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GLS: Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – Night of Yisu City (2)

The boss of the Night of Yisu City instance was called Enoch and he was the leader of the mutant humans in this instance.

According to the plot of Miracle, he was originally a terran guardian in the western suburbs of Yisu City. Later, he was influenced by black magic, lost his senses, took control of the group of mutant humans and remained here to kill innocent people.

Bai Xuan moved his mouse over the boss’ head to see his properties and said, “I can’t see his blood volume but a level 10 terran boss shouldn’t be too difficult?”

Gu Siming was momentarily stunned when he heard another voice on the headset but he quickly responded to Bai Xuan’s words.

If Li Cangyu’s upright voice made people feel respect and obedience then Bai Xuan’s soft voice would make people feel a sense of intimacy. The two people were decisive and simple, gentle and friendly, they had a very harmonious atmosphere as team captain and vice-captain.

Gu Siming thought about how to pull the boss away from Bai Xuan when he heard Li Cangyu say on the voice channel, “I haven’t played Miracle’s instances for several years and don’t remember the skills of this boss. Do you know?”

Gu Siming replied positively. “I know! I just played this with a side account a few days ago. This boss has a naming skill and a group attack skill. The naming skill will seal the targeted player for three seconds and there will be a critical hit at the end. The group attack skill is attacked in a 120 degree range in front of him.”

Once Li Cangyu heard this, he bowed his head and thought about it. “These two skills are quite easy to deal with. Xiao Gu will pull the boss while Xiao Bai will watch his blood.”

Bai Xuan looked at him. “Can you not call me Xiao Bai? It really isn’t a good name to listen to.”

Li Cangyu laughed. “Then should I call you Big Bai?”

Bai Xuan stared at him. “Is it okay to call you Big Cat?” (For those who don’t name Xiao=small/little)

“…” The consequences of not having a healer was very serious so Li Cangyu decided not to provoke him. He smiled and patted Bai Xuan on the shoulder, saying seriously, “I won’t call you Xiao Bai. I will call you Milk God because you are really the best healer I have seen.”

After seeing this guy turn away when the situation went wrong, Bai Xuan couldn’t do anything. He had no choice but to give Gu Siming a status that increased the healing effect and said, “Okay, let’s go quickly.”

Gu Siming raised the knight shield, went to the boss and clicked to talk to him. The name on top of the boss turned red, indicating that the boss battle was officially opened.

After attracting the boss’ attention, Gu Siming immediately pulled the boss and turned the boss’ back to his two teammates. This way, only one person would be attacked when the boss released his fan-shaped group attack skill. The two people behind him wouldn’t be affected.

Gu Siming’s boss pulling technique was very good and he managed it in three seconds.

Li Cangyu waited for the boss to stabilize before started to attack, summoning the fire spirits and quickly throwing fireballs at the boss.

Fireball, this was the primary attack skill of the fire spirit pet and required the master to press the button to start.

Li Cangyu’s hand speed was very fast and he pressed the keyboard as soon as the skill cooled down. He didn’t waste even 0.1 seconds.

From Gu Siming’s perspective, he saw small fireballs fly one after another in succession towards the boss at the fastest speed. It was as beautiful as fireworks, making the night sky of the instance as bright as daylight!

Cat God’s technique was too gorgeous!

Gu Siming was feeling amazed when the boss dealt a common attack and his blood volume suddenly fell by a huge amount.

Fortunately, Bai Xuan’s blood adding technique was very skillful. He used a small healing skill combined with one that continuously restored blood for a certain amount of time. In the case of three people attacking the boss, Gu Siming’s blood volume was maintained by Bai Xuan at 60%.

This was the three people’s first cooperation but they had a tacit understanding and the boss’ blood volume was reduced to 80%.

At this moment, the boss suddenly waved his hands and a white light with a 120 degree fan shape appeared in front of him. There was a loud boom and Gu Siming’s blood bar instantly flashed red with alarm!

This group attack skill was powerful and directly wiped out nearly 60% of the blood of the main T.

It could be imagined that if the fragile outputs were standing in front of the boss, they might directly be wiped out by this group attack!

Bai Xuan saw that Xiao Gu’s blood bar was at the bottom and immediately let out a burst of fast hand speed to crazily restore blood.

A level 12 healer only had a primary healing skill and one blood returning array (heal over time) skill. He could only restore blood with the quick and simple method. Fortunately, Bai Xuan was extremely fast at critical junctures and cast healing skills dozens of times, quickly returned Gu Siming’s blood volume to the safety line.

But to make it worst, a line of words suddenly appeared above the boss’ head, accompanied by a roar. [Love to Eat Braised Fish, you dare to kill my companions!]

The earth-shattering roar almost broke the three people’s eardrum.

This was obviously the precursor to the launch of the naming skill.

Sure enough, the boss just finished speaking when a silver light appeared on the named summoner ‘Love to Eat Braised Fish.’

According to Xiao Gu, the effect of this light was to seal the player for three seconds. In the next three seconds, Li Cangyu wouldn’t be able to do anything. After these three seconds ended, the boss with deal a critical hit to the named player.

Bai Xuan immediately aimed at Love to Eat Braised Fish’s blood. Since he was standing behind the boss and not affected by the group attack skill, Love to Eat Braised Fish was still full of blood. However, a summoner’s defense was very weak. Even if he was full of blood, he might not survive the boss’ critical hit.

He wanted to open his mouth to tell Xiao Gu to cast a shield but he hadn’t had time to talk when Gu Siming wisely used the knight’s Guardian Power on the summoner’s body. The knight’s guardian power increased his teammate’s defense by 800% for eight seconds. With this powerful shield around his body, the fragile summoner would surely safely pass the boss’ critical hit.

Bai Xuan couldn’t help appreciation this young boy’s quick response.

When he thought of the main T of the disbanded Canglan team, he couldn’t help feeling bitter. If that person was here, he certainly wouldn’t have reacted so quickly. In fact, a teammate’s cooperation was often more important than personal ability. Li Cangyu’s output was strong but he also needed the timely protection of his teammates.

Li Cangyu couldn’t help rejoicing as he saw the shield in front of him. It seemed that Liu Chuan’s young boy really wasn’t ordinary.

Thanks to this tacit cooperation, the process of facing the boss was very smooth.

Gu Siming was young but his responses were very keen. Bai Xuan’s healing was reassuring and Li Cangyu’s attack speed was also very stable. The three of them took 10 minutes to finally kill the boss!

[Congratulations to the players Love to Eat Braised Fish, Love to Eat Twice-cooked Pork and As the Name Suggests for the ‘Killing Enoch’ achievement!]

Once this system achievement message popped up, the experience of the three people rose sharply and the white light signaling a level up appeared around their bodies. They had reached level 13.

Gu Siming excitedly said, “Fighting a boss is equivalent to killing five rounds of mobs. The experience is great! It is just that the speed of three people killing the boss is too slow. We only have Cat God as the output.”

“Cat God is equivalent to two outputs.” Bai Xuan smiled and praised, “Right Cat God?”

“Of course.” Li Cangyu wasn’t modest about receiving praise and openly admitted it. He walked to the boss and looked at the dropped parcels on the ground. “First check what the rewards are.”

The screen showed the random reward for killing the boss: three pieces of blue gear.

Miracle’s equipment in order from low to high was white, blue, purple and gold. Gold equipment must be hand-made with a variety of rare materials, purple equipment was dropped by bosses in difficult 30 people instances or exchanged with arena points. Six people instances generally only dropped blue equipment with ordinary attributes while the various beautiful clothing sold in stores were white with no attributes.

The attributes of the blue equipment were ordinary but it was sufficient for the early levels.

This time, the instance boss dropped three pieces of blue equipment: a pair of shoes for healers and clothes that gave magic defense. Li Cangyu gave these items to Bai Xuan. There was also a helmet suitable for knights and this was assigned to Xiao Gu.

He didn’t take anything for himself.

In any case, he had Bai Xuan to cover him and didn’t need defensive equipment.

He was really willful with a milk god around.

They played the instance five times and the boss dropped three pieces of equipment every time. The three people quickly gathered blue equipment, making it easier to fight the boss.

The time was close to noon and the three people all rose to level 15. Then Li Cangyu suddenly realized a problem and asked, “Xiao Gu, isn’t it midnight right now in China?”

Gu Siming glanced at the bottom right corner of his computer and found that it had reached 23:45 without him knowing.

However, based on Cat God’s question, was he abroad?

The confused Gu Siming wondered, “Captain, it is 23:45 right now. You aren’t at home?”

“Yes, I am currently in the United States with Bai Xuan and it is noon.” Li Cangyu asked, “Do you want to go to bed first?”

Gu Siming replied, “It doesn’t matter. Boss said that my training will be carried out with Captain, not anyone else. I can play with you at night and sleep during the day.”

Li Cangyu thought about it but felt that a 17 year old often staying up late wasn’t good for his health. Through observations in these instances, he found that Gu Siming’s foundations were very solid. The Dragon Song’s training camp had professional training software and the trained players naturally weren’t bad.

Xiao Gu was already half a professional player and clearing instances wasn’t useful for him. In order to train his senses, it was necessary to go to the arena after reaching max level and fight against other classes.

Li Cangyu thought up to here and said, “The time that I go online with Bai Xuan isn’t fixed. You can follow the Dragon Song’s schedule and look for us after you go online. If we aren’t online, watch videos from the Miracle Professional League.”

Gu Siming protested, “Captain, I want to play with you…”

This little boy’s voice sounded pitiful at the thought of being abandoned.

Li Cangyu said helplessly, “It is noon over here and I will go to sleep at 11 in the evening. Do you want to stay up late with us until 11 o’clock tomorrow?”

Gu Siming cried out, “No problem! I slept this afternoon and I’m full of spirit. I won’t be sleepy if I play until 11 tomorrow!”

Li Cangyu, “…”

No wonder why Liu Chuan said this boy was a little madman, he really had fighting spirit!

Bai Xuan brokered a compromise. “If you don’t like it then how about this? Xiao Gu will go to sleep at 1 in the morning and then wake up early tomorrow to level up with us. After we go to sleep, you can keep levelling or watch game videos.”

Li Cangyu agreed with Bai Xuan’s approach. He was no longer swayed and decisively said, “Then I will allow you to play for another hour.”

With this 17 year old boy, Li Cangyu felt like he had a son and was even worrying about the boy’s rest!

Gu Siming listened to his captain and didn’t insist on staying up late with them. “Then I will go to the toilet and also change my computer. Wait two minutes for me!”

His face was dim, probably because the computer had been switched on for too long.

Li Cangyu looked back and asked, “What do you think?”

The two people had been partners for many years and Bai Xuan naturally knew what he was asking. “He has quick responses and a solid foundation. His potential is very good. He is too young and his mind needs to be honed. Otherwise, he won’t be able to carry the front line when encountering a strong team.”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu nodded in agreement. “He is a good seedling and will definitely improve with training.”

Gu Siming decisively finished his business in the toilet and then his clear voice was heard through the headset. “Captain, I’m back. We can continue!”

Li Cangyu said cheerfully, “Yes, there is still one hour. We will rise to level 20 in one breath!”

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