GLS: Chapter 95

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Chapter 95 -Sixth Season (1)

The next day, according to his master’s instructions, Qin Mo came to the arena challenge room to give Xiao Han short-term training. He changed between five accounts and played with Xiao Han, successfully winning all matches. Qin Mo felt that he finally escaped from this bitter sea and immediately sent a message: [I’m going.]

Xiao Han was reluctant to let go of this master trainer. [Will you come back later?]

Qin Mo wanted to say no but Li Cangyu sent a message: [Once you are free, accompany Xiao Han to practice.]

Qin Mo: […Yes.]

He had long figured out that his master would listen to Cat God’s words. Rather than having master order him again, it was better to take the initiative to stay and make a good impression on Cat God.

Xiao Han took the initiative to add Qin Mo as a friend. Lines of ID appeared in his friends’ list: Great Hall’s Bright Mirrors Sad White Hair, Black Threads at Dawn Become Bright Snow at Evening, etc. The recognition level was reasonably high.

Xiao Han built a separate group in his friends’ list called ‘Qin Schizophrenia Mo.’

If Qin Mo knew the name of his side accounts group in Xiao Han’s friends’ list, he would be angrily coughing up blood!

Li Cangyu told Qin Mo: [Go prepare for the playoffs.]

[Yes.] Qin Mo quit the game and headed to the meeting room.

Ling Xuefeng was preparing for a meeting. He saw his apprentice enter and pointed to a position in the corner. “Take a seat.”

Every player in the team had a fixed seat. Qin Mo walked to the corner and sat down. Ling Xuefeng glanced around the meeting room and found that everyone had arrived. Then he started speaking seriously. “Our opponent in the first game of the playoffs is Ghost Spirits. I believe that everyone is familiar with the Lou Zhang combination. We will use the fixed lineup and use the double summoner’s control to drag out the rhythm. As for the arena…”

He paused and looked at the teenager in the corner. “Qin Mo will take the first spot.”

The teenager heard his name and looked up his surprise, his eyes shining brightly as he stared at Ling Xuefeng.

Ling Xuefeng ordered, “Don’t let me down.”

Qin Mo immediately nodded. “Yes, I will be well prepared!”

He has been left on the bench since his loss to Time. Today, he was no longer that conceited teenager. His mentality had stabilized and his mental capacity became stronger.

Ling Xuefeng’s style was distinct. He would allow you to make mistakes but he would never tolerate you making the same mistake!

Master put him in such an important game like the playoffs. He couldn’t drop the ball!

Qin Mo thought this and formed tight fists.


On the evening of the same day, Qin Mo took the initiative to find Xiao Han in the arena challenge room. [Master is letting me play in the arena during the playoffs.]

Xiao Han asked: [Is that right?]

[Yes.] Qin Mo finished typing and paused before saying: [Practice with me.]

Xiao Han said: [I’m not a professional player.]

[But you’re an assassin.] Qin Mo endured his awkwardness and continued: [The Ghost Spirits are all assassins. I want to play a few more games with an assassin, so that I can become more familiar with them.]

Then he added: [Besides, your play style is different from the Lou Zhang combination. If I play a few more games with you, I might be able to gain new ideas.]

Xiao Han understood that he was supposed to be a sparring master and politely said: [Pay 1,000 gold to challenge the arena.]

Qin Mo typed angrily: [You have already collected tens of thousands of gold from me!]

Xiao Han said: [This is the rule of the arena and it can’t be broken.]

Qin Mo: [Your sister!]

Xiao Han was puzzled. [I don’t have a sister?]

Qin Mo: […]

It wasn’t pleasant to communicate with the mixed-blood!

The depressed Qin Mo had to go back to the president of the Wind Colour Guild to ask for money. Popular Land Under Heaven was speechless. The little prince who came asking for money every day was simply a loser!

The loser threw 10,000 gold at Xiao Han and asked to play against the assassin 10 times.

Xiao Han happily counted the money and sparred 10 times with Qin Mo.

Qin Mo’s felt his chest become tight. He was a sparring partner and had to pay money. He went looking for a sparring partner and had to pay money again… Why was it always him who was losing money? Was there a royal decree?


Three days later, the playoffs of Miracle’s sixth reason finally kicked off.

The luxurious feast of the World Carnival made everyone temporarily relaxed. Now that the playoffs started, the emotions of the players and spectators once again became tense.

This wasn’t the points system of the regular season. A loss in the playoffs meant a direct elimination!

The first game of the playoffs was Wind Colour VS Ghost Spirits.

Qin Mo would play first in the arena and his opponent was Zhang Shaohui.

To the surprise of many viewers, the little prince who sat on the cold bench for several months. This time, his performance was very stable and there was occasionally a bright play. He managed to tie with Zhang Shaohui’s blood volume.

However, Zhang Shaohui was experienced with the competitions. His talent as an assassin was high and he finally relied on a 10% blood advantage to defeat Qin Mo.

Qin Mo stepped down and Ling Xuefeng nodded with satisfaction. “You played well.”

He managed to decrease one of the best assassins in the league to 10% residual blood. Today, Qin Mo was no longer a boy who was proud and conceited. He was changing and this change made his master Ling Xuefeng very happy.

The second contestant from Wind Colour was Vice-Captain Yan Ruiwen. He chased back the blood and steadied things for Ling Xuefeng, who appeared third as the guard. Comments immediately filled the screen.

In the regular season, Ling Xuefeng hadn’t played in the arena. Now a mistake couldn’t be made in the playoffs, so the old captain finally showed his face.

Ling Xuefeng might be the oldest player in the Miracle League but today he proved to everyone what an ‘old commander at the peak’ was like. Ling Xuefeng wasn’t nervous and used waves of attack to kill Lou Wushuang, successfully winning three points in the arena!

The group battle stage was intense. Both sides played fiercely and the scores evened out. The game was dragged into the three decisive round and Ling Xuefeng’s command at the crucial moment gave Wind Colour advantage of the field. They tore open the front row defense of Ghost Spirits and took the crystal in one breath.

In this game, Wind Colour finally won with a three-point advantage and Ghost Spirits was regrettably defeated.


In next door’s arena, the Flying Feathers and Time showdown was very exciting. Tan Shitian was chased by Su Guangmo and Cheng Wei was chased by Yu Pingsheng, eventually losing.

Time lost to Flying Feathers and encountered Ghost Spirits to determine the runners-up. Sadly, they lost to Ghost Spirits and missed out on getting any trophies for the sixth season.

Cheng Wei’s depressed head cleaned his keyboard and Tan Shitian whispered softly into his ear, “Don’t be sad. Think about how Cat God didn’t get into the playoffs for three consecutive seasons. He was able to play as normal. We didn’t get the trophy this year but we can win it next year.”

“Yes.” Cheng Wei nodded.

Tan Shitian went on to say, “Isn’t Cat God your idol? You have to learn to be more optimistic from him.”

Cheng Wei’s mood was a bit complicated as he listened to Tan Shitian’s soothing comfort. He obviously debuted one season earlier than Tan Shitian. Then why did he lose himself every time he lost a game? Cat God was right. He was too immature.

Cheng Wei blushed with embarrassment and looked up. “Captain, you don’t need to comfort me. I understand. I won’t lose confidence because of a game and will come back next season.”

Tan Shitian saw this red face and liked it. He smiled and rubbed Cheng Wei’s head. “It is good that you understand. Do you know what to say when speaking to the reporters later?”

Cheng Wei nodded earnestly. “Yes.”


Once the reporters interviewed them, Cheng Wei smiled like he had won the championship.

“We will definitely win next season!” Cheng Wei said with confidence. “This time was just an accidental loss. What about the Lou Zhang combination, Wind Colour’s double summoners combination and Flying Feathers’ melee combination? We aren’t afraid! I will practice together with Captain Tan during this season’s holiday period and raise our tacit understanding. We will bring you a surprise next season!”

Tan Shitian smiled with pleasure as Cheng Wei acted like a vice-captain. He held Cheng Wei’s hand and said, “We will adjust our tactics after returning home. Please look forward to the performance of the Time team in the seventh season. I have grown up with Cheng Wei. It isn’t as long as the Lou Zhang combination but our tacit understanding won’t lose to any combination in the league.

Cheng Wei immediately nodded. “Yes, Captain Tan’s words are great!”

Tan Shitian smiled and rubbed his head. “Is that so?”


Next door, the third place Lou Wushuang was very calm.

The reporter handed the microphone to him and asked, “What do you think about the team taking third place?”

Lou Wushuang replied lightly, “I am very happy.”

Reporter, “…” He couldn’t see how Captain Lou was happy!

Zhang Shaohui smiled and put his arm around his brother’s shoulder. “Our understanding has increased. I am confident that we will win the championship next season. The brothers are united and can exert a lot of power. Right?”

Well… wasn’t this saying originally about a husband and wife?

Lou Wushuang pushed up his glasses but his face showed a ‘happy’ look as he nodded. “Yes, you are right.”


After the third place battle, the highly anticipated sixth season’s finals took place on Sunday at eight in the evening.

Li Cangyu set an early morning alarm clock and watched the live broadcast. Xiao Han, Bai Xuan and Xie Shurong also came to watch.

Yu Bing spoke in the commentator’s room, “According to the internal news that I received, the seventh season’s competition system will be completely changed. The finals of the sixth season is the last game of the old system. The significance of this championship isn’t small.”

“Yes, the old game system was divided into the arena stage and the group battle. The arena stage is the single-elimination method while the group battle is to capture the crystal to gain points. This game mode has lasted for a full six years and it is time to make changes. The last match of the old system, let’s see who will win the championship!”

The live audience clapped and the sixth season’s finals officially began.

Wind Colour VS Flying Feathers, it was the showdown of old and strong teams.

The two teams had played against each other countless times in the past six years. In the second season, the double summoners style was the strongest and they beat Flying Feathers twice in the regular season. In the third season, the Three Musketeers of Flying Feathers swept through the league and won against Wind Colour twice. Later, Wind Colour’s vice-captain and Flying Feathers’ captain retired. The results of the two teams stabilized and there would be wins and losses.

This season, both teams had an excellent performance and anyone could win.

Surprisingly, Qin Mo was put in the second round of the arena and successfully stabilized the score. Yu Pingsheng had residual blood and Qin Mo killed him with a thrilling blow!

Qin Mo was very excited. This was the first time killing a great god! He had an advantage due to the player ahead of him but he managed to stabilize this advantage. He didn’t drag the team down!

In the two rounds of the arena, both Flying Feathers and Wind Colour won, making it a tie.

In the group battle stage, the front row of the Flying Feathers’ swordsman and berserker was the strongest in the league while the control of Wind Colour’s double summoners in the rear was very tricky. This game was extremely fierce and the scores of both sides were tight. The two teams clung to the home advantage and made a 9:9 draw.

Li Cangyu was full of confidence. “I guess that Wind Colour will win.”

Xiao Han was puzzled. “Flying Feathers isn’t weak. They are tied at 9:9. How are you so sure that Wind Colour will win?

Li Cangyu laughed. “It is because Wind Colour has Ling Xuefeng. He is the best at grabbing opportunities to kill. It is easy to gain the advantage in the deciding match.”

He had confidence in Ling Xuefeng, just like he had confidence in himself.


In the last decider, the system randomly drew the City Square map.

Everyone remembered that not long ago, Ling Xuefeng and Su Guangmo formed a team for the 3v3 and killed the American ace combination on this map. The two people worked together well and had a tacit understanding. Now they were opponents and wouldn’t be kind when fighting each other.

Sure enough, it was as Li Cangyu said. Ling Xuefeng grasped the opportunity to forcefully control Yu Pingsheng. At the cost of the blood kin summoner Xu Feifan, they succeeded in killing Yu Pingsheng and opened a hole in Flying Feathers’ line of defense. Then they took away the crystal of the deciding match in one breath!

The word ‘Victory’ popped up on their screens and all of Wind Colour stood up excitedly to hug each other. Qin Mo was in tears.

They won the championship!

This was the first championship since Qin Mo’s debut. He might’ve played a small role but he still had a share in this victory!

The teammates huddled together while Ling Xuefeng calmly extended a hand and patted their shoulders. He rubbed his apprentice’s head before leading everyone to shake hands with Flying Feathers.

Su Guangmo smiled and said, “It is exciting every time I play with Wind Colour. I almost got a heart attack.”

Ling Xuefeng reached out and shook hands with Su Guangmo. “Same here.”

Yu Pingsheng still didn’t speak. He just stuck out his hand for everyone to shake, like a robot with a good program.

His natural body temperature was low and his hand was cold as if he had just taken it out of cold water. He politely followed his brother to shake hands but many people wanted to say, ‘Vice-Captain Yu, there is no need okay? Shaking your hand will remind people of ghosts in horror movies!’

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I like that Xiao Han actually doesn’t know things like slang and poetry. This feels much more realistic than most novels or manga/manhua, where people living in America all their lives somehow knows Chinese or Japanese culture…

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