GLS: Chapter 90

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Chapter 90 – Heartbeat

Li Cangyu woke up and found that he was actually smiling. He recalled some fragments of his dream doubtfully. Suddenly, he felt that this image was a bit strange. It was reasonable to say that it was very embarrassing for two men to sleep together right? Then why did he rely on Ling Xuefeng’s shoulders without any hesitation?

It was an unconscious action after falling asleep but what about before?

He was in a sober state but he hugged Ling Xuefeng tightly for a long time…

It must’ve been because his brain was too confused.

Li Cangyu frowned and went to the bathroom to wash his face with cold water. He entered the kitchen where Bai Xuan had already cooked porridge and also fried two light dishes. Li Cangyu placed them in a heat preservation container and went to the hospital.

To his surprise, when he came to the hospital ward, he saw Ling Xuefeng through the window.

Ling Xuefeng had brought flowers and fruits to visit the injured. He was sitting in a chair beside the bed and chatting with Li Cangyu’s father. Li Cangyu slightly pushed the door opened and pricked his ears to listen.

“The accident didn’t hurt any internal organs. I passed out mainly from excessive loss of blood.” Li Jianan explained seriously, “The doctor checked and the intracranial hemorrhage will be absorbed slowly. I can be discharged in a few days.”

“You are fine.” Ling Xuefeng said.

“How long have you known my son?” Li Jianan asked curiously. “He rarely mentions the professional league in front of me. His sister said that he used to mention you… did you come to New York once three years ago?”

“Yes, three years ago he wanted to lead his team to another game. I came to New York to find him, so his sister probably heard of me.”

“Oh.” Li Jianan nodded and was silent for a moment before asking, “My son… how is he doing in your league?”

He had always opposed Li Cangyu playing e-sports but after all, this was his son. Li Jianan still wanted to know Li Cangyu’s situation.

“He’s outstanding.” Ling Xuefeng spoke earnestly. “Many of us acknowledge him as the best player.”

“Is that right? But I heard that he hadn’t won any prizes.”

“The strength of a contestant can’t be judged by trophies alone. There are many factors involved in why he hasn’t won a trophy but he will definitely get one in the future.” Ling Xuefeng took a trophy out of his bag and said, “Uncle, look at this.”

Li Jianan took the golden trophy and scrutinised it. “What is this?”

“It is the trophy for the victors of the World Carnival’s 3v3 event which I won yesterday.”

“Li Cangyu wasn’t involved in winning it right?” Li Jianan said politely.

“Well, he didn’t attend the Carnival but he actually has the biggest credit in winning this trophy.” Ling Xuefeng looked at the elder on the bed and patiently explained. “We met the US team in the group stage and won using the tactics that Li Cangyu personally formulated. Without him, we would’ve definitely lost that game. We wouldn’t have qualified in the group stage, let alone win the championship.”

“Is that right?” Li Jianan couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, as I said, your son is the best player in our Miracle League.” Ling Xuefeng smiled and then said, “This trophy is half mine and half his. I want to give you this trophy to keep safe. Can you accept it?”

Li Jianan was stunned or a moment and said, “Is this okay? The World Carnival trophy, you want to leave such a precious thing with me?”

“I will leave it here to reassure you. Next year, Li Cangyu will bring you more trophies., At that time, you can put all the trophies together in a collection and see how powerful your son is.”

Li Jianan was amused, his serious face showing a rare smile. He held the trophy and observed it carefully. “I know that this stinky boy isn’t bad. Otherwise, he wouldn’t insist on not giving up for six years.”

Ling Xuefeng was silent for a moment before suddenly stating, “In fact, my father was very opposed when I entered the e-sports circle. The elders are doing it for our good but we also have our own ideas. We want to work hard to achieve things…”

Ling Xuefeng looked sincerely at Li Jianan while saying this words. “Uncle, it hasn’t been easy for Li Cangyu over the years. Please don’t blame him. He feels very guilty towards you. If you can give him a bit more support, he will certainly be more motivated.”

Li Jianan listened to the young person in front of him say these words and couldn’t help feeling a bit sad. He was very clear on what his son’s personality was like. In the past few years, the father and son had bickered in a Cold War. This was because both individuals were equally stubborn.

But wasn’t it really difficult for his son?

In the past six years, he never won a trophy but insisted on continuing. It seemed that he really enjoyed playing the game…

Li Jianan thought this and sighed. “I know, I have long lost my objections. He has grown up and I can’t control him. It is up to him to feel regret or not.”

Ling Xuefeng smiled. “He won’t regret it and he will definitely prove himself.”

Li Jianan nodded and picked up the precious World Carnival trophy. He couldn’t help asking, “Are you sure you want to leave this trophy with me?”

“Yes, think of it as a gift for Uncle.” Li Xuefeng insisted. “Your son has the biggest credit for this trophy. It should’ve been given to him.”

Li Jianan smiled and carefully put away the trophy. “Then I will accept it first and wait for him to bring me one himself next year.”


Outside the door, Li Cangyu looked at the scene and couldn’t help his eyes burning.

He didn’t know why Ling Xuefeng suddenly gave the Carnival trophy to his father but he knew that Ling Xuefeng’s approach made his father very happy. He hadn’t seen his father smile like this for a long time. It was a proud smile as if his son really was powerful.

Ling Xuefeng praised Li Cangyu in front of his father and said that he was the ‘best player’ to let his father relax his mind.

His father seemed to believe this and his mood was great.

Li Cangyu was silent for a moment before taking a deep breath and adjusting his expression. He pushed open the door and cried out, “Dad, I came to see you… hey, why are you here?”

Ling Xuefeng hadn’t discovered him eavesdropping outside the door and casually stood up. “I came to see Uncle. The doctor just came and said that Uncle’s situation is improving. You don’t have to worry too much.”

“That’s good.” Li Cangyu put the food on the table. “Dad, are you hungry? Eat something.”

“Yes.” Li Jianan’s relaxed smile had long since disappeared. Li Cangyu saw this serious face and couldn’t help doubting, ‘Is Ling Xuefeng his son?’

Li Jianan was in a good mood and had an excellent appetite. He ate all the porridge and looked up. “Li Cangyu, you should learn more from Xuefeng in the future. He speaks so politely. How can a kid like you be friends with such a person?”

Li Cangyu, “…”

It seemed that Ling Xuefeng used a few words and a trophy to buy his father.

He looked back and saw Ling Xuefeng’s smile that contained a rare tenderness. Li Cangyu’s heart jumped as he remembered last night’s dream and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

At this moment, Li Yueran pushed open the door. She saw the two of them and smiled. “Are you also here? Go back first. I just had a chat with the doctor and there are no problems. We should let Dad sleep in the afternoon.”

Ling Xuefeng consciously stood up. “Uncle, have a good rest. We will go first.”

Li Cangyu also stood up. “Dad, I’ll come back with dinner for you in the evening.”

Li Jianan nodded. “Go ahead.”


The two men walked out of the ward and down the hospital corridor to the inpatient area.

The inpatient area was much larger than the outpatient clinic, with a fresh green lawn and flower beds. The air was crisp and the environment was excellent. Some patients were in a wheelchair and a few children were playing on the lawn, looking relaxed and comfortable.

The two of them stopped in front of a flower bed. Li Cangyu was silent for a moment before turning back. “I heard what you just said to my dad. What is the best player, behind the scenes strategist, my share of the trophy… I didn’t think you would be kind enough to brag about me.”

Ling Xuefeng looked at him thoughtfully. “I wasn’t bragging. It is the truth.”

This man’s expression was serious so regardless of whether it was a truth or a lie, Li Cangyu got the strange feeling of wanting to believe him.

Li Cangyu smiled and asked, “Is it appropriate for you to give such a precious trophy to my father?”

Ling Xuefeng replied calmly, “It doesn’t matter. I can get another one next year.”

“…” Li Cangyu was speechless. This person’s confidence was terrible. If the other countries heard this, they would want to cough up blood.

Li Cangyu walked next to Ling Xuefeng and couldn’t help feeling moved when he thought of the words spoken to his father. He looked over and said, “Ling Xuefeng, you are so good to me. If you are a woman then I would want to marry you. You see, you personally came to see my father and also brought such a valuable meeting gift. You can marry into my Li family; my father seems to like you very much.”

It was a casual joke but Ling Xuefeng took it seriously. “Okay, when should I go get the certificate?”

Li Cangyu froze.

Wait, get the certificate?

‘I’m joking. Ling Xuefeng, can you stop being so serious? Don’t you have any humour cells?’

Li Cangyu looked up. There was no expression on this man’s face but in the deep eyes, tender emotions were almost overflowing. Li Cangyu saw his image in the dark eyes and couldn’t help his heartbeat accelerating. He stood stiffly in place for a long time.

He suddenly had the illusion that Ling Xuefeng would kiss him…

He even felt that this image should be finished off with a kiss.

His eyes involuntarily moved to Ling Xuefeng’s lips. The league’s most popular abstinent god, his lips looked quite s*xy. What would it feel like to kiss them? His mouth must be very soft and perhaps his breath would be cold?

Li Cangyu’s mind was a mess and his heartbeat was so fast that it felt like his heart would pop out of his chest.

Ling Xuefeng stared at Li Cangyu who was in a daze and couldn’t help smiling. He removed his gaze and took the initiative to help Li Cangyu. “I know you are joking but you shouldn’t often make this type of joke.”

Li Cangyu coughed with embarrassment and touched his nose before changing the topic. “What time is your flight? I will send you away.”

“It is 5 o’clock.”

“It is almost time to go to the airport. Let’s go back to your hotel and pack your bags.”


Li Cangyu accompanied Ling Xuefeng to the airport.

Before sending him through security, Li Cangyu took the initiative to hug Ling Xuefeng and said, “Have a good trip.”

“Yes.” Ling Xuefeng hugged back. The moment he bowed his head, his lips accidentally moved across Li Cangyu’s earlobe, causing his heart to jolt.

This was clearly a familiar embrace but the atmosphere today seemed a bit different.

Li Cangyu heard the ‘thump, thump’ of his heartbeat while hugging this friend he had known for many years. He suddenly had the impulse not to let go.

“Cat God, Cat God! Cat God came to send us off!” A voice ruined the beautiful scene. It was Cheng Wei, who just finished the check-in process.

Tan Shitian helplessly wanted to stop him. Couldn’t he see that Captain Ling and Cat God were saying goodbye? Why did he have to insert himself in?

Li Cangyu’s reason was restored with this sentence and he immediately released Ling Xuefeng. He suddenly felt slightly guilty.

Cheng Wei rushed over and hugged Li Cangyu. “Cat God, I’m returning to China now. Goodbye!”

Li Cangyu mumbled, “…Yes, goodbye.”

Cheng Wei was a man and also a friend. However, he didn’t give the same throbbing feeling that happened when Li Cangyu held Ling Xuefeng.

Moreover, Xiao Cheng was so noisy that Li Cangyu couldn’t wait to send him away quickly.

But Ling Xuefeng… Li Cangyu was reluctant to send him away. The moment they hugged, he could smell the familiar scent. LI Cangyu suddenly wanted to hold him all the time. This feeling was very comfortable.

It was like a person who had been wandering for a long time finally finding a safe haven.

Ling Xuefeng obviously looked very cold but this person could give him a warm and peaceful feeling.

Then… did he like Ling Xuefeng?

It was frightening!

If Ling Xuefeng knew Li Cangyu’s thoughts at this moment, wouldn’t he directly use demon move to grasp him directly?

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