prove it!

“Okay. Then we can leave here today?” Ji Li asked.

“Yes, the three of you have worked hard.”

Chen Xiaoyun asked the staff members to take Ji Li and the others out. The door of the recording room was closed.

Suddenly, the editors and directors burst out into laughter. “Director, you guessed it right. They really aimed for the center position.”

What was the saying?

Don’t guess the routine of the program team.

According to inertial thinking, everyone would consider the center position to be the best, but the program team did the opposite.

The cover of the blackboard was completely torn off. The unknowing cameramen saw the landmark and laughed.

“Director Chen, you are too much!”

“The essence of our show is poor travel, but the funds are tight at this point, right? Are you really going to bring the guests to this place?”

Chen Xiaoyun rubbed the palms of his hands together excitedly. “We’ll go, definitely go!”

My god!

This would definitely become the most cost-effective travel variety show in history!


Five days later, in the VIP lounge of Shanghai Airport.

Ji Yunqi looked at the ticket in his hand and raised an eyebrow. “Unexpectedly, I actually picked a domestic one.”


It was in the southwestern part of China and full of mountains, rivers, and fields.

“Why do I have a bad premonition?” Yuan Yifei glanced at Ji Li. “We won’t be abducted into the mountains, right?”

“Not necessarily. I heard that there are a few villages of ethnic minorities in Liangzhou. The scenery is very good, and the culture is rich.” Ji Li maintained a good attitude.

One should relax when traveling.

We are going there anyway. What is the use of worrying now?

“What is there to be afraid of? Don’t you see what I look like?” Ji Yunqi took off his sunglasses and put them on in a boastful manner.

The aura of wealth and nobility was about to come out, okay?

There was always a place for him.

It was impossible for him to travel poorly.

The moment he finished talking, the program team brought over a small box.

“Please hand in your phones and wallets. This time, the way to get funds is very simple.”

“The handed in phones will be weighed and one catty is one yuan.”




Ji Li’s group of three was collectively silent.

One yuan for one catty?

Did the program team think this was a trash collection? How much could a phone weigh?

Chen Xiaoyun continued to shout through the loudspeaker. “Please hand in all your phones and wallets within five minutes. If it is found that you have kept a private possession, your travel expenses will be deducted.”

We haven’t even received any money yet, but funds will be deducted?

Director, you are a ruthless person!

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