IPCFS: Chapter 100 Part 1

The moment this new Weibo account came out, it immediately attracted the attention of the melon eating netizens. Of course, there were many doubts mixed in.


Was this true or false? Was this just someone trying to grab the heat?

However, Song Fangmei seemed to have long expected such suspicions.

Before publishing a long Weibo, she specially attached a photo of the past, the discarded marriage certificate, and a divorce photo.

They were originally all posted in her Moments to celebrate her new life and to warn herself to stay away from scumbags. Unexpectedly, it actually came in handy after five years.

Shen Yanda wasn’t a star, but he could be regarded as a famous screenwriter.

The moment the photo evidence came out, there were no netizens who questioned Song Fangmei’s identity as his ex-wife.

The number of melon eating Weibo fans increased a lot. Song Fangmei acted cleanly and neatly as she sent the long-form photo and text that she had written long ago.

There was a lot of text. The content was very long, and the amount of information was equally huge.

It turned out that Song Fangmei and Shen Yanda were classmates in high school and were admitted to the same university. The two of them naturally fell in love and got married.

Song Fangmei liked writing very much and spent four years in university writing an original script. Shen Yanda was her only reader.

After reading the script, Shen Yanda persuaded Song Fangmei to try it out many times. However, she felt that screenwriting wasn’t stable and just wanted to stay in the stage of loving writing.

Less than a year after the couple got married, an investment failed and Shen Yanda lost all their fortune. Song Fangmei was angry, but she didn’t blame her husband too much.

She just thought they were young and could struggle to start again.

Unexpectedly, Shen Yanda suddenly said joyfully that he had made money. He earned 1.5 million from the copyright fee he sold!

Song Fangmei was stunned when she heard the news. Where did the copyright fee come from?

Under her questioning, Shen Yanda told the truth.

He secretly took Song Fangmei’s script that she wrote in university and sent it to a movie and television company as a submission. He was afraid that his wife wouldn’t agree, and to avoid any troubles, he deliberately rewrote it so he was the screenwriter.

He was originally just thinking about giving it a try. He didn’t expect that the movie and television company would be particularly optimistic about this script. After nearly half a month of discussion, the two parties finally settled on a price.

If the performance was good after it aired, then he could get an extra viewership share.

On the one hand, Song Fangmei was angry that her husband had privately taken her script. On the other hand, she was glad that her writing could really make money and enrich the family.

Shen Yanda coaxed her for a long time and handed over all the copyright fees he obtained.

“Wife, it is easy for female screenwriters to suffer losses in the circle. I just came forward for you. The work is still yours and the money earned is yours. Besides, us husband and wife should work together to live a good life, right?”

Thinking about it now, Shen Yanda’s words were complete nonsense, but they weren’t unreasonable to Song Fangmei at the time.

They were husband and wife to begin with. ‘What is yours’ and so on? If he earned this money, then she could also spend it.

Later, in less than half a year, the drama based on this script was aired. It was the ‘Legend of the Marriage Moon’ that became popular all over the country that year.

This drama created a new area in the history of China palace fighting.

It not only made the actors popular, but it also made the original screenwriter, Shen Yanda, famous.

The huge dividends from the drama fell into Shen Yanda’s pocket, and he wasn’t satisfied that there was only one work.

At the right time, Song Fangmei wrote the script of ‘Exquisite Bones’ when staying home after giving birth to a child.

History was always surprisingly similar.

Shen Yanda sold the script again, but this time, he got the consent of Song Fangmei. She wanted to use it to earn milk powder money for her child, and the copyright fee would be higher using Shen Yanda, who was already ‘popular.’

Once ‘Exquisite Bones’ was aired, it directly surpassed the ratings achievements of ‘Legend of the Marriage Moon’ and Shen Yanda became a big screenwriter in terms of palace fighting dramas.

In the next few years, the husband would focus on external affairs while the wife focused on creation. The later ‘Yuejun’ and ‘Fenglan’ had good achievements as costume TV dramas.

Occasionally, Shen Yanda would bring Song Fangmei to attend some public occasions.

According to him, it didn’t matter if others didn’t know as long as he knew that his wife was the best screenwriter.

Shen Yanda obviously knew that he could only persuade the other person to write more scripts if he pleased her.

But in the face of power and desire, people would always change.

Shen Yanda cheated, and the third party was an assistant in the studio. The two of them did all sorts of dirty things under Song Fangmei’s nose.

Once it was exposed, Shen Yanda knelt down and begged for mercy. He also broke the jar and quarreled angrily. The relationship between husband and wife fell to a freezing point.

Their son didn’t know the truth and had always been proud of his ‘screenwriter father.’ He was also motivated to study because he worshiped his father.

Therefore, hiding the matter of the script while negotiating the divorce was the last dignity that Song Fangmei gave to this husband and wife relationship.

Song Fangmei knew she was stupid to do this and was ashamed to face the heroines of the palace fighting dramas she had created.

However, she was naturally gentle. She couldn’t shout like a shrew and make things between them known to the world.

In the past few years, Song Fangmei had been traveling around the world to broaden her horizons and to get out of that failed marriage.

Then, seven or eight months ago, someone contacted her and said that Shen Yanda had come out after five years.

Song Fangmei was very surprised. She knew Shen Yanda’s literary level? How could the other person personally write a script?

Therefore, Song Fangmei had secretly been paying attention to ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ from its time of filming to airing.

The core story of the brother and sister revenge was actually conceived by her back then, but they divorced before she could complete it.

Then the allegations of plagiarism broke out this morning.


Netizens were so shocked that they could stuff an egg in their mouths after they finished reading this long melon.

-F*k? Is this real or false? The works that Shen Yanda are so proud of weren’t written by him?

-It isn’t wrong that she is Teacher Shen’s ex-wife, but this small paper is too arbitrary! She didn’t appear earlier or later but came out this time. I still think it is fake?

-Teacher Song, is there any other evidence? Let’s kill you, Shen Yanda, a hypocrite who deceives the world!

-His ex-wife also came out to take advantage of his popularity? Teacher Shen is too miserable.

-A plagiarism dog sucks! How can a person like Shen Yanda still have supporters?

In fact, a large part of the reason why Song Fangmei stood up now was because of her son.

Some time ago, Song Fangmei had confessed the truth to her son, who was already in university. Her son had encouraged her to be herself.

No woman should wrong herself for the sake of her child! What belonged to her should be taken back!

Before the netizens in the comments area could decide a winner, Song Meimei posted a video on Weibo. “This is a recording from before the divorce. The time can be seen on the screen. You can decide in your hearts if it is real or fake.”

If people clicked on the properties of the audio file, they could see that it was created five years ago.

“Shen Yanda, the fame and status you have now, didn’t you depend on me to obtain them? You…”

“So what? Yes, the scripts all belong to you, but who knows that? If you go out and make noise now, who will believe you?”

“Fangmei, let’s separate as husband and wife. I’ll give you money, and you can take as much as you want!”

“In other words, I advise you not to tell the truth and keep some of the relationship between us when we meet in front of our son in the future. Otherwise, do you think our son will believe me, his respected father, or the mother he believes is a housewife?”

“Okay, let’s divorce. Let me see what scripts you can write to decorate your false status without me!”

“You don’t need to worry. There are so many high-quality novels that have been buried. There will be content to piece together.”

“The audience will go to see it due to my name ‘Shen Yanda.’ I just need to invite a few popular actors, and it doesn’t matter if the content of the script is good or bad. They can praise it blindly with their eyes closed.”


The audio was clear proof.

Shen Yanda’s voice was obvious, and the arrogant and self-satisfied tone made people feel disgusted when they heard it.

Once the content of the conversation between the two people broke out, public opinion fell completely to one side.

My god!

What type of trash was this?

Stealing original works from his wife to earn money and status? After he divorced his wife, he started to think about online novels?

-I’m going to vomit! He is so ordinary yet so confident!

-Let me see who will speak up for Shen Yanda? Take a look at Shen Yanda’s messy things after he ‘came out from isolation’, then look at Ms. Song’s clear statement? The truth is obvious, right?

-Hello, Teacher Song! Forgive me for not knowing of your existence until now! Your scripts are really great! The plot of each one is wonderful! I hope you regain your love of writing and keep writing!

@Shen Yanda, in the name of being a husband, you stole someone else’s life. Don’t you feel disgusted? Don’t you feel ashamed to steal the painstaking creations of other authors?

-Shen Yanda, come out and apologize!

The top comments were all occupied by supporters, but there was still a small number of ‘questioning’ remarks mixed in with the real-time comments section.

The topic of #Shen Yanda’s plagiarism# hadn’t fallen when the topic of #Shen Yanda’s ex-wife Song Fangmei# immediately rose.

Shen Yanda was fidgeting in his office. He hadn’t expected the low-key and quiet Song Fangmei to suddenly stand up and expose him.

The even more unexpected thing was that she still had audio from so long ago still in her hands?

His phone number and WeChat had been blacklisted by Song Fangmei, and the call to his son wasn’t answered.

Was she really trying to bring him down? This bi*ch!

The more Shen Yanda thought about it, the angrier he became. He picked up an ashtray and smashed it directly on the ground. His uneasiness had turned into anger.

Qin Yiren was startled. “What are you doing?”

The little assistant in Song Fangmei’s revelation was her.

At this moment, she felt that her face was gone and didn’t dare go downstairs to the office hall.

Shen Yanda was actually lying to her from the beginning? He didn’t write his own scripts?


This old man wasn’t capable at all.

Now that the plagiarism was discovered, it was okay to be angry and burn himself. However, his ex-wife suddenly came out and implicated him!

“If I have to give you some advice, don’t open your studio. You didn’t let your employees take a few days off on the holidays, and now there is such a big matter. It is estimated that they are all ready to resign and leave.”

“Shut up! Did I let you talk?” Shen Yanda roared.

“You…” Qian Yiren’s face changed, and she rushed away in a hurry.

The next second, the producer Sun Changjiang sent Shen Yanda a link and asked urgently.

“Teacher Shen, look at this girl who broke the news on Weibo. Isn’t she the assistant you brought over last night?”

Shen Yanda saw this sentence and a sense of uneasiness suddenly surged in his heart. He quickly clicked on the link and found that it was a Weibo account called ‘Jiabao Must Work Hard.’

Half an hour ago, this blogger published an accusation with the topic of #Shen Yanda’s workplace sexual harassment#—

“Hello everyone, my name is Lin Jia. Until last night, I have been working in Shen Yanda’s studio as his internship assistant.”

For half a month, Shen Yanda has been using the ‘workplace convenience’ to harass me verbally and physically.

I was taken to a drinking party last night, and he tried to touch my private area under the influence of alcohol. I couldn’t bear it and left!

In addition, Sun Changjiang, the producer of ‘The Long Song of the Southern Dynasty’ joined forces with Shen Yanda to maliciously buy a water army to destroy the online ratings of ‘Newly Born Master Detective.’

I don’t have any special evidence, but I, Lin Jia, dare to stand up and report Shen Yanda with my real name! If there are any suspicions of malicious editing, I am willing to accept all legal responsibilities!”

This Weibo had a video attached.

The first thing shown was Lin Ji’a work ID card. The rest were WeChat chat records that contained the meaning of ‘harassment’ in the open and in secret.

She clicked on the Moments through the profile picture, and judging from the records of daily life, this was indeed Shen Yanda’s WeChat account.

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11 months ago

Thank you for the chapter ❤️

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Ha! I called it! I knew the ex-wife was the real author

10 months ago
Reply to  KisakiTsubasa

I don’t care if you’re husband and wife with a good relationship, giving the credit of your work to somebody else is absolutely wrong. Even if they’re not going to take advantage of you it’s still wrong. That’s why when the MC of another novel put his own works under the ML’s name because he was too embarrassed to admit he had written some really raunchy content it pissed me off to no end.

6 months ago
Reply to  KisakiTsubasa

What novel did you mention here? Gosh, you really should NEVER put your own work under someone else! Unless you’re a ghostwriter/creator who got big lump-sum payment for your work, it’s really really stupid and disrespectful to yourself to do that!

6 months ago

The moment Baozi noticed the plagiarism, I knew Shen Yanda didn’t write his previous scripts, especially since the work came up five years after his last piece, and the divorce happened four years ago. He plagiarized because he was never a talented screenwriter, ptui! Thanks for the chapter 😌😌