IPCFS: Chapter 10

The person wore low-key and simple clothes but he couldn’t hide the high-class temperament in his bones. He wore a pair of silver framed glasses and the eyes under the lens seemed born with a smile.

It made people feel good just looking at him.

Zheng Anxing quickly waved at him and joked, “How can the king be free enough to come today?”

The other person was the actor of this movie’s King Cao Shijing. His name was Yuan Yifei.

Yuan Yifei smiled and approached. His eyes fell on QinYue and he said, “This king was idle in the hotel so I came to visit General Song’s set.”

Qin Yue wanted to laugh. “The crew hasn’t scheduled any of your scenes in the past two days. IT seems you are having a very comfortable time.”

Yuan Yifei raised an eyebrow. “I admit it. I am living easier than you.”

Ji Li sat in his spot and quietly observed the visitor. The contents of the book automatically emerged in his mind. Yuan Yifei was one of the few actors with both strength and traffic. He had been nominated for Best Actor several times.

Later, he cooperated with the protagonist Ji Yunqi in a movie and the two people formed a relationship between teachers and friends.

Yuan Yifei had already noticed this gaze and his eyes shifted to Ji Li.

Zheng Anxing gave an introduction. “This is the actor of Song Zhao, Ji Li. This child has a talent for acting and he isn’t afraid of acting against Qin Yue. It is a pity that the two of you don’t have any opposing scenes.”

After filming all these scenes, Zheng Anxing liked Ji Li from the bottom of his heart. At this time, he saw a familiar actor and he directly boasted about Ji Li.

Ji Li smiled and stood up. “Hello, Teacher Yuan.”

According to the original owner’s current qualifications, he had to call everyone he met by ‘Teacher.’

“Hello, I know you.” Yuan Yifei nodded at him.

“…You know me?” Ji Li couldn’t understand it.

“In the morning, I heard the staff members say that a new actor came this time and had a one-time scene with Qin Yue last night.”

Yuan Yifei glanced at the screenwriter. “Sister Fang and I were very curious. We saw that there was your scene on the notice this morning so we discussed coming over together to take a look.”

Qin Yue took a sip from the bottle of water his assistant handed him and smiled. “You didn’t come to visit me but to see Ji Li?”

“Why? Are you jealous?” Yuan Yifei asked.

Before this movie, he and Qin Yue had collaborated twice. They were old friends and could make any jokes.

Qin Yue slowly opened his mouth. “Then you can go.”

The crew saw the interaction between the two people and laughed together. Ji Li followed suit.

Zheng Anxing told them, “Now isn’t the time. You and Teacher Chen Fang came at just the right timing. We are at the highlight of the Song brothers’ scenes.”

It was also Song Zhao’s last appearance.

Ji Li remembered the complexity of the next scene and wanted enough time to gather his emotions. “Director, if there is nothing else, I will go and rest first.”

“Yes, you go. There is still time before the next scene.”

Ji Li gestured politely to Qin Yue and Yuan Yifei before picking up his small backpack and leaving.

It wasn’t until his back disappeared through the door that Qin Yue looked at Yuan Yifei and suggested, “Go and sit in my RV for a while?”



40 minutes later, the shooting site moved to the street outside the restaurant.

The full Song Zhao remembered his fellow beggars at the gate of the city so Song Yi specially ordered the restaurant to make some simple food. Then along with his brother, he sent them to the refugees and beggars.

Unexpectedly, a few assassins were mixed in with this group of beggars. In the moment of crisis, Song Zhao stood in front of Song Yi without hesitation and a sharp, short knife pierced his heart.

The plot was simple but it wasn’t easy to act.

It was less than a day after they reunited and they had to face the separation of life and death. The emotions of the two brothers that broke out at the final farewell was very touching. Between Ji Li and Qin Yue, if there was one person whose emotions couldn’t keep up then it would cost the plot.

Zheng Anxing was afraid of the excessive consumption of the actors’ emotions. Before the official filming started, he only let them try the scene once. Ji Li closed his eyes and repeatedly imagined every emotional point in his mind.

“Are you nervous?” Qin Yue’s question came from the side.

Ji Li looked over and didn’t answer the question. “Teacher Qin Yue, do you believe in me?”

A good rivalry scene was never the result of one-sided efforts. Actors must not only play their own role well. They also had to convey the appropriate emotions and influence the other actors.

Ji Li never doubted Qin Yue’s excellent acting skills. He was just afraid that the other person wouldn’t believe in him as a new actor.

Before Qin Yue could answer, the props master walked up with the prepared blood bag. “Ji Li, here.”

“Okay, everybody get ready.” Zheng Anxing shouted.

Ji Li shifted his gaze and quickly placed the small blood bag under his tongue.

Not far away, Yuan Yifei and the screenwriter Chen Fang were already sitting in front of the monitor to take a good look at the next scene.

The filming soon began.

Song Yi walked in the back carrying a bag of food while Song Zhao turned from time to time to distribute the steamed buns in the bag to the beggars along the street.

“Second Grandpa, this is my older brother!”

“Brother Aqiao, I have found my relative.”

Song Zhao, played by Ji Li, happily introduced his brother every time he saw a beggar acquaintance. Qin Yue stood behind him, the smile on his face never disappearing.

Qin Yue put away the empty cloth bag and said softly, “Zhao’er, it is late. I have to go back.”

He still had important things to do and couldn’t stay on the street for too long. If the other person wanted, he could accompany his brother every day after he resigned. It didn’t matter how much time it took.

“Okay.” Ji Li divided the steamed bun in his hand into two and handed it over. “Brother, let’s eat while walking.”

Qin Yue’s smiling eyes lowered slightly. Before he could reach out to grab it, Ji Li’s expression changed from joy to panic and he pushed away the man in front of him.

The sharp blade broke the wind and stabbed into his chest with fierce killing intent.

The blood bag hidden in his clothes was punctured by the prop knife and splashed out on the spot, landing on his face as well.

The next second, Qin Yue reacted and kicked the leading assassin viciously. The lurking subordinates rushed out and the surrounding area immediately became a melee.

Qin Yue didn’t care about the noise around him as his always calm eyes trembled.

Ji Li wiped away the warmth on his face and pulled out a smile that was uglier than crying. “Brother, I…”

He bit the blood bag under his tongue and fell back in a trembling manner.

Qin Yue quickly caught up, his hands pressed against the bloody hole in his brother’s chest. “Zhao’er, don’t be afraid. I will take you to find a military doctor. Hold on, I’ll take you straight away!”

In just this short sentence, Qin Yue’s eyes turned red with madness and his eyes were filled with fear and killing intent.

The group of people in front of the monitor were shocked by the man’s emotional changes and stared at Ji Li’s next reaction.

Song Zhao’s entire body shook uncontrollably due to the deep pain. The accumulated tears wet his eyelashes and made him look extremely fragile. His blood-stained hands held tightly onto the other person’s clothes as he spoke in a fond manner, “Brother…”

He was afraid. He didn’t want to die, he didn’t want to leave his brother alone in this world.

“You… have you… have you been… injured?” The broken breath and blood leaked out from the gap in his teeth little by little, as if it would dissipate in the wind the next second.

“I’m fine.” Qin Yue gritted his teeth and squeezed out an answer.

The light in the eyes of the man in his arms gradually faded. He knew that his Zhao’er wouldn’t be able to stay.

The hand gripping the sword couldn’t stop trembling. He gently stroked his brother’s back again and again. “I know you are tired. Go to sleep. I will be with you.”

Ji Li turned his head to Qin Yue’s arm, his slurred words faintly inaudible. “Brother, I still want… I want to eat the grapefruit you picked.”

“Okay, I’ll pick it for you.”

“Brother, Zhao’er…” I hate to part with you.

The last few words weren’t expressed.

Song Zhao’s eyelids fell. In the last moment of his life, he died in the arms of his loved one.


The script supervisor Cheng Yin wiped away her tears. She was so abused by this scene that her liver hurt.

Why did Song Zhao have to die? His wish was very simple! Wouldn’t it be nice to let him go home with his brother?

What a broken ending! What a ‘trash’ screenwriter!

Cheng Yin was furious and stared at the screenwriter Chen Fang venomously, only to find that the other person also had red eyes like she was trying not to cry.

Chen Fang stared at the two brothers on the monitor and suddenly regretted the ending she wrote. She thought it was abusive when she wrote it but she never expected it would be so abusive!

In the original plot, Cao Shijing ascended the throne and was afraid that Song Yi would overpower him. He had murderous intentions and these assassins were sent by him to kill Song Yi.

After the assassination failed and the truth was revealed, the relationship between the pair fell to a freezing point.

Chen Fang always felt that the reason for the broken relationship between the monarch and his subject in the original novel was too simple. Thus, she picked out the character Song Zhao from the original book separately.

Unlike the three lines in the novel, she wrote a few small but important scenes for Song Zhao.

For Song Yi, the two brothers had just reunited when his younger brother died to protect himself. In addition, the assassins were sent by the king he trusted the most!

This was an opportunity to create the character’s blackened attributes.

Chen Fang saw many staff members secretly wiping their tears and knew that this original plot was correct!

—Although she might receive blades from the netizens after the movie was released.

The camera slowly moved down and landed on the bloody steamed bun on the ground. This was the last thing that Song Zhao left for his brother Song Yi. It was the opportunity for him to live.

Zheng Anxing finally shouted ‘cut’ but the scene was quiet even after the stop.

The assistant behind Yuan Yifei spoke in a sobbing voice, “Teacher Qi acted very well. Ji Li is a new actor and can be brought into the scene by him. It is too touching.”

“…It is the opposite.” Yuan Yifei stared at the two figures on the monitor with surprise in his eyes.

Ji Li was still collapsed in Qin Yue’s arms and he didn’t get up. His hands covered his face and he was obviously trying to ease his emotions. Surprisingly, Qin Yue stopped the staff from coming forward, his expression also not relaxed.

“Brother Yuan, what do you mean by the opposite?” The assistant was puzzled.

Zheng Anxing knew it clearly and glanced at Yuan Yifei. “You saw it too? This child’s talent is frighteningly high.”

What was the opposite?

Of course, it was the opposite of the assistant’s words.

It wasn’t Qin Yue who brought Ji Li into the scene but Ji Li who brought Qin Yue into the scene.

Unlike Ji Li’s immersive acting style, Qin Yue was from a professional class background and he had the typical performance based-acting.

In the eyes of actors like Qin Yue, external conditions and sound conditions were their performance tools and actors must be proficient in using these tools.

It was just like clay in the hands of sculptors. Actors should have the greatest freedom and shape their characters as they liked rather than being controlled by the works and characters.

So every time the filming was over, Qin Yue was fine and could simply pull away from the role.

Looking at the entire entertainment industry, Yuan Yifei had acted against Qin Yue the most but this was the first time he had seen Qin Yue in this state.

“Director Zheng, do you think he discovered it himself?” Yuan Yifei wondered.

Zheng Anxing thought about it before answering, “He should’ve noticed it from the beginning.”

From the first encounter yesterday where Qin Yue deviated from the script and stared at the other person for three seconds to the assassination scene today, there was no one more aware of his own state than the current Qin Yue.

“Is it better?” Qin Yue’s voice was hoarse as he looked at the person crying in his arms.

Ji Li sat up sullenly and answered the question. “I want to hit the screenwriter.”

“Get up, I’ll accompany you to fight,” Qin Yue said unexpectedly.

The two men got up and walked back to the shooting monitoring area together.

From a distance, Ji Li heard Yuan Yifei pestering the screenwriter. “Sister Fang, can you find a way to give me and Ji Li a scene?”

He also wanted to experience Ji Li’s terrible acting talent in person!

Chen Fang looked dumbfounded. “My king, this character was killed by the assassins you sent. How do you want me to add any scenes?”

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