GLS: Chapter 94

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Chapter 94 – Qin.Bottom of the Food Chain.Mo

Popular Land Under Heaven was thrilled when he found out that Qin Mo was going to challenge the arena. He thought that it was an opportunity for the Wind Colour Guild to win a bit of money from Cat God. It really wasn’t easy for Cat God!

He was glad to expand the guild’s funds. Then he received a message from Qin Mo. [President, give me 8,000 gold coins. I still have eight accounts that need to challenge the arena and I don’t have any money to pay the registration fee.]

Popular Land Under Heaven wondered: [Didn’t you just win 100,000?]

Qin Mo replied in a depressed manner: [I had to give it back to Cat God.]

Popular Land Under Heaven: [You won so why do you have to pay it back?]

Qin Mo added: [It is Master’s order.]

Popular Land Under Heaven, “…”

Qin Mo went to participate in the arena challenge and still had to pay money despite winning? Was there such an arena challenge? Cat God was so good at business! Captain Ling didn’t have enough principles…

Popular Land Under Heaven scolded his captain while helplessly trading 8,000 gold to Qin Mo.


A bard soon entered the arena room, the ID was ‘Black Threads at Dawn Become Bright Snow at Evening.’ Xiao Han’s eyes brightened and he asked privately: [Yellow River Waters Flowing Down From Heaven and Great Hall’s Bright Mirrors Sad White Hair, are these two you?]

Qin Mo: […Yes.]

He didn’t want to admit that these IDs were him, they were named by Popular Land Under Heaven.

Xiao Han asked curiously: [Are the IDs from a poem?]

Qin Mo said: [Yes.]

Xiao Han asked: [What poem?]

Qin Mo replied: [Li Bai’s Bring in the Wine.]

This poem was so well-known yet he didn’t know it? Didn’t he graduate from elementary school?

The confused Qin Mo asked: [Don’t you know this poem?]

Xiao Han replied calmly: [No.]

Qin Mo: [You really have no culture!]

Xiao Han said: [I know a lot of Shakespeare.]

Qin Mo was shocked. [Ah?]

Xiao Han typed a string of English: [Do not for one repulse, give up the purpose that you resolved to effect.]

Qin Mo felt dizzy.

Xiao Han immediately returned fire: [You really have no culture.]

Qin Mo, “…”

Li Cangyu saw these two apprentices bickering over Chinese and foreign poetry and couldn’t help laughing. “The two of you, don’t get distracted from the point!”

Qin Mo felt wronged. “Master, how can he fight me with English. Isn’t he Chinese?”

Ling Xuefeng explained succinctly. “A mixed-blood.”

Qin Mo, “…”

Li Cangyu urged on the other side, “Xiao Han, make him give back the 100,000 coins to us.”

Xiao Han immediately sent a trade request to Qin Mo. [The 100,000 gold, Master asked you to give it back.]

The depressed Qin Mo put in the money.

Xiao Han typed: [Thank you.]

Qin Mo: [You’re welcome.]

Then he pressed the PK invitation and Xiao Han immediately accepted.

This time, Qin Mo’s account was the elf bard, also known as the archer.

The most famous bard in the Chinese MIracle League was Tan Shitian. Qin Mo wasn’t good at the bard’s style of play but he received professional training from the Wind Colour team and had some knowledge of other output classes.

Last time, he was beaten by Tan Shitian and received a psychological shadow. After that, he studied the bard’s gameplay for a period of time, making the operation of this bard come naturally.

Xiao Han didn’t have any experience playing against bards and lost to Qin Mo without any surprises.

However, Xiao Han wasn’t discouraged after losing three games. He continued to press the ready button. [Come again.]

Qin Mo looked back at his master. “He said to continue fighting.”

Ling Xuefeng said, “Then continue.”

Qin Mo, “…”

Qin Mo was treated as a sparring partner and had to prepare again.

On the other side of the computer, Li Cangyu patiently explained, “Xiao Han, there are some points to pay attention to when a killer is facing a remote class. For example, the bard’s Precise Aim skill has a release time of two seconds. This skill elongates the bow and arrow. When you see him use this skill, immediately enter stealth and this will interrupt his subsequent moves.”

Xiao Han understood and nodded.

Sure enough, once Qin Mo used Precise Aim, Xiao Han immediately entered stealth and stopped the combo.

Li Cangyu continued explaining, “The special skills of many classes have an iconic action when they are released. Carefully observe your opponent and make a reasonable prejudgment.”

“Yes.” Xiao Han listened carefully while his eyes stared at the screen.

“Take advantage of the stealth time to go around and kill him.”

“Yes!” Xiao Han nodded and quickly circled behind Qin Mo, starting with the three most common moves of an assassin— Death Mark, Backstab, Fatal Blow!

Sure enough, there was a critical hit and Qin Mo’s blood decreased by 30%.

Qin Mo found that the assassin was close and his reaction speed was extremely fast. He immediately used Flying Feather Steps to open the distance and then the ranged skill Death Arrow Rain. Xiao Han was successfully hit and his blood volume fell to match Qin Mo’s.

Li Cangyu said, “An assassin must have flexible movements. For example, if you can’t hide when he used that big move, then you can jump in front of him so that the damage caused to you will automatically weaken.”

“Yes!” Xiao Han was becoming more excited. Master was personally guiding him; this was a very rare opportunity!

On the other side, Qin Mo thought it was strange.

Was this Xiao Han stuck? Was it a network failure?

Qin Mo worried for a moment before typing out: [Is there a problem with your Internet?]

Xiao Han replied: [No, my master is teaching me how to deal with you.]

Qin Mo, “…”

He looked at this person’s master and then his own master and Qin Mo suddenly felt pained.

Ling Xuefeng seemed to sense that his apprentice was cursing him and suddenly opened his mouth. “Are you wondering why I sent you to be a sparring partner?”

Qin Mo quickly shook his head. “No, no.”

Ling Xuefeng explained, “When I PKed with Cat God in the game, he also lost to me at first. Then time passed and my winning percentage against him fell to 50%. He progressed very quickly. Xiao Han is his apprentice and a rare genius. It is good for you to fight against Xiao Han.”

Qin Mo nodded seriously. “Yes.”

Ling Xuefeng continued. “Besides, Cat God is guiding Xiao Han to beat you. He is indirectly instructing you. You should be thankful.”

Qin Mo, “…Yes.”

In his master’s eyes, everything Cat God did was right.

Qin Mo should be thankful to be abused by Cat God!


Xiao Han played 10 rounds with the bard before Li Cangyu sent a private message to Ling Xuefeng. [Is there a white magician account?]

Ling Xuefeng looked at Qin Mo. “Change to a white magician account.”

Qin Mo said, “…Oh.”

He opened the white magician account and played 10 rounds with Xiao Han. Then Xiao Han sent him a message: [Do you have a swordsman?]

Li Cangyu sent a message to Ling Xuefeng. [Send a swordsman.]

Ling Xuefeng turned back. “Change to a swordsman.”

“…” Qin Mo opened a swordsman account.

The words of all three people were a decree!

He was at the bottom of the food chain. If Cat God spoke, he had to listen. He had to listen if Master spoke and he even had to listen if Xiao Han spoke!

As he worked as a hired labourer for Xiao Han, he also had to pay the 1000 gold registration fee. What little prince was worse than him?


This night, Qin Mo accompanied Xiao Han and played 50 matches in a row, changing to the side accounts of five classes. He won all 50 matches but Qin Mo didn’t feel happy at all. He was still at the bottom of the food chain and had to listen to everyone.

Li Cangyu saw that it was almost 12 o’clock and sent a message to Ling Xuefeng. [It is very late domestically. Let the little one sleep first and come back tomorrow.]

Ling Xuefeng turned back and said, “Go to sleep. We will continue tomorrow.”

Qin Mo muttered, “…I have to continue tomorrow?”

“There are five accounts left. If you win then you can play in the playoffs.” Ling Xuefeng promised with a serious expression.

Master used the playoffs as the reward, making Qin Mo accept his fate. “Okay!”

The apprentice ran to sleep. Ling Xuefeng was reluctant to sleep and continued to send a message to Li Cangyu: [Do you plan to use the arena challenge to attract masters and discover teammates?]

[There is no other way. I have to set up the team before the end of the year and don’t have much time left. This is the quickest way.]

[You might as well announce your identity directly and say that you are Cat God.]

Li Cangyu’s eyes brightened. [This makes sense!]

Ling Xuefeng smiled. [Tell me if you make any progress.]

[Yes.] Li Cangyu typed out before pausing. He said: [You should also go to bed early. The playoffs will start soon. Pay attention to your rest and don’t be too tired.]

Ling Xuefeng was stunned. Was Cat God this concerned about him?

Li Cangyu continued: [Go to sleep and have a good dream.]

It was followed by a kissing emoji.

Ling Xuefeng, “…”

It was really bad. Li Cangyu suddenly wanted to kiss Ling Xuefeng who sent his apprentice as a sandbag. He thought this and his hand accidentally sent the kissing emoji. Would Ling Xuefeng notice?

Li Cangyu quickly changed it. [I made a mistake. It should be goodbye [Wave][Wave].]

Ling Xuefeng, “…”

Ling Xuefeng thought of how he did the same thing not long ago and smiled.

Did Cat really make a mistake?

Or was this big cat finally opening up?

In order to confirm it, Ling Xuefeng sent a hugging emoji. [Good night.]

Li Cangyu asked: [Did you make a mistake?]

However, Ling Xuefeng quickly logged off.

Li Cangyu touched his chin. Was Ling Xuefeng’s hug a friendly hug? Did it have another meaning? He thought for a long time and couldn’t be sure. Thus, Li Cangyu had to think of a different method.

He opened the Q group, found ‘Shepherd’ which was Qin Mo’s Q and added him as a friend.

[I am Old Cat.]

Qin Mo was habitually using his phone while lying in bed. Once he saw this, his hand shook and he almost threw his phone away.

Qin Mo accepted the friend request and respectfully sent a message. [Cat God is well.]

Li Cangyu asked directly: [Does your master have a girlfriend?]

Qin Mo: […No?]

Li Cangyu: [Does he have anyone he likes?]

Qin Mo: [I don’t think so?]

Li Cangyu said: [I’m giving you a mission to clearly investigate this matter. I will send you a limited edition global sixth season merchandise as a reward.  By the way, don’t tell your master about this secret investigation. Do you understand?]

Qin Mo, “…”

Cat God wanted him to be an undercover by his master’s side? Should he listen to his master or Cat God?

Qin Mo thought for a moment before making a smart decision. He would listen to Cat God!

It was because… Xiao Han listened to Cat God, Master listened to Cat God and even Cheng Wei listened to Cat God.

Cat God was the man standing at the top of the food chain!

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