GLS: Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 – Waking Up

Perhaps it was due to the tenseness from being in the hospital all day, but Li Cangyu fell asleep in Ling Xuefeng’s arms.

In his sleep, he returned to his youth when he was very spirited. In the simple training room of the FTD team, he would study Miracle tactics with his few good friends. Every day, he was full of confidence and enthusiasm. They often lost the games but he was able to fight side by side with his good brothers, making every day happy…

Later, he dreamt of his father’s words before his father went abroad. “I will give you three years to go crazy. If you don’t achieve anything in three years, go to New York with me and immediately find a job!”

Li Cangyu had smiled and hugged his father. “I know, I will get you the championship trophy in three years.”

From his father’s point of view, he really was crazy. He didn’t go to an excellent medical school and decided to be an e-sports player. His father couldn’t understand it at all, but he was also reluctant to go against his son directly. Therefore, he gave his son three years.

However, the three-year time limit passed, and Li Cangyu continued to act crazy for another three years. He failed to fulfil his promise to his father. As a son, he let his father’s heart break and this was his biggest failure.

There were many scenes of the past. The FTD team being established and disbanded, the Canglan team being established…

He had walked through the storm for so many years. If he didn’t have a firm heart then perhaps he would’ve given up a long time ago.


Li Cangyu still frowned after falling asleep. Ling Xuefeng inwardly sighed as he adjusted his posture. He took off his coat to cover Li Cangyu and then placed Li Cangyu’s head on his shoulder.

Li Cangyu probably felt that there was a pillow and naturally leaned over.

Ling Xuefeng reached out and gently hugged his shoulder, taking Li Cangyu into his arms to help him sleep more comfortably.

Li Cangyu didn’t sleep well. After a few hours, he was suddenly awakened by a dream of the car accident.

He looked up and found that the sky was just becoming bright. It was dawn, and the hospital was so quiet that he could even hear a clear heartbeat. He looked back and found that he had been using Ling Xuefeng’s shoulder as a body. He had actually been using this person as his human pillow…

The embarrassed Li Cangyu sat up and asked, “How did I fall asleep?”

Ling Xuefeng looked at him gently and lowered his voice. “You must be too tired. Do you want to sleep a bit longer?”

“No.” Li Cangyu looked up and rubbed his sore neck. He saw that the ICU doors hadn’t opened yet, so he had to sit back down, looking wearily at his watch.

It was 6 in the morning and the doctors weren’t at work yet. He didn’t know what happened to his father in the ICU. He was distressed, but he could only wait here for the doctor to inform him of the situation as if he was waiting for a judge’s verdict.

Ling Xuefeng stood up and said, “The sky is almost bright. I will go and buy some breakfast.”

“No, I’m not hungry.”

“How can you not eat? Did you even eat dinner last night?”


Li Cangyu’s silence showed that Ling Xuefeng had guessed correctly. His father was still being treated at dinnertime yesterday so how could he be in the mood to eat?

“You have to eat something.” Ling Xuefeng gently pressed a hand to Li Cangyu’s shoulder and said, “Wait here, I’ll go buy it for you.”


Ling Xuefeng came back after buying breakfast and saw Li Cangyu tiredly leaning on the wall in a daze. Ling Xuefeng sat down beside him, put hot milk and bread into his hand and said softly, “Eat something and fill your stomach.”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu ate the breakfast. The warm milk warmed his stomach, making his body slightly warmer. At this time, he discovered that he was wearing Ling Xuefeng’s coat and returned it to him. “Thank you.”

Ling Xuefeng took the clothing and looked back at Li Cangyu.

Every time they looked at each other, Li Cangyu’s eyes were clear, bright and filled with confidence. But this time, his eyes were bloodshot and his voice very hoarse. His state was terrible.

This must be the most upsetting moment for Li Cangyu in recent years.

Ling Xuefeng didn’t dare ask for the specific details of the car accident. He only hoped that Li Cangyu’s father would be fine or else Li Cangyu’s faith would suffer a devastating impact.

The long night gradually passed and the sky outside the window became brighter. The hour hand finally pointed to 8 o’clock and the door of the ICU opened. The attending doctor came out and asked, “Who is Li Jianan’s family?”

Li Cangyu immediately stood up. “I am.”

His voice was as calm as possible but his fingers were clenched tightly into fists.

Ling Xuefeng gently touched his hand and then went up to the doctor. “How is it? Did he wake up?”

The doctor nodded. “Fortunately, he woke up. The cerebral hemorrhage has stopped and he just needs to recover slowly. Go through the formal procedures and transfer your father to the general ward.”

The doctor thought that Ling Xuefeng was also the patient’s son. LIng Xuefeng didn’t bother explaining as he gently hugged Li Cangyu’s shoulder and spoke softly in his ear, “You go see your father first. I will handle the formal things.”

Li Cangyu nodded and put on the sterile clothing that the doctor gave him to enter the ICU.

His father was lying in the hospital bed with open eyes. Li Cangyu walked quickly to his bed and sat down. He whispered, “Dad.”

Li Jianan was silent for a moment before saying, “When the car next to me hit… I thought I was really going to die…”

“Nonsense.” Li Cangyu interrupted him, holding his hand tightly. “With your stubbornness, you will surely live to be 100 years old.”

His voice sounded very hoarse. He had evidently been waiting outside all night and the dark circles were as serious as a panda.

Li Jianan saw his son’s tired look and his mouth twitched slightly. He patted his son’s hand and said, “If I live to 100 years old, you also have to live to over 70. We still have to quarrel as two old men or else it will be boring. I will always get mad at you sooner or later.”

“…” Li Cangyu was teased by his father and said, “You are sick right now. Don’t get too angry. It is easy to get high blood pressure and a heart disease when you are angry. You are a doctor so you should know this better than I do.”

Li Jianan rolled his eyes and asked, “Where is your sister?”

Li Cangyu said, “I called her yesterday but she didn’t pick up. I sent her a text message…”

Just then, a woman in a white coat suddenly appeared through the door. It was Li Cangyu’s sister, Li Yueran.

She was working in the hospital and couldn’t leave her job. Last night, she happened to have an emergency patient and after the treatment, she was so tired that she went to sleep. She muted her phone and didn’t hear Li Cangyu’s calls.

As soon as she saw the text message in the morning, Li Yueran rushed over. She came to the bed with an anxious face and asked, “Dad, are you okay?”

Li Cangyu didn’t have time to speak when Li Jianan replied, “It is nothing. There was a traumatic brain hemorrhage caused by a car accident. I just looked at the CT film and the bleeding isn’t in the brainstem and there are no nerves nearby. It can be absorbed slowly after a period of time. The reason I was unconscious last night was due to hypovolemic shock and the doctors have already given me blood.”

“…” The brother and sister looked at each other.

Li Cangyu had a headache as he asked, “Dad, can you stop analysing your own condition? Do you think this is a case seminar?”

Li Jianan said gravely, “I am very clear about my condition. It isn’t serious, so you don’t have to worry too much.” He patted his daughter’s hand and then whispered, “Don’t tell your mother or I’ll be scolded to death by her.”

The brother and sister, “…”

Li Jianan looked very serious but he was actually a typical hen-pecked husband.

His mother had always been in charge of the Li family. Li Cangyu clearly remembered a scene he saw when he was a child. His father once provoked his mother and made her angry. The couple were bickering when his mother suddenly took out the tools she used for acupuncture and didn’t say anything. His dad immediately bowed his head and admitted he was wrong.

When Li Cangyu went to play the game, his father strongly opposed it but his mother was more open-minded as she said calmly, “I’m not obliged to raise you after you are 18 years old. You can make your own decisions in life. However, later don’t run in front of me crying and say that you regret it. Then I will look down on you.”

In fact, Li Cangyu’s personality was a perfect fusion of his parent’s genes.

The brother and sister looked at each other before Li Yueran smiled and said, “I know, I won’t tell Mother. Mother is still in China and can’t control you from so far away.”

Li Jianan felt relieved and looked at his daughter. “You are busy so you can go. I don’t need you here to take care of me.”

Li Yueran didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. “Come on Dad. I have already taken the day off so let me stay here to accompany you.”

Just then, the doctor came over to inform them about the change to the general ward. The brother and sister pushed their father’s bed to the designated ward. As soon as they entered the room, they saw a handsome man leaning over to make the bed. He heard the movements at the door and looked up. He met Li Cangyu’s eye s and walked over, saying, “The formalities are completed.”

Li Cangyu made the introductions. “This is my father and my sister.” Then he turned to his father and said, “This is Ling Xuefeng, my best friend. He stayed with me last night and waited until now.”

Li Jianan nodded at the young man in front of him and said, “I troubled you.”

Ling Xuefeng replied, “Uncle doesn’t have to be so polite. I’m glad that you are okay.”

Li Yueran laughed. She carefully looked at Ling Xuefeng and found that this man was really handsome and gracious. It was rare for her brother to have such a reliable friend and she couldn’t help saying, “I heard my brother mention you before. You are… the captain of Wind Colour right?”

“Yes.” Ling Xuefeng nodded.

“I muted my phone and didn’t receive any calls yesterday. I bothered you this time, making you wait outside all night. Then…” Li Yueran looked back at her younger brother. “Go back with your friend and sleep. I will stay here and take care of things. I work in this hospital so you can rest assured about Dad.”

“I want to stay here.” Li Cangyu declared.

Li Jianan glanced at him. “Why do you have to accompany me. Go to sleep. Do you know what your face looks like?”

“…” Li Cangyu had no choice but to smile and say, “Then I will go back and eat. I will see you at noon.”


Li Cangyu and Ling Xuefeng walked through the hospital corridors together.

The golden morning sunlight shone through the windows in the corridor onto Ling Xuefeng’s handsome face.  This always indifferent man suddenly seemed a lot milder when his whole face was bathed in the sun.

Li Cangyu looked at him and didn’t know what to say. Thank you was too common but he really wanted to thank Ling Xuefeng for coming to the hospital and spending this longest and hardest night with him.

After a moment of silence, Li Cangyu finally asked, “By the way, when are you flying home?”

“On a flight this evening.”

Li Cangyu was startled and said, “Then go back to the hotel and sleep. You didn’t get much sleep last night, so you have to rest.”

Ling Xuefeng stopped and stared at Li Cangyu. “You also have to go back and get a good rest. Your father is out of danger so don’t worry too much.

Li Cangyu nodded. “Yes.”

Last night was an alarm bell. Li Cangyu was thankful to God that his father woke up and decided that he had to spend more time with his father.

The two people got a car at the entrance of the hospital. Ling Xuefeng asked the driver to take Li Cangyu back first before returning to the hotel.


His teammates had just woken up when Li Cangyu returned to his residence.

Yesterday afternoon, Li Cangyu suddenly left after receiving a call. Bai Xuan didn’t know what was going on until the end of the Carnival when Bai Xuan called. It was only then that he knew Li Cangyu’s father was in the emergency room.

Bai Xuan wanted to go to the hospital but he later received a call from Ling Xuefeng. He knew that Ling Xuefeng would rush over and decided not to go. He felt that if this man was by Cat God’s side, his presence wasn’t necessary. He would cook food at home and wait for Li Cangyu to come back.

Bai Xuan saw Li Cangyu’s tired face and asked worriedly, “Is your father okay?”

“He’s fine. He woke up this morning and has been transferred to the general ward.” Li Cangyu explained.

Xiao Gu, Uncle Zhang and Xiao Han heard this and were relieved.

Li Cangyu smiled slightly and said, “I might not be able to take care of you for the next few days. Let Bai Xuan take you around and then go back. I will return in December and join you at that time.”

Gu Siming immediately exclaimed, “Captain, you go to accompany your father. We have nothing we want to visit. I will take the day to tidy my luggage and fly back tomorrow morning.”

Xiao Han said, “Master, my ticket is for this afternoon…”

Li Cangyu patted his apprentice’s head and said, “When you go back, find a chance to talk to your father about the game. You can show him the Carnival videos. If he doesn’t agree, tell me and I will personally take a trip to your house to explain it to him.”

Xiao Han nodded earnestly. “Yes, Master.”

Bai Xuan saw the bloodshot eyes and couldn’t help saying, “Don’t worry about this. First, go to sleep.”

“Yes.” Li Cangyu took two steps when he thought of something and turned back. “By the way, the doctor said that my father can eat light and easily digestible things. Can you help cook him some porridge and I will take it to him in the afternoon.”


Bai Xuan smiled gently and Li Cangyu’s heart gradually calmed down at the sight.

He had been emotional after the disbandment of Canglan, but fortunately, he still had Bai Xuan and also these newly recognised teammates. He wasn’t alone in his efforts.

Li Cangyu returned to his room and lay on the bed, soon falling asleep because he was too tired.

The strange thing was that he suddenly dreamt of Ling Xuefeng.

In the hospital in the middle of the night, under the dazzling lights, he and Ling Xuefeng were tightly snuggled together. He had fallen asleep on Ling Xuefeng’s shoulder and looked so warm and natural.

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