IPCFS: Chapter 100 Part 2

The words were greasy, the thoughts were dirty, and it was completely different from the image of an ‘open-minded and refined scholar’ presented in front of the public.

This revelation quickly aroused another wave of condemnation.

-Absolutely. This year has just started, but the most disgusting figure of the year has appeared.

-Little sister, jiayou! I believe you! At this point, it isn’t appropriate for Shen Yanda to apologize. He should die directly.

-Buying a water army to blacken ‘Newly Born Master Detective.’ I am throwing up at this trash.

-’Newly Born Master Detective’ is so good! I was following both dramas, but I think the acting skills in ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ are a bit worse. Now I don’t have any filters about the plot, and I’m ready to abandon the drama!

-This melon is so delicious that I don’t even want to share it with my relatives. Are there any other melons? Release it all at once!

What did they say? If they wanted a melon, then they would receive a melon!

These two things hadn’t been resolved when the two screenwriters who originally worked in Shen Yanda’s studio stood up and spoke out.

It turned out that before filming of the drama officially started, they pointed out that there was plot plagiarism in Shen Yanda’s script.

Shen Yanda denied it on the surface, but privately asked them to modify the plot and fill in the gaps with original plots.

The more the two screenwriters read the script, the more absurd they felt. In the end, they couldn’t accept the money and deceive their hearts. They chose to leave.

The two screenwriters behind the scenes felt that they couldn’t resist Shen Yanda. However, now the public was paying attention to this matter. So after discussion, they decided to stand up and support these unknown authors.

The script of ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ was copied! It was put together from all sorts of unknown online novels!

There was plagiarism in the plot that was currently being aired, so it was probably unavoidable in the plots that hadn’t been aired.

Script plagiarism! Evidence!

Workplace harassment? Evidence as well!

Stealing his ex-wife’s work? There was a high probability that this was also true!

During the Spring Festival, netizens obviously had a lot of free time to eat melons. In one afternoon, the hot topics related to Shen Yanda rose instead of fell.

The statements made by Shen Yanda and the official Weibo of ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ hadn’t been deleted. At this moment, it was like a big joke. Listen carefully and there would be applause.

Netizens left ridiculing words under these two posts, and the wonderful curses could be collated together and published as a book.

Under such public anger, there were even statements about boycotting ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty.’

At 7 o’clock in the evening, a marketing account broke some news. “‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ is about to finish filming, but the actress of the female protagonist, Song Mei, returned to Shanghai by car this afternoon. She must’ve learned about public opinion on the Internet and temporarily announced a strike.”

Another behind the scenes staff member broke some news on a side account. “The male lead of ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ is a low-paid actor, and the salary isn’t even comparable to ordinary newcomers who just debuted. In fact, it wasn’t that the crew was stingy with the investment. It was that Shen Yanda swallowed the original salary of the male lead into his own pocket without permission!”

One melon wasn’t settled, but another melon appeared! The melon was wonderful, the melon was deadly.

Now even the fans of the male and female leads, who had always protected the crew, could hold back. The depressed mood they had been holding back for a day completely exploded at this moment.

-F*k, I’m distressed for my goddess! After five months of hard filming, she ended up with this type of trash screenwriter!

-Shen Yanda, have you no heart? Do you really think that the male lead has no fans? Yi Yi has always thanked you as the screenwriter for giving him the opportunity! This is how you pitted him?

More and more fans poured into the statements released by Shen Yanda and the drama, joining the battle of the insulting army.

Shen Yanda was still pretending to be dead, but the crew obviously couldn’t stand it any longer.

They no longer cared about being slapped in the face. They deleted their original statement and posted a brief, new Weibo.

“We are contacting the parties involved to understand the situation and will definitely give everyone a satisfactory answer. Please be patient and thank you for your understanding.”

The crew’s statement didn’t stop the anger of the netizens.

Shen Yanda did something wrong, but the producers also weren’t innocent!

Maliciously giving a low score to an opposing drama? Too shameful!

From the producer to the screenwriter, they were all the same. It could only be said that they felt sorry for the actors, who were tricked into joining such a shameless crew.

The discussions of the netizens didn’t stop, and the topic became wider and wider.

-I suddenly remembered something. Wasn’t the male protagonist of ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ originally set as Ji Li?

-Yes, at that time, the producer accused Ji Li of signing the contract and then backing off. Shen Yanda took the lead in boycotting Ji Li, which caused Ji Li to be scolded by many people during that time.

-Upstairs, don’t talk about it. I feel heartache when I think about it! We were definitely vilified by Shen Yanda!

-I really hope that Ji Li will stand up and make the inside story public in order to slap Shen Yanda twice in the face! This shameless thing.


Ji Li had been staying at home and following the trend of public opinion. He saw more and more of such comments and sent a WeChat message to Baozi.

“Let the company’s official Weibo release the statement.”

“Okay, Brother Ji,” Baozi replied.

Qin Yue came back with a plate of cut fruits and said helplessly, “You have been holding your phone and checking Weibo all afternoon.”

“It is quite interesting to eat melons with netizens.” Ji Li held his phone in one hand while the other hand repeatedly rubbed the heads of Major General and Snow Cake.

Qin Yue saw this and took the initiative to feed the cut orange pieces to his mouth. “Where did you eat the melon?”

Ji Li ate the sweet oranges. “At the beginning, Shen Yanda didn’t want the more famous actors in the TV industry and instead invited me to be the star. I had felt it was very strange.”

“Now after reading the revelations, I finally understand that he was deliberately looking for young actors who just debuted in order to take advantage of their small team and ‘steal their salary’.”

Perhaps it was because of Song Fangmei’s departure. Without the blessing of her works, he spent almost all his money and had to engage in this type of petty theft.

Fortunately, Ji Li avoided this messy crew due to the issue of script plagiarism.

Qin Yue’s eyes showed disgust.

He still firmly remembered when Shen Yanda led some screenwriters to boycott Ji Li.

“Baby, do you need my help?”

“No, he killed himself.”

Ji Li logged into his Weibo account with shining eyes. “The original account can now be completely settled.”

Then he forwarded Chaoying Culture’s latest Weibo post with the text:

@Shen Yanda, I’m not afraid of the slanting shadows. I have a clear conscience. What about you?

The content of the Weibo post was a six minute recording, which was the conversation between the two of them that was secretly recorded by Baozi at Ji Li’s request when he went to Shen Yanda with the script issues half a year ago.

It was a bit unkind to record private matters, but he did it just in case.

Now the time was ripe, and there was no need to keep anything back for Shen Yanda.

Baozi carefully added captions to this recording, so the dialogue of the two sides was clear.

“Teacher Shen, we found that the content of the script is somewhat familiar… Even the content of the dialogue hasn’t been deleted or modified.”

“Are you implying that the script is plagiarized?”

“If you want to use plagiarism to destroy my golden signboard, you simply have bad intentions!”

“Teacher Shen, you should be clear in your heart who is right and wrong.”


The six minute recording was very long, and netizens listened with the thought of ‘sure enough.’

To put it simply, Ji Li’s team discovered a problem with the script and came to Shen Yanda to understand it clearly.

As a result, Shen Yanda indiscriminately turned against them. Finally, he used the confidentiality contract to threaten them not to spread it to the outside world.

In the end? It was clear that Shen Yanda and the crew joined forces to pour dirty water on Ji Li!


The wicked sued first and deliberately guided netizens to denounce Ji Li. Did they still have any shame?

If this was any other young actor, could that person continue to stay in the entertainment industry under the Internet explosion?

-Wu wu wu, my baby has been wronged! Finally, the truth has come out!

-Ji Li, I’m sorry. I was misled by Shen Yanda back then. I hope you can accept my apology! I wish you a better career!

-I really like Ji Li. He is a very upright actor from the bottom of his heart! Thank you for standing your ground!

Netizens praised Ji Li while naturally scolding Shen Yanda and the crew of ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ even more severely.

Ordinary netizens denounced them, fans of the actors denounced them, the fans of the drama fell silent…

It turned out that ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’, which was the most promising drama to win the ratings championship, became an existence boycotted by everyone in a short amount of time.

Shen Yanda was overwhelmed by phone calls from all parties and was filled with panic. He couldn’t find a way to whitewash himself and was afraid of jumping out again in case of ‘new melons.’

Sun Changjiang, who had been drinking well last night, was now staring at him with a dark expression.

In the meeting room, the atmosphere between the two sides was very stiff.

“Why don’t we just coldly deal with it?”

“The actors’ salaries have been given, and the remaining two or three episodes can be completed. The TV station has bought the first part and will continue to air it.”

Shen Yanda looked at the cold-faced Sun Changjiang, and there was still the last glimmer of hope in his heart.

No matter whether it was plagiarism or not, a drama always had a basic audience. There were audience members who didn’t know the news who would continue watching.

If there were ratings, then there was income.

If there was income, they could still make money.

The netizens who boycotted it only had a memory of three minutes. Perhaps they would forget it in a few days, and the second part could continue to be aired.

Before Sun Changjiang could answer, his assistant rushed in.

“Mr. Sun, it isn’t good!”

“Mr. Jiang from the TV station’s movie and television procurement team has called and said he wants to remove our ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’!”

“Moreover, he informed our side that it is better to prepare compensation!”

Shen Yanda froze when he heard this.


How many episodes had been aired?

When the crew’s largest investor withdrew back then, it was Shen Yanda who bit the bullet and personally plugged in the financial gap. Due to this, he mortgaged two houses and sold many valuable items.

He had been looking forward to the drama airing for half a year in order to earn a lot of money from the ratings dividends!

Now, he hadn’t even received the principal amount he invested back. How could the drama be taken off the shelves?

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